Eighty Days Yellow

Eighty Days Yellow

Vina Jackson / Apr 09, 2020

Eighty Days Yellow Junge urbane moderne Erotikliteratur Frustriert von einer unbefriedigenden Beziehung findet die leidenschaftliche Violinistin Summer Erf llung in der Musik Sie spielt nachmittags in der Londoner U B

  • Title: Eighty Days Yellow
  • Author: Vina Jackson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 307
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Junge, urbane, moderne Erotikliteratur Frustriert von einer unbefriedigenden Beziehung findet die leidenschaftliche Violinistin Summer Erf llung in der Musik Sie spielt nachmittags in der Londoner U Bahn auf ihrer ramponierten Violine Vivaldi Als ihre Geige sich nicht mehr reparieren l sst, bekommt sie von Dominik, einem Uniprofessor mit ausschweifenden Fantasien, ein erJunge, urbane, moderne Erotikliteratur Frustriert von einer unbefriedigenden Beziehung findet die leidenschaftliche Violinistin Summer Erf llung in der Musik Sie spielt nachmittags in der Londoner U Bahn auf ihrer ramponierten Violine Vivaldi Als ihre Geige sich nicht mehr reparieren l sst, bekommt sie von Dominik, einem Uniprofessor mit ausschweifenden Fantasien, ein erstaunliches Angebot Er m chte ihr eine wertvolle Violine schenken, wenn sie ihm ein privates Konzert gibt Also spielt sie f r ihn in der Krypta einer Kirche doch muss sie dabei nackt sein, w hrend Dominik den anderen Musikern die Augen verbunden hat Summer sp rt, wie sehr Dominik sie anzieht und in ihr bisher unbekannte Saiten zum Schwingen bringt Sie beginnt eine intensive erotische Liaison mit ihm, in der sie ihre lange verleugnete dunkle Seite ausleben kann Doch hat eine alles verschlingende Beziehung ohne Tabus Bestand Berauschend, verf hrerisch, aufreizend k hn, ist 80 Days Die Farbe der Lust , eine Liebesgeschichte, die den Leser atemlos zur ckl sst, mit dem Wunsch, so bald wie m glich mehr zu lesen.

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    1. This ain’t your Momma’s Fifty Shades.This is another book that has that annoying ‘If you liked Fifty Shades, you’ll love this’ sticker on the cover. Fifty Shades, besides all the kinky f*ckery really was an idealistic, starry-eyed romance and this book truly is very different from that. To compare it, is detrimental. It will either put you off or you’ll be expecting a hearts and flowers romance and that’s not what you’re going to find here.Unexpectedly, I very much enjoyed this b [...]

    2. Spoiler Free Review4 STARS out of 5Genre: Adult Romance Erotica/BDSMSeries: Book #1 in Eighty Days seriesWARNING- This book and review is for persons 18yrs and older. It contains strong adult themes. Reader Discretion is Advised.What you need to know as a reader of Eighty Days Yellow.- First and foremost I want to state that this book is not for everyone. As warned it has strong dark sexual content/themes and is not for the faint of heart.- Second though it has been listed in the same company as [...]

    3. Eighty Days Yellow is an exploration into the dark, sexual yearnings of Summer Zahova and the reader is taken along into “each stage in her exploration of perversity.” If you’re seeking romance or intimate connections, you won’t find it here. What I found was loneliness and a self destructive path that soon spirals out of control. The book opens giving us a very good description of Summer, her love of music along with the powerful effects she receives while playing the violin. The author [...]

    4. (Review finished August 3, 2012)I don't even know where to begin. I have to say that cover caught my eye. Black and white picture, woman looked mysterious. It didn't bother me that book didn't had any reviews, it was brand new. There have been a whole bunch of new and amazing writers this year, so I desidet to give it a chance.As I started reading I found story mysterious. I thought it was interesting that she was so consumed by her music that at times it felt like she wasn't even there. Like sh [...]

    5. Eighty Days Yellow is a very unique story which is rare to find in the Erotica and BDSM genre. Before your read my review, know that I rarely give bad 1 or 2 star reviews.I found the lead male (and the other males) to be cold, unfeeling and controlling. The lead female is self-destructive and likes to be degraded. She will try anything. Naivety and stupidity are two different things and I don't tolerate women that put themselves in abusive situations.There is no physical contact until you get ha [...]

    6. Quick review:Cover: Fitting Rating:NC-17Steaminess:F’ing Hot Thumbs Up: 3.8Overall: Really good at first but by the end I was at a total lossCharacters: SolidPlot: A perverse trip done the spiraling tunnel of a messed up adventurePage Turner: Yes Series Cont.? Absolutely Recommend:YesBook Boyfriend: DominikSUMMARY (50 words or less)This book was brought to my attention as comparable to Fifty Shades of Grey. So I leaped on it. Let me just say that this book is more like Fifty Shades of (view sp [...]

    7. I got to page 110. This is utter rubbish. The writing is poor, I do not like the characters - nor can i relate to them in anyway. This reads without a hint of personality - as if someone has just documented what they did diary style. It's also a mixture of third person and first person - which not many can get away with - least of all these poor writers. The 'story' not that there is much of one - is full of gaps. Hate the main character Summer - she has no redeeming qualities. To say if you lik [...]

    8. This should not even be in the same book shelf as 50 shades of Grey. For anyone who wants a closer book to 50 read Bared to You or Nakedis book - to me - was a modern day Story of O and a bad knock off at that. The only thing that propelled me through this book was the fact I wanted to see what happened between Summer and Dominik, and they didn't even have a true romance per se. If they had no made references to it being in 2012, I seriously would have thought this story was decades old. So disa [...]

    9. I'd give this .5 of a star if I could. What a dreadful, dreadful story. How this is supposed to appeal to fans of Fifty I'll never know. The reason I loved Fifty was because of the romance that made up 95% of the story. Yes there was a lot of sex but that's what couples do when they meet and fall in love. This, on the other hand is abuse. Dominick watches Summer have sex with another man with cold detachment. Something Christian would never do. Fifty shades was accused of giving people the wrong [...]

    10. This is a story which left me puzzled. Many of my friends have raved about this awesome love story and the great BDSM in here. What I found instead was a travesty in how BDSM is displayed. If this is what people believe occurs in a BDSM lifestyle, then it's no wonder those who are just getting their kink on, are getting hurt. In addition to protocols being violated through outed in public, there is a distinct lack of communication and trust. All of this is unappealing and leaves me a bit disgust [...]

    11. The story went south for me when the Domme came into the picture. If you want a detailed explanation of why I made this book a DNF at 63%, please check out Her Majesty's review.Sorry I didn't listen to you! Happy now? :P

    12. An absolute terrible book that's poorly written. What was this author thinking?I couldn't even make my way through the whole book. Stopped half way!Don't waste your time reading this unless you like reading trash.

    13. Cover & Title - 5 out of 5.Favorite Line - "I found it jerky and monotonous, but for a classical slot on a real stage, albeit a small stage, i would have played Justin Bieber and found a way to look as though i was enjoying myself"Favorite Character - SummerI found this story very interesting. I wasn't sure whether I would like this book as I read quite a few bad reviews before i started. I honestly think a lot of these bad reviews are because the book is not suited to the reviewer. I do not [...]

    14. There's a lot of books out there being compared at the moment to Fifty Shades. So this one may slip under the radar in favour of some of the bigger titles, but believe me when I say this one is not to be missed. I'm not a big erotic fiction fan but I really enjoyed Eighty Days. The main problem I had with Fifty Shades of Grey were the disappointing characters but I almost instantly fell in love with Summer Zahova, a feisty violinist from New Zeland who catches the eye of Dominik, a University pr [...]

    15. 4 StarsAs reviewed for Read OurLips! Book BlogtThis book is a beautifully written, enjoyable mindfuck. The prose was amazing. My favorite was "Steadying the rhythm of his pelvic assualt." Eighty Days Yellow is not usual BDSM by any stretch of the imagination. Summer is a starving artist, Kiwi-transplant to London, violin player.  She has a hearty sexual appetite that has been left on low heat for far too long due to her overly hygienic boyfriend.  Once she gives him up, Dominick enters her lif [...]

    16. EIGHTY DAYS YELLOW is an erotically dark and at times frustrating tale of Domination and submission.A native of New Zealand, Summer is now living in London and aspiring to play the beautiful music she creates with her treasured violin. Lately, she has to make do with waiting tables and busking on the streets to make ends meet. In addition to the less than stellar career, her love life is also suffering as she is in a repressive relationship with vanilla man – though she cannot put her finger o [...]

    17. J'aimerais mettre 0 étoile si c'était possible.Première partie classique, deuxième partie juste immonde, j'ai du zappé des passages tellement c'est à vomir. C'est un livre porno, pas érotique et encore moins romance vu qu'il n'y en a pas. J'ai limite besoin d'une douche pour me débarrasser de cette impression.

    18. Readers are introduced to Summer as she is lying naked on the floor of her boyfriend’s home blaring Vivaldi on the stereo. Having found her in the provocative position her boyfriend is not too happy, to say the least. He’s an uptight man who has no patience for Summer and her sometimes unconventional behavior. Ugh. Luckily, he didn’t last for long. Girl should not be having to ensure her own pleasure during sex. Ever. A newly single Summer -- not that what she had before could really have [...]

    19. Reseña cortesía de Book's MinonADVERTENCIA: este libro tiene escenas de BDSM, M/F, M/F/F, lenguaje gráfico y situaciones que algunos lectores podrían considerar desagradables. Summer Zhova es una violinista neozelandesa que vive en Londres y tiene trabajos a tiempo parcial. Su violín remendado es todo lo que realmente le importa en la vida. Cuando lo toca, todo el mundo desaparece y sólo están ella y la música.Una tarde, mientras toca Las Cuatro Estaciones de Vivaldi, en la estación del [...]

    20. Really enjoyed this, a great read.The first thing to say about this is that the only similarity between this and 50 Shades of Grey is the title, which I suspect was selected for commercial reasons, and I can't blame the publishers nor the authors for wanting to sell books, though I hope they have made the right decision here, as some of the other reviews show that fans of FSOG may find this not to their taste. It's erotica more than it is romance, in that this is a story which explores desire an [...]

    21. hmmmm i had never heard of this book before. i had gone into the shop to get another book and saw that there was a deal on this one and it was cheaper to get it all together. ok here it goes i didn't find this book romantic in anyway. instead i found it so hard to finish it. i had to force myself to read all of the book cuz i had already started it and couldn't stop half way. this book is an interesting read but VERY disturbing. i didn't understand the reason why any woman will want to be used i [...]

    22. This quote seems to sum up the whole book for meIt’s not that I needed a man, or particular men, to own me, use me; it was this yearning for something else, for the zone of nirvana that I reached in those moments of senseless sex and even degradation or humiliation, and which made me feel more alive than at any other time.Jackson, Vina (2012-09-18). Eighty Days Yellow (Eighty Days Tril) (Kindle Locations 3431-3433). Open Road E-riginal. Kindle Edition. I felt nothing between any of the charact [...]

    23. I received this novel as an ARC via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review, so here goes:Eighty days Yellow was… interesting. The beginning had me hooked and I loved how it started. I really liked Summer in the beginning of the novel. I also found her passion for playing the violin to be very unique. As the story went on however, I just wasn’t feeling it anymore. I am not opposed to reading dark erotica, in fact these have been some of my favorite books, but i just didn’t enjoy this on [...]

    24. Είναι γνωστό της πάση, ότι η ερωτική λογοτεχνία, έπειτα από αρκετά χρόνια που βρισκόταν στον πάγο, έχει πάρει τα πάνω της. Την αρχή έκαναν οι εκδόσεις Μεταίχμιο, επανεκδίδοντας μερικά από τα αριστουργήματα του είδους. Ακολούθησαν οι εκδόσεις Πατάκη, που με το "Πενήντα Αποχρώ [...]

    25. 3.75-4 StarsThese were the moments he lived for. The quiet before the storm. The ritual of unveiling. Knowing the point of no return had been reached, breached, and the fuck was now inevitable.The above line from the book has got to be one of the most sexiest quotes ever. I don’t know what it is about it, but to me it held a certain type of promise. It describes the rawness, the carnality and the anticipation of what’s coming. The images that start to form in my mind are disturbing, yet brea [...]

    26. Μερικές φορές αναρωτιέμαι ποιος είναι ο πραγματικός σκοπός ενός βιβλίου. Στην προκειμένη περίπτωση για παράδειγμα, ο στόχος ήταν να δούμε ίσως κάποιες πιο σκοτεινές διαστροφές που μπορεί να αισθάνεται και να βιώνει ένας άνθρωπος ή να δημιουργηθεί ένα άκρως προκλητικό κεί [...]

    27. I have to admit that I was drawn to this book after seeing the "If you liked Fifty Shades you'll love this" sticker on the front cover. Yes I know Fifty isn't the best written book out there but it was a compelling story and it got me back in the mood for contemporary erotic romance which is something I'd not been reading much of over the last few years.Unfortunately this book didn't work for me on so many different levels that I couldn't even bring myself to finish reading it. I made it 125 pag [...]

    28. This book has been compared to the "Fifty Shades" books and I failed to see the comparisons that were made. This has a strong BDSM theme, or I would say more of a fetish theme and has quite a dark vibe to it. In my opinion it would more be classified as a dark erotica book than a flowery romantic story. It was very slow at getting started and by about 24% I was wondering if I should keep reading. I was bored and finding it hard to concentrate on what I was reading. I gave it a chance and it did [...]

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