Cowboy Dark

Cowboy Dark

Tess Oliver / Jun 04, 2020

Cowboy Dark Cowboy Dark is the first word novella in the Summer Romance Collection When sixteen year old Sterling Mayfield learns that her dad has booked a family vacation at a dude ranch she is less than

  • Title: Cowboy Dark
  • Author: Tess Oliver
  • ISBN: 9781480063679
  • Page: 448
  • Format: Paperback
  • Cowboy Dark is the first 40,000 word novella in the Summer Romance Collection When sixteen year old Sterling Mayfield learns that her dad has booked a family vacation at a dude ranch, she is less than thrilled It is their first vacation since the tragic death of her mother two years earlier Sterling knows her dad needs this trip, but a lack of horse experience and ten fCowboy Dark is the first 40,000 word novella in the Summer Romance Collection When sixteen year old Sterling Mayfield learns that her dad has booked a family vacation at a dude ranch, she is less than thrilled It is their first vacation since the tragic death of her mother two years earlier Sterling knows her dad needs this trip, but a lack of horse experience and ten full days in a cabin with her twin brother, Dylan, make the whole idea rather unappealing The vacation takes a turn for the worst when Sterling meets another ranch guest pretty, perky and annoyingly talented Chloe Watson But when Sterling befriends Luke, a dark and dreamy ranch hand with a steely gaze and tattooed arms, things start to look up Now if she can just keep her bottom in the saddle and her heart from being broken, she might survive the vacation after all.

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    1. This book is a sweet summer romance that's a lot of fun. Good dialogue, some silly secondary characters, not much drama, and very enjoyable. It's light, nothing much happens. Just about a girl and her adventures at a ranch. On arrival at the ranch, Sterling meets a number of characters. Most importantly Ranch Hand #1 Tanner who's just good-boy cute and Ranch Hand #2 Luke who is moody and mysterious. I pick Option 2 and so does Sterling and fellow vacationer, Chloe who's a Miss Perfect/Chirpy/Obn [...]

    2. "You can't read a book called A Summer Romance without the romance silly.""Yeah, just rub it in. :("I really thought there'd be more to this novella than just the romance, I've read both Camille and Heart of the Huntress, and Tess Oliver's full novels have always been really good at building interesting plots beyond just the romance. So I expected there to be more about Sterling and her family dealing with her mother's death, for example. But what I got was a really predictable story with a lot [...]

    3. This book kind of took me on a weird ride because from the summary, I wasn't expecting more than a cheesy quick read. However, Oliver had me from Page 1 with Sterling's witty sense of humor and the humorous dialogue, and I found myself enjoying it quite a bit. Just about halfway through, unfortunately, it took a huge nosedive with predictable and cliche development and cheesy lines, and the book ended up being a huge disappointment.WARNING: THIS REVIEW CONTAINS UNMARKED SPOILERS.Like I said, it [...]

    4. I just love the books of Tess Oliver and "Cowboy Dark" is no exception. She is straightforward in her approach expertly creating a world that immediately draws the reader in. Her characters are powerful and I find that I can easily relate to them; therefore becoming totally invested in their outcomes. I had the pleasure of reading an ARC of this book and Tess agreed to let me share it with my students at school. The students loved the book especially the snarky humor and the horse riding tales.S [...]

    5. Cute YA love story. I wish the protagonist was developed a bit more though. She was relatable, but she was rather plain. The love interest was slightly more well-developed. I did enjoy the writing style. It was very natural.

    6. After finishing Freefall and Bitterroot Crossing I was looking forward to my next Tess Oliver read. I was having a nosey at her website tessoliver to see what my next one would be when this title jumped out at me. Cowboy Dark. I love country music, I love cowboy boots, and I genuinely think I could have been a pretty good cowgirl so when I saw this one and the good looking, brooding guy on the front I decided this would be the one. Then I noticed that this is actually the first of three books in [...]

    7. Cowboy Dark is one of the 3 novellas in Tess Oliver's YA Vacation Romance Collection, and this novella tells the story of 16 year old Sterling Mayfield, whose Mother died of cancer two years prior, and so her Dad decides to do something with Sterling and her twin brother Dylan, to get back in touch with his children, and enjoy some time away from home. He books them a ten day vacation on a Dude Ranch and although Sterling would rather do anything but hang around her brother and a bunch of horses [...]

    8. If you have been following my reviews you will know I have a soft spot for cowboys. And these cowboys didn't disappoint. I love this book! I have re-read it countless times. I've always wanted to go to a dude ranch and I was super excited when I found out it was the setting for this book.The romance did not disappoint. It helped that the setting was great, who wouldn't fall in love around a campfire with a blanket of stars above your head, or at a lake with an impressive view *wink wink*.Sterlin [...]

    9. YA romance, western, novella Sterling, her twin brother, Dylan, and Dad take a vacation to a ranch for a couple of week in the summer. All of them are still healing from the death of Mom. I love Sterling’s voice; she is a girl I would live to be friends with, and someone to have in my corner. She’s confident and not afraid to make fun of herself. She is willing to re-evaluate her first impressions, and doesn’t come across as a snob at all. Luke, the love interest, is portrayed as a bad boy [...]

    10. Sterling and her twin brother Dylan are both upset at their dad. He is taking them to a dude ranch for a ten day vacation. They think the only thing worse could be death. When they get to the dude ranch Dylan looks around and is excited about riding horses and being a dare devil in a few other ways. He and his sister are only sixteen so being without their electronics is terrible. One of the ranch hands is a ward of the owners and one is their son. Tanner is the son and Luke the bad looking boy [...]

    11. This was a quite short read. i enjoyed the overall story. This YA read was heart breaking and empowering at the same time. I was drawn in with the heroine and her family. The trip she takes opened her up to this whole new life per say. She was down to earth and I really look for that in a YA read so the author did awesome. Plus I loved her name! Sterling, it's very uniqueThe hero, Luke, was awesome, he had that whole swoon worthiness to him. I think he fit the story perfectly! The heroine can se [...]

    12. This is a really awesome story about a teenager girl named Sterling and her dad and brother takes a vacation away from the real world to a dude ranch. They all had a past tragedy and needed to get away from it and spend time together. While on the ranch they learn they really are stronger than they thought. The family that runs the ranch shows them kindness and Luke who is now staying there with the family is drawn to Sterling. This amazing storyline has some twist in it you really don't see com [...]

    13. Cowboy dark definitely not what was working through my mind. I really seemed disinterested at the beginning but at the mention of Luke my mind went haywire. Sterling her twin Dylan and her father take a family vacation to a far off ranch. No Internet no cell phones no teenage life. Sterling seems passive with riding horses but feels the need to ride as she sets eyes on Luke. Sure the other sexy handy man tanner is around but nothing compares to a cowboy with tattoos and a mystery side. But it se [...]

    14. I'm giving this book four stars because it was fluffy. The characters were fluffy, the setting was fluffy, hell, even the mother's death was fluffy, the entire book had a kind of one dimensional feel to it that I actually quite liked, it read like one of those Bunty Stories for Girls that we used to get in Britain, only with way more sex - a great read if you're not expecting anything too deep.

    15. A cute, fun read about a girl on a family vaction to a cattle ranch. The ranch has some characters, Tanner the all-American ranch hand and Luke the bad-boy ranch hand, plus a stuck up mother and daughter duo (hated them). Luke was super sexy, tattoos dark hair and gray eyes?! Come on! So glad there wasn't a real love-triangle but I am curious what happened next once the summer was over. Alas, I will never know I will just imagine steamy scenes when they both turn 18 of course.

    16. 2 stars. It's not that I didn't like it. In fact, I found this book really funny, sexy and sometimes perfect.But, pardon me, I'm kind of bored of reading the same, old plot in every single book which includes a hot single maleAuthors, please, gimme something different!!!!!!!

    17. I'm a big Tess Oliver fan. This books is a little different to some of her other work, but in no way was I disappointed. The writing is superb as usual. Sterling has a great sense of humor and bond with her family. Its a fun easy to read YA romance. I would have liked to have read more about Luke & Sterling.

    18. This was a fun, quick read. More of a teen level. You can't really go wrong with Tess Oliver. Some parts were a bit juvenile but like I said, teen read. Good story line, good villains. Cute love story, I'd actually like to see more of their story.

    19. Contemporary little cowboy summer romance readKindle Unlimited standalone book. Conservative cowboy book. He's almost 18 and she's 16. He works on the ranch and she's there with her dad and brother. Lots of little side stores. Good read. Solid 4 1/2 - 5 star read.

    20. This was a quick easy read for me with the last 2 weeks of craziness that has been going on. I wanted more of the story between Sterling and Luke. I hope she writes another story about them. I have little things here and there that I didn't like but all in all it was a pretty sweet short story.

    21. WOW. this was an awesome book, so glad i came across it when i did!i loved the characters, especially Sterling with her witty humor and Luke with his awesome tattoos and dreamy gray eyes. i definitely want my own cowboy dark now!

    22. meh. they fell in love in two days? nope. sooooo not realistic. and that little drama at the end? stupid. psh. not that good

    23. Now this is my idea of a cowboy, tall, dark and covered in tattoos. Sweet romance and short enough to read in one afternoon.

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