Spice Box

Spice Box

Grace Livingston Hill / Apr 09, 2020

Spice Box He saved her life then grew to love her But can Dr Sterling discover what is forcing his beautiful patient to keep her identity a secret

  • Title: Spice Box
  • Author: Grace Livingston Hill
  • ISBN: 9780848823368
  • Page: 237
  • Format: Hardcover
  • He saved her life, then grew to love her But can Dr Sterling discover what is forcing his beautiful patient to keep her identity a secret.

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      237 Grace Livingston Hill
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      • Grace Livingston Hill

        also wrote under the pseudonym Marcia MacDonaldalso published under the name Grace Livingston Hill LutzA popular author of her day, she wrote over 100 novels and numerous short stories of religious and Christian fiction Her characters were most often young female ing nues, frequently strong Christian women or those who become so within the confines of the story.


    1. Grace Livingston Hill is kind of my go to for books I know I'll love when I get the craving for a good, romantic read. This one definitely delivers and the story of Miss Spicer is delightful. There are two distinct stories at first, which I will admit drove me a little crazy, but they become beautifully entwined to finish up a good book I would recommend. Great message about not judging people as individuals or groups without knowing them personally and about trusting God and persevering though [...]

    2. This was an entertaining book. It is very old fashioned (with the damsel in distress theme playing a large role in the storyline) and had some cliche moments (Janice thinking that Howard was engaged to someone else, and the amusing conversation that corrects that), but overall I liked it. I also really liked the part of the story about Martha and Ronald. I especially enjoyed Ronald, who reminds me of my brothers a little.

    3. Old SpiceI fell in love with this author at age 13, & now at 70 , I still love how her stories compel me to read on. God directs the lives of her characters, which shows the reader how they need His love in their hearts. It's all about love of God & man.

    4. I love Grace Livingstone Hill. Yes, her books are old fashioned. Yes, her books are somewhat predictable. But that woman could weave a lovely story that leaves you feeling happy at the end. I loved Spice Box and its wonderful message of reaching out to those around you.

    5. Not bad. It really wasn't terribly romantic, which is what I expectd, but I found the story of Miss Spicer to be delightful and fun.

    6. This was a typical GLH novel of preachy Christian goodness. I would call this one of her less preachy ones. It’s more of a narrative preachiness than one of dialogue – if that makes any sense. It’s preachy more in the example of the characters than in their words.But, anyway, the one disappointment I felt with this one was the abrupt ending. She usually writes fairly open-ended conclusions, but this one was so much more open than normal. It wasn’t very satisfying and felt like it needed [...]

    7. This is the first of this author's books that I've read and though I liked it, I felt the last chapter was rushed and the ending was too abrupt. In fact, it read like the first half of the book--and there was so much more of the story to be told. I did find out that it was written in 1943, and the author passed away in 1947. Since she wrote at least eight more books after this one, she may have been trying to outrace what time was left her to write at all.I absolutely loved Henrietta (the cat).

    8. I like these clean Christian romances by Grace Livingston Hill; however, I will say that her good characters are almost too perfect and her bad ones horribly evil, which can make them amusing although that's not the intent. They are well written though.

    9. This was the first of Miss Hills books I ever read and it is still a favourite. I know they are old fashioned and get a bit preachy but I love picking up the simple sweet stories after a heavier plot twister.I just love Miss Spicer and Ernestine!!

    10. I recommend this book to anybody and everybody :) It is really a predictable plot overall, but it is great nonetheless :)

    11. This was one of the most bland Grace Livingston Hill's that I've read. While I enjoyed the story plot, I felt like the characters were flat.

    12. I'm still not sure what exactly I think of this book. I enjoyed the story, the plots were interesting and I was eager to know how they were going to connect, but I kept feeling like something was missing. Even after reaching the end of the book, I'm not sure what was wrong with it. Perhaps it was the characters that seemed a little flat or, something. Perhaps it was the fact that the spiritual content seemed very shallow and wishy-washy at times. Perhaps I am just missing the touch that Grace Li [...]

    13. Martha Spicer had worked hard in a department store her whole life, always feeling a little bitter and put upon. When much to her surprised, her aunt and uncle left her their house and enough money to take care of herself, and her life was changed in an instant. When she met a boy next door who was so engaging and helpful, her life changed even more, and she became a different person.

    14. I think the biggest reason this story has always resonated with me is because of how many forms of love it revolves around. Romantic love is an important component, but equally so is the love of friends, parents, and community. Even when a love is illustrated by its lack it's still shown. Forever a fan of Martha and Ron.

    15. Quite good!This is classic inspiring Christian romance by the one and only GLH! Seems old fashioned to us now, but our current culture needs the humility and modesty depicted herein.

    16. good story. The main character's Her Aunty and Uncle passed and she inherited their house and a large amount if the money. The character became a different person. She became very nice and helped people, hired them to repair her house and paid them well. Very good read.

    17. A great storyI loved this story and the way the author started out telling the reader about two separate women then brought those two women together in a very unique way.

    18. Spice boxSpice Box by Grace Livingston Hill is a lovely story with a great Christian theme. This is my first time with this author and truly enjoyed it.

    19. Love in a simpler timeWholesome story of a simpler time ,love of God, challenges to be overcome and second chances brought about by chance encounters.

    20. Another good readHave always enjoyed books by Grace Livingston Hill. This was good way to realize how much we can influence others especially boys for good.

    21. Have loved Grace Livingston Hill since ai was a teenGood read as alwaysLoved how the cat could talk and thinkif only life could work out like that in real world.

    22. A Fine Little Character StudyMrs. Hill gives another decent character study dissecting a closed-off, bitter soul and transforming it into one filled with hope and joy for life.

    23. LovelyLovely story with Christian morals. A rather old-fashioned book, the story is sweet and gentle, full of hope and an understanding of human frailties. the protagonist's relationships come across as profound and true.

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