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Betrayed Dave Mitchell s family is shaken to its core when an illicit affair with his secretary a woman twenty years his junior results in a pregnancy Dave has fervently sought redemption from God but his t

  • Title: Betrayed
  • Author: Patricia Haley
  • ISBN: 9781601627551
  • Page: 294
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dave Mitchell s family is shaken to its core when an illicit affair with his secretary, a woman twenty years his junior, results in a pregnancy Dave has fervently sought redemption from God, but his troubles are far from over His wife, Madeline, vows never to forgive him for selfishly destroying their family Constant images of betrayal shove Madeline into divorce court,Dave Mitchell s family is shaken to its core when an illicit affair with his secretary, a woman twenty years his junior, results in a pregnancy Dave has fervently sought redemption from God, but his troubles are far from over His wife, Madeline, vows never to forgive him for selfishly destroying their family Constant images of betrayal shove Madeline into divorce court, where the division of property ignites a nasty battle over the controlling interest in DMI, the multi million dollar family business She wants than Dave can give and refuses to settle for less than thirteen years of marriage warrants Madeline is determined not to lose again Although the marriage is over, their professional bond can t be broken She ends up with a seat on the board of directors and an executive office down the hall from Dave Once the dust settles and the divorce is finalized, Dave accepts the consequences of his decision as irrevocable His family is gone, but he remains certain that God has a plan for him and DMI He s prepared to move on, but Madeline is enraged by Dave s persistent sense of peace and his ongoing connection with Sherry, the woman who ruined their lives Madeline becomes unhinged, tormented by her pain, and obsessed with righting a terrible wrong In the midst of all this chaos, Dave and Madeline s children are suffering When an unspeakable tragedy occurs, they re forced to look at their individual contributions to this web of drama Unless the Mitchell family learns the true meaning of unconditional love, the power of forgiveness, and God s amazing grace, they could be stuck on this tragic path for years to come.

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        Patricia Haley, an award winning national bestselling author, earned the title of trailblazer after achieving remarkable success with her first faith based novel She self published her debut novel, Nobody s Perfect, in 1998 and immediately sold nearly 20,000 copies in an industry where selling 5,000 copies at the time was highly regarded The novel was the first of its kind to repeatedly make numerous national best sellers list, including 1 on the Essence national African American list Her next book, No Regrets, was popular among readers and followed Nobody s Perfect onto the best seller s list.Originally from Rockford, IL, Patricia now lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, Jeffrey and their daughter With an engineering degree from Stanford Univ and an M.B.A in marketing and finance from the Univ of Chicago, readers are often surprised to hear that Patricia is writing novels, given her technical and business background.When asked what led her to writing, her response is, I was always good at creative writing in high school, but my interest was in math and science I wasn t big on writing classes in college either Engineering and graduating in four years was my primary focus In the 90s, I went through a time of personal challenge Writing became an unexpected tool of therapy My first attempt at writing was a non fiction self help book I got about halfway through it in 1994 and stopped I set the book aside because a relationship storyline kept playing in my head So I just sat down one day and wrote the first page A few weeks later, another page and so on until nine months later I had completed my first novel, Nobody s Perfect I questioned whether it could be any good, because the writing came very easily Everything flowed so well Without consciously trying, I was basically writing what I wanted to read and wasn t able to find in the stores clean fiction without the sex and profanity , set in modern day, addressing real issues, and filled with a spiritual twist that honors God and gives people hope that they can get through their tough times Everybody is bound to have at least one challenge in their life In this world you will have trouble But take heart I have overcome the world John 16 33 NIV Holy Bible My writing is intended to remind people of the hope and peace that come from personally knowing Christ Jesus I knew God had called and equipped me to write from the beginning However, I realized in 2007 that God called me to write not for the sake of becoming a career author, but for the explicit purpose of encouraging others through motivational speaking, one on one mentoring, writing workshops, and of course the messages in my books So writing is my gift and encouraging others is my purpose In case you re wondering what is the difference between the two, gifts, talents, and strengths are the tools you re given to help fulfill your purpose Her published titles are Chosen 2009 , Destined 2010 , Let Sleeping Dogs Lie nominated Best Inspirational Fiction of 2006 , Still Waters, No Regrets, Blind Faith, short stories in Blessed Assurance and the Midnight Clear anthologies, and her trailblazing bestselling first novel, Nobody s Perfect 1998 , which is currently out of print Her future plans include releasing a revised as well as a sequel.Beyond her literary endeavors, she is a born again believer in Christ Jesus and has a great love for the Lord, her beloved husband, daughter, family, and membership in Delta Sigma Theta Public Service Sorority, Inc where she previously served as Chaplain in the Valley Forge Alumnae Chapter as well as a past committee chairperson She is honored to be a charter member of both the Omicron Chi Collegiate chapter at Stanford University and the Schaumburg Hoffman Estates IL Alumnae Chapter Patricia spends part of her time working in Corporate America as a project manager Formerly a member of the gospel choir, building committ


    1. If you sin, then ask God's forgiveness but return to that sin are there consequences for your actions? This was a very good and interesting read. Dave was irritating and his naivety was frustrating. I could not believe his treatment of his children. I wanted to feel compassion for Sherry but I couldn't. Stepping into someone's life and disrupting a family will never have a positive outcome. I think the adults were selfish and and often a bit negligent. The book really gave insight on the consequ [...]

    2. Dave and Sherry snuck around and cheated that was the. Winking of the downfall of the Mitchell household. When Dave's best friend Jonathan died, Dave adopted his son Andre. Madeline chose to divorce Dave and the children stayed with her. Dave is so consumed with working at their company, DMI that he has no idea Andre is feeling left out, angry, and not a part of the family. Andre continuously has problems at school and when Madeline drops him off to stay with Dave and Sherry, Sherry doesn't want [...]

    3. The beginning of the story is quite drawn out for my liking, hoping to get to the gist of it or the more interesting parts. I am about a third done with the book and will go halfway to see where this storyline is goingThe cover is quite intriguing. I ask myself why did it rush and get good at the last 30 pages of the ebook version (243-275) when I read all the drawn out and slow periods in the novel earlier. But I am glad I made it until the end, or else I would've missed it. I wanted more when [...]

    4. What a surprise ending. Dave Mitchell a true picture of a contemporary African American version of King David. A very complicated and frustrating character who in spite of his short comings had a heart after God. At times I wanted to punch Dave right in the forehead. Sherry and Madeline drove me crazy as well but the depth of this story and the cause and effect of all their actions made this a page turner. The author kind of drags the story out but this book is still great. I read a lot of enter [...]

    5. Another trip through the Way Back machine to give us a look into the Mitchell family history. The children are growing up, and Madeline has had it up to here with Dave's focus on work to the point where the children feel abandoned. She's still harboring resentment over Dave's adultery that led her to divorce him (and him not to contest it) and now he's married Sherry, the woman he cheated on Madeline with. Sherry lost their first baby, but now she's pregnant again, which makes Madeline furious. [...]

    6. O M G !! This woman can write! I've been waiting for this sequel since Anointed, and I was not disappointed. I don't think that I can adequately cover all that I loved about this book, so I'll just give a quick review. I loved reading about how everything went down. The other books in the series glossed over the family traumas without going in great detail, so I really enjoyed reading about how it all happened. I was dreading that one scene, but I made it through it okay, lol. Dave, Madeline, an [...]

    7. A good read. I felt soo conflicted. I understood David's position, Madeline's position and paid no attention at all to Sherry (LOL). But one thing for sureDavid never lost his faith. Even when he was being hit on every side and couldn't catch a break from either of his ex-wives or his business associateshe kept the faith. There was not ONE innocent person in this story, adults or kids. But for me, David handled himself the best. He reminded me of Job. Isn't that the kind of faith that we who are [...]

    8. I didn't expect this book to end in this manner. I am glad I read this book because this is where it all starts and tells about the Madeleine and Dave when they were married with little children. Oh, what a mess we can make out of our lives. Dave had it all wrong. If he was the man of God he professed to be, he should have placed God first, then his family, and everything else followed. The outcome of his family may have been different. The ending of this book was devastating!

    9. Nice Continuation!!Anointed left me wanting to know more about this family and Betrayed delivered way more than I expected to read. Plan to read the remaining books on the Mitchell family

    10. Wow!!! Phenomenal. I can't wait for the next book. The "Pre-quells" have put the first couple books into greater perspective. Makes me want to go back and read them again. Beautiful modern day depiction of a biblical drama. Tragic but real.

    11. Awesome read!! Patricia gives a story without profanity or being a explicit and still delivers. This book will definitely make you think, as well as consider the consequences of your actions. However, I didn't expect the ending

    12. The main character is impressive. He sounds a bit selfish but ver strong, detached and positive. When we have troubles this character might motivate us to think clearly by not getting influenced by situations and people. Madeline character is quite interesting and more realistic.

    13. Overall this was a good book. I would have enjoyed it more if it wasn't a back story and I didn't already know what was next.

    14. Self-righteous prick who didn't practice what he preached. Another selfish man benefiting from the misery he caused.

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