Play Makers

Play Makers

Mike Lupica / Feb 23, 2020

Play Makers Mike Lupica presents the second book in his NEW YORK TIMES bestselling Game Changers series Still living large off their incredible football championship win just weeks before Ben McBain and his crew

  • Title: Play Makers
  • Author: Mike Lupica
  • ISBN: 9780545381833
  • Page: 424
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Mike Lupica presents the second book in his NEW YORK TIMES bestselling Game Changers series Still living large off their incredible football championship win just weeks before, Ben McBain and his crew must now prepare for basketball season Ben is known as the best point guard throughout the league And now that Shawn O Brien has joined their team, they are a shoo in to wiMike Lupica presents the second book in his NEW YORK TIMES bestselling Game Changers series Still living large off their incredible football championship win just weeks before, Ben McBain and his crew must now prepare for basketball season Ben is known as the best point guard throughout the league And now that Shawn O Brien has joined their team, they are a shoo in to win it all But there is a new kid in town, Chase Braggs, a point guard like Ben who seems to be better, stronger, and faster Refusing to let his team down, Ben hits the courts hard to practice Ben s rivalry with Chase seems to take the fun out of playing ball with his best friends Will Ben be able to pull it together for his team and for himself

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        Mike Lupica introduces his new middle grade series, Mike Lupica s Comeback Kids.


    1. Jonas HarperEnglish Mr.CarrollJanuary 8,2014Game Changers Book 2 by Mike LupicaMain Characters:-Ben McLain the best point guard throughout the league-Chase Braggs a new kid in town that whose faster, stronger, and a better point guard -Shawn O'Braggs an athletic basketball player-Lily is Ben's crushSummary of the Plot:-Ben McLain and his friends are just coming off win the championship in football a few months ago.- A new kid in school named Chase Briggs who is better than Ben at point guard, wh [...]

    2. Ben McBain, Shawn O'Brien, Sam Brown, and Cooper Manley have just won their sixth grade football championship. Now, it is time for the start of basketball. Ben loves to compete at everything he does, and now he has the drive for another championship. However, he hears word from others that there is a new, amazing basketball player (Chase Braggs) coming to town. Chase is a point guard (same as Ben) and it doesn't take long for him to prove to everyone that he's the new top kid in town. On top of [...]

    3. Playmakers (Game Changers) by Mike Lupica was a great book. Ben McBain the star at Rockwell Middle School, there football season just ending with a championship now it is time for basketball Ben led Rockwell to a championship last year but the heat is on with a new kid named Chase who is a cocky kid who just moved and of course plays at Rockwells rivals the Darby Bears. His best friend and pretty much one of the best players on the team Sam goes down half way through the season with a leg injury [...]

    4. I like this book because it had a great plot. I love this author because if you are looking for a good basketball book , well then this is the book. The main characters Ben McLain , the best point guard throughout the league. Chase Braggs is a popular that moves in to the area and is a better point guard. Shawn, an athletic Basketball player. Lily is a girl who is Ben's crush. Ben gets jealous after looking at chase hanging out with her. Chase and Ben battle it out and someone Got the better of [...]

    5. Personal Response.I enjoyed the book, Game Changers Play Makers, by Mike Lupica, because I could relate to it in many ways. I learned many life lessons in the book. I think the author did a fantastic job of explaining and being detailed in all of his text.Plot.In the beginning of the story, Ben Mcbain was the star quarterback of the fifth grade football team that won the state championship. Now that the football season was over, basketball started. Ben obviously making the team. He learned about [...]

    6. They were The Jonas Brothers of basketball, the New England Patriots in sneakers. They were invincible, or were they? The middle school team headed by Ben McBain and ‘his crew’ of sixth graders have just finished an incredible football season with a crushing championship final and must now prepare for the basketball season. Ben, who has been known as the best point guard, is joined by a newbie, Shawn O’Brien. Shawn was an outstanding football player and Ben knows he will be a great asset t [...]

    7. I liked the character growth in the book. Ben Mcbain is the main character. He is just coming out of football season where they won the championship and is excited about basketball season. Although he is not the biggest kid, he has always been very athletic and known as the best on the team. That is until a new kid moves the the small town next to them that competes in the same basketball league. Ben becomes obsessed with being better than Chase Briggs. His obsession with practicing makes him st [...]

    8. I thought this book was great! Here's some details on the plot. Ben feels like football just barely ended but is still excited for basketball. He hears from Lily, his best friend, that there's a new kid in Darby, their rivals in just about everything. When Ben finally meats him, it's at the preseason game against Darby. There he finds out that Chase is a jerk and when he plays him in the next three regular season games Chase makes it more and more clear. When Ben tries to practice with his best [...]

    9. Ben McBain and his friends Shawn O'Brien, Sam Brown, and cooper Manley have just finished a incredible football season. Now, it time for basketball. Ben is known to be the best point guard in their division. However, he learns that there is a new kid named Chase Braggs .Chase Is a point guard like Ben and he is fast, strong, and determined to win. Chase and Ben are very alike, but Chase likes to show off and brag about himself. When Chase and rival the Darby Bears beat Ben and the Rockwell Rams [...]

    10. Playmakers by Mike Lupica is about a 12 year old boy named Ben McBain who plays basketball on his middle school team. After winning the county championship Ben and friends are looking to win the county championship for basketball. But when Ben finds out that there is a new kid in town, and his name is Chase Braggs. Throughout the rest of the season these compete and see who is the better basketball player.I personally enjoyed this book because it is very realistic. The details in the book are ve [...]

    11. After reading the book, "Game Changers" by Mike Lupica I think this book reflects me as a basketball player and being on the basketball team for Farnell because in the book Ben tries out for a basketball team with his friends Sam, Chase, and Lily. This book kept me on my feet and waiting to see what Ben will do next also how Ben created goals for himself and motivated himself when there was a basketball near him. Another reason I liked the book "Game Changers" by Mike Lupica, is because this hel [...]

    12. Play Makers by Mike Lupica is the second book from the Game Changers series. I loved the book because it has lots of sports action and drama. The two main characters are Ben McBain, the best point guard in Rockwell, and Chase Braggs, the best point guard in Darby. Chase's last name basically describes his whole character. He is cocky, arrogant, and doesn't really know when to stop talking. Ben on the other hand is the complete opposite. He is selfless, humble, and kind to everybody. The main con [...]

    13. Play makers is a good book. The book had a lesson winning is not everything. Ben the main character realizes that he always isnt the best player in every sport, he faces a new challenger named chase ẃho is cocky on and off the court,which makes Ben realize to work harder and help his teammates improve. What i didnt like about the book is that it left me hanging in the end. Ben shows chase he has heart and wins 51-50 and going to the playoffs, and the book ends from there.Mike Lupica is a good [...]

    14. I thought this book was an inspiring book to read because the way Ben McBain's team the Rams started off the season weak and finished the season strong. Even though Ben's rival Chase Braggs which he never heard of him, still wanted to be better than him even though he hasn't seen him play, when they lost their first game against Chase's team the Bears it became a rival between them, but at the end Ben still found a way to beat Chase which was my favorite part of this book.Overall I liked it and [...]

    15. Another great Lupica book. This was the first time I had read one that was part of a series with the same characters. He does a good job building on previous events and challenges. I love how the books aren't just about sports, and that they don't always end in miraculous championship wins. But the characters always grow and mature, learning from bad choices and taking advice from the authority figures, with whom they have fun, respectful relationships. Highly recommend!

    16. I really liked this book.It was cool because I was able to relate to it since I play basketball.Theres always this one guy that gets on your nerves.In this story that guy is Chase Braggs.It gets on Ben McBains nerve.I would recommend this book to everyone.If you want to find out how McBain handles Braggs, you have to read this book?

    17. Loved the book! I love sports and this is a good book for people who love them. This book tells you to mostly work on yourself and don't be jealous about other people like he was with chase braggs. Even though they didn't make the playoffs its a good book to learn about yourself and how you should only care about you. love this book!

    18. Play Makers by Mike Lupica was an interesting book to read. Although I haven't read any books by Mike Lupica, I would like to read more. Everything towards then end was okay. The end of the book was great because of the flagrant foul the happened. Overall this book was not bad.

    19. This book was awesome! I love how the guys on the team stuck together, even when their best player was injured. It really encouraged me to stick with my volleyball team, even when we barely have enough players for a team.

    20. Its a really good book b/c its about basketball. LOL And the ending was so good it was like paul walkers in furious 7 jk XD. But still its a great book and you should read !!!!

    21. Game Changers is a first for Mike Lupica: a planned trilogy featuring the same set of characters and their ongoing story. Comeback Kids was a series of sorts, but only because the books were grouped together as being intended for a slightly younger audience than Mike Lupica generally writes to; they shared no continuity of characters or plot. Now we're on book two of the Game Changers trilogy, Play Makers, and we see more of the direction the author plans for the remainder of the series. Ben McB [...]

    22. Game Changers: Playmakers By: Mike, Lupica Ben McBain is a typical 11 year old athletic boy who loves to play sports and has a fierce drive to be the best on the field or court. After living high with his football team after their recent championship game, basketball season is right around corner. Ben was always the star player on his team, The Rockwell Rams and maybe even the best Point Guard in the league. That is, until the new kid Chase Braggs moves into their neighboring rivalry town. Unlik [...]

    23. This book was very interesting, I liked how it was about basketball because i love basketball. But i really liked the competition between ben and chase, ben was the main character and was a really good basketball player. Chase was a new kid who was just like ben but better, he was faster, stronger, and a better shooter. Ben runs into a problem not getting his starting spot on the team, so he went to work in the gym and got better. Chase was my favorite character because he was really good and a [...]

    24. The book Game Changers Play Makers by Mike Lupica was a good book. It wasn't the best book I have ever read but it was good. I was interested by the cover of the book which has the title and a basketball hoop in a empty gym. I love reading basketball books so I read it. I have never read the book before and I didn't know what to expect because there was nothing on the back cover. The story was about a kid who's mom and dad are getting divorced soon and the story is about his middle school basket [...]

    25. I enjoyed this book, It focused on my favorite sport, basketball. I believe that most everyone that enjoys sports would like reading this book. It has a theme of working together as a team, and getting rid of grudges. The book tells us about Ben McBain and his experiences with the basketball season, and his rivals. I did not give this book all fives stars because when I first started the book I thought it was pretty boring, but once I gave the book a chance I liked the plot and the overall story [...]

    26. Playmakers (Game Changers) by Mike Lupica was a really good book to me because I could relate to it.The rivalery in this book is similar to one that I have on my basketball team with someome.The best part of the book to me when was when chase and ben played the second game against each other and chase committed a hard foul on ben on a layup and nothing was called and ben missed the game-winning layup.The end of the book was also really good. The championship game came down to the wire with Ben a [...]

    27. I really liked the book because it was about my favorite sport. The situations that happened in the book have actually happened to me before. I have had some conflict between me and another player that no one likes. I was playing ball with one of my buddies and he got hurt pretty bad also. But I also learned that when someone says something to you that is very rude, just keep your mouth shut and just walk away.

    28. Playmakers, the second book in the Game Changers series(have not read the first one though), written by Mike Lupica was an okay book. It was overall pretty good and I know the style of Mike Lupica's book's is to have the main character struggle and then find success but in this book it was taken to a little bit of the extreme when he was getting stomped all over by another player. Other than that it was a pretty good book.

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