House of Horrors: The Shocking True Story of Anthony Sowell, The Cleveland Strangler

House of Horrors: The Shocking True Story of Anthony Sowell, The Cleveland Strangler

Robert Sberna / Feb 26, 2020

House of Horrors The Shocking True Story of Anthony Sowell The Cleveland Strangler Vulnerable WomenOne Charming PredatorTo his neighbors Anthony Sowell was a friendly and helpful former Marine who played chess and hosted summer barbeques But they didn t know about his dark side

  • Title: House of Horrors: The Shocking True Story of Anthony Sowell, The Cleveland Strangler
  • Author: Robert Sberna
  • ISBN: 9781606351864
  • Page: 212
  • Format: Paperback
  • 11 Vulnerable WomenOne Charming PredatorTo his neighbors, Anthony Sowell was a friendly and helpful former Marine who played chess and hosted summer barbeques But they didn t know about his dark side or the gruesome secret inside his house Sowell s secret life was exposed to the nation on Oct 29, 2009 when a Cleveland Police SWAT team entered his house to arrest h11 Vulnerable WomenOne Charming PredatorTo his neighbors, Anthony Sowell was a friendly and helpful former Marine who played chess and hosted summer barbeques But they didn t know about his dark side or the gruesome secret inside his house Sowell s secret life was exposed to the nation on Oct 29, 2009 when a Cleveland Police SWAT team entered his house to arrest him for an alleged rape They didn t find Sowell, but they encountered a nightmarish scene two decomposed bodies in his third floor living room Eight bodies were hidden throughout the house and buried in the back yard In the basement, they discovered a human skull All of the bodies were female and all appeared to have been bound and strangled On Oct 31, 2009, police captured Sowell, a sexual sadist who had served a 15 year prison sentence for kidnapping, raping and torturing a 21 year old pregnant woman House of Horrors reveals the shocking details of Sowell s depraved crimes and his twisted psyche He preyed on neighborhood women, luring them to his home with alcohol and drugs Sowell then murdered the women and lived among their corpses At least five other women were attacked by Sowell, but managed to escape After a dramatic trial in the summer of 2011, he was convicted and sentenced to death In House of Horrors, readers are given a rare glimpse inside the mind of a serial killer through interviews with Sowell s neighbors and relatives, his surviving victims, and exlusive interviews with Sowell himself Includes 16 pages of photos and copies of Sowell s death row letters

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    1. This was interesting only in that I enjoy true crime stories. The story itself was disturbingly fascinating, but the book itself was lengthy and often repetitive. I actually quit reading 240 pages before the end, because the author was basically repeating facts from previous chapters and essentially recapping every conversation in the courtroom. I found it repetitive and dry with the only good points being statements from friends and families of the victims.

    2. This book made me so heartsick that I had to take a break from reading it for a while before I could finish. I learned more about the victims, more about their relationships to each other, and above all more about the timeline of events, filling in gaps I didn't know existed after reading Nobody's Women: The Crimes and Victims of Anthony Sowell, the Cleveland Serial Killer. The author was able to get farther into the nooks and crannies of the story than I dared to hope. Both the books I've read [...]

    3. A great read for true crime fans. For me, the author did an amazing job of maintaining objectivity and restraint in depicting the gruesome crimes of Anthony Sowell. We learn about the lives of Sowell's 11 victims, and the factors that led to their interactions with him, and their tragic fates, but the book doesn't rely on sensationalism. What I liked most was the weaving of the victims' lives with the life of Sowell. While we can never understand what drives a serial killer, this book sheds some [...]

    4. "*** I received this book for free through First Reads ***** The Giveaway was Listed By Robert *** I received my copy on Wed Jan 16, 2013 *THANK YOU FIRST READS AND Robert! "

    5. A detailed and well researched account of the horrors of Anthony Sowell. One of the best true crime books I have read.

    6. This was a gripping tale that could have been better. The book itself falls flat in a few ways. There is a lot of repetition that reminded me having to write essays in high school to meet the minimum word requirement. I think if the author stayed with a chronological recount of the events that would have fixed that issue. The book also fails to discuss what was the possible guilty plea for the case and why was it not taken. The thing that really bothered me about this book was that towards the e [...]

    7. A documentary. Yes indeed the author spent 3 years excavating facts to report. The result is probably a faithful account. Accuracy unfortunately seems to have won over creativity, imagination and insight. Would have preferred less pedantic timelInes and more commentary around the man's psyche, personality, motives etc. So many themes and incongruent events went unexplored. Cleanliness vs filth. Functional vs dysfunctional behavior. Family membership vs isolation etc. etc.

    8. This is a thoroughly written and informative book. This is a true crime book, so its based on facts, making the read a little intense at times. Some could learn a thing or two from reading this book. I have a degree in Psychology, and though I don't use it as those who set out in the field, I find having studied the mind caused me to stop being surprised by human behavior long ago.

    9. Very interesting, comprehensive story. But, it was quite redundant in several areas. I kept looking back to see if I'd read that part before.

    10. Captivating horrific story well researched and well written by the author. I have read so many of these true crime books and it just boggles my mind how long killers like this can continue to apply their trade and no one puts two and two together. Why does his home smell like dead rotting carcasses? Must be the clean, well run sausage plant down the street that neighbors never complained about until he moved in. How many neighbors have to be seen visiting with this guy just before they disappear [...]

    11. Robert Sberna provides a well researched and very detailed book about Anthony Sowell and the rapes and murders he committed at his home at 12205 Imperial Avenue, in Cleveland's Mount Pleasant neighborhood. If you enjoy reading true crime books, you will enjoy this one. But be warned, often times the book goes into graphic detail about the sexual assaults that occurred. If you can stomach those details, you'll be fine. In my opinion, I think Sberna had to include those details because it gives th [...]

    12. Addicted women treated with decency. Story well told and researched wellThis book really fascinated me. As one reviewer bluntly stated "drugs!!!" I certainly have to agree. As a recovered alcoholic/addict for 11 years and not a psychiatrist, my lowly opinion is Sowell was eaten up with resentment and his brain by drugs. Most people cannot fathom the intense soul sickness of addiction which is the root of addiction. From the stories of his childhood to his time in the marines, he sought no help a [...]

    13. This book was a good look into Anthony Sowell's crimes. It gave life to the victims and the awful reality of drugs and life in the poor community of Cleveland. The author did a good job explaining how the victims found themselves involved with Anthony Sowell. The case was thoroughly researched using tools ranging from court documents to interviews with friends and family from both the perpetrator and the victim. I gave this book three starts only because the story itself is gripping and disturbi [...]

    14. I never read true crime. I didn’t want to know what happened in the house on Imperial Avenue in Cleveland. Despite my reluctance to read the book, once I started reading House of Horrors, The Shocking True Story of Anthony Sowell, the Cleveland Strangler by Robert Sberna, I felt I was in good hands as a reader. I trusted the narrator’s voice. Intelligent and thoughtful reporting, good word choices, and the experience of discovering the story with the author make for a good true crime book. I [...]

    15. What is most interesting about serial murder Anthony Sowell is not so much the man himself, but rather the setting that allowed him to terrorize one of the most vulnerable cohorts of our soceity for so long. Author Bob Sberna is extremely respectful and comprehensive, without being overly sympathetic, as he examines each victim, all poor african american women, often struggling with addition. Why police and human services agencies allowed someone with a long sorted history of violence against wo [...]

    16. I'm not going to write an official review. But after reading the book, I was inclined to hop on here and voice my opinion of it.I have been researching the Sowell story ever since it started.Mr. Sberna has done an excellent job of compiling all of the available information as well as the information from his interviews with Sowell.The book is an extremely easy read. I bought it one afternoon and had it finished by lunch the next day. Total time reading the book was about 3-4 hours.If you like tr [...]

    17. An interesting book, though it gets repetitive at times and the author mixes past and present tense throughout (often on the same page). Police in Cleveland were criticized for not investigating more aggressively (which is probably true), but there's plenty of blame to go around. Neighbors incorrectly assumed that a local sausage factory was responsible for the stench in the area (of course it was actually decomposing bodies in the killer's house); several women were attacked but escaped, then d [...]

    18. House of Horrors is a compelling read, and it's told very matter of factly by Robert Sberna, a talented and experienced investigative journalist who knows Cleveland inside and out.When you read House of Horrors, you will get the eerie feeling like you are standing on Imperial Avenue back in October 2009, when all of the badly decomposed bodies were discovered on Anthony Sowell's property.House of Horrors is a definite must read for fans of true-crime. I highly recommend that you read this book.

    19. House of Horrors is a well-written and detailed account of one of the most gruesome events in Cleveland's history -- the murders of 11 women by Anthony Sowell. The author provides an abundance of personal details and graphic descriptions of Sowell and his victims, which draws the reader into the narrative. The photos in the book, including pictures of the house where the attacks occurred, as well as the photos of the 11 women lend a compelling realism. The book includes copies of prison letters [...]

    20. I have to admit that I did not know anything about Anthony Sowell and his crimes; however, after I read this book, I felt as if I had received the true, comprehensive story of the killer, his victims, the community and the court case. The author did a wonderful job covering every aspect of this terrible episode in Cleveland's history. I take my hat off to the author for his well-written and researched book.

    21. The story of Anthony Sowell is a modern day horror story. Instead of sensationalizing the events portrayed in the media, Robert Sberna wrote the book from the victims' perspective. This is a compelling story of how one man preyed on women who had no loved ones to speak for them. Sberna also delves into the mind of Anthony Sowell, and we learn how his dysfunctional childhood contributed to his criminal behavior. This is a must-read for anyone interested in true crime stories.

    22. The crimes of this disgusting serial killer - living among the rotting corpses of his victims and the attracted insects - are deeply described and researched. This ends up being an exemplar of the killer that plies his trade over years because his victims are already ostracized by society: largely transient black women addicted to crack. The book goes all the way to Sowell's conviction and imprisonment.

    23. I've been a fan of true crime for awhile. This read true to a Buglosian style of objectivity. Sadly these crimes were completely preventable, ignored, and overlooked let alone completely senseless. I'll be moving onto lighter reading for awhile - there are no heros in this story. Except the woman who ultimately reported him - she deserves a huge medal.

    24. Very good overview of a sad, important case. Sberna is committed to providing a clear-eyed, well-rounded assessment of the case. His explorations of the lives of the victims show great compassion, while also refusing to gloss over flaws. Overall, a very good true crime book.

    25. Not sure why I decided to try reading this. Didn't make it all the way through. Why does Ohio have so many serial killers anyway?

    26. A pretty good book with many details about the cases and the criminal profile , i wonder why all the serial killers come from Ohio

    27. Maybe the audiobook is not meant to be listened to in one setting, but I found it repetitive - both in facts and in some cases entire sentences repeated.

    28. Horrifying crime story, the telling of which loses steam as it goes along. The writing at times is flat and the reporting of the details of the crimes become repetitive.

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