For God, Country, and Coca-Cola: The Definitive History of the Great American Soft Drink and the Company That Makes It

For God, Country, and Coca-Cola: The Definitive History of the Great American Soft Drink and the Company That Makes It

Mark Pendergrast / Jun 03, 2020

For God Country and Coca Cola The Definitive History of the Great American Soft Drink and the Company That Makes It From its invention as a cocaine laced patent medicine in the Gilded Age to its globe drenching ubiquity as the ultimate symbol of consumer capitalism in the twenty first century Coca Cola s dramatic

  • Title: For God, Country, and Coca-Cola: The Definitive History of the Great American Soft Drink and the Company That Makes It
  • Author: Mark Pendergrast
  • ISBN: 9780465029174
  • Page: 308
  • Format: Paperback
  • From its invention as a cocaine laced patent medicine in the Gilded Age to its globe drenching ubiquity as the ultimate symbol of consumer capitalism in the twenty first century, Coca Cola s dramatic history unfolds as the ultimate business saga In this fully revised and expanded edition of For God, Country Coca Cola, Mark Pendergrast looks at America s cultural, soFrom its invention as a cocaine laced patent medicine in the Gilded Age to its globe drenching ubiquity as the ultimate symbol of consumer capitalism in the twenty first century, Coca Cola s dramatic history unfolds as the ultimate business saga In this fully revised and expanded edition of For God, Country Coca Cola, Mark Pendergrast looks at America s cultural, social, and economic history through the bottom of a green glass Coke bottle and tells the captivating story of the world s most recognizable consumer product.

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    1. In the late nineteenth century, cocaine was considered a wonderdrug. Heralded by medical journals, pharmacists, Freud and even several Popes - Pope Leo III was a regular imbiber of Vin Mariani, a wine created in 1863 that contained 2.16 grains of cocaine, in the recommended dose of six glasses per day. No doubt he felt very holy indeed, and his long life and "all-radiant" eyes were probably less due to his piety than his daily dose of this "healthful" and "life-sustaining" drug that had been so [...]

    2. Coca-Cola has to be the world’s most ubiquitous icon – the most advertised commodity on the planet.Page 124 (my book)If the dividends from that one original 1919 share had been re-invested in Coco-Cola stock, which had split eleven times thus far, the $40 investment would be worth approximately $9.8 million by 2012. Using the same scale, if a forebear had purchased one of Asa’s [first CEO] $100 shares in 1892, it would bring approximately $8.6 billion.There are many interesting facts and t [...]

    3. I read the coffee book ("Uncommon Grounds") by the same author a couple of years prior and "saved up" this book for a later treat. Clearly, I liked the first book and it fit in thematically with other books I was reading at the time on different drinks and liquids.In this book, Pendergrast attempts to answer the questions of what's in the classic formula, does it have cocaine, or did it ever, and how in the world did they get it so wrong with "New Coke". But overall, this is a fascinating tale o [...]

    4. Good book. BIG book. A long read, at times a little stuffy but inside you get to know the names behind Coca Cola and the people who drove it from a medicine to the most popular(?) sof drink in the world. Oh yeah, you also get the "secret" recipe, but at least one of the ingredients may as well be named "Unobtainium".As an aside, yes, there used to be cocaine in the mix but it was phased out 50 years ago, but there is still coca (big difference).Some great anecdotes from people inside the organis [...]

    5. in a sense, politics means corporate rule in action. wonderful descriptions on one of the most powerful corporate in the world

    6. This review has videos and images and can be seen at topoftheheapreviewsWhen you think of Coca-Cola today you probably think about how it’s said a 6-pack can take the rust of a carburetor, or how soda in general is the cause of most of the overweight issues in people today. Once upon a time though, Coca-Cola was an American icon. Still, I look back at the history of Coca-Cola and see scenes of days gone by when times were simpler and the smooth refreshing taste could change your day. For God, [...]

    7. I enjoyed this- as someone who has drunk a lot of Coca Cola in the past, that is. The book was heavy going (literally) and very long- longer than I think it needed to be.

    8. This is not a literary book, but rather a long, detailed chronicle of Coca-Cola's corporate history. It's fascinating enough, though I found myself reading very quickly over substantial portions of the book that interested me less than others. I will say Pendergrast's powers of journalism are profound; I believe he worked on this history for decades before publishing the first edition. This is not just a story of Coca-cola, though. Like Isaacson's biography of Steve Jobs, the subject merely prov [...]

    9. I liked this book's sense of adventure, and appreciate the author's interest and sincerity. I think he manages to offer a fair depiction of the company, although he sometimes seems to be parroting a bit too much of the company's propaganda without thorough critical analysis. My favourite parts of the novel are when Pendergrast show The Coca-Cola Company in context with the world around it, and contrasts its evolution with changes in society, either in America or other countries.I wish that there [...]

    10. Buying a Kindle finally facilitated completing this behemoth unofficial company history. Growing up in the South, Coca-Cola for me had an almost mythic quality-- a Pepsi can, as far as I'm aware, never entered my childhood homes. Thus it was with pleasure I picked up Pendergrast's dense read exploring the minutae of the company's story, from morphine-addicted chemist John Pemberton's creation of the original formula up through nearly present-day. Rare is the product that has been such an indelib [...]

    11. The book is WAY too long, gives WAY too much information, offers WAY too much detail and it is easy to get bored and lose interest, especially in the last third section of the book. The book would have been been a lot more fun to read if it was 25-30% shorter and didn't include a lot of details no one cares about.

    12. When starting out in the stock market, I knew that Coca Cola had to be in my portfolio. Warren Buffett enjoys a Coke every day, and other large organizations have huge percentages of Coke stock to balance out their income generating stocks. The red and white swirly font is one of the most recognizable images around the world - from the streets of New York, to the villages of Africa. But being a savvy investor, I wanted to know more about the company and the product before I put my money in. Mark [...]

    13. Entertaining unofficial corporate history of Coke. We follow one of the most influential companies in U.S. history throughout it's ups and downs. It is fascinating how much Coke effects popular thoughts about modern life from the 1880's.Details: The book is strongest detailing the early Coca-Cola from the 19th Century through the War. The growth from a late entry as a patent medicine to the first mass advertiser is fascinating. The way the company thrived during the Great Depression and the War [...]

    14. Readable history of the company from its founding to the end of the 20th century. The author is careful to show the growth of the business in detailed metrics, but also takes time to explain the thinking behind the advertisers' campaigns, the always-contentious relationship with the bottlers, and the delicate balancing act between a foreign country's customs and the drive to make everyone everywhere drink nothing but Coke.I was really looking forward to a behind-the-scenes story on the New Coke [...]

    15. I read this book last semester in my History Of The United States 1 class last year. Some of my fellow students thought I was joking when I announced in class that this book and Coca Cola was going to be the subject of my final paper at the end of the semester, and I was a bit worried about what the reaction of our professor wojld be. The professor it turnes out loved the idea and then as I began to read and research my paper I became plesantly suprised and amazed by how much of a role a "simple [...]

    16. This book serves its purpose, which is to tell the CocaCola story. Coca-Cola is of course a great example of an American success story that is attributed to pioneering globalization and mass-marketing to every facet of the world. This book tells of the crazy workers that literally made Coca-Cola their life, starting plants in Germany during WWII and finding new ways to market the American product to anti-American countries and in some cases, supplying a product that is a more stable form of curr [...]

    17. What I learned humJohn Pemperton made Coca-Cola as a medicine & was addicted to morphine.Pepsi tried to sell out to Coke 3 times in it's early years Woodruff didn't approve of adding flavors to Coke. He believed it could stand on it's own feet.Iceland drinks the most Coca-Cola per capita annually.The New Coke wreck in the 1980s worked out for the company as least partly cause they remade the orginal formula (& renamed the original Coca-Cola classic). It also got it so that they could sel [...]

    18. This could be "Everything You Didn't Know About Coca-Cola, and Never Thought of Asking". Did you know that in the early days, a customer who wanted the drink was likely to ask for a "dope", to the exasperation of President Asa Candler? (And D.W. Griffith made a movie denouncing the menace.) That Marshal Zhukov made a deal with Allied Military Government to supply him with Coca-Cola -- but only if they took the color out, so it would not LOOK like he was enjoying the capitalist drink? This master [...]

    19. A very comprehensive history of the coca-cola company and indirectly, of American consumerism.Interesting to note:American love for sugar waterThe soda fountain culture of oldThe quack concoctions of oldthe ability to do new things due to no cultural and religious baggage (unlike Europe, Asia)The command that Woodruff hadThe accidental discovery of how people loved the idea of coke more than the drink itselfBad luck, and the cultural rot in the company of the 90s and 2000s - in addition to the c [...]

    20. In a nutshell: the history of Coca-Cola, with some really good information on the cola industry as a whole. Well-researched, and well-written, I enjoyed this book. It was especially interesting to see the honesty in regard to the cocaine and caffeine content issues that Coke had to deal with, and later the "New Coke" fiasco. It's long and not an especially fast-paced book. The people involved certainly aren't very likeable, but the author does a good job of putting everything into a proper histo [...]

    21. I have always loved Coca Cola. But after this book, I became passionate about it. Now when I go to restaurants that serve Pepsi, I get water. This book gets down to the nitty gritty of what it took to make Coca Cola what it is today. It doesn't hold back, from it's cocaine beginnings to Pemberton's addictions, it's all there. Read this if you are interested in the history of how a company runs, or you love Coca Cola, or if you are just interested in history.

    22. in 1904 four lawyers bought from asa candler the rights to bottle coca cola in perpetuity, hence the existence of the coca cola bottling companies vs. the coca cola company of atlanta. candler, though a visionary, only saw coke coming from a fountain over ice, he never saw commercial/consumer refrigeration coming. he thought they were crazy the lawyers and, of course, they weren't.

    23. This is a fantastic read. Mark Pendergrast does a wonderful job of capturing the varying views of Coca-Cola since its inception. Very well-balanced and well researched, Pendergrast opens the cap of the bottle and lets the "secrets" flow. I would recommend this book if you have an interest in Coke or in how businesses evolve.

    24. This is a great corporate and social history of Coca-Cola. If you've ever been to the World of Coke in Atlanta, GA, this is a great follow-up for deconstructing all the hype. And best of all, Pendergrast was mistakenly handed--and publishes in the appendix--a copy of an original recipe for Coke. A really good read, and I'm moving onto his book on coffee next.

    25. With all the crap about how bad Coca-Cola is for you on the social media networks, it was interesting to read that people have been saying the same crap for the last 100 years. This book was a real eye-opener

    26. very good was very suprised that my faverite drink had such a rish history and that that many people feel the same way about coke as i do. This was full of fun facts like fanta being invented by nazis and such.

    27. A huge and exhaustive history of the world's biggest brand, from small Atlanta health tonic to global ubiquity. Not just a history of fizzy brown stuff, but of politics, business, marketing, globalisation and much more.

    28. A 450 page book with 250 pages of interesting Coca Cola history. Well written, but the latter half of the book is simply a retelling of the ups and downs of a large multinational corporation. Only the New Coke debacle deserves the attention it got in the latter half of the book.

    29. It was a really good book into the history of Coca Cola. Coca Cola is not just a drink but a force that has been involved in the successes and failures of many world events for the last 125 years. It is a history I had no idea about.

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