Mary Queen of Scots

Mary Queen of Scots

Antonia Fraser / Feb 21, 2020

Mary Queen of Scots Mary Queen of Scots passed her childhood in France and married the Dauphin to become Queen of France at the age of sixteen Widowed less than two years later she returned to Scotland as Queen after an

  • Title: Mary Queen of Scots
  • Author: Antonia Fraser
  • ISBN: 9781842126349
  • Page: 423
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mary Queen of Scots passed her childhood in France and married the Dauphin to become Queen of France at the age of sixteen Widowed less than two years later, she returned to Scotland as Queen after an absence of thirteen years.Her life then entered its best known phase the early struggles with John Knox, and the unruly Scottish nobility the fatal marriage to Darnley andMary Queen of Scots passed her childhood in France and married the Dauphin to become Queen of France at the age of sixteen Widowed less than two years later, she returned to Scotland as Queen after an absence of thirteen years.Her life then entered its best known phase the early struggles with John Knox, and the unruly Scottish nobility the fatal marriage to Darnley and his mysterious death her marriage to Bothwell, the chief suspect, that led directly to her long English captivity at the hands of Queen Elizabeth the poignant and extraordinary story of her long imprisonment that ended with the labyrinthine Babington plot to free her, and her execution at the age of forty four About The Author About the Author Antonia Fraser is the author of numerous internationally bestselling biographies, including The Six Wives of Henry VIII and Cromwell Our Chief of Men.

    Mary I of England Mary, Queen of Scots Biography, Facts, Portraits Family Tree, Reign Death biography Sep , In the Scottish throne went to Mary, Queen of Scots, a controversial monarch who became France s queen consort and claimed the English crown She was executed by Queen Mary Queen of Scots Dec , Directed by Josie Rourke With Saoirse Ronan, Margot Robbie, Jack Lowden, Joe Alwyn Mary Stuart s attempt to overthrow her cousin Elizabeth I, Queen Biography of Mary Queen of Scots historic uk Mary, Queen of Scots is perhaps the best known figure in Scotland s royal history Her life provided tragedy and romance, dramatic than any legend She was born in a week before her father, King James V of Scotland, died prematurely It was initially arranged for Mary Mary Queen of Scots Rotten Tomatoes Mary Queen of Scots is the kind of period drama that critics dismiss, and general audiences ignore, but for different reasons We have characters hitting the beats and bullet points of their

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        Antonia Fraser is the author of many widely acclaimed historical works, including the biographies Mary, Queen of Scots a 40th anniversary edition was published in May 2009 , Cromwell Our Chief of Men, King Charles II and The Gunpowder Plot CWA Non Fiction Gold Dagger St Louis Literary Award She has written five highly praised books which focus on women in history, The Weaker Vessel Women s Lot in Seventeenth Century Britain Wolfson Award for History, 1984 , The Warrior Queens Boadecia s Chariot, The Six Wives of Henry VIII, Marie Antoinette The Journey Franco British Literary Prize 2001 , which was made into a film by Sofia Coppola in 2006 and most recently Love and Louis XIV The Women in the Life of the Sun King She was awarded the Norton Medlicott Medal by the Historical Association in 2000 Antonia Fraser was made DBE in 2011 for her services to literature Her most recent book is Must You Go , celebrating her life with Harold Pinter, who died on Christmas Eve 2008 She lives in London.


    1. I’ve never read a nonfiction book about Mary Stuart, and the last (and, I think, only) fiction book I’ve read about her was back in elementary school, when I read her book from the Royal Diaries series. (I think it was called Mary, Queen of Scots: Queen Without a Country or something like that, and I remember not liking it very much.) What I knew about her going into this book was taken almost entirely from Elizabeth-centric history books, which obviously don’t always show Mary in the best [...]

    2. I won’t hiver-haver here: this is a wonderful book. From about page twenty onwards (it took a little while to get me into the swing of things) I was riveted. I arrived at page 691, on my third day of reading at 1.30 a.m having been unable to put the volume down for the final three or four hours. As I lay in bed at the end of each day of reading, my mind returned to this astonishing woman, who was a Queen in the sixteenth century, and acquired mythic status. Which she deserved—which indeed sh [...]

    3. I have to admit that before reading this, I mainly knew Mary Queen of Scots from the film Elizabeth, where she was presented in a minor part as a sensual French Catholic traitor prolonging a bloody war with England.In actuality, her story is almost more fascinating than that of Elizabeth, her cousin: Mary serves as Queen of France until her husband the King dies, when they're both barely 20. She returns to Scotland as Queen. But Scotland is still very medieval, plus it's protestant and she's Cat [...]

    4. I hesitate recommending this book because the writing is often dull and the author has an annoying habit of placing latin and french quotes without a translation. But in the end I do recommend this book because the story of Mary Queen of Scots tragic life is compelling. Twice a Queen, first of France than of Scotland. Mary was almost six foot tall in an age when five feet for woman was average. Beautiful, athletic, pampered, intelligent, naive and a magnet for misfortune. Her first husband died [...]

    5. Remember that time you thought your closest cousin was trying to have you assassinated and you thought it might be a good idea to execute her (after wrongfully imprisoning her for nineteen years)? Don't bother, 'cause you're going to die childless and her son is going to take over your throne, thus ensuring the survival of her line--not yours--for at least thirteen generations. That's what I got out of this book. Oh, and also that rebel lords aren't nearly so fun as they sound.

    6. I am very much interested in Mary's story, but haven't studied any history of the period since I was at secondary school. I chose to read Fraser's account of hers because she is so well revered; I thought that if anyone could present her tale in a fascinating and memorable way, it would be her. Alas, I have a few issues with the book. Mary Queen of Scots held my attention for the first 150 pages or so, but I felt as though it shifted after that point, losing some of its initial sparkle. Fraser's [...]

    7. This tome represents an impressive amount of research--too much if one expects a quick and easy read. While the portrayal is sympathetic, the picture which emerges of Queen Mary is not very positive. She was, as might be expected, spoiled, selfish and adolescent, certainly not one who might have been competent as an autocrat unless shepherded by ministers. As it was, she was poorly guided, both by her supposed allies and by her own unregulated desires. I was reminded of the late Princess of Wale [...]

    8. A sad biography of the Queen of Scots. I have given this book three stars though my enjoyment was edging towards two stars. This is my second book of Antonia Fraser and I much prefer The Wives of Henry VIII. My interest lagged even though I love Fraser's writing style, I never felt pulled into this sad account of the misunderstood queen of Scots. I plan on reading her other books and I hope that I can enjoy them much more than I had of this one.

    9. One of the best biographies on Mary, Queen of Scots. It is well researched and detailed; you don't have to be a history buff to enjoy this book. Fraser's writing style is very good, she keeps you hooked from the start. I do have some minor criticisms, one of them is how she presents Mary at tragic moments in her life. I felt like she was romanticizing her there. Other than this however, the book was great. I highly recommend it.

    10. I want to read this because I want to answer the question, 'Why is everyone so fascinated by this damn woman??'. I've never liked her. I've always thought she was stupid, petty, petulant and self-indulgent. I pity her, but I've never respected her in the least. She seems to have some rabid fans. I'm curious as to why. Perhaps Fraser, whose voice I really like in her stories of Henry VIII's wives, will be able to explain it to me.

    11. BBC R4Now for the film:Vanessa Redgrave Mary Queen of ScotsGlenda Jackson Queen ElizabethPatrick McGoohan James StuartTimothy Dalton Henry - Lord DarnleyNigel Davenport Lord BothwellTrevor Howard William CecilDaniel Massey Robert DudleyIan Holm David Riccio

    12. Once again, I have dithered for minutes over what rating to give this book. Four, for its excellent research, bright writing, and obvious love of history? Or two, for its sometimes slow pace, untranslated French and Latin, and positively biased viewpoint on Mary herself?So I settled on three, as so often before. That said, it may deserve more than that. It really is written very well; Antonia Fraser is not only a marvelous historian, she's a great writer. She writes easily and cleverly; the dry [...]

    13. Well I have finally finished this book; it only took me 28 days (that was pure sarcasm by the way).Let’s start off with all the positives about this book. Antonia Fraser loves detail and it comes through, she really does her research and that definitely impressed me. I learned things about Mary Queen of Scots that I probably would have never thought to look up, but was nice to know, the subtleties which really bring a character from history to life. Not to mention I enjoyed learning of all the [...]

    14. Mary is cast in a very understandable and sympathetic light. The author does a marvelous job of showing Mary’s intelligence, courage, queenly bearing, and strength, while also including her education, style, travels, appointments, involvement in games and sports, her reading, political stances, her choice of clothes and jewelry, and motivations in her choice of husbands. Mary is brought thoroughly to life by the author’s skill in portraying the historic woman and equally the feminine woman, [...]

    15. A heavy read for sure's definitely not for bedtime as one has to be focused and attentive in order to grasp the history. a basic knowledge of British history would not do harm in reading this book, as is perhaps the norm when reading such biographies. The story of this sad, unfortunate queen is of great interest to all lovers of history. It is riddled with tragedies and injustices and while reading one perhaps asks himself how much more this queen could have endured especially during her very lo [...]

    16. Magnificent. Detailed historical drama of Mary Queen of Scots. Gripping story of a brave woman who had to endure an end sentence in death and who, ultimately, lived in squalid surroundings. The last few pages were dear and touching ~ particularly disheartening and tragic. I loved reading this book. The writing was so vivid as to become aware and to share the joys and tragedies of Mary Queen of Scots.~Charlotte Liebel

    17. I love reading books about English history. Antonia Fraser is one of my favorite authors. If you like English history, you'll like this book.

    18. Having binge-watched the TV series "Reign" which was VERY loosely based on a portion of the life of Mary Queen of Scots, I decided I needed to know more facts about her life. To my delight, I found this book for $2. "Reign" was a guilty pleasure, although I felt slightly ashamed to be watching it since my daughter informed me it won a lot of "Teen Choice" awards on TV. The actors were all stunningly beautiful people, and the costumes were magnificent, although very oddly modern and historically [...]

    19. The 30 year old paperback copy I read had folios falling out as I went. Towards the end, I threw each page into the trash once completed.3.5 stars. This was dry as dust and hard to get into for the first couple of chapters, but once it gets going, you can't set it down. It's hard to believe any of this actually happened, and yet here we are. Fraser sifted every particle of Mary's story. It's easy to see why no other book on Mary has come up to this standard.

    20. Another delightful(ly sad) biography by Antonia Fraser! Yes, I did too five months to finish it but it was worth it as it cleared and expanded the little knowledge I had of Mary Queen of Scots. Antonia Fraser's biographies are worth reading almost for /just/ the ending chapter, honestly, way to make me tear every time.

    21. This is one of the best books I have ever read . Years of original research must have gone into its production and one feels that one is actually getting to the real truth about this tragic figure . Her life history is gripping - full of drama , intrigue , emotion , betrayals , love and loyalties .

    22. 3,78* Občas je to hrozne zdĺhavé a detailné (rozoberaný je totiž nielen život Márie, ale i celková politická situácia krajín v tom období, náboženská otázka a spory medzi rodmi + nespočet What if scenárov) až mi to lezie na nervy, kapitola sa môže venovať napríklad iba jednej nie až tak podstatnej hovadine a celkovo ku koncu už som z toho bola celá nešťastná (skôr preto, že Máriin život je tak napiču, že ťa to až bolí), ale - celkový dojem? Neviem, či by [...]

    23. I'm only about 1/8 of the way through this, and I must say that so far it is boring me silly. I'm reading it for my Birth Year Challenge and the biggest questions in my mind is "Why did Antonia Fraser have to publish this in 1969?" and "What made me put it on my challenge TBR list?" Actually, I can answer that last oneI've always been fascinated by the history of the British Isles and I'd heard about this book long ago and far away. When it popped up on a list of books for my birth year, I thoug [...]

    24. This sprawling, fascinating book is the most appealing & exhaustive look at the famous (or infamous) Mary Queen of Scots that I have read. It shows why Lady Antonia Fraser is truly a past master at the art of making history into something so richly gripping that fiction just can't touch it. I feel that it will appeal to people who are either serious history junkies or people who are just interested in reading more about this tragic offshoot of the Tudor dynasty, destroyed by her own family b [...]

    25. I do not read a lot of non-fiction, becasue often times I find the way non-fiction books read, tends to be tedious and dry and feel a bot text book like, but I am interested in history and I do try and expand out my reading experiences. I have to say that I thought Fraser did a wonderful job with this book, it read almost like a novel for me, something that rarely happens with non-fiction. It was such a captivating and engaging story from start to finish. I was a bit daunted at the prospect of r [...]

    26. I picked this book up at a book sale and tried reading it 2x previously before abandoning it. This last time I started it I told myself I would finish it. The reason I wasn't able to get through it the 1st two times is that it is not an easy read. Besides the story of Mary Queen of Scots there is a lot about the political atmosphere at the time and the conflict between the Catholics and Protestants in Scotland. Lots of characters coming and going and lots of different castles in both Scotland an [...]

    27. After I read the Steel Bonnets, by Malcolm Fraser (no relation, I think) I wanted to know more about the 16th/17th century Scottish Borderlands. The socio-religio-political chaos that existed in the Debatable Lands also played out in the perils of pauline melodrama that was Mary Queen of Scots' life. In the span of ~18 months, her husband carved up her lover before her very eyes, she gave birth to James VI of Scotland (who was to become James I of England), she spent 3 months in the Debatable La [...]

    28. I'm not a big non-fiction reader. I do enjoy it, but 9 out of 10 books I read are fiction. So when I started this mammoth biography--I was INTIMIDATED. I always like expanding my knowledge about certain topics though, so I wanted to try to make it through this book as far as I could. I'll be honest--I did not think I'd finish this when I first picked it up. I'm still haunted by memories of falling asleep over my AP European History textbook in high school. So I made myself a goal--just one chapt [...]

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