Dewi and the Seeds of Doom

Dewi and the Seeds of Doom

MaggieLyons / Jan 29, 2020

Dewi and the Seeds of Doom When Dewi is clobbered by a falling rat the nosy Welsh dragon snoops his way into a challenging predicament Helped by a toad with a passion for chemical wart cures Dewi discovers that a megalomaniac

  • Title: Dewi and the Seeds of Doom
  • Author: MaggieLyons
  • ISBN: 9781612440941
  • Page: 112
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Dewi is clobbered by a falling rat, the nosy Welsh dragon snoops his way into a challenging predicament Helped by a toad with a passion for chemical wart cures, Dewi discovers that a megalomaniac baron is secretly breeding mutant corn at an unfriendly castle To thwart the genetically modified corn baron s sickening plan, he must use moxie and firepower in a series oWhen Dewi is clobbered by a falling rat, the nosy Welsh dragon snoops his way into a challenging predicament Helped by a toad with a passion for chemical wart cures, Dewi discovers that a megalomaniac baron is secretly breeding mutant corn at an unfriendly castle To thwart the genetically modified corn baron s sickening plan, he must use moxie and firepower in a series of catastrophe skirting capers.

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        I m a trapeze artist, astronaut, spy just kidding Well, the bit about being a spy is true It was a long time ago in a far off land, lots of fun, and planets away from my middle class upbringing in the UK I was born in a little coal mining town in South Wales and properly brought up in England where I did English things like attending an all girls grammar school, playing rounders, doing two hours of homework every day, and going on soggy caravan holidays with my family With no regard for my family s physical and emotional health, I also trained as a classical pianist daily four hour practices Once I grew up wait, that s a fib I ve never actually grown up I experimented with hedonism in Paris, where, among other things, I taught English to very proper French schoolgirls, and I failed to abide by the British embassy s social rules in Romania, but that s another story My job in Bucharest was to appease visiting Royal Ballet dancers If you ve ever attempted to herd butterflies, you ll know what I mean Soon after that I gravitated to the USA because the streets there were supposed to be paved with gold They weren t, but I stayed anyway and finally wound up catching my breath in a tranquil fishing and farming community on Virginia s coast The rest of my so called professional life has been a regal zigzag through a motley variety of careers from orchestral management to law firm media relations to academic editing, all of which entailed a lot of writing and editing Although that work brought me plenty of satisfaction, it didn t produce the kind of magic that can come from writing fiction and nonfiction for children Children s literature has always fascinated me My parents read bedtime stories to me when I was a child and I read stories to my son when he was small All I needed was an excuse to borrow books from the children s library, and declaring myself to be a children s writer did the trick Studying the work of great children s writers gives me the chance to indulge my love of that enchanting mix of innocence, escapism, imagination, and humor that bubbles out of children s literature.


    1. My 9 year old and I read Dewi and the Seed of Doom together. We really enjoyed Dewi and his adventures. A great book on kindness and great humor. Dewi is a great book for those young and old. While Dewi may be a short read for some, it is certainly an entertaining read for all.

    2. 'Omnia vincit Doomus'British author Maggie Lyons is from South Wales (appropriately enough as that is where her title character hails) and in addition to writing has been a part of the British embassy in Romania, and has lived in Virginia. Her wonderfully zany bio matches her talent for writing children's fantasies, and `a motley variety of careers from orchestral management to law-firm media relations to academic editing, all of which entailed a lot of writing and editing. Although that work br [...]

    3. Also reviewed on my blog! sassyanddangerous/Dewi and the Seeds of Doom will definitely be something I read to my future kids one day! I had not read the blurb of this, so I was diving into this book fully blindd I liked what I read! In the first page of the book, we come across Dewi, a fire breathing dragon. Out of nowhere, a rat comes falling from the sky, and Dewi, being the kind and loving dragon he is, rescues it by taking it to his friend Squiffy the water vole. Soon enough, Dewi finds out [...]

    4. What could dragon, a sick rat, a toad, and bad corn all have in common? Dewi is a young Welsh dragon, the son of Owen, Dragon of Pembroke. One day, Dewi is hit in the nose by something that falls from the sky. He hopes that it is meteorite, but it turns out to be a very sick rat that was dropped by a kestrel because it seemed poisoned. What is wrong with the rat? With the help of his friends, Llewellyn Cledwyn, or Billy Know-All the goat, Squiffy the water vole, and Mr. Jones the toad, Dewi find [...]

    5. My Review: Dewi is a Welsh dragon, and he is the son of Owen, Dragon of Pembroke. While Dewi was out he was hit on the nose by something that fell from the sky which turns out to be a sick rat drop off by a kestrel. Something didn’t seem right with this sick rat so Dewi decided to investigate with the help of his friend Mr. Jones the toad.After talking to the kestrel who dropped the rat and with some important information from the sick rat named Bomber, Dewi decided to check out the Castle Glo [...]

    6. If you are up for a good mystery, author Maggie Lyons will put young readers to the test. Follow along with Dewi and his motley crew to unravel the tale of the not so tasty corn. Young readers will enjoy following along with Dewi the dragon in this quick and curious middle grade read.Dewi, a little red dragon, has a very strange mystery to solve that involves corn. Strange experiments are taking place over at Castle Gloomsgar. When Dewi discovers a rat that has been poisoned it's up to him to in [...]

    7. Dewi is a kind, smart, young dragon that any reader of the book will find it hard not to fall in love with. The story is action-packed, featuring adorable animal characters and fun plots. It is written with a sense of humor that can be easily entertained by both kids and adults. It teaches young readers about kindness, friendship, and courage. My six-year-old loved reading the story with my assistance. I think the book would be more attractive and accesible to younger kids if accompanied by colo [...]

    8. “Dewi and the Seeds of Doom”, written by Maggie Lyons, is a fun, exciting middle grade children’s fantasy adventure book. Dewi is the main character of course, who is a sweet, well-meaning Welsh dragon. Even though his intentions are always good though, like many of us, Dewi often finds himself innocently thrust into the midst of situations he can’t control and that test his goodness. I did see in the review section of this book that there is quite a bit of criticism and accusations abo [...]

    9. Dewi and the Seeds of Doom by Maggie Lyons is a great little mystery for kids featuring the Welsh dragon, Dewi. When Dewi sets out one day, he encounters a very sick rat who somehow has crossed Dewi's path, and endeavors to help him. Dewi is a good little dragon with the best of intentions, but soon finds himself enmeshed in a mystery and plenty of turmoil. Ultimately he discovers a castle, which is in fact a laboratory of sorts, and soon discovers the evils of the GMO industry. While this premi [...]

    10. Dewi is an adorable Welsh dragon that loves to snoop around. Because of that he always gets caught in the weirdest situations and lives phenomenal adventures. The plotline is quite interesting, but to me, the anti-GMO backstory here does not work. Kids will not understand and is a very complex topic to be taking in a children book, simply picturing it as the factory from the bad guy. With that said, the characters are great with very nice and entertaining dialogues. The story has a great flow an [...]

    11. Here is a cute mystery book for children and parents. Maggie Lyons uses animals both real and fiction to tell this tale, making it fun for the kids. The use of details was wonderfully done, really giving life to this story. I found that the pace was great as well making this a great story to read with your kids before bed or really anytime. I really look forward to more stories by author Maggie Lyons, in the future and know that my children will love to read them as well. This was a great story [...]

    12. Dewi is a young Welsh dragon who saves a rat, discovers an evil plot, and brings the bad guy to justice with the help of several friends. The chain of events is set in motion when a rat falls out of the clear blue sky and smacks Dewi on the snout. As the story progresses, the reader discovers why (and how) a rat came to fall from the sky. It's a long story (okay, really it's a pretty short story, an adult can easily read it in under an hour), but it involves and evil baron with an even eviller g [...]

    13. HoaP would like to thank Maggie Lyons for giving us a copy of Dewi and the Seeds of Doom to review.When I was asked to review a book about a dragon, I pictured a fierce mystical fire breathing creature. About the only fire breathing Dewi could do is enough to pop the corn in the Seeds of Doom. Dewi is a whimsical little dinosaur you are sure to love. Remember Puff? He and Dewi are probably best friends. Personified animals are the main characters with only one 'inhumane' human - the evil scienti [...]

    14. Dragons and a mystery along with many adventures make this book a delight to read. Which kid would not love to read and go along?A beautiful, funny, witty and brave dragon and his wise friend Jones a wise chemistry loving Toad.The delight with which Dewi embarks on his quest for finding the cause of the doom and gloom! His friends support him and his father too guides him to the right path.This book is a very fast read, did not stop reading once I read the first chapter and the twists and turns [...]

    15. It features one of the silver screen's most iconic movie monsters, the Creature from the Black Lagoon, bursting up from the water.Right away, this book charms you with interesting similes like "[the rat's body was] as still as a pickle on a plate" and "the sky was as clean as a dog’s licked bowl." The story is crammed full of adorable characters, like Billy the bramble-loving goat, the curiously-named Squiffy the water vole, and Baron Doom. The story involves a curious young dragon named Dewi [...]

    16. What I liked: This is a short and very cute story that I read to my nephew who seemed very entertained by this book. It has a cast of characters from a Welsh dragon named Dewi, to a goat named Billy Know-All and each of them are interesting in different ways. Dewi goes out of his way to help a rat he names Bomber after Bomber falls out of the sky. It takes a while to get to the point and this is the classic good vs. evil plot which is perfect for children. The descriptions are well done and pain [...]

    17. I knew from the introduction—“To all those who love a romp with a Welsh dragon”—that this children’s story would be different from the rest. Maybe it was because of my recent trip to Cardiff, Wales, where I fully learned of this culture’s appreciation for dragons, or the strong characters, but this story completely held its own from start to finish. While I always find it harder to judge a children’s story than a novel or a memoir, but this one is easier to review just because I lo [...]

    18. Did you know rats can simply fall out of the sky? Neither does the sweet dragon Dewi until one plops on him. As a dragon, you'd think that meant dinner time for Dewibut not this loving Dragon. He's off to solve a mystery and find out what is going on. Of course, he finds more than he ever dreamed.Dewi is a wonderful dragon who will really reach out to kids 6+. Not only is he kind and sweet and a dragon (yes, dragons are simply cool creatures), but he sometimes feels that he's underestimated and [...]

    19. I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review. Dewi and the Seeds of Doom tells the story of Dewi, a young Welsh dragon who is hit by a sick crow that fell from out of the sky. After rescuing the crow, Dewi sets off on a mission to find out what made the crow sick. After piecing together information from the crow and from what Dewi sees with his very own eyes, he finds out that Baron Doom and his assistant is creating some corn that will deliberately make people sick just so he can the [...]

    20. Delightful adventerous middle grade read. An adorable Welsh dragon and his partner in crime, well not a crime they committed but a crime that needed to be solved. Oh I forgot to mention his partner is someone who flicks his long tongue out to catch his delectable food and horns on his head. Some kind of insider joke concerning those horns but let's get back to the gist of this story. A rat falls from the sky and lands in the ferns near Dewi. Now Dewi decides to do a good deed and help this uncon [...]

    21. Dewi and the Seeds of Doom is a children's fantasy about Dewi, a young Welsh dragon, who saves a rat and learns from the rat that there is an evil baron who has an evil plot. Dewi is afraid to tell his dad about it so he enlists the help of his friend, a toad named Jones, who is a scientist. The two of them attempt to get evidence to prove to the adults that there is an evil plot brewing at the Castle Gloomsgor.Maggie Lyons' writing flows well and is easy to read, but not too easy. There are a c [...]

    22. Join nosy Welsh dragon, Dewi, and his critter pals as they try to foil the plot of the dastardly Baron Doom.If it wasn’t for Bomber, the rat that bounced of Dewi’s snout, and the Welsh dragons habit of sticking his nose into everything, the mad experiments of Baron Doom might never have been discovered. That would have been a terrible fate for all.Readers young and old will enjoy this adventure. Dewi, the nosy Welsh dragon. Bomber(AKA Taffy the Teeth), the scaredy rat. Jones the huge and bri [...]

    23. Dewi is the cutest little dragon! I remember growing up with Puff the Magic Dragon and this did actually remind me a bit of him because they are both sweet and not scary dragons at all :) Dewi the Dragon is kind of a sleuth/detective and one day when he gets hit with a rat falling from the sky he can't help but get involved in the story. It is most definitely for elementary school kids, the writing is perfect for them and I would definitely recommend this for any child :) It is a short read with [...]

    24. In the modern day believable or not, we are ultimately living with GMO products yet they are being cultivated at a high cost to humanity. Many are unaware of the dangers of GMO products and Lyons brings this dreadful topic to life via the strong willed character Dewi the dragon. Dewi the main character in this awesome book Dewi and The Seeds of Doom, ultimately discovers the horrible happenings of GMO products and must make a choice in how he will approach this dreadful situation. The author Mag [...]

    25. Dewi and the Seeds of Doom is a lighthearted adventure about a little dragon who undertakes a big quest in order to do good.One day, as Dewi is exploring in the forest a rat falls right out of the sky. Knowing the rat needs help, Dewi carefully takes it to his friend Squiffy, who nurses the rat back to health. However, Dewi is determined to find out where the rat came from and enlists the help of his toad friend, Jones. Together they learn about Baron Doom and his evil scheme to create poisonous [...]

    26. Dewi is an adventurous, bright red Welsh dragon who, after a sick rat falls on his head, sets out to uncovered the mystery of what happened to make the rat sick in the first place – don’t worry the rat is renamed Bomber and makes a full recovery! With the help of his friends, Jones the Toad, Billy-Know-All the Goat and Squiggle the water vole, Dewi discovers the Doomsday Company’s goal and evil plans of Baron Doom and saves the day.My daughter and I read this together. She’s 11 and while [...]

    27. Dewi is just your average young dragon until one day when he gets hit by a fallen rat. Not wanting to leave the at to perish, Dewi takes it upon himself to discover what happened to the poor rat. All of this leads him to a gloomy castle and some very strange happenings. Dewi will have to use everything he has to try and help save the world from this mess.This is a super cute story. Dewi is a smart dragon, and he's not afraid to find others to help him. He really just wants to help people stay sa [...]

    28. This is a good book for younger middle grade and reluctant readers. The plot is simple and easy to read, and yet it has some elements of mystery that keeps the reader interested. It contains a few big words (such as symptom) that are defined in a creative, natural way. Very well done. And I love the cover! The characters are very diverse: a dragon, a goat, a rat, a vole, a toad, a baron, a kestrel, and a dwarf. Did I forget any? Wow, all that in one short book. Never a boring moment! The only th [...]

    29. Young Reader Reaction: Our daughter kept asking if there were any pictures on the inside of the book. She thought Dewi was so cute on the cover, she wanted to see more of the story.Adult Reader Reaction: The story is cute. What kept our daughter's interest were the jokes Dewi and his friends shared, as well as the way they played with words. Even though the story is very descriptive, I could see why she would want to have illustrations.Pros: Fun-loving characters take readers on an adventure to [...]

    30. I originally bought this book to comfort nieces and nephews before bedtime when they stay over. I expected them to want to read the book a couple of times and then we'd move on to something new; however, the kids can't seem to get enough of this clever little dragon. I love the book because it not only gives the gets an exciting little adventure to enjoy, but actually teaches some morals and the value of good character.The book definitely engages kids, but isn't boring for adults either. There's [...]

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