The Wanderer

The Wanderer

Robyn Carr / May 31, 2020

The Wanderer From Robyn Carr New York Times bestselling author of the popular Virgin River novels comes THUNDER POINT the highly anticipated new series that will make you laugh make you sigh and make you fal

  • Title: The Wanderer
  • Author: Robyn Carr
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • From Robyn Carr, 1 New York Times bestselling author of the popular Virgin River novels, comes THUNDER POINT the highly anticipated new series that will make you laugh, make you sigh, and make you fall in love with a small town filled with people you ll never forget.Nestled on the Oregon Coast is a small town of rocky beaches and rugged charm Locals love the land s unspoFrom Robyn Carr, 1 New York Times bestselling author of the popular Virgin River novels, comes THUNDER POINT the highly anticipated new series that will make you laugh, make you sigh, and make you fall in love with a small town filled with people you ll never forget.Nestled on the Oregon Coast is a small town of rocky beaches and rugged charm Locals love the land s unspoiled beauty Developers see it as a potential gold mine When newcomer Hank Cooper learns he s been left an old friend s entire beachfront property, he finds himself with a community s destiny in his hands.Cooper has never been a man to settle in one place, and Thunder Point was supposed to be just another quick stop But Cooper finds himself getting involved with the town And with Sarah Dupre, a woman as complicated as she is beautiful.With the whole town watching for his next move, Cooper has to choose between his old life and a place full of new possibilities A place that just might be home.

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        Robyn Carr is a RITA Award winning, eleven time 1 New York Times bestselling author of almost sixty novels, including the critically acclaimed Virgin River series The third novel THE FAMILY GATHERING in her fan favorite new series, Sullivan s Crossing, will be released in April 2018 Robyn is a recipient of the Romance Writers of America Nora Roberts Lifetime Achievement Award 2016 and in 2017, VIRGIN RIVER was named one of the HarperCollins 200 Iconic Books of the past 200 years Robyn and her husband live in Las Vegas, Nevada You can visit Robyn Carr s website at RobynCarr.


    1. A good pleasure read where you don't have to put much effort into the reading itself. The characters are likable and the plot is a typical one for a romance book. The writing is simple and the story keeps your attention. Nothing life changing here really, just another feel good romance book. Good for if you just want to relax and unwind and need something a little cliched or predictable.

    2. How could anything compare to Virgin River? I don't know, but I think Robyn Carr did it with this first book in the Thunder Point series.Former Army helicopter pilot (friend of Luke Riordan!) Hank Cooper is the new Jack; or maybe good guy single father (women refer to him as "Deputy Yummy Pants") Roger "Mac McCain is the Jack-like character? Anyway, you can see that newcomer (to Thunder Point, Oregon) Cooper and Mac are going to have a strong bond throughout the series, just like Jack and Preach [...]

    3. Good news for Virgin River fans!! You will be happy to know we have not been abandoned, Robyn Carr has simply moved us to the rugged Oregon coastline and given us a new cast of characters to fall in love with, (and, of course, a few to hate). Best yet, anyone who hasn't read Virgin River series will have no problem jumping into this series without feeling lost.Thunder Point is the fictional town near the very real areas of Bandon, Coos Bay, Coquille and North Bend. I was lucky enough to spend tw [...]

    4. When Hank Cooper is notified that his old friend, Ben has died he travels from Virgin River to Thunder Point, Oregon. When he arrives he finds out that Ben has left him his bait shop and land. Sarah Dupre has only lived a short time in Thunder Point with her young brother, Landon but already feels at home and welcomed by the locals.Robyn Carr is almost synonymous with smalltown romances. She has perfected the formula in the Virgin River series, transplanting the setting and stories from the moun [...]

    5. 3.5 Stars! A strong beginning and then it 'wandered' off course and just rambled along!Maybe it was just me, but this was somewhat of a disappointment. I get this is a new series, however I couldn’t help but compare it to Virgin River, and this is no Virgin River.I enjoyed the first 50% of the book, as Cooper finds his way around Thunder Point, after that he lost me. The relationship he forms with Sarah held no appeal for me at all; I didn’t feel any chemistry between them, skimmed around th [...]

    6. Robyn Carr is one of the truly great voices in contemporary romance, and fans of her Virgin River series are going to fall, and fall hard, for the people of Thunder Point.From the cover:Nestled on the Oregon coast is a small town of rocky beaches and rugged charm. Locals love the land's unspoiled beauty. Developers see it as a potential gold mine. When newcomer Hank Cooper learns he's been left an old friend's entire beachfront property, he finds himself with a community's destiny in his hands. [...]

    7. I just finished the debut of Robyn Carr’s new “Thunder Point Series.” She never fails to take me places I love to go while introducing me to captivating characters every step along the way. When I’m looking for a comfortable and peaceful reading zone, her books come to my rescue. The ever popular Virgin River Series (and yes, I’ve read each and every book) always fulfilled my reading needs in every way possible. And now, I’m eager to set out on a new adventure along the coastline of [...]

    8. The Wanderer centres around Cooper and Sarah. After the death of an old friend from Army, Cooper travels to Thunder Point, Oregon to learn what happened to him. While there he learns that his friend has left him a large parcel of pristine beach front land, including a ramshackle bait shop. But Cooper is a wanderer and settling down isn't in the plan. After her ex-husband's betrayal, Sarah doesn't trust men. And especially men like Cooper who freely admits to having commitment issues. But as Coop [...]

    9. 3.5 StarsI have been a fan of Robyn Carr for a long time. Long before I ever came on ,and before I had my one-click Kindle addiction! I had come across a series that took place in a small town called Virgin River. I fell in love with that town and the people in it. So when I heard that Ms. Carr had another series coming out, this time about a town called Thunder Point; I just had to give it a try! Then I won a giveaway for book #4 and decided it was time to begin the journey to Thunder Point!Thu [...]

    10. I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS BOOK TO COME OUT. I LOVE HER VIRGIN RIVER AND GRACE VALLEY SERIES AND AM EXPECTING GREAT THINGS FROM THIS NEW SERIES!This new series by Carr did not disappoint. There was a lot of set up for future books, but I absolutely loved the character development and the story itself. It can be another VR series but in a different setting.Set in Oregon, Cooper's friend dies and leaves him his falling down place and the land. Cooper comes to Oregon in his fifth wheel and m [...]

    11. Hank ‘Coop’ Cooper is a man who hasn’t put down roots in quite awhile. He’s ex-Army and most of his jobs since leaving involve flying choppers. After learning of his good friend Ben’s sudden death, he decides to make a short visit to Ben’s home in Thunder Point and hopefully get more details about his accident. Upon arrival, he finds an old, dilapidated Bar/Bait Shop sitting on some of the most gorgeous beachfront property around. Imagine his surprise when he later learns Ben has lef [...]

    12. This is reaaaallly slow. Our main romantic leads don't even meet each other til halfway through the book. But you know, by the end, that slowness really works and this book is still kinda stuck in my brain, so I'd say that's a successful book!

    13. This story takes a very long time to get started. There is a lot of establishing and more than a few PoV shifts. At least part of that is that Carr is following two separate romances as well as establishing a location that is fully-fleshed and rich in detail. None of this is bad, per se, but it does rather extend out the story somewhat and provide a bar to momentum and pacing.And it works out okay. Not great, but not bad. Cooper is the biggest draw, by far. He's laid-back, understanding and just [...]

    14. It was ok and didn't quite have the same punch that the first book in Virgin River. The world building took forever and Cooper and Susan didn't even connect until almost page 200. So the romance seemed rushed and disconnected to me and the ending was rushed. Maybe I am bit burned out on this type of small town romance.

    15. 4.5 StarsI completely adored this story. Robyn Carr is such a fantastic author and I'm already in love with this new series that has been introduced to us for 2013. -----------------------------------------------------------------------There’s been no word on whether there will be any more Virgin River books – and that makes me very sad! – but I’m happy to say that Robyn Carr has given me another new series to fall in love with! Before even starting this book I knew that this would be ye [...]

    16. I’m a huge fan of Carr’s Virgin River series and was disappointed to learn it’s on hiatus for now. But, this new series is off to a very good start with The Wanderer. Quick summaryHank Cooper (he goes by Cooper in this story) received a strange call that an old Army buddy of his had died and he needed to come to Thunder Point. Cooper is very much a wanderer, not really having settled anywhere for years. He travels with everything he needs, which includes a toy hauler and a Rhino. It was hi [...]

    17. The Wanderer is so different than anything I have read in the longest time. This is my first-time experience Robyn Carr and I can tell you that this will not be my last. I adored everything about this one, and I honestly wasn’t sure what I would think of it since the main couple here doesn’t even meet really until about half way through the book. But we see other sub plots with three other couples develop so it still had the romance I was looking for. From what I can gather after reading The [...]

    18. To read this and other reviews like it check out BadAssBook Reviews The Wanderer is a contemporary adult romance novel and the beginning of a new series, Thunder Point. This is a solid funny book, a good escape and left me with a sweet and satisfied feeling. Fans of author Robyn Carr’s Virgin River series will feel at home reading Thunder Point. At least one character was introduced in the Virgin River series, but that is where the association ends. There is no need to read Virgin River before [...]

    19. Three and a half stars.After the death of his friend and army buddy Ben, Hank Cooper finds makes his way to Thunder Point to pay his last respects and also to find out what happened. Something about Ben’s death doesn’t sit right with him. Hank, better known as Cooper, is shocked to find Ben has left his waterfront property and rundown home, bar and bait shop to him. Hank’s first idea is to sell it all but there are a few complications, not the least of which is the state of the property an [...]

    20. 4 starsIn The Wanderer Hank Cooper is drawn to Thunder Point, Oregon by the death of his dear friend Ben. You see, Cooper knew ben back in his military days and because Ben was his friend Hank wanted to make sure that Bens affairs were put in order. What Coop does not expect is the find so many fascinating people in Thunder Point. His short trip takes longer than expected with many surprises along the way. This is a perfect start to another wonderful series.A smile tugged at his lips. She had a [...]

    21. Reviewed for THC Reviews"4.5 stars" Thunder Point is the new Virgin River. I have to admit that I was a little sad at the prospect of Robyn Carr leaving Virgin River behind to start fresh in a new small town. Even though I haven't finished the Virgin River series yet, I have a feeling that when I do get to the end, I'll have a hard time saying good-bye to the characters who have become like family to me. But I can now console myself with a new “family” in the residents of Thunder Point, and [...]

    22. 02/17/2013 --Overall Rating = 3 StarsBook Cover / Book Blurb = 3 / 3 = 3 StarsWriter’s Voice = 3.5 StarsCharacter Development = 4 StarsStory Appreciation = 3.5 StarsWorth the Chili = 2 Stars [received an ARC, but will about be $7.99 when released in May]When you read Robyn Carr you must be patient. Her story unfolds like a mild Peyton Place with multiple characters drawn by a master. This reader isn't the most patient person, so this sticks for me a bit. Let me outline those things that worked [...]

    23. Although I am not a huge fan of romances, I actually found The Wanderer by Robyn Carr quite engaging. Really, my experiences with romance books consists mainly of Nora Roberts, and over the years I have come to enjoy the mystery and life stories that she uses to showcase her romances. I found this same situation in The Wanderer. Hank "Coop" Cooper takes a trip to Thunder Point, Oregon, which is on the Oregon Coast, ostendibly to get some closure on the death of his best friend, Ben. Ben is a lon [...]

    24. 4.5 starsWhen I first saw that Robyn Carr has a new book I was thrilled - another Virgin River book - YAY! But then I noticed that it was another series. I have to admit I was disappointed. Although I really like how Ms. Carr writes, I still prefer the VR series. But, I shook of the disappointment, and started this book. And I LOVED it.Ms. Carr managed to create another town that will burrow its way into readers' hearts. Thunder Point and it's residents are no less enchanting than those of Virgi [...]

    25. My issues:1. Incorrect titleThis book should be titled “Introduction to Thunder Point.” Robyn Carr uses this book to introduce the new town and ALL its inhabitants. 2. Page 171! The MCs mentioned in the synopsis do not meet until page 171. I’M ALMOST HALFWAY DONE WITH THIS BOOK and they are just meeting?3. Outdated languageI’m confused about the year this book is representing. Characters use words like ‘posse’ and phrases like ‘hide behind your skirt’ by a teenager, but modern te [...]

    26. ★★★★✩ (This is a review of the audiobook.) I liked Therese Plummer's narration, but she doesn't differentiate the voices - at all! She didn't bother me, and her enunciation and pacing are great, she just didn't kick this one up a notch and so, even though I increased it to X1.25 speed, I found myself easily switching to the eBook format to speed things along and to find out what happensen going back to the audio afterwards.Also, the story is really more of a "Contemporary" novel, not a [...]

    27. 4.5 The Wanderer Stars- ❤ Audible Review HERE ❤Robyn Carr has spoiled me. I have loved every book I have read by her. I am in love with her Virgin River series. And was putting of this series because well I wanted to save it… But I couldn’t resist and I needed my fix. This is NOT Virgin River and that’s OK. :) I fell in love with Thunder Point who could blame me. This place is special they look out for one another. They come together when they need to. It’s just as special as VR. I l [...]

    28. I always look forward to a book by this author. When I read the description I instantly realized that Cooper was Luke's friend from Sunrise Point, I was really excited to read the book. Then when I realized it was a new series, I started to scratch my head. I figured that with Cooper and Jack clearing the air, it set things up for him to settle in Virgin River. But apparently that was not in the cards, instead we get this new charming seaside community.I won't say that I could stop the compariso [...]

    29. This is the first book in a new series by Robyn Carr and I have to say that I'm surprised I like it. That must sound bizarre, but I really went into it thinking this will NOT be as good as her Virgin River series. And yet I was completely wrong. I'm convinced this is going to be a wonderful new series I can fawn over. Awesome!Hank Cooper (friends with Luke from VR series), arrives in Thunder Point, Oregon looking to settle his deceased friend Ben's belongings. Coop's a little late to the party a [...]

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