Professor Andersens natt

Professor Andersens natt

Dag Solstad / Jan 29, 2020

Professor Andersens natt An existential murder story A master of Norwegian literature critiques contemporary society with wry wit It is Christmas Eve and year old Professor P l Andersen is alone drinking coffee and cogna

  • Title: Professor Andersens natt
  • Author: Dag Solstad
  • ISBN: 9788270947645
  • Page: 423
  • Format: None
  • An existential murder story A master of Norwegian literature critiques contemporary society with wry wit.It is Christmas Eve, and 55 year old Professor P l Andersen is alone, drinking coffee and cognac in his living room Lost in thought, he looks out of the window and sees a man strangle a woman in the apartment across the street Professor Andersen fails to report the cAn existential murder story A master of Norwegian literature critiques contemporary society with wry wit.It is Christmas Eve, and 55 year old Professor P l Andersen is alone, drinking coffee and cognac in his living room Lost in thought, he looks out of the window and sees a man strangle a woman in the apartment across the street Professor Andersen fails to report the crime The days pass, and he becomes paralysed by indecision Desperate for respite, the professor sets off to a local sushi bar, only to find himself face to face with the murderer.Professor Andersen s Night is an unsettling yet highly entertaining novel of apathy, rebellion and morality In flinty prose, Solstad presents an uncomfortable question would we, like his cerebral protagonist, do nothing

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        Dag Solstad is one of the most recognized Norwegian writers of our time His debut was in 1956 with the short story collection Spiraler Spirals His first novel, Irr Gr nt , was published four years later His books have been translated into 30 different languages.He has won a number of awards, which include the Norwegian critics award three times and also being considered for the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize in Great Britain three times.


    1. Alone on Christmas Eve, while drinking coffee and cognac and lost in thought, 55-year-old Professor Pål Andersen witnesses a man strangle a woman in the apartment across the street. "I must call the police," he thinks. "It was murder. I must call the police." But he does not. Instead he returns to his apartment window, hoping to catch glimpses of other people's lives--an indication that the real mystery here will be an existential mystery rather than a murder mystery. The next day (Christmas), [...]

    2. L'opzione assente“Non mi dire”, s'intromise sprezzante, “ma se hai appena ammesso che non saresti riuscito a denunciarlo neppure se avessi saputo che l'omicidio era premeditato. Sarebbe potuto capitare anche a te? - No, no” si rispose. “Non dico che avrei potuto programmare di uccidere a sangue freddo. Ma provo compassione per chi l'ha fatto. Un atto così crudele, un delitto, per di più compiuto con piena deliberazione anzi con calcolo: è insopportabile immaginare di essere al suo p [...]

    3. Begeesterende bespiegeling over normen, waarden en geweten. De vereenzaamde Ibsen-kenner, professor Andersen is 55 jaar, leeft alleen in Oslo tussen zijn boeken en is er op kerstavond getuige van hoe in een flat aan de overkant van de straat een jonge vrouw wordt vermoord. Andersen gaat een gewetensstrijd aan, zoekt soelaas bij vrienden en in de drank, maar meldt het misdrijf niet (Andersen noemt dit zijn 'omissiedelict'). Solstad graaft diep in de gekwelde ziel, met lange, vlot lezende, beschou [...]

    4. This little novella from Norway has been tagged crime fiction by the library, but I suspect that most readers of the genre might be rather disappointed in it. Because although there is a murder right at the beginning of the book, the mystery which unfolds within its pages is the mystery of life. Professor Andersen’s Night is more about French existentialism than urban crime.Alone in his apartment on Christmas Eve, Professor Andersen looks out through his window onto the streets of Oslo. He has [...]

    5. A non materialistic dandy in an Italian suit, alone at a table by the window in a restaurant. Fifty five year old Professor Anderson, a representative of the small minority within his age group who could rightly claim to be a distinctive generation. Maybe the distinctive traits associated with their ways of acting and thinking could be traced back to a lifelong infatuation with the spirit of modernity, which had hit them and struck them down like lightning in the Sixties. The avant-garde. The ov [...]

    6. One thing that stood out to me was repeated images of an observer. The poem near the beginning where the man observes a city on the distant shore sending up its signal which was very much like the passage of the professor observing the fireworks later in the story. When he is at dinner with his friends, he shrinks back and observes, rather than participating. And in this observation is a nested musing of what he imagines a future generation's observations will be of their night together. But mos [...]

    7. It’s been a quiet Christmas Eve supper at home for Norwegian literature professor Pål Andersen – that is, until he sees a man strangling a woman to death in the apartment across the way. But instead of calling the police or telling someone, like the old friend whose dinner party he attends later that night, Andersen keeps it to himself. He even finds out who the apartment belongs to, one Henrik Nordstrøm, but he can’t bring himself to approach the police. Instead he goes on a skiing holi [...]

    8. Professor Andersen’s Night by Dag Solstad is an odd little existentialist novel that explores the breakdown of the titular literary academic. The once radical Professor Andersen is now divorced, middle-aged and alone. Moreover, the distinguished Ibsen scholar believes that he has witnessed a murder on Christmas Eve which sparks a crises of self and purpose.Despite the centrality of the murder and the vivid Oslo (and Trondheim) setting, this one is most definitely not a slice of Nordic noir. Lo [...]

    9. Giallo davvero sui generis, che ha l'introspezione psicologica e la narrazione lenta di un Javier Marìas. Il professore Andersen, protagonista di questo breve romanzo che forse sarebbe eccessivo definire un giallo, almeno non un giallo classico, è un uomo di mezza età, professionalmente appagato, benestante, divorziato e senza figli ma non per questo privo di una soddisfacente vita sociale, contornato com'è da colleghi e amici di lunga data, il quale si trova, del tutto fortuitamente, ad ass [...]

    10. Testo di scrittura pregevole e raffinata, con una costruzione elaborata delle frasi, un po' a modello proustiano. Una trama che in realtà si fa fatica a definire tale, non ci sono eventi ma UN evento, a cui fa seguito il dibattito interiore del professor Andersen sul da farsi e quindi sul perché della sua scelta. Scelta che, tuttavia, non posso certo dire di aver capito, lasciamo stare poi l'averla condivisa. È tutto quì, il travaglio interiore è profondo e complicato ma son certa che mi re [...]

    11. Noc profesora Andersena je třetí Solstákovina co jsem četl a plus minus je úplně stejná, jako předchozí dvě solstákoviny. V týhle jde o to, že pan profesor uvidí na začátku knihy v protějším okně vraždu mladé buchtičky. Jelikož se kniha odehrává v Íá-Íá-Íá, tedy v Oslu, předkládám na začátek několik norských slovíček, aby jste byli v obraze:Nor - NorNorek - malý Nor, dítěPonor - sexPonorka - prostitutka v NorskuJelikož knihu napsal Nor, je teda jasné [...]

    12. Quando si dice che in un libro non succede nulla. Ecco.Ma cosa vuol dire che qualcosa "succede". In che senso, per noi, un fatto è più reale di un pensiero.Un probabile omicidio innesca, nella mente del Professor Solstad, un vortice di considerazioni che parte dal significato del suo lavoro e finisce per travolgere il senso stesso del mondo. Fino al punto di diventare malattia. E poi, guarito dal pensiero giusto, curarsi.Libro meditazione, forse da leggersi d'inverno, con un bicchiere caldo in [...]

    13. Uten tvil min nye Solstad-favoritt. Denne romanen handler om svært mange av tingene som står mitt hjerte aller nærest. Det er ikke bare at hovedsettingen er Skillebekk. Den handler om litteratur (og særlig Ibsen og Ibsens samtidsdramaer), den handler om konkrete etiske spørsmål, det handler om snobberi og intellektualisme kontra folkelighet og jordnærhet, den handler om spørsmålet om Guds eksistens og dettes forhold til det etiske, den handler om forholdet mellom politisk radikalisme og [...]

    14. 4.5 starsI've been trying to find a Dag Solstad book for awhile, so I was excited to finally read this! I had no idea what to expect from this "contemporary Norwegian master," and I was a bit surprised to find how warm and hilarious it was! Some people really hate his writing style, but I found it wonderfully appealing and engaging. He's so conversational, and I like how he playfully uses repetitive statements. While the plot of the novel is actually quite interesting, the book is hardly at all [...]

    15. It's Christmas eve. You're celebrating alone, and have just finished the traditional festive meal: ribs with sauerkraut, vegetables, potatoes, prunes and lingonberries, accompanied by beer and akvavit. Ris à la mande, coffee and cognac for dessert. You gaze through the neighborhood, noting that some apartments have been left empty, its residents having left for the holidays, while other homes are full of live and merriment. In one of the windows on the opposite side of the street a young woman [...]

    16. "Eccoci qui, in una stanza d'albergo a Trondheim dopo natale e la luce della nostra coscienza non arriva più indietro di due generazioni. Dopodichè comincia a sbiadire, qui un ricordo della penombra, lì una foto che nessuno sa più dove sia. E poi il buio. E siamo entrambi professori di letteratura" [] "Hai ragione. Ma quegli otto bisonni ti hanno pur sempre donato i loro geni, solo sessanta o settant'anni fa erano giovani e hanno trasmesso i loro geni a qualcuno che a sua volta ha generato l [...]

    17. La visione di un omicidio nell'appartamento nel palazzo di fronte porta il protagonista ad affrontare un viaggio con se stesso.Segue infatti un percorso interiore composto da innumerevoli domande sulla propria esistenza e sulle sue azioni.

    18. Tragedia, morale e sacro attorno ad un delitto di cui il professore è inattivo testimone nella sera della vigilia di Natale. Un viaggio al centro del senso di vuoto della nostra epoca.

    19. Boo. Dull. I feel bored. What was even the point of finishing it? Nothing happens and the main character frustrates me. 1.5 stars.

    20. Opening line:'It was Christmas Eve and Professor Andersen had a Christmas tree in the living room.'

    21. Heralded as ‘Norway’s most distinguished living writer’ by The Sunday Times and as ‘an unflinching explorer of the plight of educated humankind in the inexplicable’ by The Guardian, it seems as though Dag Solstad’s novel, Professor Andersen’s Night, will be a treat for readers everywhere.First published in Norway in 1996, this rather short novel was translated into English in 2011. The story begins on Christmas Eve, where readers will instantly recognise his frustrations with the h [...]

    22. Sembra proprio che sia una delle prime ad averlo letto e a recensirlo! In ogni caso sono sicura di aver appena finito di leggere un libro interessante, che si presenta come un giallo ma si rivela molto più complesso di un semplice giallo. È vero che il professore protagonista, stimato insegnante di letteratura e forse massimo esperto vivente del teatro di Ibsen, assiste dalla finestra del suo appartamento all'omicidio di una giovane donna la notte di Natale nella casa di fronte, ma vengono sov [...]

    23. Un breve romanzo che, disattendendo completamente le aspettative di un lettore che vorrebbe leggere una storia dalle tonalità gialle, offre una interessante analisi della condizione dell'uomo postmoderno, mettendone in luce le difficoltà, puntando il dito sulla ormai completa mancanza di valori, di forze ed istituzioni più grandi a cui rendere conto in una società dove ogni uomo è libero di agire per sé, non sentendosi più in dovere nei confronti di nessuna grande narrazione collettiva.Un [...]

    24. Professor Andersen er vitne til et mord på julaften. I det han løfter telefonrøret for å fortelle politiet hva han har bevitnet, makter han simpelthen ikke å avlegge vitnesbyrd om det han har sett, og legger på røret. Denne handlingen lamslår Andersen fullstendig, ettersom han nå står midt oppe i et dilemma. Skal han allikevel ringe politiet og fortelle hva han har sett, eller skal han fortsette som om ingenting har skjedd? Professor Andersens romjulstid blir en tid for ettertanke og r [...]

    25. A murder most mundaneWhat if ? after eating a great meal alone, maybe you’ve had a couple of glasses of your favourite spirit, & now thoroughly relaxed you look out of the window, casting a comfortable possessive eye over this, your neighbourhood, your domain that you know every brick of. What if whilst you are doing this, you see a murder committed ?How would you react? Would you report it? Are you sure?Christmas Eve and Professor Anderson is a contented successful man spending this eve b [...]

    26. Pročitan tek iz drugog pokušaja.Zanimljiv mali egzistencijalistički roman na koji potroših dva i po prijatna sata u Ilegali, uz nes, ali uprkos prvobitnoj nameri da mu dam 4 zvezdice nakon malo samoanalize, smanjila sam ocenu na 3 zvezdice.Profesor Andersen, uvaženi fakultetski profesor i stručnjak za Ibsena, provodi samotno Badnje veče uz konjak i prasetinu. I dok u prijatnim mislima, na prozoru, mašta o duhovima Božića, biva svedokom ubistva. Sa ubistvom kao pomoćnim sredstvom, kre [...]

    27. An intriguing book, that I'm not entirely sure what to make of. Parts of me really loved it - there's some excellent discussion of morality, and the reasons *why* we do things that may or may not seem logical to others, or even to ourselves. And some lovely little vignettes into life.(view spoiler)[There's also part of me that is asking 'd?'. I think I was expecting more of a resolution; perhaps I'm missing something, but I felt like the ending was left hanging to an extent - but maybe that's th [...]

    28. A coupe of weeks ago I read an interview with Dag Solstad in the Paris Review. I had never heard of him, which surprised me as he was introduced as the bestselling Norwegian author. It took me some time to get myself a copy in Dutch (if I have to read a translation, it might as well be in my mother tongue).It didn't disappoint but rather surprise me. The gap between the interview and this book seems huge (I have yet to read another of his books).Despite a murder taking place, and the Professor b [...]

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