The Noisy Paint Box

The Noisy Paint Box

Barb Rosenstock Mary GrandPré / Jan 29, 2020

The Noisy Paint Box In this exuberant celebration of creativity Barb Rosenstock and Mary Grandpre tell the fascinating story of Vasily Kandinsky one of the very first painters of abstract art Throughout his life Kandi

  • Title: The Noisy Paint Box
  • Author: Barb Rosenstock Mary GrandPré
  • ISBN: 9780307978486
  • Page: 351
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In this exuberant celebration of creativity, Barb Rosenstock and Mary Grandpre tell the fascinating story of Vasily Kandinsky, one of the very first painters of abstract art Throughout his life, Kandinsky experienced colors as sounds, and sounds as colors and bold, groundbreaking works burst forth from his noisy paint box.

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    1. I started regularly going to art museums by the time I was 8 years old and Kandinsky was my first favorite painter, and even though I no longer consider him a favorite, I do appreciate his art and I still have interest in him and his work. I never knew about his synesthesia until recently, and while I’ve never “heard” his paintings they did “make me feel” just as he intended. His paintings were my introduction to abstract/modern art.This is an excellent picture book biography of Kandin [...]

    2. Vasily Kandinsky's development as an artist and the struggles of both him (and many of his colleagues) to break free from the standard and "appropriate" (quotes are mine) dictates of what art, of what in particular painting was supposed to be, and this actually being the genesis of Expressionism, Cubism, Surrealism, of basically all abstract art in general, is glowingly and readably presented by author Barb Rosenstock in and with her brilliant and evocative The Noisy Paintbox. The featured and a [...]

    3. Every single person sees the world in a different way. I learned that lesson early on. One of my brothers is color blind, which fascinated me to no end as a child. I bugged, hassled, and quizzed him every chance I got—What color is that? And that? What about this? Haha….He refuses to answer any color related questions to this day because of me. :)The Noisy Paint Box: The Colors and Sounds of Kandinsky's Abstract Art tells the story of how Vasya Kandinsky saw the world and how abstract art ca [...]

    4. Oh! I love this! I probably would not have discovered it if not for the fact that it won a Caldecott honor, so ty to Children's Books group. I appreciate how concise it is; it gets to the point directly, and is therefore powerful. I love the art, and I am glad to say that it makes me appreciate Kandinsky's own work more (which is why I read children's artist bios, but only sometimes do they succeed). And it reminds me of what I try to do when with children making art. I don't ask them 'what is i [...]

    5. I really like the illustrations. GrandPré definitely has a unique style. The two-page picture of Vasya at the opera is one of my favourite scenes, as well as the one of him standing in his studio. I'll definitely have to look up his art - the examples shown in the book are really interesting.

    6. Oh man. SO GOOD.This fittingly colorful and exuberant picture book biography of Kandinsky is pitched just right for young readers. GrandPre captures the stunning, busy, dynamic quality of Kandinsky's art with astonishing panache. (Seriously, you just want to stare at these illustrations and let the colors seep into your soul.) Rosenstock's simple but deeply expressive text bursts with lively onomatopoeia, underscored by the changing typefaces. The author's note at the end reproduces some of Kand [...]

    7. I've never been a fan of abstract art, including Kandinsky's, but now, after reading this book, I understand what drove him, and I have a new appreciation of his work. Kandinsky experienced colors as sounds and sounds as colors, which is a form of synesthesia, a condition unknown in his day. If you could hear the same way he did, his paintings might make beautiful music when you look at them! That may be the key to understanding all abstract art--you need to be able to see it the way the artist [...]

    8. This is called historical fiction, but it still seems to be a great introduction for younger students to learn some beginning information about abstract art Kandinsky in particular. It is a gorgeous book, proper and rather un-colorful pictures showing the beginning and proper beginning of the artist’s life. He actually began knowing he “heard” colors early in his life, but gave them up to go to law school. Kandinsky was a lawyer! What is described reminds me of Wendy Mass’s book, A Mango [...]

    9. Enter the amazing world of abstract art with this picture book biography of Kandinsky. Vasya Kandinsky was raised to be a very proper young Russian boy. Then his Auntie gave him a box of paints and he started to hear colors as sounds. No one else could hear the sounds, but to Vasya they were a symphony that he could paint. Vasya grew up and stopped painting. He still heard the colors around him, but he was going to be a lawyer. When he attended the opera one evening, Vasya saw the colors emerge [...]

    10. This review is a combined review from my 7 year old who has been interested in art for a while now (I suspect will remain interested) and myself. I have been looking for books to encourage her, I have a desire to find her books about artists who were also interested in art at a young age. My daughter has a unique style of art and is attracted to unique artwork. When we look at art she finds beauty in pieces I struggle to find. I was excited about this particular book because the artist, Vasily K [...]

    11. This is a well-deserved Caldecott honor book. The illustrations are story meld together to create a wonderful story of Vasily Kandinsky, the well-known abstract artist. As a child Vasily did what he was told. Feeling he was different and thus very constrained it took awhile for the boy to become the man who embraced his differences and in doing so left behind incredible art.Hearing colors as musical notes that danced and sung in the air is how the artist perceived art. This is a wonderful story [...]

    12. Winner of a 2015 Caldecott Honor. Inspired me to wrap my mind around some Kandinsky. Inspiring in general.

    13. "Stomping lines of vermilion and coral. Caroling triangles of pistachio and garnet. Thundering arches of aqua and ebony, with shrill points of cobalt and saffron." WOW.

    14. Vasily Kandinsky had a type of synesthesia that allowed him to "hear colors." His abstract paintings sparked a revolution in the world of art.

    15. The Noisy Paint Box, by Barb Rosenstock, Illustrated by Mary GrandpreThis historical fiction book is about a little boy who is primp and proper, but one day given a paint box that ultimately changes his whole world. Vasily, the boys name, hears the sounds of the paint, which make him feel alive. Instead of making beautiful art like proper artists would, Vasily mixed his paint colors and let the paint brush guide him into making abstract art. The characters in the story thought he was crazy, maki [...]

    16. This book is a creative way to show the story of Vasya Kandinsky and the historic changes he made in the art world. It shows readers, using vibrant colors and illustrations, a fun fictional take on the trials of this very real painter. This would be a fun read for most classrooms.

    17. I decided to read this because I'm interested in synesthesia and I also enjoy Kandinsky's art. Looking at his paintings before understanding synesthesia one would just assume they are abstract, but after reading this it makes sense that he would have synesthesia as music would put off colors in his head, inspiring him to paint. The illustrations in this book were beautiful!

    18. The Noisy Paint Box is based on true events, the life of Vasya Kandinsky, a pioneer of abstract art. This book engulfs it's readers for the pictures are filled with lines and streams of colors that look like musical bars to depict what Vasya saw and heard as he opened his noisy paint box. The book tells how a young Vasya was always interested in the arts, but his family told him that he was a silly boy and to "calm down" as he needed to focus on important things that mattered like Reading and Ma [...]

    19. Subject Vasily Kandinsky (1866-1944) was a Russian artist known for his abstract paintings.ScopeThis book begins with Kandinsky's school years, during which he receives his first paint box. The paint box begins his journey as an artist and also brings about signs of synesthesia. The paint box follows him as he learns to accept his own unique style. About the IllustrationsMary Grandpré, who illustrated the first American editions of the Harry Potter books, is the illustrator of this book, and sh [...]

    20. Vasya Kandinsky was a obedient, well behaved, typical Russian child. He spent his childhood studying math, science, and history as his parents expected from him. However, he felt as if something was missing until the day his aunt gave him a small wooden paint box. Vasya felt as if the colors would speak to him; he could heard the brush swish and the colors rhythmically twirl as notes in a song. He was full of excitement by looking at how the colors turned into figures in a canvas, forming beauti [...]

    21. This is a wonderful biography about Vasily Kandinsky and shows his determination to create artwork the way he wanted to, despite pressures from family, teachers, and friends to create more traditional pieces. The narrative is very interesting and focuses on the way the colors sang to him and really inspired him to create a new type of art - abstract art. The illustrations are marvelous and we loved the way Mary GrandPré depicted the colors singing to Vasya and the way music brought an array of [...]

    22. “Art should make you feel” one of my favorite quote from the book. I love arts, especially modern and abstract styles, but abstract art seems to be a very hard concept for some people to understand. Just like how Vasya Kandinsky's parent sent him to art classes, they expected him to draw something pretty such as flowers or houses, like a proper artist do. Yet he interpreted art in a totally opposite way, he created the art the way he feel and what he hear the sound. Throughout this book ther [...]

    23. The Noisy Paint Box is a look in to the life of the young Vasily Kandinsy. Kandinsky was one the first artists to create abstract paintings. Through the vibrant illustrations by Mary Grandpre, Barb Rosenstock tells the unique story of how the colors in his precious paint box spoke to him though music. “The swirling colors trilled like an orchestra tuning up for a magical symphony.” He was misunderstood by his parents and teachers who did not understand that his art could not be classified si [...]

    24. 4.5 out of 5The beautiful writing and gorgeous illustrations work EXTREMELY well in telling this fascinating story of Vasily Kandinsky, a Russian painter who created abstract art and who most likely had synesthesia (i.e he experienced colors as sounds and sounds as colors):"It took a long time for people to understand.'Is it a house?' 'Is it a flower?' 'What's it supposed to be?''It's my art,' Vasya answered. 'How does it make you feel?'"

    25. Introduces children to Vasily Kandinsky's life and artwork. Kandinsky came from a wealthy family in Russia and was taught to be very proper and dignified. One year, his aunt gave him a paint box. He could hear the sounds of each color as he mixed them. He became a lawyer as was expected of him. But eventually he quit teaching law in order to study and create art. At first, he painted realistic pictures as was expected of him. But he soon developed his own unique style, trying to paint his feelin [...]

    26. Young readers may wonder how art can possibly speak, but for artist Vasily Kandinsky, the colors he used for his drawings sang and those sounds actually danced. Although he had a very proper upbringing and was trained in classic artist styles, he eventually rebelled and painted what he saw, felt, and heard. Young readers are likely to be inspired by this man's creativity and his exploration of art that would come to be known as abstract. The acrylic paint and paper collage illustrations are just [...]

    27. Popularity/appeal rating: 3.5Quality rating: 5In a one-sentence nutshell:This is a beautiful book. It made me wish there were more children's books about synesthesia, because it's such a cool phenomenon. Personally, I don't really like Kandinsky's artwork, which makes me feel like an uncultured twit, especially since I was an art history major in college. But this book opened my mind up, at least a little bit - when I look at his paintings as visual expressions of sound, they make a little more [...]

    28. I just got around to reading this Caldecott Honor book. I enjoyed it and actually think I understand synesthesia better. I certainly didn't know it could take 60 different forms! In any case it is speculation but apparently fairly solid speculation that Kandinsky had synesthesia. From his description it is almost certain he did. However, they didn't have genetic testing back then that could have confirmed it. The illustrations are lovely. It is nice to see Grandpre doing more than the HP covers [...]

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