Undone by the Duke

Undone by the Duke

Michelle Willingham / Nov 14, 2019

Undone by the Duke Victoria has a secret Reclusive designer Victoria Andrews hasn t gone outside in five years though she yearns to escape the prison of her house She designs sensual lingerie for the most exclusive dre

  • Title: Undone by the Duke
  • Author: Michelle Willingham
  • ISBN: 9781611098839
  • Page: 226
  • Format: Paperback
  • Victoria has a secret Reclusive designer Victoria Andrews hasn t gone outside in five years, though she yearns to escape the prison of her house She designs sensual lingerie for the most exclusive dressmaker in London, although she has never known a man s touch.A Duke in disguise Wounded and stranded in Scotland, Jonathan Nottoway, the Duke of Worthingstone, is avoiding tVictoria has a secret Reclusive designer Victoria Andrews hasn t gone outside in five years, though she yearns to escape the prison of her house She designs sensual lingerie for the most exclusive dressmaker in London, although she has never known a man s touch.A Duke in disguise Wounded and stranded in Scotland, Jonathan Nottoway, the Duke of Worthingstone, is avoiding the murderous scandal that darkened his family name As his wounds heal, he spends several sensual nights with the beautiful seamstress who knows nothing of his true identity.A passionate awakeningCan a woman trapped by her emotional scars be able to love a duke, when it means abandoning her safe world to embrace the life of a duchess

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    1. This review was originally posted on Addicted To RomanceSummary  Victoria Andrews lives like a prisoner in her own home because she can't bear to go outside due to an incident that happened five years previous. She stays indoors and works on her designs for clothing and unique lingerie and sells her work to a dressmaker based in London. She loves what she does and is good at it, but her family needs the funds. With her father away to war, their debts are piling up and they need a steady income [...]

    2. I give the author credit for having a different, unique heroine. She is agoraphobic and can't leave her house. She sews dresses to make money for her family. I guess I felt there was too much background noise. You have the suffering of the Scottish villagers (I don't need to read about someone dying horribly of burn wounds in a romance novel) and the heroine's mother struggling with their money troubles. It cast a shadow over the book. I did like how the duke tried to help the heroine get over h [...]

    3. 5 stars do not come easily to me anymore, and it's been years since I added a book to my 'Best of its Genre' shelf. *Crosses fingers* Every time, book #2 disappoints me, without fail. I hope this series breaks the string of bad luck. Undone by A Duke was a pleasant surprise- a book I quickly chose without much research since I had a few days left on my Prime Borrow, and had to pick something. I absolutely loved it. It hit on every emotion, making me feel right alongside the characters: laugh, c [...]

    4. book provided by NightOwlReviews Victoria is a very selfless person. He has not taken a step outside her home in over five years. She made her mother and sister to go London without her for the holidays. She just never knew that making them leave would change her fate and future. She never thought that by helping a wounded man her entire world would change. Jonathan was shot because he was mistaken for someone else. He was then brought to the nearest household for help and recovery. He never tho [...]

    5. Ms. Willingham is an excellent writer. This series of has an intriguing group of characters from which to draw upon for future books. In this first book in the series, Jonathan Nottoway, the Duke of Worthingstone, has traveled to Scotland to check out a property he has won from the local bad guy - the Earl of Strathland. Jonathan avoids London society due to a scandal in his family which resulted in his parents' deaths. Instead, he focuses primarily on building up his wealth and at some point, h [...]

    6. This book was just alright for me. It had elements I liked but I wasn't really attached to the characters. I liked the idea of a romance with an agoraphobic heroine but when I actually read the story, I was more apathetic than interested. I expected to like it. I liked the beginning. I liked the idea of an agoraphobic heroine who sews underwear saving a wounded duke's life. I thought it was an interesting setting. I felt like the romance could have been better developed if it was more of a stuck [...]

    7. At one time in her life Victoria Andrews was a vivacious and adventuresome young lady, until five years ago when a most traumatic experience had since turned her into a recluse. As a result, Victoria had not set foot outside her door (agoraphobia) for the last five years. Jonathan Nottoway, the fourth Duke of Worthingstone, was traveling to Scotland to investigate a new property when he was mistaken for a ruthless landowner and shot. Luckily for him, he was found and brought to a nearby house wh [...]

    8. BAD ENDING TO A GOOD STORY!!I started out liking Undone by the Duke but it crashed an burned right at the end of a the story. Victoria Andrews is Agoraphabic, She can't go outside. She was traumatized 5years ago when she was 17. Now at 22 she still is unable to leave the house. This was a good storyline but it got a little unrealistic. Like when she was going to stay in a burning house and be burned to death. It seems like you make a great effort to get out of a burning house. Instead of risking [...]

    9. I loved how Jonathan and Victoria started out slow. They got to know one each at a nice pace. They become friends first. Both are hiding from their fears. Some fears are easy to get over and others do take time. They helped each other over come their fears. Jonathan slowly stole Victoria's heart. Day by day he broke down her resistance. He had the arrogance down. ;-) Victoria was tormented. She wanted things to change but was scared of that change. Jonathan wanted to "save" Victoria, for he was [...]

    10. I am all for complicated stories and multi-layered plots. But some writers confuse a complicated plot with side stories about the secondary characters. I feel that this book is one of those "confused books". I like Jonathan much better than Victoria, but nothing was spetacular about either one of them. Jonathan is the typical supposedly tortured hero who, quite honestly, did not seem all that tortured to me. But at least he had characters. Victoria is a wet blanket. On my annoying heroine rankin [...]

    11. A wonderful historical romance with an enchanting love story. A hero and heroine who know both true pain and sacrifice, and still are blessed to find one another. Get the kleenex out!

    12. After a traumatic experience, Victoria Andrews retreats to the safety of her home. But her fears turn her sanctuary into a prison when she finds herself unable to take a single step outside in five years. Her only solace is in the design and sewing she does in secret to help her family with their financial problems, but if anyone ever discovered that Victoria is the force behind the scandalous lingerie taking London by storm, she and her sisters would be ruined. Seeking suitable (and preferably [...]

    13. Victoria and Jonathan Victoria has agoraphobia and has not left her Scottish home for 5 years. When a man is shot, she allows him to be brought into her house and calls the doctor. Of course a romance is inevitable. This very different plot idea of a brave heroine who's afraid, and a very evil villain really spice up the plot. This is book one and the series will follow the family as we focus on each sister. A very good start.

    14. Not worth your timeThe narrator's male voice had a lot to be desired and the story was blah. I had no sympathy for the heroine and wanted to push her out the door and into the garden myself. Her sister and their heroes were more interesting

    15. Four stars!I liked this story, it had interesting characters that interacted with each other well. I liked how Jonathan and Victoria helped one another. The steamy scenes were very sensual.

    16. Great book to pass the time.Actual rating: 3.5Sweet and funny. I'm intrigued to read the others. Perfect for a quick read when you don't want anything too heavy but you still want characters you can invest in.

    17. The story started out well (in my opinion). But as the story progressed, it started jumping from one character to another. Instead of focusing on the main characters Jonathan and Victoria, the story jumps to Victoria's sisters, the every single character around the family. I would say it felt like half the story was only focused on Jonathan and Victoria. As a result, you are left with unanswered questions, which will force you to purchase other books in the series. Something I have no intentions [...]

    18. Kurz-Meinung:Bei dieser Reihe hatte ich ja Band 2 (Unraveled by the rebel) vor diesem ersten Band gelesen. Ich muss sagen, dass mir „Undone by the duke“ noch besser gefallen hat. Für mich war die Geschichte romantischer und ich mochte den Helden etwas mehr, da er dominanter war. Band 2 war so ein Zwischending zwischen Highlander Roman und Regency Roman, aber dieser erste Band hier ist schon viel deutlicher ein Regency, was mir ebenfalls besser gefiel. Trotzdem sind beide Bücher für mich H [...]

    19. Author Michelle Willingham introduces us to the four Andrews sisters in "Undone by the Duke", Book One in the "Secrets in Silk" series. A traumatic incident in Victoria Andrews' past has left her a virtual recluse, afraid to leave her home in Scotland and interact with the world at large. With her father away fighting at war, the family finances have suffered, and her mother worries over the marital prospects for Victoria and her three younger sisters. When her mother plans a trip to London to i [...]

    20. Victoria Andrews has designed some of the most sensual and scandalous lingerie for the most exclusive modiste in all of London. Yet she hasn't met the modiste in person, hasn't left her Scottish home in five years, and hasn't felt the touch of a manever.Jonathan Nottaway, Duke of Worthingstone, has had his fill of women for the time being, marriage minded or otherwise. After his fiancee dumps him due to a family scandal beyond his control, he disappears from society for a year without any intent [...]

    21. Like in the young adult genre, in romance there is very little that hasn't been done before.  It's all a matter of presenting an old idea in a new way.  But (feel free to correct me by posting a comment) I don't think I've ever read or heard of a romance novel where the heroine suffers from agoraphobia.  Maybe it's because of the difficulty in introducing the necessary hero (I mean, how is a young lady supposed to meet the man of her dreams if she can't leave her house?).  Well, Michelle ha [...]

    22. I’m so pleased I found this book through the Kindle Unlimited program. I thoroughly enjoyed this excellent tale of overcoming fear and finding a new world opened to explore. I’m not speaking of travel, even though some travel is involved, but of an emotional journey. The pacing of the story is steady, and kept me turning the pages, so I could find out what would happen next. I’m not going to recap the story, since I feel the book blurb does this extremely well.Ms. Willingham brings her sce [...]

    23. Another well written story by Michelle Willingham, bitter sweet for me.I started this series without expectations and I was surprised to find intriguing characters and new stories to come for all Andrews sisters. My biggest surprise was to see what happened to the proud MacKinloch clan. Reduced, over to time, to renting their land from the English.Another sobering lesson about the damages created to people's lives in Scotland.Somehow the fact that the Andrews family helped them made it a bit bet [...]

    24. Undone by the Duke (secrets in silk Book 1)I really enjoyed this book. Looking forward to reading more by Michelle Willingham. Now onto book 2. Thank you for a good read. Happy reading.

    25. I've read several of Michelle's books from Harlequin Historical, so when this book popped up on Net Galley, I was excited and I wasn't disappointed either.This story was different, very different. Victoria is suffering from agoraphobia as a result of a stressful even that happened 5 years ago.Jonathan is in Scotland to look into some land he won, but when he arrives he's shot and brought to Victoria's home.Some of the plot is old hat. Jonathan is a Duke that would very much like to be loved for [...]

    26. I loved and hated this book at the same time. It is more a growth book then it is a romance. It is definitely not rainbows and sunshine. As a matter of fact I felt completely melancholy throughout the whole book. Even the ending left me content but not completely happy with it. First of all my go to type of book is a historical romance, preferably from the regency era. This one is set in Scotland and to me that is not a detractor at all. It is actually a nice change of pace to be honest.Victoria [...]

    27. MoroseVictoria Andrews has elected to stay home in Scotland for Christmas, while her family is away visiting in London. A knock on her door reveals a wounded man in need of assistance. He has been shot. A local Lord is waging war on the local crofters outside her door, also. Victoria has little choice, but to take in the stranger.Jonathan Nottoway, Duke of Worthington, dare not reveal his identity to these Scots, for they might decide to ransom him. Actually, he quite enjoys interacting without [...]

    28. Ms. Willingham never fails to develop characters that touch me. I see flaws in the heroin and hero I can identify with. I was intrigued by Victoria, secretly making women's sexy undergarments (ha,ha), and her fear of leaving her home. This phobia is nearly incapacitating. She is disappointed in herself for the deep fear she lives with. Though her family does needs the money, she would sew anyway. It is her escape and the one thing she can do without fear and do it well. Victoria's new life begin [...]

    29. When a book starts out with the hero staring down the barrel of a gun you just know it's going to be good! That is precisely how we meet out hero, Jonathan Nottoway, Duke of Worthingstone. After being shot and taken to the home of our heroine, Victoria Andrews, where they are all alone except for two servants *gasp* sparks start to fly. Heroine Victoria is not your average run of the mill English miss, oh no, she is quite different. I've been reading romance novels for well over 20 years and I c [...]

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