Daughter of Regals and Other Tales

Daughter of Regals and Other Tales

Stephen R. Donaldson / Jan 18, 2020

Daughter of Regals and Other Tales The Creator Of Thomas Covenant Adds Eight New Wonders To The World In his first collection of short fiction the bestselling author of White Gold Wielder presents eight superb stories including Gilde

  • Title: Daughter of Regals and Other Tales
  • Author: Stephen R. Donaldson
  • ISBN: 9780006169857
  • Page: 339
  • Format: None
  • The Creator Of Thomas Covenant Adds Eight New Wonders To The World.In his first collection of short fiction, the bestselling author of White Gold Wielder presents eight superb stories, including Gilden Fire, the famous outtake from Illearth War, and two brand new novellas written especially for this edition Enter a world of mystics and unicorns, angels and kings aThe Creator Of Thomas Covenant Adds Eight New Wonders To The World.In his first collection of short fiction, the bestselling author of White Gold Wielder presents eight superb stories, including Gilden Fire, the famous outtake from Illearth War, and two brand new novellas written especially for this edition Enter a world of mystics and unicorns, angels and kings all realized with the same dazzling style and imagination that has made Stephen R Donaldson a modern master of the fantasy genre.Daughter of Regals is a fantasy novella concerning a unique royal line and an unusual conception of magic.The Conqueror Worm is a deliciously creepy horror piece in which havoc is wreaked by one lowly centipede.Ser Visal s Tale begins as a simple story told over several flagons of wine at the local inn, this novella ends with a surprising twist.Gilden Fire is the famous chapter about Korik of the Bloodguard and his mission to Seareach that was part of the original manuscript of The Illearth War, but omitted from the published version.

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        Stephen Reeder Donaldson is an American fantasy, science fiction, and mystery novelist in the United Kingdom he is usually called Stephen Donaldson without the R He has also written non fiction under the pen name Reed Stephens.EARLY LIFE AND EDUCATION Stephen R Donaldson was born May 13, 1947 in Cleveland, Ohio His father, James, was a medical missionary and his mother, Ruth, a prosthetist a person skilled in making or fitting prosthetic devices Donaldson spent the years between the ages of 3 and 16 living in India, where his father was working as an orthopaedic surgeon Donaldson earned his bachelor s degree from The College of Wooster and master s degree from Kent State University INSPIRATIONS Donaldson s work is heavily influenced by other fantasy authors such as J.R.R Tolkien, Roger Zelazny, Joseph Conrad, Henry James, and William Faulkner The writers he most admires are Patricia A McKillip, Steven Erikson, and Tim Powers.It is believed that a speech his father made on leprosy whilst working with lepers in India led to Donaldson s creation of Thomas Covenant, the anti hero of his most famous work Thomas Covenant The first book in that series, Lord Foul s Bane, received 47 rejections before a publisher agreed to publish itOMINENT WORK Stephen Donaldson came to prominence in 1977 with the The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, which is centred around a leper shunned by society and his trials and tribulations as his destiny unfolds These books established Donaldson as one of the most important figures in modern fantasy fictionRSONAL LIFE He currently resides in New MexicoE GRADUAL INTERVIEW


    1. His short stories are much, much, much better than his books. They are enjoyable and skip the long, drawn out, never ending, no resolution, obnoxiousness that are the rest of this book.Donaldson, stick to short stories. You do so much better when you distill your good ideas down to what they should be: little bites of good story.

    2. Really great short stories from a really great writer. This is one of the books I pick up when I want a quick fantasy fix. Can't tell you how many times I have read it - I am right inside the stories in seconds.

    3. Though best known for his Chronicles of Thomas Covenant series of books, Donaldson also writes short stories and mini-novellas. This book is a collection of them. I am not a Donaldson fan, but this book is a good one. The longer short stories -- the mini-novellas -- are told very well, and are proof that stories don't have to be hundreds of pages long to have strong characters, good plots, and satisfying conclusions. If you have not read this book and do not run away from fantasy (magic, dragons [...]

    4. I Loved this. Its Stepjen Donaldson back at his best, and though the work is shorter fiction, I would hardly call any of the tales in it short stories. Its beautiful prose as always, and he is a master of setting the scene and laying out a plot to bring astory to life. The title story is a tad dark, showing signs of heading down the same pathway as first the Mordant's Dreams and then the Gap series, but he rescues it and it ends well. But for me the stand out is Unworthy of the Angel, which is a [...]

    5. Gripping, if somewhat dark short stories. Clearly for an adult audience, but one of things I like about these stories is that they make interesting and thoughtful points. Some of them are very dark and graphic though, so they are not to everyone's taste. One of them is great vampire story though, and I don't go in for that kind of thing. So while I recommend this as great literature, I also warn they you should approach it expecting some unappealing images.

    6. Two very good stories in this anthology make it worth reading - the first and last. The stories in between show us a very young writer struggling to learn his craft, but not afraid to take chances and make mistakes.

    7. As a whole, this anthology is varied - it's pretty much half science fiction, half fantasy, with some of the fantasy stories set in some sort of fantasy medieval-like world and some of the fantasy stories set in more contemporary times. All the stories in this trilogy were first published in the late 1970s and early 1980s."Daughter of Regals":In this fantasy novella, a young woman is trying to get through the evening that will determine whether or not she is a Regal. If she can manage to pass th [...]

    8. I've been a fan of Donaldson since The Chronicles epic saga. Then I came across this book of short stories. Every story is wonderful, captures your imagination immediately and most importantly, makes you care about the hero. The lead story is just superb, any fan of fantasy should read this one at least once.

    9. Read this over 20 years ago, and thought I’d give it another go. Enjoyed it far less than my original reading. Much better than his Thomas Covenant books but not outstanding.

    10. Daughter of Regals - * * * *A most solid fantasy story that could perhaps have used just a touch more exposition.Gilden-Fire - * *Donaldson warns that this story cannot stand alone, and he is correct. Since I have not read The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, I was at a loss. Mythological Beast - * * * * *A delightful fantasy/sci-fi hybrid that manages to surprise. My favorite story in this collection. I enjoyed the way Donaldson used original sci-fi terminology to build his world.The Lady in Whit [...]

    11. This is the book I was reading alongside the book above. I am not sure, but I may have read it previously in my youth when I read the Thomas Covenant novels. One of the stories in it is a cut out part of that series. Donaldson seemed to think that segment was worthy of publishing, while a lot of the rest that was cut is no big loss. The book was published in the 1980s.The stories are a mixed bag in a number of ways. Some have aged poorly, while others are quite brilliant. There are sci-if, horro [...]

    12. The stories included are:Daughter of Regals: political intrigue and backstabbing- I feel it is the best story out of the bookGilden-fire: this is very high fantasy and was cut out from the author's novel The Illearth War- this was very dense and was a huge info dump. I was not prepared for this so the story read extremely slow for me. Was still very well written though.Mythological Beast: spoof on Fahrenheit 451? - I thought it was a fun readThe Lady in White: a mystery lady woos all the men in [...]

    13. Some friends recommended this to me as a way into Stephen Donaldson fiction. Not sure if I'm hooked just yet, but maybe I'll give it a shot. The fantasy stories in this collection where not that impressive. They were a little trite and predictable, which really, what fiction isn't? I'll give him credit for the uniqueness of his fantasy stories, which weren't always fluffy piles of happy magical creature fluff (except for the title story, which was pretty awful). But where he was really shining w [...]

    14. One of my favorite podcasts recommended this book, and in fact the story on the podcast was featured in this collection.I understand the author is famous for his fantasy work, so I was expecting to be intrigued or blown away by the stories in this collection. Donaldson's command of the language, and his occasionally florid style are satisfyingly impressive, but for the most part, I was unimpressed. My favorite story was "Animal Lover", a science fiction short, rather than any of the fantasy piec [...]

    15. I enjoyed this collection of stories. It's been quite awhile now since I've read them and I mainly remember the odd angel story - the angel with no memory. It was a bit disturbing thinking there were angels out there with a 24 hour memory.I first became acquainted with Donaldson when I read "A Man Rides Through" and "The Mirror of Her Dreams". Loved those books! Then I read Thomas Covenant and I felt it got off to a slow start but that Donaldson eventually became a better writer as the series pr [...]

    16. A very varied collection of short stories with an interesting foreword describing how some of the stories evolved.Daughter of Regals reminds me of A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin as well Mordant's Need. Mythological Beast and The Lady in White are in a similar vein, from a similar age, both well worth reading.Animal Lover is a much more modern sci-fi - not my particular taste but could interest some who find Donaldson hard going in the longer trilogies.Unworthy of the Angel is more akin [...]

    17. A book of 8 short stories with a wide range of settings and themes. This book truly blends the realms of science fiction and fantasy together within the scope of its contents.One of the stories is an out-take from the Illearth War, a book written by Donaldson previously. For this excerpt alone the book has value to anyone who has read and enjoyed the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, The Unbeliever. However, many of the other stories within are at the very least enticing and interesting to read.Som [...]

    18. This is a book of short stories. I read all but Gilden-Fire which is a "back-story" to the author's Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever. Since I didn't read that book or any of the books in Covenant series of books, I did not think I would understand it enough to get much out of it. Overall, a great read. I especially liked Ser Visal's Tale, a medieval flavored story about honor, Animal Lover (futuristic Cyborg hero story against a mad scientist villain) and Unworthy of the Angel which [...]

    19. Donaldson-lite. The Thomas Covenant experience (first trilogy) really pulled me in with suspense and the frustration one naturally feels toward an anti-hero. I recall waiting for each Donaldson book to hit the shelves. But it wasn't possible to duplicate the experience in these shorter stories (or really even in the second trilogy). Interesting to read a missing Covenant chapter. Conqueror Worm might appeal to strange high schoolers. Just a little better than "OK" for me.

    20. picked this up at a relatives houseme fun short stories in this one, albeit some are forgettable.I liked the one of the tough guy going into the forest to stop the evil witch, those type of heroic stories are always interesting.Donaldson's stories all deal with different aspects of Magic and this is as good a collection in that genre as any.

    21. daughter of Regals was a dull storyMythological beast was weird but fun to readThe lady in White was a tale that didn't deliverAnimal Lover was my favorite. Over the top science fiction. FunUnworthy of the Angel was good.The Conqueror Worm was fillerSer Visal's Tale was great, I enjoyed the imagery

    22. Daughter of Regals & Other Tales begins with an explanation of how the short story must demonstrate a greater skill than the novel - unfortunately as short stories go, these aren't fine examples. That's not to say this book is full of rubbish short stories, but I've read some fine short stories and these aren't those.

    23. Like "Reave the Just and Other Tales", this is a collection of short stories and novellas. Like Reave the Just, it isn't as good as the Thomas Covenant books, but is way better than the Gap Cycle. Of course, everything is better than the Gap Cycle. Worth a read.

    24. The first two stories were difficult to read; the second I couldn't take at all. However after the first two Donaldson's style totally changed and it was easy, good reading. It felt like the 2nd part of the book was written by a totally different writer. I'm glad I continued reading.

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