Protective Custody

Protective Custody

Stormy Glenn / May 28, 2020

Protective Custody Siren Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Romance M M HEA Hayden Flynn saw something that put his life in jeopardy Put into protective custody for his own safety he s whisked away to a secret locati

  • Title: Protective Custody
  • Author: Stormy Glenn
  • ISBN: 9781622424542
  • Page: 223
  • Format: ebook
  • Siren Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Romance, M M, HEA Hayden Flynn saw something that put his life in jeopardy Put into protective custody for his own safety, he s whisked away to a secret location Pretending to be someone s live in lover isn t so bad, except his new love interest is a man.Christian Jackson has been an FBI agent for several years He was trained b Siren Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Romance, M M, HEA Hayden Flynn saw something that put his life in jeopardy Put into protective custody for his own safety, he s whisked away to a secret location Pretending to be someone s live in lover isn t so bad, except his new love interest is a man.Christian Jackson has been an FBI agent for several years He was trained by the best, but nothing prepared him for his next assignment pretending to be the gay lover to the hottest straight man he has ever seen Trying to keep Hayden alive seems to be easier than keeping his hands off of the man.When Jackson and Hayden finally give in to their desire, sparks fly Hayden tries to blame it on the threat of death hanging over his head Jackson tries to pretend that it wasn t the best night of his life Both men are confused by the feelings developing between them But that doesn t seem to matter when they discover that the threat to Hayden s life is even closer than they thought.

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    1. I loved it, great couple and enjoyable plot.What a love the most, was the first kiss and the first time they make love. super sensual that I had shivers down my spine.A real shame there are not sequels, I would have love to read about the rest of the team.

    2. This was such a fast moving story and not in a good way. They were together, 3 days max. Went from straight guy/ gay guy fighting to gay guys sleeping together in no time. Then the story seems to neatly resolved and they have a HEA. Where is the meat? Where are the intense feelings, the story?!This is my second ( or third) book by Stormy Glenn and they have so much potential but we go from zero to sixty and miss all the good stuff in between. I think I've learned my lesson.

    3. I think this should definitely be a series! The rest of the Fly Team boys need stories too.Hayden, bar owner, witnesses enough of some illegal activity to get multiple attempts on his life. As an ingenious idea, the big FBI guys decide to hide straight ladies man as a gay man with a live in lover hence where Jackson comes in, who's never tried to hide his orientation. Would have liked to see more of his obvious 'gayness' in action that was slightly hinted at. It would contrast nicely with his ba [...]

    4. I have a confession to make.But after this:Okay, this was kind of an awkward read for me.Let me elaborate.I've been reading a lot of m/m lately. So much so, in fact, that whenever these kind of GFY-ish situations come up, I keep expecting something like:Originally Gay One: "I love you."Other Dude: "I love you, too."Originally Gay One: *le gasp* "REALLY??" *happy dance*Other Dude: *snorts* "Yeah, no. I was just going to turn gay for you? It ain't that easy, dude. I don't just stare at you very ha [...]

    5. I loved these guys, they made a cute couple. I totally agree with having this being a series, it would be nice to have the other Fly Team members get their own stories.

    6. I really enjoyed this FBI undercover-protective-custody detail story. It was very close to being a 5 star, but I just couldn't do it because the ending got a little muddled and there were so many opportunities missed for this to be a Laurel Heights type book. I was getting so excited during the first few chapters, thinking I had finally found a book similar to one of my all-time-favorites, Laurel Heights. Unfortunately, it wasn't to be, but I still really liked it.Recommended if you like confide [...]

    7. Довольно интересная книга, несмотря на смехотворный и неправдоподобный сюжет.

    8. Please be a series! Such a good story and this could b a good series as the other members of the fly team need to have their story told.Would have liked to see more of Jackson's gayness that was hinted at and find out what piercings he has, many times ere are references at he has ALOT of piercings yet not many are mentioned, no were near as may as is hinted

    9. top2bottomreviews.wordpress/4.5 Kisses!Stormy Glenn’s books are a sheer pleasure for me to read. When I’m in the mood for a fast-paced book with sexy heroes, I’ll reach for one of her books time and time again. I like her easy style of writing and her stories are quick and to the point…which can be really nice after a long, hard day or after reading an angsty book that leaves me exhausted. I like how her books bring a smile to my face and in Protective Custody she did exactly that.The bl [...]

    10. Well. There were just so many things wrong with this book, I don't even know where to start. So to be more organised, here's a list:1. Like I have mentioned in so many of my reviews, I really dislike insta-love. This was one of those instances where I wanted to cry it was so cheesy. (view spoiler)[So, what you're probably thinking right now is that they dated for like a week and then moved in together and confessed their undying love for each other. Wrong. They dated for a total of zero, that's [...]

    11. These are just my own notes. Maybe someday I'll get to a review but right now I have to get my notes off my dying ereader.The secrecy is so great he's not even allowed to take his own clothes but they let him use his own name.LOL: "How do you feel about helicopters, Flynn?" "I feel pretty good about them as long as they stay on the ground."Good that they acknowledge that asking about whether someone is gay would make them lose their jobs. He told Hayden it was okay to ask, shouldn't be mad. Hayd [...]

    12. I kept wondering whether I’d read this before; the plot was so generic and the characterization so thin. No. I’m thinking… No, probably not.Completely forgettable and vaguely unsatisfying. That’s what this book is – for me. It’s also repetitive, unlikely, not particularly endearing. Luckily short as well.It becomes apparent quite quickly that Jackson’s… kinda touchy. Going by the writing itself I don’t understand the provocation. Maybe it’s in the tone of Hayden’s delivery, [...]

    13. While the premise of a LEO falling for their charge is nothing new, it’s always much, much better when the story has a M/M romance element to it. While I am not overly fond of the whole gay-for-you storyline, I wanted to read this book since it was written by Stormy Glenn. That certainly wasn’t the case with this story. Hayden was always gay, but of course, growing up in the neighborhood he grew up in with an intensely homophobic father pushed him deep into the closet, so deep that he repres [...]

    14. I've given this 5*s, maybe after a 2nd reading I'll lower that rating. It might just be the mood I'm in but I loved this book. Sweet, loving and emotional, not high literature but you don't read these books for that. It's a wonderful feel good, giving oneself a cuddle book. I really hope that this is the start of a new series, Stormy has the groundwork in place with other characters from Max's team.#########Having read this again I have lowered the rating to a four star. I still think this could [...]

    15. I liked the story and could have bought the whole but the story didn't feel as centered on the main characters as it should have been. There were also two things that were a little off for me. The big plot line and reason the two men were together is WAY too neatly tied up. Also the way that Hayden reacted to everything went from one extreme to the other, not a consistent character.I did enjoy Jackson. He was a strong character that made the story enjoyable. I think if the main plot was develope [...]

    16. 2.5 starsThis was mildly entertaining but not my favorite SG book. I have read tons of her stuff and so the whole "insta-love" thing is not a problem for me when I read her books - I know going into a story what to expect. This one just didn't have much of a spark. I didn't feel much empathy for the plight of the boys in the story, and there were too many secondary characters that were heavily involved. If I am going buy into insta-love then I need to feel it too and in this one I just didn't.

    17. Only 3 stars because while I liked it there were some moments where I wanted to whack one or both characters upside the head and shake the stupid out. The plot could have been a bit more filling, too, but that's okay. Sometimes you're in the mood for steak, other times you want popcorn. This book is popcorn for your brain.

    18. I enjoyed this book way more than I was expecting. Was it realistic and deep, well no but it was fun to read. And entertaining for sure. Slow build up between the two men which is right considering one is "straight" and when they finally do get together, the sex was pretty hot. Not crazy kinky or anything but really good.

    19. easy, quick read.The stupid moments:somebody kisses you back and gives you a second kiss and you think he's straight. Not even an inkling. The 180 turn was quick. It would have been nice to see it developing.And Jackson was very unprofessional. Acting as he did. Hard to even imagine anyone so unprofessional.

    20. I love Stormy Glenn and wanted to love this, but the relationship developed too fast for me. 3 days from "gay is kinda gross" to (view spoiler)["turned my Irish pub into a gay pub" (hide spoiler)] was just too fast for me. This book needed about 50 more pages of fleshing out and it would have been AWESOME- the elements were there it was just too short and fast.

    21. This was just an okay read for me. The whole scenario was a little far fetched and sorta out there, but I knew it going into reading it. I would have like to read more about the team - I think more of a focus on them and how they all interact would have been interesting.

    22. Loved this book. Wished it had been longer though or maybe a follow up to see how Hayden and Jackson got on. So wanted to know more about Jackson's piercingsHot sex as well. What more could I ask for?

    23. I definitively liked this story a lot, the idea was great and I enjoyed meeting the main charcters. Even if the plot was maybe a bit fast paced and the coming together a bit too quick, I can only recommend this book! I will surely read another story by this author soon!

    24. dnf-never again. never getting sucked into in other Stormy Glenn book. I have read 2 that I liked, 2 that I tolerated and this is the second that was not even worth finishing. Constantly think that if I try again I will get back to the ones that made me laugh out loud. But never again.

    25. I liked these guys but moved too fast for a contemporary story. Now - had this been wolf shifters it would have been different :)

    26. Seemed like a good concept, but this had such a ridiculous set up coupled with insanely stupid character actions and reactions, it was painful to read.

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