I'd Rather Be with You

I'd Rather Be with You

Mary B. Morrison / Nov 14, 2019

I d Rather Be with You From New York Times bestselling author Mary B Morrison comes the sizzling tale of two friends and the provocative bet that forever changes their lives Now with their futures up in the air who will p

  • Title: I'd Rather Be with You
  • Author: Mary B. Morrison
  • ISBN: 9780758273024
  • Page: 372
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From New York Times bestselling author Mary B Morrison comes the sizzling tale of two friends and the provocative bet that forever changes their lives Now, with their futures up in the air, who will play one vengeful game too many And who will wish she wasn t left standing I m the wife Madison s husband really deserves Why won t she let him go Nursing wealthy businessFrom New York Times bestselling author Mary B Morrison comes the sizzling tale of two friends and the provocative bet that forever changes their lives Now, with their futures up in the air, who will play one vengeful game too many And who will wish she wasn t left standing I m the wife Madison s husband really deserves Why won t she let him go Nursing wealthy businessman Chicago DuBois back to health was the least Loretta Lovelace figured she could do After all, it was her bet that made Madison the object of a crazed stalker s affections and put Chicago at death s door With Madison s marriage on the rocks, Loretta couldn t resist looking after Chicago s interests and reigniting his passion for life But now Madison wants to take back what s no longer hers.I ve got a fresh chance to start over But letting Loretta walk away with my old life that s not going to happen Madison s life was perfect before Loretta introduced her to Granville Washington and initiated the bet that ruined Madison s reputation and marriage Now with a baby on the way and a family empire to save, Madison knows it s past time to make some tough decisions To get her life back on track, she ll have to settle the score with Loretta and deal with Sindy Singleton, another woman who s trying to make a play for Chicago But this spoiled beauty has just the plan to handle her competition, her stalker, and her straying husband.

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        Mary B Morrison, New York Times best selling author is the up and coming artist with a multiple book to film deal Mary has seventeen published novels including her newest release, If I Can t Have You.She writes for Kensington Publishing Corporation as Mary B Morrison and Grand Central Publishing as HoneyB In her novels Mary addresses social and sexual issues while empowering her female characters Women Rule, that s the way I see it Beside every great man there is a powerful woman The same does not hold true for every successful woman A lot of us are single because men want to wear the pants, even if they didn t buy them Jeff Clanagan, CEO of Codeblack Entertainment and filmmaker, Leslie Small, optioned the film rights to Mary B Morrison s popular Soulmates Dissipate series which includes seven novels Her first book, Soulmates Dissipate, is being developed for feature film in 2013.Mary is an Executive Producer on her film deal and she was Executive Producer and playwright for her stage play Single Husbands based on her novel under her pen name HoneyB.On June 3, 2000, Mary withdrew her retirement to self publish her debut novel, Soulmates Dissipate Mary has also sponsored an anthology publishing 33 students entitled Diverse Stories From the Imaginations of Sixth Graders.Lift Every Voice and Write is Mary s non profit The organization is established to help increase literacy and support students interested in pursuing writing as a career.Born in Aurora, Illinois, and reared in New Orleans, Louisiana, Mary is the middle child of seven She s a graduate of McDonogh 35 High School in New Orleans and Berkeley Community College in Berkeley, California.Her wonderful son, Jesse Byrd, Jr is a 2010 graduate of U.C Santa Barbara and producer on Mary s film deal Jesse has recently completed his first novel and owns a clothing business, OiseauChateau.Mary currently resides in Oakland, California.


    1. Mary B. Morrison has done it again! I'd Rather Be With You is the much anticipated sequel to If I Can't Have You. When I got my book, I turned off my phone, & hung the Reading In Progress - Do Not Disturb sign on the door! What can I say about Granville? Something my grandmother used to say came to mind. As my Gramma would say, "That boy is three kinds of crazy?" You can't help but to feel sorry for Granville, because you find it impossible for someone to be that big a fool. He reminds me of [...]

    2. Centered on a male and female lead, I’d Rather Be With You is basically about a bet gone awry. Madison is every man’s fantasy and the envy of every woman, but her life takes a major turn when she decides to take a close friend up on a bet. Chicago is the man that every woman wants, but he had eyes for only one woman. The bet that Madison made could possibly turn his world upside down. Mary B. Morrison uses first person to introduce readers to a host of characters that surround the two main c [...]

    3. I definitely have mixed emotions about this book. First off, Morrison does an amazing job with the characters. After reading, I'd expect to see news on Madison and Chicago on TV or read about their latest scandals in the paper. Definitely pure talent to be able to create such vivid characters that I've learned to like, dislike and absolutely hate. The book itself is centered around the scandalous lives of well-of people who want nothing more than money, love, sex, and scandal. I can't say that I [...]

    4. I truly wanted to like this book since I enjoyed the first one but the characters were to comical and silly for my taste. I had to make myself finish reading it but it was torture. I felt that the book dragged on with foolishness from all sides. The only character that I enjoyed was Chicago and that is not saying much. I'm not sure if I will be reading the next book in the series but if I do, I really hope that it's better than this one.

    5. I'd Rather Be With You (Book 2)Well, well, well how time flies when you're scheming, lying, cheating, and trying to commit murder. I'd Rather be With You is the continuation from "If I Can't Have You," and these are characters behaving badly.Mary B. Morrison spun a true sequel that picks up directly behind predecessor "If I Can't Have You," book 1 of the series, and I like that about multi-volume series.I liked the first book so much, I immediately downloaded book 2 from Audible, which plays for [...]

    6. I don't know why she changed Loretta so much. She made her unlikable. Loretta let Chaz talk her into doing that. She must be crazy, cause ain't noway in the world that ish would eva happen. Grossssss!!! It was gross when Madison first did it. She changed Chicago too, and I didn't like him anymore. Madison got what she deserved in the end.(claps) I felt bad for her only about her health issue. Why did Tisha and Loretta let her getaway with calling them names or talking to them like they were chil [...]

    7. I read the first entry into the series and was quite ashamed to admit I had. That book was actually a decent read, but it was ruined by an abnormal amount of foul language and nasty sexual descriptions.Despite all that, I was still interested in finding out what happened to the characters. The first book ended without wrapping anything up.I happened to see the second entry into the series at the library, so I grabbed it. I wish I hadn't.The story wasn't very good, and it didn't have the humor th [...]

    8. I won this book in a giveaway on . I absolutely loved it. I was definitely confused about the bet and the characters for a bit. I highly recommend this book. A continuous trend in this book with the characters is that many of them are selfish and greedy. At some parts I felt sorry for Madison at other times I did not like her at all. Loretta can be a bit hard headed, but I realize that it is just jealousy.I don't like Johnny or his behaviour. He would rather have a thriving business and a big eg [...]

    9. After finally getting to the end of the book (Granville was annoying, to say the least), I came to one major conclusion: Granville AND Madison are crazy and delusional. Granville is the obvious one that we all want to hate, because he is so obviously insane and unbalanced mentally. However, the more I read the thoughts of Madison and her so-called continued marriage to Roosevelt after all she had done to him -- signing off to pull the plug while he was in the hospital -- I mean, who does that? A [...]

    10. This book was a continuation of 'I'd rather be with you'. It was full of twist and turns, it will have you shouting, talking to yourself and laughing. The characters felt so real to me, like I can actually see this happening in real life, I can't wait to read the next book in the series Mary B. Morrison you did your thinglol and loved it. I will be reading all your books now.

    11. Was not feeling this book at all. And I usually like her books. This one however was eveil people on top of evil people and no one seemed to receive any type of justice or comeuppance. I am so burnt out on these writers who leave you hanging so you will buy the next book. I am done with this author.

    12. I like it but had some issues with the charactersChicago acts to desperate for Madison it's like anything she do he still loves her and he was getting on my nerve. I'm glad Loretta slap the hell out of Madison cause I don't like her. Madison thinks she's too much. Tisha acts like a gold digger. I think Granville would be a good boyfriend or father but he just need to go to therapy.

    13. Awesome series, read it a few years ago. Ladies never bet on what you think you have control over. Let this book be a lesson to us all. You may know your limitations but you don’t know the limitations of your opponent nor how far he may go to win. Be thankful for what you have because when it’s gone it’s gone.

    14. Yes this was a page-turner; however, I didn't understand why Loretta's character has taken a 360 degree turn. For the most part, I enjoyed this 2nd installment of the series but some of the situations were a bit unrealistic. Hopefully, part 3 will be much better.

    15. To be continued? Really! I am tired of Madison, Tesha and especially Loretta. Granville is the same fool as always. Didn't understand the whole court verdict though. The story seemed disjointed at times. I hope all of the foolishness is resolved in book three. It could have ended with this book.

    16. Too many moving parts in this book and most of it seemed unrealistic. There's supposed to be a sequel. I'll probably read it just to see how things pan out in the end but this over the top drama is just not my style.

    17. This book just didn't grab me like her other work. I just felt that there was just to much going on and not in a realistic sense! I love her work but this book, I just lost interest

    18. Its amazing how a second book can change your feelings towards characters. I am looking forward to the third book in April 2014.

    19. The much anticipated sequel to If I Can't Have You, was a very disappointing book, as I'm sure others won't share my view. The storyline wasn't very realistic at all, based on what I received from the first book, which it's ending was a excellent.The book portrayed the notion that everyone envy's a light skin woman, and a dark skin female self esteem was lower then hell . On top of making the assumption that because she is a dark-skinned female she should be happy just to have a man love her. I [...]

    20. Madison had it all and lost it because of her pride. How can she blame Loretta for sleeping with Granville she told her that the bet was off and how crazy he was. Loretta is wrong how can you be in love with your best friend husband and sleeping with his brother. I like the way Chicago did Johnny (Madison's father) he deserved it especially taking his company he is a snake look what he did to his daughter. Well Chicago wants a divorce and the baby is his. Wonder if Granville going still to try t [...]

    21. The writing from this author has improved on the second book in this series. I still have trouble believing these random beliefs/actions like now Loretta believes she is in love with Madison? This is a bit much. Its almost as though the author has a list of random events that she kept nearby to throw into this story. I am still having a hard time imagining someone like Granville because I cannot honestly imagine someone so dumb and delusional.

    22. Loretta was a trip in this novel. I have to strike her off with her behavior on all levels, claiming she's a Christian. Chicago was not taking Madison's Mess. Granville was too much for words and laughed at times. Johnny didn't need his own sections to me. Tisha was something to think about in not so good relationships. May read book 3.Adrienna Turner Author of mirrors Lie

    23. This is a typical mary b. morrison book. It's full of drama, craziness, and foolishness and I can't get enough! It ended with another cliff hanger, so a sequal is coming! Grantville, is a fool of a character, but it's something about this fool that you love and hate. He's crazy, ignorant, and dumb, but adds so much to the story.

    24. Good ReadI couldn't put this book down, so much going on. I would recommendThis book for book club groups. I'm not giving anything away. Read for yourself.

    25. This book was really good. Mary Morrison really knows how to hold your interest and make you anxious to read the next book.

    26. I have come to expect Mary B. Morrison’s style of over the top drama in her novels and I’d Rather Be With You was no different. This novel is the second installment in the If I Can’t Have You Series and although I didn’t read the first novel, Mary B. provided enough backstory to acquaint me with the characters and their situations.Madison is a beauty who always gets what she wants. She thought she had hit the jackpot after marrying Roosevelt “Chicago” DuBois, a wealthy football Execu [...]

    27. The second book was really good. I can't wait to read the third book to see how the whole story is going to end. Morgan had so much going on in her life, that you couldn't believe one woman had so much drama. How can you have a soon to be husband that adores you, and then you accept a bet from Loretta. You find out you have breast cancer and you become pregnant with who knows who's baby. By the time you find out Zach belongs to Roosevelt, your whole world comes crashes in on you. Roosevelt has y [...]

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