Dr. Hugh Mann

Dr. Hugh Mann

Mark Tufo Sean Runnette / Jun 02, 2020

Dr Hugh Mann In this Zombie Fallout prequel Mark Tufo tells the story of the virus that started it all

  • Title: Dr. Hugh Mann
  • Author: Mark Tufo Sean Runnette
  • ISBN: 9781452638348
  • Page: 341
  • Format: Audio CD
  • In this Zombie Fallout prequel, Mark Tufo tells the story of the virus that started it all.

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    1. This short story nestles itself between book 3 and 4 of the Zombie Fallout series and is a prequel to the series. As a reader I find that prequels can be fraught with risk and I often find myself asking questions like:Is this just a grab for some cash? If it is so important to the story the why not include it in the first book? Will it add any value to the story and series?Is this a result of lazy story development?What I got in this prequel was a valued pack story that not only added to the ser [...]

    2. Oh, for heaven's sake.Alright, I know I said I was taking a break from this series because I was getting a bit burnt out on them, but since this was a prequel, I thought I'd give it a shot. I'm not particularly happy that I did.This short novella, tucked between books three and four of the series, gives some history of the virus that causes the Zombie Apocalypse in the Fallout series. It follows Dr. Hugh Mann (yes, it's really that ridiculous), a physicist around the turn of the 20th century, wh [...]

    3. wtf?Look, I have read a lot of zombie novels. A LOT of zombie novels, not all of which have (surprise) been Pulitzer material. Many were in dire need of an editor; some begged for a spell checker (c'mon folks it's 2014 for goodness sakes - press F7 at least once), while others took themselves way too seriously (Rambo Conquers the Zombies).What I love about these books so far is the generous infusion of sarcasm and humor that MT uses to bring his protagonist to life. I really did enjoy books 1-3. [...]

    4. am a massive fan of Mark Tufo so maybe a little bias in my review. but this little novella in the story line is a wonderful little rounding out of certain characters a great new twist in how Zombies are caused.ry clever really! really felt for all the characters as was charmed to read about the lovely Tommy always with humour another great part of the magnificent ZF world

    5. I was not disappointed with this book. It did not have the tone as the other books in the series had, but it was nice to get more background on the series as a whole. My opinion is if you're fan of the series and have read the whole series a couple times and want a little extra. Read this. I wouldn't say you're missing anything if you skip it.

    6. This is a great back storyI was confused at firstuntil the pieces started falling togetherNow I know how it all started and I like it!!! If you have read the ZFO books you need to read this tood all the unanswered questions will become clearor at least most of themlol Great little story!!!

    7. Miniature humans?!? Dust mites battling these miniature humans, really? I was in disbelief through most of this novella. The last part of the story is pretty good though which is why it got 2 stars. Also what is in that briefcase and how long will we have to wait to find out.

    8. The Virus has been unleashed. This book explains the origins of the virus. It is troubling how close to truth it is or could be.

    9. InterestingEven though it was a short book, it was very interesting. It left me wanting more. Reading this answered some questions the main book didn't.

    10. Mark makes you want to go with Mike. Even through you know it's gonna go wrong. This was a cool look back at how it started.

    11. A gripping novella that describes how the dreaded zombie apocalypse came to be. Sr. Hugh Mann, a scientist back in the early 1900s was a man with a young daughter Marissa who be barely paid mind to. Marrying Jonathon Talbot a month prior, her father leaves a suitcase with them, them being unknown to the secrets kept within. Tommy, or Tomas faked selling pastries to gain access to their home in order to steal the suitcase and hide it for close to a decade. It wasn't until twelve years later, when [...]

    12. Zombie Fallout 3.5 Dr. Hugh Mann is a short novella in the horror series Zombie Fallout by Mark Tufo. Dr. Hugh Mann is a scientist with a university in the early 1900’s. After the arrival of a new high-powered microscope, he discovers something amazing in a sample of blood. A big university fund raising events gets planned around this discovery and the discovery takes on a life of its own. In this story we meet Dr. Mann’s daughter who turns out to be Mike Talbots grandmother. And, of course, [...]

    13. 3.5 StarsWon from a giveaway. Having not read the other Zombie Fallout books, I decided to read the prequel first. The few parts that were unexplained in this book I assume to be explained in the other books, but otherwise I could read this book without any difficulty. This book was short enough to read in one sitting, and was interesting enough to do so. I would probably recommend this book for somebody who already has read the previous books, considering there are certain things that might co [...]

    14. *** An excellent addition to an excellent Series ***It's almost as if Mark gave us a present in releasing Dr. Hugh Mann. He must have known we were 'jonesing' for his writing. Thank you Mark! Although it's a prequel, if you're new to the series, read this AFTER book 3. This is from someone else's review of the ZF series, but I couldn't say it any better and thoroughly agree: Cumulatively, they are an epic apocalyptic tale, which reminded me of Steven King's The Stand and Robert McCammon's Swan S [...]

    15. Wonderful story of the true origin of the zombie fallout. My reaction to this novella was like a slap to a hysterical person. At first I was like, 'Wait! Where is Mike, Tommy, Alex, Paul?' I even thought to myself 'Maybe I'll just skip the story and go right to the next book and come back to it.' Again my OCD comes into play preventing me from reading out of order.By the end of the book my thinking is more along the lines of 'Wow, I needed that'.Very interesting if not scarily realistic possibil [...]

    16. Well now we know what really started the ZF and how Michael Talbot gets involved. Dr. Hugh Mann is as arrogant and egotistical as a genius could be. However even his maniacal ego is brought down by his discovery. At first he is elated and wants to share the news then he realizes the mistake he has made when trying to confide in a fellow scientest. Every thing spirals down really fast after that. If you are a fan of the ZF series, you will enjoy this and it will give the reader a pleasant surpris [...]

    17. This series reminded me of a combination of other books. This particular book is very short and is a prequel to the Zombie Fallout Series. If you liked "The Path" "The Stand" "Swan Song" and "Autumn" you will enjoy this series.The prequel was a little far fetched but then again the books I mentioned early were also. With the exception of Autumn. The other books had a supernatural twist to the stories. Of course Autumn does not. I read the first book in the series and then this one which whould a [...]

    18. Mark TufoZombie Fallout 3.5: Dr. Hugh MannThis was a sideways step from the Zombie Fallout Series a Prequel, it is the book I liked the least only because I missed the characters from the main series. This book explains how the horrors and evils in the main series came to be, therefore it has to be read as part of the set, it is only a short book and can be finished in a couple of hours. If you like the Zombie Fallout series then this is still a "must read".

    19. This is a short story in this Zombie Fallout novel series and it will fill in the blanks of how it all started; and for the best flow of the series needs to be read after book #3. A refreshing and original change to how all things zombie began, its set years before it all started and was so good I read it twice to make sure I got everything; as its a brilliant base to the whole series.Its a fascinating insight and yet another great set of characters to add to this zombie masterpiece series. We l [...]

    20. Although this is book 3.5 in a 4 book series,I went a little out of order and read this one first. I had heard it was the prequel and thought it would be a good place to start. a very interesting twist on where the concept of zombies come from. The authors ability to take a character such as the "doctor", and despite his shortcomings as a father and a member of society, make you understand his personality so he becomes likable is a talented skill he seems to use with ease. Even with characters t [...]

    21. This story was ridiculous. I had a feeling it would be because it seemed as if it would have to take a more serious, historical feel, and I was right. I enjoy the other Zombie Fallout books because they are humorous, and even though they are ridiculous as well (Eliza? Like, seriously, come on), they are still fun.This was just Bad. It was bad. I guess it was kind of needed to clear up some story points mentioned in the first three books, but I somewhat think I would have been just fine skipping [...]

    22. Read this after finishing Zombie Fallout 7. I think I appreciated it a little more then I would have if I had read it earlier. There were some spoilers for later books in the series.This book was more serious and dealt with information leading to the start of the zombie fallout. I missed the familiar characters and humor from the series, but still appreciated everything a learned as a fan.If you love the series, I would suggest reading it for the little tid bits of information it will have for y [...]

    23. i enjoyed the book because i knew that it had to do with how zombie fallout all started. i can better understand the zombie fallout book now. i was a little confused with 2 parts, one was the little boy tom who came bearing pastries,who hasn't aged a day old in over 10 years and has some kind of mystical powers, and his sister is a vampire, i am like what? really???? the other is the container that the thieves stole was the virus, and next to that, there was a vampirism container??????? i guess [...]

    24. I enjoyed this book for the background information it gave but didn't enjoy this book as I have the others in the series. It is a very different book. It is by no means a bad book, just not what I was expecting ( when reading a series I don't tend to read the blurb beyond what order to read books in). Anyway, I liked this book, the characters were strong, the story interesting, the background intriguing but I wasn't blown away or transported like I am when reading the others in the series. It is [...]

    25. This book was a little harder for me to follow along to but I don't regret buying it. I listened to it on audiobook rather than reading because I love Sean Runnette's work. He is a great narrator. It does give you a look into how the zombie apocalypse started but if you didn't read/listen to this one I don't think you would be lost or out of the loop. It's a book you can take or leave but either way it's entertaining.

    26. Loved itI love that it filled in how the plague was created and why it wasn't fixed right away. Kind of missed following Mike but on to book 7.

    27. not sure this warranted another book in the series. I understand the point of telling the story of 'how it all began', but why not stick this in the back of number 3 or the beginning of number 4? totally different in style to the first 3 books, but nice and easy to read.i've rated it 3 stars, much in line with how i've rated the first 3 books of the series. even though i'm enjoying the zombie fallout books, i'm still hoping it gets better in the next book cos it's too late to turn back now.

    28. Mark Tufo Delivers AgainAnother great book from a great author. A must read if you are a Zombie Fallout reader. If you like books on the Zombie Apocalypse and haven't read this series then I highly recommend that you do but don't start with this one.lol.art with Volume I, of course. You will love it

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