Benny and Penny in Just Pretend: TOON Level 2

Benny and Penny in Just Pretend: TOON Level 2

Geoffrey Hayes / Dec 15, 2019

Benny and Penny in Just Pretend TOON Level How can Benny pretend to be a brave pirate when his pesky little sister Penny wants to tag along and is always asking for a hug He tries to lose her but when he does he starts to feel a little los

  • Title: Benny and Penny in Just Pretend: TOON Level 2
  • Author: Geoffrey Hayes
  • ISBN: 9781935179269
  • Page: 244
  • Format: Paperback
  • How can Benny pretend to be a brave pirate when his pesky little sister, Penny, wants to tag along and is always asking for a hug He tries to lose her, but when he does, he starts to feel a little lost himself Penny proves her bravery, saves Benny from a bug, and gets the hug she wants.

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    1. A great reading book and lots of fun for kids learning to read on their own. This was my 5 yr old's pick to read out loud and it only took about 15 minutes. Somewhere around a level 2 reader at least, it has engaging pictures and storylines that any kid can relate to. Highly recommend this series.

    2. I enjoy that this graphic novel is accessible to emerging readers. The story follows a relatable discord between two siblings playing. It is a great introduction to graphic novels and would help new readers learn how to follow the sequence and structure of reading a graphic novel. With that being said, I think the story could have gone a bit deeper - it felt very surface level. Not necessarily a rich story, but a good introduction to this text format for young readers.

    3. Great as a beginning reader, great for introducing kids to comics! There's a boy and girl character, there's sibling rivalry, there's conflict and resolution. A lot of good stuff going on.

    4. I think I might like this even more than the Oh No! one. Benny's little sister is driving him crazy. Despite wanting to play alone, Benny learns some important things about having a little sister and playing with her.

    5. This story follows Benny and his sister, Penny throughout a fantastic adventure. Benny just wants to play by himself and pretend to be a private, but his annoying little sister, Penny wants to play too and won’t stop asking Benny for a hug. In an attempt to get away from Penny, Benny ends up getting lost. Penny shows how brave she can be and saves her big brother, finally getting that hug she wants.My first impression of this book was that it was kind of bland and boring. There is not that muc [...]

    6. 1. Awards the book has received (if any)2. Appropriate grade level(s): Kindergarten- 2nd 3. Original 3-line summary: Benny is playing as a pirate and his sister wants to join but he will not let her. Instead he has her hide in a box and waits a while before he comes back. When he finds her they decide to play pirates together. 4. Original 3-line review: This book is not one that I would read again. While the illustrations are very cute, the dialogue is unkind. However, this book would be useful [...]

    7. Age 4-7This short picture book (roughly 30 pages) would be a very interesting text for moderately leveled, early readers. The pages are broken up to appear as comic strips, acting out individual scenes. The story tells of two mouse siblings, a brother and a younger sister. There is conflict between the brother, Benny not wanting Penny to play his pretend pirate games. By the end of the story, Benny learns to be grateful to have Penny be by his side. There is a fair amount of dialogue and a well [...]

    8. This series has really appealed to my kids. The simple stories and text alongside eloquent pictorial storytelling makes for a fun experience.Plus, who can't relate to being terribly mean to a sibling, and then turning around and having a great time with them?

    9. Benny and Penny in Just Pretend by Geofrey Hayes is a Graphic Novel set up much like a comic book. It's a story of a mouse, Benny, who just wants to be a pirate. But he gets easily irritated at his sister, Penny, who just wants to play with him. So Benny tricks Penny, and looses her. He thinks its great at first, but then he realizes things just aren't the same.Text-to-self: I have a younger brother who is always tagging along with me, even though we are seven years apart! I understand how havin [...]

    10. Genre: Graphic NovelFormat: Picture BookAward(s): No awardsSummary: When Benny is playing pirates, his little sister Penny wants to join. However, Benny does not want his little sister tagging along and playing with him because pirates are brave and she is not. He tries tricking her, being mean to her, and hiding. None of which works. He then tells her to go hide and he will find her. So, Penny does just that. While Penny is hiding, Benny sneaks off to play pirates by himself like he wanted to. [...]

    11. Benny and Penny in Just Pretend by Geoffrey Hayes follows an insistent little sister who wants to play with her brother, who wants to play alone.Penny wants to play with her brother who is playing Pirate. Penny wants to be a Pirate too, but tips over the box. Benny hides from his siter but is discovered. Benny calls Penny dumb and a bad sister. Benny starts a hide and seek game but won't really play. When he finally looks for Penny she is gone, and Benny starts to worry. Penny suggests a place t [...]

    12. Awards: • Booklist Top 10 Graphic Novels for Youth• Maryland Blue Crab Young Readers Honor Book• Bank Street College of Education's Best Children's Books of the Year• Kirkus Reviews Best of 2009 Continuing Series• Iowa Goldfinch Award2) Grades: Preschool-13) this book is about an older brother and younger sister mouse named Benny and Penny. Benny is playing alone when Penny comes over and wants to play, Benny says no and tries to get rid of her. But when she disappears he gets worried [...]

    13. "Benny and Penny in Just Pretend" is a book about two siblings play pretend. They both play pretend to be brave pirates. The brother and sister argue because the older brother doesn’t want to play with his younger sister. The author has different books about the same mice. This book at the end explains how each story is related to his personal childhood. The book is a comic style, but still is like a normal book. The pictures are easy to follow and there is borders. The images are panel to pan [...]

    14. Benny and Penny in Just Pretend is set up to be a simple read comic book. Benny is Penny's older brother. Like most older siblings, they feel as playing with their younger sibling is a chore. Benny is trying to play with his rocket ship but his younger sister Penny keeps bothering him to play. Their mother tells Benny that he needs to be nice and play with Penny, so he decides to play hide and seek. Benny has Penny hide first, but then doesn't go looking for her. This book is set up very simple [...]

    15. Hard to believe that the Benny and Penny series are Geisel award-winners, because I've come to expect more zaniness & FUNNY writing (Dr. Seuss, Mo Willems) from controlled-vocabulary books (meaning books with only a small set number of easy words for children who are learning to read). I could not believe that Art Spiegelman and Francois Mouly (of The Complete Maus) fame were the art directors for this series because it actually has an old-fashioned feel to it. However, this is a really cute [...]

    16. This book is about Benny who does not want to play with his little sister Penny. Benny just wants to play pirates, but Penny will not stop bugging him. The narrative story is very relatable, because every one can understand fighting with siblings. This graphic novel is easy to follow as compared to other graphic novels, and it's intended audience is definitely younger children. The panels are very simple, and do not cover much time in between. What I found very interesting was that the author ne [...]

    17. This graphic novel was a family friendly story about a brother and sister mouse. It reminded me so much of when I was in elementary school and I believe that this story will take its readers back to a time when they were younger. Young readers will also connect to this story, especially if they have siblings or cousins. Throughout the story Benny's younger sister, Penny, just wants to play with him. It brought me back to when I was little with my younger cousin. She used to follow me everywhere, [...]

    18. Not quite as good as the second Benny and Penny book; I think Hayes was smart to get rid of the authorial directions that are at the beginning and end of this title. The sibling interactions are definitely true to life, although I'm not a huge fan of Benny calling a Penny a cry-baby (which seems like it may be a recurring theme through the series). The illustrations look like they're done in colored pencil to me, although there's no note to confirm that. There's a softness to the style and color [...]

    19. Benny and Pennin Just Pretend was written by Goffery Hayes. He had set up a this simple easy to read comic book for a younger audience. Benny is Penny’s older brother, and they are like most other children that are brother and sister. He does not enjoy playing with his younger sister at first. Benny wants to play with his favorite rocket ship, but his sister keeps trying to intervene. His mom encourages him to play with his sister, so they play a game of hide and seek. The book is written from [...]

    20. This book follows a brother and sister as they have problems with arguing because the older brother doesn't want to play with his younger sister. This comic book is easy to follow as it moves from panel to panel and doesn't show much time passing between each of the panels. The book is unique as it is a fictionalized version of the authors own experiences with his younger sister. This makes it good for young children because they can relate it to their own life and it can teach lessons to siblin [...]

    21. A lot better than the previous one we read in this series, Toy Breaker. The story is familiar and, not that I require that of a children's book but it actually promotes a little lesson. A similar book on sibling rivalry that I enjoyed (but a proper picture book, not comic book) is Please, Louise!

    22. After reading two AMAZING children's graphic novels, this one fell a bit short for me. The basic set-up is that Benny and Penny are two mice siblings with Benny being the older brother and Penny the younger sister.They are a bit harsh with each other and I think Benny gets off a little too easy for calling Penny names, but the illustrations are cute and the subject matter is certainly appropriate. Not contemplating any great mysteries here, just a game of pretend.

    23. Benny and Penny are great fun! Benny the mouse wants to be a brave pirate, but it's hard to pretend when his pesky little sister, Penny, is always tagging along. He tries to lose her, but when he does, he starts to feel a little lost himself.SubjectsBrothers and sisters -- Comic books, strips, etc. -- Juvenile fiction.Courage -- Comic books, strips, etc. -- Juvenile fiction.Graphic novels

    24. I thought this was a great book. It shows how even though siblings may fight they will always love each other. In a classroom you can teach children to be kind to each other and to not judge a book by its cover. The pictures are very detailed and can entertain kids for hours.It looks similar to the way a graphic novel would just a point of view than normal. It's an easy read so younger kids will be better reading this book.

    25. A bit Max and Ruby-esque, with the gender roles reversed. Benny is the older brother who wants to play pirate, and he is unwilling to allow his sister to play with him, and he tries to ditch her in any way that he can. At the end of the story, Penny is shown to be a quite a bit more brave than her brother gave her credit for.

    26. Cute little kids book, I hope it takes the next person longer to read it than it did me. Quite amazing to me that a hardcover book like this can actually cost $ 12.95, but I guess that's the times we live in. It is definitely cute, and if you're a parent, it's a good starter book with good life lessons.

    27. Benny wants to play pirate by himself but his little sister Penny has other plans. This is a very cute story that accurately portrays the relationship between young siblings. The illustrations have a retro feel and the text is simple enough so that an early reader would enjoy this book. This would also be a great read aloud for preschoolers.

    28. This childrens book is a smooth read for young children because each page is published with a comic book style squares and colorful detailed paintings. The literature presented in this book is easy enough for beginning readers. The miniature mouses share a lesson with young readers that playing together can be a better adventure than pretending alone.

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