The Boy from Reactor 4

The Boy from Reactor 4

Orest Stelmach / Jun 01, 2020

The Boy from Reactor Nadia s memories of her father are not happy ones An angry secretive man he died when she was thirteen leaving his past shrouded in mystery When a stranger claims to have known her father during hi

  • Title: The Boy from Reactor 4
  • Author: Orest Stelmach
  • ISBN: 9781612186085
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nadia s memories of her father are not happy ones An angry, secretive man, he died when she was thirteen, leaving his past shrouded in mystery When a stranger claims to have known her father during his early years in Eastern Europe, she agrees to meet only to watch the man shot dead on a city sidewalk With his last breath, he whispers a cryptic clue, one that will propeNadia s memories of her father are not happy ones An angry, secretive man, he died when she was thirteen, leaving his past shrouded in mystery When a stranger claims to have known her father during his early years in Eastern Europe, she agrees to meet only to watch the man shot dead on a city sidewalk With his last breath, he whispers a cryptic clue, one that will propel Nadia on a high stakes treasure hunt from New York to her ancestral homeland of Ukraine There she meets an unlikely ally Adam, a teenage hockey prodigy who honed his skills on the abandoned cooling ponds of Chernobyl Physically and emotionally scarred by radiation syndrome, Adam possesses a secret that could change the world if she can keep him alive long enough to do it A twisting tale of greed, secrets, and lies, The Boy from Reactor 4 will keep readers guessing until the final heart stopping page.

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        Born in America to Ukrainian immigrants, Orest Stelmach spoke no English when he started his education He went on to earn degrees from Dartmouth College and the University of Chicago He has held a variety of jobs, including dishwasher, shelf stocker, English teacher in Japan, and international investment portfolio manager The Treachery of Russian Nesting Dolls is his fifth novel He lives with his wife and their rescue cat in Simsbury, Connecticut.


    1. I've read over 40 mystery/suspense/thriller novels during the past 18 months, and none of them circumnavigate the globe. Orest Stelmach's The Boy From Reactor 4 does that - and everything else - with elan and eclat.This is the story of an American woman who is sucked into the global search for a "secret formula" by the machinations of a long-lost uncle, a Ukrainian thief thought to have been dead. Her search for Uncle Damian takes her inside of the razor wire separating the ravages of Chernobyl [...]

    2. Initially I purchased this because a portion of the proceeds went towards the Chernobyl Children's Project International organization. After reading the synopsis, I wasn’t sure what to expect – hockey, Ukrainian and Russian mafia members, Chernobyl references – how on Earth can you fit all that into one plot?!The chapters in this book are VERY short – like two pages and then you’re on to the next chapter; this makes it very tricky to keep up with the different vantage points in the boo [...]

    3. I really wanted to like this book. Truly. I am fascinated with Russian and Ukrainian culture. I wanted to learn more about Chernobyl. But I just couldn't do it. It wants to be a mystery-thriller, but the author's insistence in breaking up the chapters into bite-sized chunks (never more than 5 pages probably to make it an easy bathroom or "waiting for airplane" reader) makes it impossible to get into a scene, get to know a characters, or become intrigued by a mystery before you're onto the next t [...]

    4. Nadia Tesla, a mid-thirties New York woman of Ukrainian descent, gets drawn into travelling to Ukraine to meet a long lost uncle and cousin. The story involves various groups of Ukrainian criminals, two based in the US and one in Ukraine, and a trip to Chernobyl. Not quite good enough for 4 stars, but good enough for me to try the second book in the series

    5. Reading a book that features your stomping grounds can go one of two ways; either the author gets all the details right down to the local accent and last blade of grass, or you read an obviously-cobbled-together-from- version of your city/country. Bravo to Orest Stelmach for getting it all right in his new novel The Boy from Reactor 4. The last ten years of my life have been lived in Alaska, Ukraine, and Siberia, three of the locations featured in the story, and he paints life as it is in those [...]

    6. Nadia Tesla is an unemployed Ukrainian American woman who is thrust into an exciting adventure when a man claiming to be a friend of her father’s is shot beside her. His last words to her; “Find Damien, Find Andrew Steen. Millions. Fate of free world” pushes her into an exciting mystery filled with twists and turns. She becomes a target of local Eastern European thugs that believe she has discovered the whereabouts of her Uncle Damien’s $10 million he stole from the communists in the 197 [...]

    7. How about a mixed bag? I'm trying to decide what I can say about The Boy From Reactor 4. I mean, I didn't really love it, but some parts were really cool. The chase across Siberia was exciting. The mystery was fun and ended with an unexpected twist. Going into Chernobyl was fascinating, as was Kiev and Russia. I enjoyed getting a new perspective on history, and idea that I was learning the true story behind the Chernobyl disaster was great. Unfortunately, the weird things were hard to ignore. Th [...]

    8. I really liked this book and honestly didn't even realize that I'd read its prequel until I read something that made me think, "hey, that sounds familiar - like it came from that other book I read earlier this year." I think my only real issue with it is its pacing, which I think I had a problem with in The Altar Girl (the prequel to this book), so maybe it's the author's writing style and I just don't entirely mesh well with it. I just felt like everything took so long to occur that I actually [...]

    9. I thought this was a well-written, really enjoyable crime caper novel. The action was fast and I thought that to keep the pace up, the short chapter style worked well (I know some readers haven't liked that element of the book, but it worked for me). The heroine, Nadia, was stylish, resourceful and cunning, and she bears a good likeness to "the fox" to which her fellow characters compare her. Adam is a good hero too - I liked the fact that he had his background in "the Zone" and I felt he offere [...]

    10. This story takes us virtually around the world in a flash of flight, fury and intrigue. Opening in New York City, the main character, Nadia Tesla of Ukranian descent, is personally delivered a message from a man who is immediately shot and killed. At stake are millions of dollars, the fate of the free world, and Nadia’s own family. The story quickly goes to the underground in a whirl of dangerous characters that threaten her life at every turn.The depiction of Ukraine and the culture there is [...]

    11. As entertainment, The Boy From Reactor 4 is a spectacular success. The pacing is breakneck, the action unrelenting, the spare use of language well-suited to the genre, and our underdog heroine—Nadia Tesla—is plucky, likeable, and easy to root for on her dangerous quest to uncover a secret of vital importance to the world. But this book is more than just an entertaining thriller.Stelmach’s haunting depictions of the exclusion zone that surrounds the ruins of the Chernobyl nuclear reactor gi [...]

    12. Since it's April 1 I feel like I should write a review praising the book for how interesting it is, how well-developed the characters are and how straightforward the plot is. Because that would be a great APRIL FOOL! I think this book might be meant for the type of people who enjoy stock characters faffing about in one increasingly improbable scenario after the other. It reminds me very much of twenty other generic thrillers that hope to accomplish Dan Brown style popularity by flinging the char [...]

    13. I'm giving it a 5 because of the way the book moved so quickly from place to place. I really liked reading about the Zone as I know nothing about Chernobyl. Damian was a terrific character who never left his death bed but accomplished so much. Nadia is an interesting character and I'm looking forward to reading more about her.

    14. This was a quick read and a solid first effort from Stelmach. I found the first portion of the book a little erratic, but I enjoyed it more as I progressed. The scenery was a nice change of pace; I've always been fascinated with Chernobyl. It definitely setup what appears to be a series based on his next novel coming out in early 2014 and I will be tuning in.

    15. There is a strange synchroncity that occurs when you begin to expand your reading horizons personified in the final pages of this book. A few years ago I became conscious of the American and British centric narure my reading had become over the years so I ventured into a project of reading works from authors from every nation. In an effort to try to read representative work from each country I decided to orient towards celebrated authors which, in some nations with long literary traditions can b [...]

    16. More than anything, The Boy from Reactor 4 is a look into Ukrainian culture and history, both in Ukraine and America. This backdrop makes for a startling read for anyone who's unfamiliar with this culture. The action is top-notch and the twists and turns will leave you gasping. Overall, it's very well-written.But, (view spoiler)[ the prologue, which has Bobby playing hockey in America with Nadia as his guardian, gives away so much of the story that the tension isn't there. Youknowthat everything [...]

    17. This book is a wonderful story that traverses non-traditional landscapes whilst an American woman seeks a treasure buried in Ukraine and escapes through Russia. All the while she is pursued by an eclectic mix of shady characters.The book had wonderful little twists throughout, and the shorter chapter lengths allowed for clear delineation between the multiple storylines. The only downside is that the prologue ruins the ending of the book, however that can be easily overlooked.Overall I would holy [...]

    18. Start from the beginning! Great book! In an interesting turn, I received the fourth book in this series as an ARC and enjoyed it so much I wanted to go back to the beginning of the series. This is a great book and paints such a realistic picture of Ukraine and Russia. Plus the book does a fantastic job of explaining Chernobyl and the aftermath of the incident there. I really like the characters and setting of this book. I plan to continue with the series because it was so interesting.

    19. A few short years ago, I probably wouldnt have enjoyed this book, but as my tastes change, I have come to like a slick, fast paced mystery, with international tones. Although I had to miss my bookdiscussion due to a wicked headache, I bet the group liked this one too. So obscure that our local bookseller had never heard of it, I am glad it came to my attention-- one of the real benefits of a book group is the finding of new books and authors.

    20. Surprise!Was the book a surprise or will this review be the surprise? For me, it's the latter. I found the beginning boring and confusing, and planned to give up. But suddenly it came to life, and I read the final 2/3 in three days. Turned into an amazing journey of excitement, nervousness, fear for the boy, and curiosity. Couldn't put it down. Buy it, deal with the beginning and enjoy the ride

    21. This was a fun read and learned about Ukraine, Ukrainian/American culture and Chernobyl.Good premise, 'good' bad guys, and lots of different locations. Nothing deep here, straight foward action yarn.

    22. A fun roller coaster ride.Imaginative, tightly wrapped dialogue, addictive interplay. Makes you hungry for next book in the series. Learning more about the Ukraine and Russian culture was a painless process.

    23. It's an alright story. The beginning is exciting and intriguing, but the second half becomes a chore. An epic chase drags on for far too many pages with a bit of a disappointing ending.

    24. “A fourth gunshot”(Stelmach 12). By page twelve the number of gunshots was already up to 4, which shows how much action there is in this book. I just finished reading The Boy from Reactor 4 by Orest Stelmach, which is a contemporary fiction book with many references to Russian and Ukrainian culture. In the story, the theme is that getting over things from your past helps you be stronger in the future. The main character, Nadia Tesla, is a great example of this, as she fights the influence of [...]

    25. This book is full of suspense at a good pace. There’s bits of humor and points of stress on what will happen next. Nadia is caught into this web of deceit and secrecy when all she wanted to do was solve a riddle of a dying man who said he knew her uncle. She is a great, relatable character who thinks on her feet and is willing to do what is necessary. Great read.

    26. From :Nadia’s memories of her father are not happy ones. An angry, secretive man, he died when she was thirteen, leaving his past shrouded in mystery. When a stranger claims to have known her father during his early years in Eastern Europe, she agrees to meet only to watch the man shot dead on a city sidewalk. With his last breath, he whispers a cryptic clue, one that will propel Nadia on a high-stakes treasure hunt from New York to her ancestral homeland of Ukraine. There she meets an unlikel [...]

    27. I took a day to myself because I was sick, and it worked out perfectly because once I started this book, I couldn't put down my Kindle. I really enjoyed this novel much more than I thought I would. For an action-adventure novel, the characters weren't stereotypes, and I even liked the female protagonist much more than I usually do in these stories. I think Mr. Stelmach did a fantastic job of creating interesting characters who pulled me into the action and made me care what happened to them. The [...]

    28. Okay, so this is a mystery/suspense, and I usually can't get more than a few pages into these. If I do stick it out, I often have trouble distinguishing characters or caring enough to try to figure out clues. Often I figure out the clues anyway and predict the ending and am then bored. I read *this* book during one very crazy week full of disruptions, so could only go a few pages at a time. There was a pretty large cast of characters and a lot of twists and turns.And I had no trouble following a [...]

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