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Anonymity She s not just a random homeless girl Lorelei is street smart elusive and manipulative She s a survivor always on the move Always one step ahead of the danger in her past Emily s a hard partying bar

  • Title: Anonymity
  • Author: Janna McMahan
  • ISBN: 9781938467233
  • Page: 136
  • Format: Paperback
  • She s not just a random homeless girl Lorelei is street smart, elusive and manipulative She s a survivor, always on the move Always one step ahead of the danger in her past Emily s a hard partying bartender in downtown Austin with problems of her own When she meets a handsome reporter looking for a photographer, Emily volunteers her camera skills As she follows him iShe s not just a random homeless girl Lorelei is street smart, elusive and manipulative She s a survivor, always on the move Always one step ahead of the danger in her past Emily s a hard partying bartender in downtown Austin with problems of her own When she meets a handsome reporter looking for a photographer, Emily volunteers her camera skills As she follows him into the sordid world of gutter punks, Emily finds an unexpected friendship that will redefine her life But Emily realizes too late that each of her attempts to help only puts her new friend in ever increasing peril Can she unravel the mystery of Lorelei s past and find a way to protect her Or would the girl be better off unknown and on her own Anonymity is a gritty, harrowing account of young people who live life on the edge when all they really want is a safe place to call home.

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    1. Janna McMahan tells a deep, rich story about teenage homelessness. Her research is amazing as she takes you down into the world of teens who are daring and scared, strong yet fragile, afraid to come back to society due to an intense distrust that anyone cares. Mainstream crosses with this underground civilization when a storm shakes everyone's world, tossing them together. The smallest decisions and simplest choices ripple across this society, and from the comfort of our homes we are allowed to [...]

    2. This was a well-written, engaging, book, and it is obvious the author put in a lot of research before writing. Being familiar with homeless populations, I can attest that the book accurately represents facets of the lifestyles of homeless youth. Emily, a bartender who decides to take her photography hobby to a professional level, reminds me of Ayn Rand’s Dagny, because of Emily's pursuit of humanistic pleasure. Just like Dagny, Emily seems willing to hop in the sack with just about anybody—a [...]

    3. I found it hard to get into the book. I really didn't like the way the story kept jumping to the perspectives of different characters. I felt like alot of the info was unnecessary and that the author could have gone into more detail about other areas. I also found the description of the hurricane over the top. I live in south Louisiana, I've dealt with hurricanes my whole life and that part of the story had me rolling my eyes. I did however like the last quarter of the book when things started w [...]

    4. “I guess I just never really thought about how they live. I mean I’ve been downtown for years, and I supposed I just sort of think of them as background noise. You know they’re there, but you just tune them out.” These are the words of Emily–a twenty-something who is a bit directionless, single, and worried she isn’t keeping up with the young women with whom she graduated–when she learns more about the homeless youth in Austin. You see, Austin is a place that has a great party scen [...]

    5. Got this lovely thing at the SoKY BookFest, so it's autographed. And I'm so glad it is.Lorelei is a homeless teenager who just arrived in Texas. She has tattoos on her face and arms, a backpack that means the world to her, and a stubbornness that can't be beat. She teams up with a group of other homeless teenagers (gutter punks) and survives the only way she knows how.Emily is a twenty-seven-year-old bartender who doesn't want the whole marriage-and-kids thing, but just found out an old friend i [...]

    6. Interesting concept, but I think the book spent too much time with Travis, Barbara, and Emily. I know lots of people like those characters, but I don't know anyone like Lorelei, and I didn't know anymore about her when the book ended. I don't know why Lorelei was homeless - how bad was her home life? Did she believe the lies she told? Why did her parents come looking for her if they really didn't want her? There has to have been more to her story than what was written, because it just didn't add [...]

    7. The reality of homeless people is a mystery, except for those forced to live it. The world of homeless youth is a subculture unlike any other. It is filled with abandonment, fear, rejection, mental illness and a relentless hunger of the spirit and flesh.In this novel, Emily, a young bartender meets Travis, who is a reporter. He is doing an inside investigation of the homeless youth of Austin. Emily becomes his photographer. Together they plan on exposing this underground world. During the invest [...]

    8. I have to agree with other reviews. The book is overall well-written, but for a story about a homeless hits & homelessness the author spent too much time on the other characters, specifically Emily' love life & parents. It felt more like the book was about Emily & how her encounter with homelessness through Lorilea helped herself (whole damaging Lorilea). I was left really not liking Emily, and wondering why she got the nice perfect happy ending.

    9. I couldn't put this book down, mainly because the characters were compelling. The ending was a surprise as well -- not something I would have predicted when I opened the book. It seems to be written for young adults, but there are some profound insights here, especially from David who runs the homeless shelter. I don't think the character Travis, who writes for the newspaper, is fleshed out enough. I will read more books by this author.

    10. I usually don't like books about relationships, but there's a real story in this book, and I liked the characters. What's more, this book made me think. I recommend it as a quick beach read that will take you out of your element in a good way.EDIT: I have come back six months later and given this book one more star, because I just can't seem to get it out of my head. I still find myself thinking about the characters and wondering about their lives. Now that's the sign of a good book!

    11. This book held my interest well. I did not know much about teen homelessness and this book shed much light on the subject. Very thought-provoking. The way each character speaks for him/herself adds depth and understanding. Excellent read. I recommend it for teen through older adult.

    12. This book kept my interest from beginning to end; and the ending brought happy tears. It certainly is a different read from my normal but I am glad i picked it up; its an eye-opener; gives you some insite to the youth homeless.

    13. I really enjoyed this book; I would like a sequel, but that would have been so predictable. Homelessness is unpredictable.

    14. A look at the homeless teens in the city of Austin and the people that see them as well as the people that don't. I liked the book even though it might be targeted for a younger audience.

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