Taking a Shot

Taking a Shot

Jaci Burton Lucy Malone / May 29, 2020

Taking a Shot In the third installment in a new series from New York Times bestselling author Jaci Burton pro hockey player Tyler Anderson helps Jenna Riley to start living for herself Listen to Taking a Shot on y

  • Title: Taking a Shot
  • Author: Jaci Burton Lucy Malone
  • ISBN: 9781452676944
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Audiobook
  • In the third installment in a new series from New York Times bestselling author Jaci Burton, pro hockey player Tyler Anderson helps Jenna Riley to start living for herself.Listen to Taking a Shot on your smartphone, notebook or desktop computer.

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        Jaci Burton is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling, award winning author of over 70 books She lives in Oklahoma and when she isn t on deadline which is often , she can usually be found wrestling with her uncooperative garden, wrangling her dogs, watching an unhealthy amount of television, or completely losing track of time reading a great book She s a total romantic and longs for the happily ever after in every story, which you ll find in all her books Visit her website at jaciburton for excerpts, book information and contests.


    1. 4-4 ½ stars – Contemporary/Sports Erotic Romance Thoughts Before ReadingOH HOLY &%@^*#$!!!! I’m feeling very parched and suddenly thirsting for a sexy, salty, sweaty Studtastic man chest!!!! And looking oh so HOT in unbuttoned, perfectly fitted, crotch-hugging, low-slung faded denim jeans, too?! *Be still my male fantasy lovin’ heart!*Thoughts After ReadingI loved the first two books in the series, particularly The Perfect Play, and although I enjoyed this, it didn’t quite live up t [...]

    2. I just love this series. Give me a hot, erotic sports romance with a feisty heroine, a sexy, swoon-worthy hero, plenty of spicy dialogue, some terrific female bonding moments, the return of characters from the previous books, and most of alla decent story, and I'm going to be all over it!In this third book of Jaci Burton's Play By Play series, youngest Riley sibling Jenna gets the HEA she is not looking for. Jenna's the bartender/manager of her family's St. Louis sports bar, taking over for her [...]

    3. I LOVED it!!! The previous book I'd read was a book club book that bored me, and TAKING A SHOT was such a breath of fresh air after that. I think Ty is my favorite of Jaci Burton's heroes, and that says a lot because I love her heroes. It was fun, hot (really hot!), and just a great book to sink into at the end of a hectic day.

    4. I just LOVE all the Play by Play covers, they’re so lickable.*wipes off computer screen*And isn't that Jed Hill? I am in love all ready. Jed.a.GOD! I swear the guy is too hot for his own good!

    5. Very enjoyable and I absolutely LOVED it!! In my opinion, the best book in the series. I understand that quite a few reviews have expressed their annoyance or dislike for Jenna, but once she explained herself, I was on board with her feelings. I had my issues with her too, but as I continued to read and the big picture presented itself, it made sense and I gave her my sympathy. She never once laid blame on Ty for anything and always reprimanded herself when her actions towards him were unaccepta [...]

    6. I'm so sorry because I really wanted to like this book but I just didn't. It took me forever to finish it and I just couldn't concentrate on the read for longer than a couple of hours. I'm not sure what it was, I didn't have a problem with neither of the characters nor did I actually hated anything I read I guess it was that I just never clicked with any of them and the plot never really grabbed me.Jenna Riley was the only one that frustrated me a bit and only because she used to be a character [...]

    7. This one takes the cake in being the worst of the series. I cannot for the life of me, figure out why the female protagonist acts like she's an immature teenager for most of the entire book.I cannot deal with her idiotic aversion to singingse she was rejected once. Good. God. I can't believe this kind of stupid plot device was accepted. So she got kicked out of the band ONCE and she gave up singing - didn't even decide to fight for her passion. Am I supposed to believe that a tough as shit femal [...]

    8. This was some incredible sex on ice, and I mean literallyNot really sure, i would try it thoughLOLBut good read, anyway :D

    9. Entretenido. Me ha gustado mucho más que el primero. El segundo todavía lo tengo pendiente, a ver si lo leo pronto.Como es de imaginar, el peso de la relación lo lleva la atracción sexual entre ambos y no dejan de practicar El es un amor desde la página uno y hará que ella vaya dejando atrás sus miedos.Muchas escenas con las parejas anteriores que son las amigas de la protagonista.Creo que hay escenas que se me han hecho un poco repetitivas, pero en general una lectura hot, amena y entret [...]

    10. So… after reading Taking a Shot I think I might “take a break” from this series. While I really enjoyed the first two books in the series, Taking a Shot felt like the exact same story again but with less likeable characters. I mean this is a contemporary romance series so it should be expected that the stories would be somewhat formulaic but this was just too identical plot wise and it got a little distracting. I think the thing that pulled me out of connecting to the story was that Jenna [...]

    11. I Loved it - definately worth it's 5 star rating.A well written good story with lots of graphic sex making it a very hot read :)

    12. I liked it! it was a good book, really strong male lead, and I even liked Jenna sometimes. She was a little annoying but thats okay cause Ty made up for it. The only complaint I have is that this book is not lendable. For 10$, it should be. Just saying.

    13. ADULT BOOK = ADULT REVIEWLove Burton, Play by Play is a HOT series. Burton does not shy away from modern cuss words and her writing is sexy as hell. Definitely give this series a try.

    14. DNF at 40%It's OFFICIAL>>This book feels like a replica of the prior two with minor details changed (and actually the beginning felt fresh, Ty felt really different)I got through the last one because of the sexy times. I quit this one partially due to the overuse of the word sexy. Go figure. It's a total shame that this felt like it was borrowed from Burton's prior work because I like Ty’s brand of alpha more than anything about this book. He’s so confident, he doesn’t flip when he s [...]

    15. 4.5 StarsThis review was posted at Under The CoversIf you thought this book only had a hot cover then you can think again. Jaci's Play by Play series has been blessed by the cover fairy but it also has some of the most perfect men in fiction history! There just isn't a thing wrong with them!!!As the books before him, Ty is one hot male specimen as well as an all around nice, sweet guy. And he knows exactly how to make a woman happy. In and out of bed. *purrrrrr*He's a big deal hockey player but [...]

    16. yourhappinesslifePor fin he podido disfrutar de la tercera entrega de estos libros, la verdad es que a cada cual que leo me gusta más! Si no os habéis animado aún a leerlos, no dudéis en hacerlo ya!Los Riley me tienen enamorada pero Tyler ha conquistado mi corazón, es un deportista nato que adoro el hockey sobre hielo, tiene un toque violento en los partidos pero cuando está con Jenna es de lo más cuidadoso y cariñoso. Me encanta como cuida de ella y piensa en sus sueños, sobretodo me h [...]

    17. Purchased last night and read about 8 Chaptershad to stop myself!!!I didn't want to miss any of Ty's yummy goodness to sleepy eyes, but could not stop myself from starting this book. Ty is just so sweet and charmingd Jenna with her piercings and tat's is just not. I really like her personality thoughHaving a father and 2 brothers totally addicted to sports/watching sports/talking sports, I choose a man who wasn't a sports fanen what happens??? I have a son who eats, sleeps and breaths sports, es [...]

    18. Am loving this series. And this one didn't disappoint. In Taking a Shot we got Jenna (Mick and Gavin's sister) and Ty's story. Jenna, well i love hearing the sister story in family series, even though her stubbornness annoyed me, i loved it at the same time. Ty, well i wanna go watch me an ice hockey game and find me a Ty. He was so sweet and so hot! Did i mention he's hot?!?! I loved it. They both had a great background story of what was stopping them moving forward and for me when Jenna got to [...]

    19. Me ha gustado más que el primero, pero menos que el segundo; está en un lugar intermedio. Sobre todo me ha gustado Ty, Jenna me gustó más como secundaria en otros libros.

    20. Review posted: Happily Ever After - ReadsJenna Riley is running her family’s sports bar now that her dad is home resting after a health scare. She’s been surrounded by sports her whole life. She enjoyed playing sports, following her brother’s success in their professional sports careers and now she’s running a sports bar. The last thing she wants is to date a guy whose life revolves around sports. Or so she thinks. It’s hockey season and the Ice are in a playoff run, led by Tyler Ander [...]

    21. Oh, Jaci Burton, how you get my heart racing and falling in love with fictional characters!It is a well known fact that I adore this serieshonestly, this series got me started on my contemporary 'smut' kick, if I recallSo this one is Jenna's story.Jenna is Mick and Gavin's sister. She is the martyryou know every family has one. So, while her brothers played sports and became professional athletes poor Jenna didn't have the courage to vocalize her dreams and desires and is instead stuck managing [...]

    22. I know a lot of people like these books. They have some off the charts sexy heroes and downright steamy scenes But this didn't work for me on a couple of levels. They start out already knowing one another, and you know from the beginning of the book that Ty wants more than just one night. So he has to convince Jenna to give him a chance. Yes, give the good looking hockey stud a shot. (pun intended) Anyways, her reasons for not wanting him come across as a wee bit contrived and there was never an [...]

    23. I’m really disappointed with this book. I was irritated with the heroine all the way through the novel right up until the last 1%. If I heard her say “I don’t date guys who like or play sports” one more time I was going to strangle her. You might as well say I don’t date guys with a penis. I haven’t met many who don’t like or play sports. Besides, am I the only one who finds that superficial? Here you have a great guy with a great job who is good to you, but you’re going to hold [...]

    24. TAKING A SHOT, the third book in this more-than-sexy-times, oops it's erotica, sports romance series, had the most potential in an otherwise mostly frustrating series of books. I was completely, and delightfully, surprised by how much I enjoyed the first 30%. Which made the complete lack of follow through, the merry go round of annoying bullshit to then endure for the last 70%, wasting all that good potential, really frustrating.But. I said I would finish the first three books, thereby completin [...]

    25. Para mi gusto es el más diferente hasta ahora de la serie ¡y con un Tyler Anderson que no esperaba para nada!Reseña completa: bookheartlit/2

    26. 3 stars.Meh. Another "skimmer" from Jaci Burton. Ty was hot and perfect. Jenna was annoying with her constant pushing him away and to-ing and fro-ing. The sex was awesome as is usual for a JB book.Still though, quite corny and ordinary. Give me an SEP sports romance any day.

    27. Para mí este es el mejor de toda la serie y la historia de amor entre ellos dos, la que más me gusta. Jenna es de armas tomar, pero Ty no se queda atrás. Le doy un 3,5. No sé qué tienen los jugadores de hockey

    28. This TWO-fer review posted at Guilty PleasuresDiDi's Thoughts:HOLY ZAMBONI!!! TAKING A SHOT IS HOT ENOUGH TO MELT THE POLAR ICE CAPS!Growing up with two hot shot jocks and in a family that runs a sports bar, has caused Jenna to enforce a "Don't date athletes" policy. This dating policy makes her love life dismal at best because she now runs the family bar. Jenna does not have a hard time resisting jocks UNTIL uber sexy Tyler Anderson walks in the bar. For months Jenna gives Tyler the same cold s [...]

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