The Abolitionist's Secret (Cotillion Ball #2)

The Abolitionist's Secret (Cotillion Ball #2)

Becky Lower / Jun 02, 2020

The Abolitionist s Secret Cotillion Ball In New York Heather Fitzpatrick a bashful abolitionist falls for young Army lieutenant David Whitman who is tracking a runaway slave the very slave she and her parents rescued from the hands

  • Title: The Abolitionist's Secret (Cotillion Ball #2)
  • Author: Becky Lower
  • ISBN: 9781440555909
  • Page: 324
  • Format: Paperback
  • In 1856 New York, Heather Fitzpatrick, a bashful abolitionist, falls for young Army lieutenant David Whitman, who is tracking a runaway slave the very slave she and her parents rescued from the hands of the slavemongers a few nights earlier.Despite their divergent views on slavery, romance ensues when David dances with Heather at the Cotillion Ball, and later that night,In 1856 New York, Heather Fitzpatrick, a bashful abolitionist, falls for young Army lieutenant David Whitman, who is tracking a runaway slave the very slave she and her parents rescued from the hands of the slavemongers a few nights earlier.Despite their divergent views on slavery, romance ensues when David dances with Heather at the Cotillion Ball, and later that night, when he walks her home An engagement quickly follows When he receives word that his father is ailing, David wants her to accompany him home to Savannah, GA to meet his family.Heather wants to make the trip with him, especially since his father s death seems imminent With her maid as chaperone, they board the train heading South After his father passes, his mother insists any marriage will have to wait the requisite year, which is proper for mourning She hopes to send Heather home, and to use the time to dissuade David from his foolish choice, especially since his mother has already handpicked his potential bride Heather longs to stay to wait out the year, and to begin teaching the slaves to read and write, but she knows the South is so place for an abolitionist.

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        best selling author Becky Lower has traveled the United States in search of great settings for her novels She loves to write about two people finding each other and falling in love amid the backdrop of a great setting, be it in America on a covered wagon headed west or in Regency England Her Cotillion Ball Series features the nine children from an upscale New York family prior to and during the Civil War Her first Regency, A Regency Yuletide, received the Crowned Heart and has been nominated for the prestigious RONE award from InD Tale Magazine A regular contributor to USA Today s Happy Ever After section, her books have been featured in the column on eight separate occasions Becky loves to hear from her readers at beckylowerauthor gmail Visit her website at beckylowerauthor


    1. Combined review of the first three books of this series featured at THE READING CAFEthereadingcafe/the-cotillion-ball-series-by-becky-lower-combined-reviews/#comment-17704REVIEW: This book was my fave of the three books and I think it’s because we really start to dig into what ignites the Civil War. Here we meet Heather Fitzpatrick who is northerner, abolitionist, the quieter twin sister to Jasmine, and generally a lovely human being. Heather and her twin sister Jasmine are both coming out thi [...]

    2. Crimson Romance Author Becky Lower introduced us to the Fitzpatrick sisters in July and we liked that Ginger and Joseph Lafontaine got together. We love that younger sister Heather meets and falls in love with David Whitman, a Southern plantation owner and Army lieutenant tracking a runaway slave in the second of her Cotillion series, “The Abolitionist’s Secret.”If you liked the first installment, you’ll find the second one warmer, more romantic and a tad nail biting. Ms. Lower escorts u [...]

    3. "The Abolitionist's Secret" is a wonderfully written book by Becky Lower and the second book of the Cotillion Ball series. The author has taken her love of history and woven it into a tale of love that takes place before the Civil War and during the issue of slavery. The heroine, Heather Fitzpatrick, is in love with David Whitman, a lieutenant in the army who comes from the deep south. She is an abolitionist who wants to help slaves, unbeknownst to the hero. Soon, she discovers that David's fath [...]

    4. The Abolitionist’s Secret is the second tale in Becky Lower’s Cotillion Series, and follows the heroine, Heather Fitzpatrick, through her first season circa 1856 America. Lower first won me over with her first release, The Reluctant Debutante, and this second chapter in the Fitzpatrick Family drama did not disappoint! When Heather’s passion for the Abolitionist Movement is challenged by her love for the son of a slave owner in Georgia, you live her struggles and share in her passion. This [...]

    5. This romantic tale unfolds against the backdrop of increasing tensions between the slave-holding and free states in pre-Civil War America. Heather is a New York debutante beginning her first season alongside her identical but somewhat shallow twin sister Jasmine. The more socially responsible twin falls in love with a dashing young army officer. But Heather is involved with the abolitionist movement and finds her love tested when she learns that David is heir to a Georgia plantation. After she a [...]

    6. I will read anything Becky Lower writes, even if it’s a historical re-write of the phone book, so I was excited to see book number two in The Cotillion Ball Series, The Abolitionist’s Secret. I was even more excited to see the book’s heroine was one of the precocious Fitzpatrick twins: Heather. David and Heather fall for each other early on in the novel, and it was refreshing to discover that the central conflict for the characters is not falling in love—as is typical in romance—but ov [...]

    7. This book was provided by Becky Lower in return for an honest review.Read more of this review and others at thebookwranglersIt’s the mid 1850‘s, abolitionists are crowding the streets in certain Northern states protesting slavery, while the South is still holding fast to their traditions and livelihood. Amongst all the chaos Army lieutenant David Whitman has traveled to New York for two reasons; the first to track his father’s runaway slave that skipped town heading North and second to mee [...]

    8. For those of you who loved feisty Ginger Fitzpatrick’s story, your wait is overBecky Lower brings us book two in her Fitzpatrick family saga, focusing on Heather, younger sister of Ginger and twin sister of Jasmine.Lower again combines a sweeping story set in an America on the cusp of being divided into North and South, and again brings us complex and emotional family dynamics that ring true to real life. Heather and her boisterous, trouble-making twin Jasmine are just beginning their coming-o [...]

    9. Intermingling historical events and places within fiction, Becky Lower has created a clever story that is filled with engaging and infuriating characters, intrigue and a romance that is delightful amidst the struggles are growing in the country regarding the ownership of slaves. While this was the second in the series, I did not feel that there was a great gap in the story from not having read the first book, as the author managed to create a story that was focused on Heather Fitzpatrick and her [...]

    10. The Abolitionist's Secret is a wonderful novel, the second story following the Fitzpatrick siblings of pre-Civil War New York. The Cotillion Ball is the impetus for the series, but these novels are not pieces of fluff; on the contrary, Ms. Lower tackles serious and fascinating subjects through the eyes of her heroes and heroines. In this novel, the abolition of slavery drives the conflict between young and beautiful abolitionist Heather Fitzpatrick and Army lieutenant David Whitman, whose family [...]

    11. I hate to give a bad rating, but really this was a very poorly written book, and I cannot recommend this to anyone. The characters were sorely underdeveloped and the plot sounded promising but just failed to deliver. It reads like a poorly written screenplay for a bad Hallmark movie (and I love bad Hallmark movies, for the record).

    12. Here's my review: I intended on reading only the first book in the series and then reading something else before coming back for book two. Instead, I read through all three that I had in three days. Then I found myself searching for the rest of the series before I even wrote my review. Apparently, I liked them a lot. Now back to .

    13. I really like the topic and the fact that proceeds go to the Oberlin Underground Railroad Museum,so I gave this novel two stars, however, the characters were very flat and predictable, and the plot was dull.

    14. An Unusual Story of the Underground RailroadSet in 1856 in the decade prior to the Civil War, this is the story of abolitionist Heather Fitzpatrick from New York and Army Lieutenant David Whitman who was raised on his family’s plantation in Georgia. David has come north on an errand for his father—to find a runaway slave—and he meets and falls for Heather, who is having her first Season with her twin sister Jasmine. Unknown to David is that the Fitzpatrick family is hiding the slave he is [...]

    15. This is the second book in Becky Lower’s series on the Fitzpatrick family. This tale starts us in 1856 New York at an underground railroad location, Downing’s Oyster Restaurant, and quickly pulls back the curtain on the dark times brewing before the official freeing of the slaves. We travel from New York to the heart of the Plantations in Savannah, Georgia. The story has you turning the page to see what can possibly happen next. As a bonus Ms. Lower is donating a portion of the proceeds to t [...]

    16. In this second book of the Cotillion Ball series, Becky Lower continues the stories of the Fitzpatrick family. This time, we're learning more about Heather Fitzpatrick. She and her twin sister, Jasmine, are about to come out at the cotillion when she meets a young Army officer who was instrumental in saving the lives of family members in St. Louis. David Whitman is a southerner, however, from a slave owning family. Heather and her family are abolitionists. In fact, the night she meets David in a [...]

    17. the most predictable book ever. If you enjoy even a modicum of suspense do not read this book. No character development, theme was the same old, same old. So sorry I ever even opened it up as it was a complete waste of time. Star crossed lovers have a falling out and spoiler alert, it all works out perfectly for them. Please, I didn't think anyone wrote this clap trap any more.

    18. Heather and David couldn't have been more opposite in their goals in life in the beginning of the story. Somehow, Becky takes them on this amazing journey until they become like minded. It isn't easy, to say the least, especially with a mother-in-law who is bound to destroy her.

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