Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast

Walt Disney Company Ellen Titlebaum / Feb 26, 2020

Beauty and the Beast The complete retelling of favorite Disney movies in a true read aloud style

  • Title: Beauty and the Beast
  • Author: Walt Disney Company Ellen Titlebaum
  • ISBN: 9780786834273
  • Page: 281
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The complete retelling of favorite Disney movies in a true read aloud style.

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    1. Love the movie, hate, hate, HATE the marketing. The moral, which could not be presented more clearly, is that true beauty comes from within. Belle, the heroine of the story, is an intelligent and sensible girl who's usually got her nose in a book. Throughout virtually the whole film she wears this practical blue dress:But in 95% of the merchandise - dolls, posters, lunch-boxes etc - she is depicted wearing her admittedly tasteful but rather surprisingly revealing yellow ball gown, gazing up at t [...]

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    4. I must say that I think Beauty and the Beast is one of the best Disney stories. I love how Belle is able to look beyond the physical appearance of the Beast.

    5. You may be wondering why on Earth I am posting so many reviews of short kids' books, and the answer is that I'm moving house for the first time since I was a toddler. I'm essentially having to pack up my childhood here!! Having to say goodbye to so many books is devastating, but on the plus side, it gives me a reason to sit and scroll throw all these gorgeous picture books. This one is an early reader's Book of the Film of the brilliant Beauty and the Beast (my favourite Disney film as well!!) a [...]

    6. l love this book and it is so romantic l just like the part when the beauty and the beast just started dancing and l loved it l wish l was the beauty :)

    7. love love love , love the book , love the animation and absolutely will love the 2017`s movie with the belle Emma Watson

    8. I love the story and structure of this book, the subject of this book is very clear, the content is also very complete. Read this book I know Love is the topic of the whole story which can,change any dark and evil stuff.Love means everything,The real world is full of war and darkness,which turns people's life in to chaos.Human's life lacks of Love ,and if the love exists ,humen have the power beat everything.

    9. It's a cute little book that captures the animated Disney classic very well and makes me want to go on ahead and actually watch the movie that just came out.

    10. 4 estrellas porque no mostraron cuando la Bestia le muestra la biblioteca >:( o sea ese momento es icono en la peli y aaaah, defraudada.Aparte estoy enamorada con la versión Live Action de Emma Watson que está me queda con gusto a poco:c Ideal para pasar el rato (considerando que es un libro que tenía mi sobrina de 2 años)

    11. Genre: Traditional LiteratureGrade Level: 1This was a sweet book that retold the classic story of Beauty and the Beast. It was not anything special in my opinion, because it simply followed the story that we've all heard and love. The pictures were from the animated movie. It was very simply written. Overall it was okay, but nothing in it really stood out to me.

    12. A tale as old as time Ahh one of my favorite classic Disney stories I had to add at the last minute. We have shared this story for 3 generations and it never gets old! Enjoy

    13. An enchantress disguised as an old beggar woman offers a young prince a rose in exchange for a night's shelter. When he turns her away, she punishes him by transforming him into an ugly Beast and turning his servants into furniture and other household items. She gives him a magic mirror that will enable him to view faraway events, and she gives him the rose, which will bloom until his twenty-first birthday. He must love and be loved in return before all the rose's petals have fallen off, or he w [...]

    14. I read this book to the children I babysit, in honor of the new movie. They are girls ages 4 and 7. They absolutely loved the book and the pictures told the story. I don't know if I would read this aloud to a class, but I would include it on a class bookshelf.

    15. This storybook retelling of the Disney classic Beauty and the Beast is a timeless story about the fallibility of quick judgement and the greatness of inner beauty. Belle's classic story of looking past physical appearance and finding inner beauty is a story that transcends time and culture. Every reader experiences the journey of self-discovery and self-worth that Belle experiences in her pursuit of true love. This story illustrates the transcendence of love as Belle pushes past the physical dis [...]

    16. The typical love story, right? Nope! Beauty's family's house burns down, losing everything they own. Their father sets off to find supplies for them. He runs into this castle, and finds hot food, a comfy bed, and shelter for the night. He wakes up, and goes to cut a rose off and finds a beast roaring over him! The beast tells him to go home and send a daughter to fall in love. Beauty is sent to him, and he continuously asks her to marry him. He allows her to go back to see her family, but if she [...]

    17. Brett, Jan. Beauty and the Beast. New York: Clarion, 1989. Print. Beauty and the Beast is a great and fun book for students to be able to read. This book tells the story of how a princess and a beast fall in love with each-other. This book is probably right for the age ranges of about 6-12. This book is a great book of how to not judge someone based on how they look like along with many other books in today's world. This book is a great example of how much fun it would be to make sure that looki [...]

    18. This is a great short read for students that want to tie words in with familiar pictures from the movie. The students already know the characters, so the text will be more approachable for the readers. It tells the classic story of the beautiful woman falling in love with a male despite his beastly features. In the end she is truly rewarded because of her love for him he eventually becomes a prince. I think this is a great moral for a story. It wouldn't have to mean the person you love will beco [...]

    19. Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite fairy tales. This book is an abbreviated version of the movie and I thought it was done well. The entire story was captured in a short period of time with short pages and beautiful pictures to help children read the story and stay engaged. The story could be used for a fun read aloud, for a class library or for a variety of introductions to a lesson. One lesson that it could be used for is introducing titles or chapters. The story was broken into differ [...]

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