Jamaican Flowers

Jamaican Flowers

Jim Moorman / Apr 04, 2020

Jamaican Flowers Sonny Flowers is pure charming genius when it comes to biochemistry and genetics specifically marijuana and its potential to make the world a joyful place but he still has a lot to learn about fathe

  • Title: Jamaican Flowers
  • Author: Jim Moorman
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 432
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Sonny Flowers is pure, charming genius when it comes to biochemistry and genetics specifically, marijuana and its potential to make the world a joyful place but he still has a lot to learn about fatherhood, guilt, women, happiness and himself, and very little time to learn it in Sonny has already lost one daughter and will lose the other unless he can win her back anSonny Flowers is pure, charming genius when it comes to biochemistry and genetics specifically, marijuana and its potential to make the world a joyful place but he still has a lot to learn about fatherhood, guilt, women, happiness and himself, and very little time to learn it in Sonny has already lost one daughter and will lose the other unless he can win her back and do it before he literally loses his mind With the Feds about to shut down his Stateside marijuana farm and laboratory, Sonny finds himself in Jamaica working for a self proclaimed Rastafarian Deity whose wife has overdosed on the very hybrid plant Sonny and his daughter, Summer, are struggling to perfect as a cure for what has become a world epidemic Bipolar Disorder A crooked general, determined to make a splash in the world, has other ideas for the hybrid s properties Faced with sharks the salty kind , a plane crash, a tongueless henchman, the haunting memories of those he s loved and lost and why it was probably his fault , not to mention his own blooming psychosis, Sonny finds help wherever the universe is willing to provide it Dehlia Storm, a nineteen year old voodoo priestess, and her two timing boyfriend, are for some reason willing to help Sonny save the two women he loves Time running out, Sonny not only has to decide which characters in this crazy story he s living he can trust, but also what is real and what decidedly is not.

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        Cleveland, OH native, Jim Moorman has shocked friends, family, and acquaintances by actually stringing together a few coherent sentences Those sentences, paragraphs, and pages work to form Jamaican Flowers, Jim s debut novel.Jamaican Flowers is a testament to Jim s love of all things tropical and light hearted A former member of the U.S Navy, he served as part of the Presidential Ceremonial Guard in Washington D.C and spent two years abroad in South Korea After returning to the states, he pursued a career in sales and marketing in the technology sector, writing and scribbling in the evenings and weekends.He holds no fancy degrees and remains obstinately determined to master the craft of writing novels, even in spite of suffering from ADHD His sarcasm knows no bounds and he maintains that he writes to inspire and entertain his willing readers In his spare time, Jim enjoys whistling, laughing, and just taking it easy If you can believe it, he s a father and claims it to be the best job he s ever had.To learn about this enigma author, visit his website sweetjimFollow him on Twitter jimmoormanLike his Facebook Fan Page at facebook jmoormanbooks


    1. Sometimes I like reading a book having no (or just the slightest) idea what it is about, so I can read it with an open mind and be totally surprised with no preconceived thoughts. The only thing I knew about this novel was that it was about a guy who sold marijuana or something. Well, I am a HUGE fan of the show “Weeds”, so I jumped at the chance to read “Jamaican Flowers”. While this book is pretty different, I’ll say that it was still awesome. It was funny, but had danger and drama a [...]

    2. I feel as if this book was the result of a few writing classes 'on the side'. What I mean is, it felt half-hearted and very rough around the edges. For all the in-depth plot, dialogue, and drama, it was quite lacking in sentence structure, setting, and any sort of editing (did this guy even proofread this?!).This is definitely no hardcore literary masterpiece, but it's really not trying to be. I liked the crazy twists and turns and was certainly on the edge of my seat throughout the borderline-f [...]

    3. "Jamaican Flowers" is a novel that attempts to hold the reader's interest almost entirely by plot twists. This is a difficult task for any author because it places such a heavy demand on the plausibility of the plot. One unfortunate aspect of "Jamaican Flowers" is that its technical aspects, which are rooted in neurobiology, biochemistry, pharmacology, botany, and chemical warfare do not ring true. It's not clear whether the author did not do sufficient background research, lacked the appropriat [...]

    4. WOW! This book was a roller coaster ride. Chemical warfare, marijuana, bipolar disorder, adultry, murderis book had it all of this and more. Every chapter was intense and unexpected. This is an adult novel full of twists and turns and while it is not a great literary work of art, it is exactly what it is intended to bea crazy, fast,(albeit at times farfetched), fun read. This is book will not be for everyone and based on its cover I would not have ordinarily chosen to read it, but I am glad I di [...]

    5. What is the book about?Sonny Flowers is fortunately a genius who specializes in biochemistry and genetics, but unfortunately he is a bit of a coward. He would rather blaze up a joint and zone out in his mind where the canabis will take him to a whole other plane of consciousness, which sounds a lot better then facing the outside world. Sonny hopes that studying the genetics in marijuana will make the world a happier and more enjoyable place to be. What did I think of the book?Sonny has many prob [...]

    6. I loved this book and read it in one sitting! At first I wasn’t sure whether I would or not, but the more I kept reading, the more hooked I was. What a cool idea, to invent this strain. This novel was a bit on the surreal side and a bit existential, but it was also humorous and action packed. Mr. Moorman is a gifted writer and his bio was cracking me up. “Jamaican Flowers” is impressive for a debut, and I imagine the writing will only get better over time. I did feel at certain parts weren [...]

    7. I was impressed with the author’s writing style, as it flowed so smoothly and was easy to get lost in. The short chapters made it hard to stop reading (just one more, just one more…) and before I knew it, it was over. I was also impressed with the clean editing (didn’t see any mistakes), something that is pretty rare in indie books. Only a few minor formatting glitches, but that was no big deal at all. This book is definitely not for the kiddies (obviously) as it deals heavy with drugs, bu [...]

    8. Jamaican Flowers by author Jim Moorman was much different than anything else that I’ve read lately. At first I thought it was going to be more mellow, more peace and love hippie style book (maybe because of the cover?) But it turned into a tension-filled, action packed story filled with weird (and surprising) twists and turns. I really liked it, especially the ending, but if I had one complaint it seemed like there were a LOT of characters, but most weren’t really fleshed out…just various [...]

    9. From the opening pages of Jim Moorman’s “Jamaican Flowers” I knew I was going to love this book, and it did not disappoint. I must’ve laughed 3 times in the opening chapter alone, and have to admit that some of the antics he writes about hit a little close to home (hey, I went to college) ;). I liked the short chapters and thought it made the pace of the book that much quicker. I thought it was well written, and even though it ended up taking a much different turn than I’d anticipated, [...]

    10. The story is thrilling and it seems the further I read the further the plot developed. Quite gruesome in parts which I cringed at. I liked the infusion of rastarfarian and Jamaican culture which gives a lot of depth. There were so many twists that I was confused on several occassions and struggled with deciding on a star rating. I have decided on 2.5 stars however I think this book would appeal to many who like an adventure and who are not afraid of a little obeah and drug related guerilla warfa [...]

    11. This was a really cool book that I read in one night! It was really easy to read and written in a relatable and engaging way. Sonny Flowers is a scientist who is developing a strain of marijuana that can create positive memories, therefore making the world a better place. Sounds great, huh? Well of course there is drama and danger, and there was much more violence than I expected in a book such as this. Nevertheless it was a delightful read that I consumed all at once. Would love to read the nex [...]

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