A Month of Italy: Rediscovering the Art of Vacation

A Month of Italy: Rediscovering the Art of Vacation

Chris Brady / Jun 03, 2020

A Month of Italy Rediscovering the Art of Vacation New York Times best selling author Chris Brady demonstrates for readers the art of taking strategic proper restorative vacations that reinvigorate one for greater clarity of thought and increased pr

  • Title: A Month of Italy: Rediscovering the Art of Vacation
  • Author: Chris Brady
  • ISBN: 9780985338749
  • Page: 313
  • Format: Paperback
  • New York Times best selling author Chris Brady demonstrates for readers the art of taking strategic, proper, restorative vacations that reinvigorate one for greater clarity of thought and increased productivity What can possibly be said about Italy that hasn t been already Primarily, that you can enjoy it too Refreshingly relate able in a genre previously populated by wNew York Times best selling author Chris Brady demonstrates for readers the art of taking strategic, proper, restorative vacations that reinvigorate one for greater clarity of thought and increased productivity What can possibly be said about Italy that hasn t been already Primarily, that you can enjoy it too Refreshingly relate able in a genre previously populated by wealthy expats and Hollywood stars, this book chronicles an ordinary family taking an extraordinary trip, and most importantly, paves the way for you to take one of your own With hilarious wit and fast paced narrative, Brady thrills with honest commentary on what a trip of a lifetime actually feels like, and most endearingly, he succeeds in convincing you that not only should you take a similar one, but that you will Within a few pages you ll be visualizing panoramic Tuscan vistas and breaking open the piggy bank, laughing as you turn the pages and dreaming of your own escape.

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    1. I was debating between 3 and 4 stars but since I managed to read its 350 pages in under a week, it has to be 4. Even though most people will never be able to take this sort of vacation, I still would recommend this book for a couple of reasons.First, it provides good insight into a famous foreign culture. I never really stopped to think about what a vacation in Italy would be like but I can guarantee it never would've contained the details this book. Brady gives great description about not only [...]

    2. Funny, insightful and informative in a fun kind of way. Caution. If you choose to read this in a public environment, you will get stares from others as you laugh out load. It just happens. You are driving down a road with the family in their mini bus and wham, you are laughing hysterically. Be forewarned.Seriously, what I discovered was Chris Brady's description of carefree timelessness to be with the ones he loved the most. Rediscovering the Art of Vacation can also be called the art of redisco [...]

    3. I just finished reading "A Month In Italy" and I thoroughly enjoyed it. As a business owner and a father of 4, it was hard for me to imagine taking a month off for vacation but this author cast a vision for me that was extremely compelling. I loved his writing style and how he wove together humor, great stories, and inspiration in every chapter. This book has inspired me to prioritize restoration into my calendar and I am so excited to help my kids experience more of the world while they are sti [...]

    4. Once again, Brady has hit a home run with his newest book! This book provides something truly unique. Unlike most books in the travel genre, which mostly focus on travel for travel's sake, this book going deeper, by suggesting that travel and vacations can used to restore you. But maybe restore isn't strong enough a word. Brady posits that vacations, done properly, can clear away the fog of life, allowing you to once again see your purpose and to fill you with the enthusiasm and passion to chase [...]

    5. My initial reaction to Chris's book title proves its absolute necessity: I thought I'd find few insights relevant to me. I couldn't have been more wrong. Vacationing truly is a lost art, and Chris poignantly and beautifully illustrates why it is so vital for driven leaders.A timeless treatise on 'sharpening the saw,' A Month of Italy is a book I will sip and savor, ponder and reflect on time and time again. Not only are Chris's insights powerful and refreshing, but his vivid and witty writing is [...]

    6. I can't shut up about the book A MONTH OF ITALY! It really is a GREAT read! I have traveled to Italy and throughout Europe many times, yet I still found this book educational.When it comes to travel, it seems that often people are (on some level) a little nervous to go abroad because of fears of the unknown. Let's face it, the language and the culture are a little different over there. I found this book extremely easy to read and yet I learned a lot. Some of the best parts of this read are the i [...]

    7. This book is literally a study in word-pictures. And when you can "see it" they way Chris describes, that is, you can visualize and be emotionally attached to the scenes of this family in Italy, you garner all the lessons he has planted therein. We've used this book in our home-school studies to explore descriptive writing at its best. The purpose for the book, however, comes full circle with the entertainment valuea beautifully orchestrated dance. Thank you, Chris. We've also enjoyed the DVD se [...]

    8. This book was disappointing. The premise sounded greattake a virtual vacation by reading about someone else's month in Italy and read the author's thoughts on truly vacating. But the author is too cutesy and observations pretty shallow. Bummer, I was excited about reading this one, and I didn't evn finish it.

    9. I just finished reading this book and it did take me longer to read it than I thought it would. I enjoyed it very much but here and there it was just a tad bit tedious. This book is about Chris Brady taking a month long vacation-sabbatical with his family. The Brady's head for Italy which is a country that Chris has been to before and drawn to. I love Chris's sense of adventure. When I get married that is the type of husband I want to end up with. I don't see taking a month out of one's life to [...]

    10. This book alternately amused me and annoyed me. The subject is promising–a family of six, already widely traveled, decides to get away from the pressure of everyday life in America for a month in Italy.Mostly, the father, Chris Brady, author of A Month of Italy Rediscovering the Art of Vacation>, decides HE needs to get away from HIS business. Since he and his wife Terri home school their four children, he uses the educational opportunities as a selling point to his wife. However, if his po [...]

    11. Author Chris Brady was thinking out of the box when he wrote this book. I found myself challenged as I reflected over how little my wife and I have vacationed due to 2 years of unemployment (2009-20010) and the day to day stress of just getting by. As I was reading the funny stories and the comments from the Brady kids made during many of their mini trips within Italy, I found myself laughing out loud.When a book moves me to action, I know there was something special about it. My wife and I book [...]

    12. For all good reasons, this book is one I was really not anxious to finish. I was enjoying the process of reading and really savoring it like a great glass of wine. Cris Brady writes in a manner that draws you in and makes you feel part of the story. The reader truly does feel like he's there on vacation, taking in the sights and enjoying the experience. This is a fun, refreshing read and has me really thinking seriously about doing the same with my family! I thoroughly enjoyed it. Grazie, Cris!

    13. This is by far one of my favorite reads. I'm slightly bias because of my own love for Italy. Chris Brady does a fantastic job of combining history lessons with humor and real life. I love how he is so transparent with thoughts, feelings and family experiences. I have been inspiredwe have 2 boys, 2 and 5 years old and have yet to go on a family vacation all because of the very excuses Mr. Brady wrote in Appendix A. The quantity time with our children IS just as important as the quality. Vacationi [...]

    14. I love this book! Having been to Italy many years ago, this book rekindled beautiful and funny memories of our trip. I want to go back to enjoy Italy since this book reminded me how much I love the Tuscan countryside. Chris Brady writes with a comfortable style that incorporates me as a reader and his humor shines throughout the book. Highly recommend this book as you dream of your next vacation experience!

    15. Chris Brady chronicles his travels with such energy, wit and charm that readers will fall under Italy’s spell right along with the author and his young family. Brady brings a fresh and perceptive eye to the Italian landscape, serving up plenty of insight and offbeat wisdom along with descriptions of madcap adventures, mouthwatering meals and the kindness of strangers. A Month of Italy is a treat for veteran globetrotters and armchair travelers alike.

    16. Maybe because I'm completely in love with Italy, but I loved this book. The author seemed to have similar experiences with the people of Italy. I'm now obsessed with figuring out how I can get my family to Italy for a month.

    17. In true Chris Brady fashion, the story comes alive. It just jumps off that page at you. Italy and all of its sights and sounds and smells and tastes and beautiful people just seem to be at your fingertips. But beyond that, the point of the book is solid - the need for rest, recharging, resetting, restarting - a fantastic case for the need to really know how to 'vacate' (i.e. vacation without a tether).

    18. I love this book. It was like revisiting Italy all over again. It was full of information, humor and good suggestions

    19. What a great book!Chris Brady spent a month in Italy with his family and after returning home he found it difficult to explain the experience.He wrote in Chapter 38:It would require a whole book to convey what I saw, smelled, tasted, felt, experienced, learned, and gained. I would have to take some serious time to reflect on just what it was that made this the best month of my life. I'd have to find the means to tell the story in a way to help the other person benefit from my experience. I wante [...]

    20. Way more than a travel book, "A Month of Italy", never left me bored and waiting for the cool place or story to pop up. This was a fun read. The stories of Chris Brady and his family exploring Italy over a month as Americans in Europe left me with a profound desire to travel back there, find a villa in Tuscany, rent a motorcycle and get lost in the countryside. The author has a humorous way of telling a story which will generate many images in the mind. Even his descriptions of food made me want [...]

    21. True to Chris Brady's humorous writing style, this book was both entertaining & quirky while still being insightful & thought-provoking. I actually found this one easier to read than some of his previous works (and those are highly readable in their own right). I didn't feel like I was on vacation with the Brady's, but like an old friend sitting in their living room intently listening to stories about their month-long sabbatical as I ooh'd and ah'd at their Italy pictures. I would feel s [...]

    22. I wanted to really like this book. Many of the people I work with are of Italian ancestry and I wanted to learn more about the country. I did learn a great deal, and for that I will give credit to the author. However, right from the start, it felt like the author was telling me that if I was in the rat race, this book would teach me how to be a better rat. According to the author, a good vacation was a means to an end, a way to make yourself better at your work. As far as I'm concerned, a good v [...]

    23. I never really thought about vacation not as in depth as Chris made me think about it. Not as a mad dash from place to place and filling every day to get the most of my days off. I had also never had any desire to visit Italy now I do. As for taking a vacation, well right now I cannot take a month off, or afford Italy but I did take 5 days and spent them "off the grid" and at the lake. each day and minute passing as it did. Not jammed with things to do and see spending the evenings listening to [...]

    24. Brady can write. No question. I enjoyed what he had to say about Italy--but he did not make me want to travel there. I think what annoyed me is he kept telling me I could spend a month there if only I saved $$$ and kept that as my focus. Brady and his family were not ordinary travelers. He rented a villa, made all kinds of costly excursions. I didn't minding spend ten bucks for the book--but no way I can spend $10,000+ to spend a month anywhere. He never did tell us how much the trip cost. But I [...]

    25. I thoroughly enjoyed this book in the beginning. The author is humorous in telling about his vacation to Italy with his wife and four kids. But then, as I got further into the book, I began to feel like it was a history lesson and I wasn't sure I liked the author who seemed so full of himself. However, I think his basic idea was to go wherever and enjoy the people and the land. It's not the famous places, although those are interesting too, but the culture of the people and the landscapes. I wis [...]

    26. It was an ok read reading about someone else's holiday not always that much fun! The reviews were rather OTT in hindsight. It was not 'hilarious' (some mildly funny bits maybe) and it is how I have always found myself viewing my hols anyway so no revelation there! It was interesting in that we did a Tuscan holiday in 2002 with an 8yr old and a 3yr old, including a quick excursion to Rome. We were not as well prepared or well read in terms of what to do and see, but we had a great time. We also o [...]

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