Cinderella's Rat

Cinderella's Rat

Susan Meddaugh / May 31, 2020

Cinderella s Rat When is a rat not a rat When Cinderella s fairy godmother turns him into a coachman well of a coachboy And what does the coachboy think of this sudden change in his life He s delighted to find the op

  • Title: Cinderella's Rat
  • Author: Susan Meddaugh
  • ISBN: 9780395868331
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When is a rat not a rat When Cinderella s fairy godmother turns him into a coachman well, of a coachboy And what does the coachboy think of this sudden change in his life He s delighted to find the open bags of grain in the castle larder But soon enough, trouble begins His sister, unchanged by the godmother s magic spell, scurries across the larder floor and isWhen is a rat not a rat When Cinderella s fairy godmother turns him into a coachman well, of a coachboy And what does the coachboy think of this sudden change in his life He s delighted to find the open bags of grain in the castle larder But soon enough, trouble begins His sister, unchanged by the godmother s magic spell, scurries across the larder floor and is in danger of being stomped to death by the coachboy s newfound friend How can he save her without revealing his secret Life is full of surprises Pumpkins turn into coaches and mice into horses, and an overworked wizard can create stranger magic than Cinderella s fairy godmother ever dreamed of Susan Meddaugh uses her wit and animated artwork to give us a hilarious new take on an old tale in this story of an ordinary rat caught in extraordinary circumstances.

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        Susan Meddaugh was born and raised in Montclair, New Jersey She graduated from Wheaton College, where she studied French literature and fine arts After working briefly with an advertising agency in New York, she moved to Boston and worked at a publishing company for ten years, first as a designer, then art editor, and finally as art director While there, she did the illustrations for GOOD STONES Houghton Mifflin by Anne Epstein, and then decided to strike out on her own as a freelance illustrator and creator of children s books Since that time, Susan has written and illustrated many popular books for children, including MARTHA SPEAKS, which was chosen as a NEW YORK TIMES Best Illustrated Book for 1992 In 1998 she was awarded the New England Book Award, given by the New England Booksellers Association to recognize a body of work Her work also was acknowledged with a New York Times Best Illustrated Award She lives in Sherborn, Massachusetts from HMHBooksSusan Meddaugh, a New England Book Award Winner, adores Halloween and calls it THE major Holiday in her household, in part, she says because it s the only time in the year when you get to be someone else from Candlewick


    1. An interesting take on the Cinderella story but focusing on the rat instead of on the actual heroine of the normal tail. The story searches what happens when change comes all of a sudden and sometimes how it can end up benefitting those who are caught by its actions. The illustrations aren't the kind that I would have chosen from the book although they did fit to a certain degree. All in all if you like to hear Cinderella from a rat's point-of-view and you are old enough to handle gruesome chapt [...]

    2. The story of Cinderella is common, but the story of her rat however not so much. While Cinderella enjoys her time at the ball, the rat that was magically transformed into her coachman enjoys his new human life. After he had been caught along with his sister in a rat trap, he was the one who was transformed, leaving his sister as a rat to follow her brother to the ball. There, they both find themselves in the kitchen eating the food and befriending another human until someone tries to harm the si [...]

    3. A book with a different twist on the classic Cinderella story. Funny and unusual things occur in this story with a surprise ending. The cartoon like pictures are colorful and the arrangement of them on certain pages is not typical which adds to the different twist of the story. An enjoyable book that the kids will certainly be entertained by.

    4. Picture BookCute story about Cinderella's rat getting turned into a coachman. A fun twist on a familiar tale, and fun new perspective!

    5. I absolutely loved reading this book, Cinderella's Rat, because it was from the perspective of the rat who was changed into a coach for Cinderella's famous pumpkin carriage that she rode to the ball in in her own story. I think it's a very unique view to consider what the animals who were changed by Cinderella's fairy-godmother went through on the night Cinderella's whole life changed. My favorite part of this book would have to be how the ending was not what I expected at all, but I loved the s [...]

    6. Rat and his sister were a little surprised when Cinderella’s God Mother changed them in to a Coachman in order to get her to the ball. It was even more of a surprise when rat did not change back, he stayed boy. It was very troublesome that his sister however, changed back to a rat. Then a way-word wizard tries to fix the spell and it does not go exactly as planned. Just when they think that all is fixed Midnight strikes and it did not work. In the end Rat and his sister get the happily ever af [...]

    7. This fanticy picture book was a different twist to the old Cinderella story. This book was writen from the veiw point of the mouse. While this book is slightly funny the story just is not very interesting. The main character is turned into a human trys to save his siter rat and than gets turned back into a rat himself. I could this story as a way of showing students how they could write their own verson of classic tales. After reading this, or other such book, I would than let my students write [...]

    8. This is a cute tale about Cinderella's rat and how life is changed for him due to the same magic that changed Cinderella's life. While in the traditional telling of Cinderella, the girl who has lived a very unfair life and magic allows for new opportunities for her. This tells a similar story of a rat and his sister who are caught and have their lives changed by magic.This text would best be used in a primary classroom to teach about fairytales, cause and effect, story sequencing and character d [...]

    9. A cute story with a twist on Cinderella since its told from his prospective.A brother and sister they were, then caught by the fairy godmother they became, next thing he knew he was a real live boy but his sister was still. While he was a boy he ate all he could seeing how as a mouse food was scarce but one day someone tried to stomp his sister. He screamed aloud and scooped up his sister and to a wizard he went hoping to turn his sister to a little girl but in the end, he was a rat and his sist [...]

    10. (print) Author/Illustrator: Susan Meddaugh; Age: 2nd gradeThis is a tale which seems to mimic Cinderella, with Cinderella as the backdrop. It is told in first person, from the perspective of a mouse who is turned into a coachman/boy for the ball. He is faced with having to save a family member from danger, without revealing that he himself is a rat.I like this story. It's a good/simple read and students would be able to make the connection between this story and Cinderella. This would teach stud [...]

    11. This book was interesting. Reading form the rat point of view. There wasn't that much of Cinderella and the fairy godmother in the book. I thought that it was nice of the rat to still save his sister when he was human although she got to turned into a human who barks. The end was pretty good that the sister was there to save the other rats from other cats who came. It could be a good read aloud for children.

    12. This is one that we just happened upon when I was searching the catalog for more Cinderella stories for my three year old. It's by Susan Meddaugh, who is more famous for her Martha books, but I like this one better than Martha. The rat is charming and sympathetic as he tells the story, and the way it turns out is completely unexpected. Also, it's a fairly short fractured fairy tale. We just got it yesterday, and it's already been reread several times.

    13. This is the take on the Cinderella classic I never saw coming! (BUt then neither did I realize how many pornographic films are devoted to Cinderella, or is it SINderella? So it all works out in a way.) It comes from the viewpoint of one of the rats changes into a lowly footman (or footboy) taking Cindy to the ball. No mention of Glass slippers or rotten stepsisters, nor (thanks to God) lesbians eating saltines in front of the lord chamberlain so check this one out.

    14. I really liked the way the end of this story came back to where it had started, while putting a new spin on it at the same time. Some of the language/sentence structure feels "dated," but "Cinderella" from the rat's perspective is a unique twist, and I enjoyed the twists and turns at the end. Overall, an enjoyable read.

    15. The story's backdrop is Cinderella, where a rat is captured and made into the coachman for Cinderella's ball. However, circumstances change and he shouldn't reveal who he really is or it could have disastrous consequences for himself and his family. Not one of my favorites by Susan Meddaugh; the Martha series is much better.

    16. One moment he's a rat in a trap and the next he's a coachboy in the castle kitchen.Cinderella from the rat's point of view. Fun and worked well in my lesson. Has a bit a magic and a twist with the rat's sister than the students liked. Perfect for illustrating how fairy tales can be fractured via point of view, although not as good as The Very Smart Pea and the Princess to Be.

    17. The rat gets taken by the fairy godmother and turns into the carriage driver. He wants to turn his sister into a human as well. Her sister gets turned into a girl but barks like a dog. He gets turned back into a rat after midnight. She stays as a girl.

    18. Liked that it was a twist on a classic book and you couldn't predict what was going to happen. Would be great to use in a first grade classroom. I think the ending is really funny and it could be used as a great mentor text in writing from a different characters' perspective.

    19. Fantastic idea abominable execution. I expected there to be a real relationship between Cinderella and the rat as the title implies but there wasn't. And then the end of the story comes out of no where and Cinderella isn't in it anywhere.

    20. Read this to find inspiration for telling a twisted fairy tale. This was cute, but don't know if it has enough oomph for storytelling.

    21. This text uses the plot from Cinderella to create another kind of story. This would be a great way to begin a lesson on surprises across the curriculum.

    22. Cinderella's GodMother changed this small rat's life with the small flick of a wand. He was never the same from bringing Cinderella to the Ball and returning to a different family.

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