Pete the Cat: Pete's Big Lunch

Pete the Cat: Pete's Big Lunch

James Dean / Jun 01, 2020

Pete the Cat Pete s Big Lunch Pete the Cat is now in beginning reader format

  • Title: Pete the Cat: Pete's Big Lunch
  • Author: James Dean
  • ISBN: 9780062110701
  • Page: 142
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Pete the Cat is now in beginning reader format

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    1. Review by my 5 year old:platypire/pugglepires/​I liked it because he couldn't fit all the lunch in his mouth, so he called his friends so they could eat with him. It is good to share, and it makes everyone happy.

    2. I know I have shouted out by love of Pete the Cat before, but I just can’t help myself. I LOVE Pete! His blue, true, laid-back ways always make me smile. A new “I Can Read!” series with Pete captures all the energy, warmth, and fun of his picture books in big, clear, simple words for readers just starting their journey into the magical world of words.Pete sets out to make a sandwich with pickles, cheese, eggs, hot dogs, and a can of beans! Haha…What? It could be yummy. :D But as the laye [...]

    3. Pete the cat is hungry, so he decides to make a sandwich, but when he starts building it he simply can't stop. Pretty soon his sandwich is way too big for him to eat alone, so he invites all his friends to join him for lunch. After all, as he says, "Sharing is cool."This is a fun, silly tale with a nice message about sharing at the end. Many students will enjoy watching Pete's absurd sandwich grow out of control -- way too big for one cat to eat.Please note: Although this book is billed as an ea [...]

    4. LIAM'S REVIEW (7 years old)This book is so cool. I saw the dog still have a cracker! lol I think everyone should read it.

    5. Our family loves pete the cat. My 5 yr old is taking a pete the cat class at the library next week. We can't wait! Even my 2 yr olds love these stories! And the illustrations are excellent!

    6. Pete the Cat takes us on another adventure as he decides what to eat for lunch. Pete is very hungry, so he decides on making a sandwich. First, he gets bread, a fish, a tomato, and mayo. His sandwich is still too small though, so he adds more and more ingredients, until finally, his sandwich is too big! What will Pete do with a sandwich that is just too big for him to eat? This fun book teaches kids about sharing. It also has good repetition to create a better understanding of the meaning of the [...]

    7. Pete takes the reader on an adventure through lunch - an event to which all children can relate. Pete assembles contents of his refrigerator into a silly sandwich.This book is great. The colorful, simple illustrations hold kids' attention. The story is just silly enough to keep them engaged.I would use this book in therapy to assess several different phonemes. Also, it's an easy way to look at how the child handles books physically. It also allows me, as a clinician, to see if the client underst [...]

    8. This is a good book for beginning readers, as the illustrations show exactly what the text is saying. A lot of the words repeat throughout the story and the sentences are simple. Good book to use to teach students about the different punctuations and how to change your tone when reading sentences that end in different punctuation.

    9. This is a picture story book (fiction) that would be good for beginning readers so kindergarten and first grade. One unique feature about this book is that there are a lot of pictures that the students can use to figure out what each word might be.

    10. Pete makes a sandwich too big for him to eat it all by himself so he invites sll of his friends over to help him eat it. Good for preschool-1st grade.

    11. Pete's Big Lunch is part of Dean's Pete the Cat series in his I Can Read! series of books for very young readers — it's meant to be read with an adult.My TakeIt'll be a learning experience for your little one what with Pete wearing that big watch on his wrist(?) with all the hands pointing to twelve.It's a practical concept of teaching kids that lunch can mean a sandwich, and the story follows a natural progression of the steps involved in making one. This could be a good learning experience w [...]

    12. Pete the Cat: Play Ball! was fun and so I expected Pete the Cat: Pete's Big Lunch to be equally so and it has a great message about sharing. That and it's just fun and funny. I worked through reading this one with my 3.5 year old last night and it was an interesting experience. She knows her letters and sounds, but it not quite ready to blend yet on her own, however this kiddo loves reading. Pete's Big Lunch builds and builds and the pictures are great cues that she was often able to guess what [...]

    13. Pete the Cat: Big Lunch is a children's picture book that serves up a tale of sharing. The book utilizes cartoon drawings to engage the reader. The illustrations are colorful, and many of the drawings break the action plane by extending lines outside of the actual picture. The story is about Pete, a cat, who decides to make a lunch. Pete gathers his ingredients and as the story progresses, Pete adds more and more to the plate for his lunch until he realizes that the sandwich he has made is way t [...]

    14. Pete the Cat: Pete's Big Lunch By James Dean is about Pete the Cat and his adventure with building a sandwich. He starts with a small sandwich and continues to make it bigger and bigger, until he has to share it with his friends. The book is beginning to read and the reader can tell because the story is simple and has very simple ideas. The vocabulary is simple, there is repetition of phrases throughout the story and the text is predictable. The illustrations are also a crucial part of the story [...]

    15. My three year old son loves Pete the Cat! And I love the optimism and simple but wise values Pete demonstrates in each book like practicing having a good attitude in disappointing situations, reframing a possibly negative circumstance into a positive one, the importance of trying new experiences, the importance of friendship, and my favorite, "sharing is cool." I can't tell you how many times I have used this phrase in our daily lives with my son: "remember in Pete the Cat when Pete says sharing [...]

    16. All the "I can read" books we've read before this were terrible. They were just words on a page that maybe kids could read. But they weren't interesting They lacked plot of any sort The pictures were only there as "clues" to the words And my son never even want to keep trying after a few pages. But Pete the Cat has changed that! This book is hilarious! I was laughing through the whole story, we wanted to know what Pete was going to do to his sandwich next! It has a few tricky words to learn but [...]

    17. Still has some of Pete's charm and great attitude.Kids will love it.Just have to disagree for one, that it is a "early" reader. Plenty of vocab that the youngest readers will not recognize independently. Which is fine but don't make it look like something it's not. "My First Shared Reading"? I'm a school librarian and even I am not sure what that means. Just call it a book!And without the music I just sort of feel like this was "capitalize on the popularity." Not even sure Pete the Cat may [...]

    18. Synopsis: "In this cool beginning reader, Pete uses creativity to create a delicious sandwich and then teaches readers about the joy of sharing with friends. Pete the Cat: Pete's Big Lunch is a My First I Can Read book, which means it's perfect for shared reading with a child."My Review: This was a fun book, while some of the lines seem more than a first level it has a lot of familiar words. Of course, this book will be great for Munchkin, most of the first words he said were food items. The sto [...]

    19. Seriously. I miss the singing Pete the Cat from the picture books. These early readers are probably just fine for kids who love Petebut I don't know that I would recommend them due to the fact that they aren't the Pete the Cat that I fell in love with. Where is my singing rhyme that repeats itself? Where is the comical ending? Where is the Pete the Cat that I can tell in my library story times?!?! *sigh* I miss the Pete from the collaboration of James Dean AND Eric Litwin! (And my coworker secon [...]

    20. Pete the Cat has moved from picture book to easy reader. Pete's Big Lunch isn't a book with a tune, but Pete does have an excellent sandwich adventure. He wants to make a sandwich, so he keeps building and building until it's too big to handle. They only way to finish it? Call some friends.Pete the Cat is unbelievably popular, so it wasn't a surprise when easy readers were available to order. Pete's Big Lunch is a wonderfully silly tale that elementary children will enjoy. It also lends itself t [...]

    21. Pete the Cat Play Ball! created by James Dean and Pete the Cat Pete's Big Lunch created by James Dean - PK-2nd Grade (plus for any Pete the Cat fan!) - What I really appreciate about the Pete the Cat books is that there's a pretty obvious yet not annoying message. My son and I had a discussion about sportsmanship and winning with Pete the Cat Play Ball! I really appreciated the attitude that was portrayed with both books- sharing is great, support your team, you don't have to be fantastic to enj [...]

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