Gone for a Soldier

Gone for a Soldier

Kathleen Kelly Garlock / Jan 23, 2020

Gone for a Soldier As many as one thousand women may have disguised themselves as men and fought on both sides of the American Civil War Some fought for love some for money and others out of patriotic fervor Lucy Tessi

  • Title: Gone for a Soldier
  • Author: Kathleen Kelly Garlock
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  • Page: 461
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  • As many as one thousand women may have disguised themselves as men and fought on both sides of the American Civil War Some fought for love, some for money and others out of patriotic fervor Lucy Tessier just wants to escape the hangman s noose.Alone in the world and brutalized by a neighbor, Lucy Tessier fights back With a knife A year has passed since the first womanAs many as one thousand women may have disguised themselves as men and fought on both sides of the American Civil War Some fought for love, some for money and others out of patriotic fervor Lucy Tessier just wants to escape the hangman s noose.Alone in the world and brutalized by a neighbor, Lucy Tessier fights back With a knife A year has passed since the first woman in Minnesota was hanged for murder and Lucy has no plans of being the second She cuts off her hair, dresses in her dead brother s clothing, and joins the First Minnesota regiment as Private Rob Edwards Lucy s plan to immediately desert changes when she realizes how much she relishes the freedom and respect extended to her as a man in a man s world.Before long Lucy falls in love with a fellow soldier, but he likes another girl, and that girl is infatuated with Rob Edwards Complicating things further, the doctor who saved the life of Lucy s attacker is the regiment s new surgeon He s guessed Lucy s secret, but for reasons of his own is keeping the knowledge to himself And as the regiment battles almost to the gates of Richmond, Lucy is tested physically and emotionally and learns that friendship, and love, are always worth the fight.Historical fiction with a bit of romance Gone for a Soldier is the story of a real Civil War regiment and a fictional girl.

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        Kathleen Kelly Garlock is the third of seven siblings born into large Irish German family in St Paul, MN She is the author of two novels, both historical fiction.


    1. Gone For A Soldier is a historical novel about the struggles of women during the American Civil War. The main fictional character is strong Lucy Tessier, who as literary representation of the many women from the times described in the novel, suffers a great deal of hardship, thanks to her circumstances, gender and her own choices. In short and without spoiler, destiny forces her to disguise as a man and fight in the Civil War. But of course, there is much more to this good novel…It is not ofte [...]

    2. The Extraordinary Lucy!A superb historical novel which embodies the courageous spirit of fictional protagonist Lucy Tessier. Set in the first half of the American Civil War, the blurb tells us: "Gone for a Soldier is the story of a real Civil War regiment and a fictional girl." A fictional young woman who, I think, represents many real life sisters-in-arms.Kathy Garlock has inextricably intertwined the factual historical details of the First Minnesota Regiment with a few fictional characters and [...]

    3. This is an epic tale from the Civil War, where unlikely characters meet, become friends, and struggle with staying alive. They are actual stories from historical journals that the author painstakingly reviewed and studied. It is always interesting to get a real feel for the daily struggles of soldiers in war times. The main characters that are fictional in this account are compelling and you can't help but develop concern and admiration for them and the suffering they endure. My overall rating f [...]

    4. This romantic historical fiction book about the Civil War is fascinating after the first couple of chapters, which are a bit confusing. But if the reader persists, if will pay off! This book brings to life so many interesting facts that I never stopped to think I was being informed about true history. This author researched battles, living and hospital conditions on the battlefronts, women's participation in them, weapons used, diseases and injuries suffered, etc. She studied actual letters, new [...]

    5. I received a copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest review.I love men in military uniforms. This book is filled with them, so it had all the makings of a book I would enjoy.Starting off I think the thing that made it the hardest for me to get into was how many people there were. In the first chapters new characters were constantly popping up and it was hard to keep track of them all.I liked Johanna and Lucy. The way Johanna was sneaky about playing an active role instead of a passi [...]

    6. I was skeptical when I first saw it was historical fiction, but then I decided to take a quick look at the first pages and I couldn't put it down.I spent a couple of sleepless nights alongside the First Minnesota just because I could not stop reading until the sun came up and it was time to start the day anew. That's how much the characters and the story captured my attention. My geographical uselessness aside, as a foreigner who did not study US history or geography past the mandatory couple of [...]

    7. Lucy Tessier has a problem – a problem that can only be solved with a knife – then she really has a problem.Dressed in her brother's clothes, she enlists in the army as Rob Edwards in a desperate attempt to hide. At first she is suspected of being abducted, but knows that is only a matter of time before the real story comes out, that she stabbed her guardian when he raped her.Terrified of discovery, Lucy throws herself into army life. Drills, guard duty and hospital duties fill her days whil [...]

    8. When I first started to read this book I thought, "Oh great, 308 pages!" But as I started to read, I became infatuated with the characters, plot, and the history of the Civil War and couldn't get enough. This is quite the epic story where tragic events lead to one woman's brutal experiences and the harsh realizations of the Civil War. Lucy, the main character, is on the run from her horrid past and finalizes that dressing like a man and joining the Union army is her best option to disappear. Whi [...]

    9. Gone for a Soldier is set during the American Civil War and tells the story of Lucy, a woman running from her past who disguises herself as a soldier, Rob, and joins the Confederate Army. As much as she enjoys the freedom this role comes with, she falls for a fellow soldier and cannot express her true feelings for him. She also lives with the threat of a hanging should anyone find out about her true gender.What I liked most about this book was the historical elements and setting to it. The Civil [...]

    10. Gone for a soldier is a book for those readers who can step beyond light reading and devote themselves to a meticulous and imaginative reconstruction of America shattered by the Civil War. The book's pace and attention to the details reminded me of War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy, and I was curious to see how the author would cope with such a mammoth task of representing things of bygone days, which was done beautifully and credibly. The author isn't afraid to expose realism of soldiers' life, maki [...]

    11. This was really well done. The period details weren't overwhelming, but there was a lot of grit to the descriptions of battle, illness, etc. that gave them more impact when they were present. The characters were very well written, and aside from one or two spots where the plotting seemed slightly off, there was a strong build to the story. The banter and rapport of the soldiers was humorous and believable, and helped maintain a sense of continuity and genuine affection, even though the main char [...]

    12. I admired Lucy throughout this entire book. The author developed this character so well, I felt an attachment to her and kept reading to find out what happened to her. Having a woman pretend to be and live among men would be tricky, As I was reading , I found myself saying thinks like "How did Lucy deal with___?" and the author would come through with an explanation at some point.My husband enjoyed the fact that I was clueless about the Civil War and had to ask him to explain some things. Even t [...]

    13. A lot of research must have gone into this intriguing story. The melding of fictional characters into historical fact takes some doing, and Kathleen did this very well. I was impressed by her retelling of the grit and determination of the soldiers, but also with her portrayal of their sense of humour. The blood-curdling scenes of battle were enough to make the reader cringe, but not enough to become gratuitous violence.I liked some of the chapter-end hooks, too. I have to say, I read this is sma [...]

    14. I have just finished reading a wonderful book from a fantastic author. Gone for a Soldier by Kathy Garlock is a must read. Usually, this type of story doesn't pique my interest as much as others, but I can honestly say I've enjoyed this story from beginning to end. One of the best things about her book is this: It keeps building and building and unlike other stories, the plot isn't predictable. To rate her story, I have to give it a 4.5 out of 5 stars. I would give it a full 5, but it takes a mo [...]

    15. I found 'Gone for a Soldier' to be far too long, and skimmed most of the endless details about pitching camps, and marching, and bad weather. The premise is interesting – a woman disguises herself as a man and joins the army to avoid arrest for stabbing the man who assaulted her, and along the way finds True Love – but the execution is poor. There is too much civil war detail for a romance reader, and too much romance for a civil war buff.The book is in dire need of attention by someone who [...]

    16. This book seems interesting to me from the point of view of the story line.What else can be as interesting as the story of a lady – Lucy who disguised as a man and adopting a man’s name has to enlist in the army as a soldier to fight with a knife!I can’t really predict what might happen next, such a wonderful and unpredictable plot is what catch my fancy the best about the book and for the fact that the author blends fictional tales of the American Civil War together with romance is so fas [...]

    17. I enjoyed reading the story about Lucy, disguised as a man in the civil war. Although Lucy is a fictional character, many of the characters existed and their stories are interweaved into Lucy's story.Sometimes I felt that Lucy was not a participant in the story; an incident would be described and all the actions of everyone would be told except for Lucy's. I got this book free when the author posted in the Historical Fictionistas group that her book was free on . I'm glad I saw her post and read [...]

    18. I have to say that this is not the sort of book I usually read. The Civil War, however, is a passion of mine and so I thought I'd give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised. I had a little trouble getting through the first chapter, not that it's not well written; it is. I just had a bit of a problem with the whole woman dressed as a man thing. That being said, I enjoyed the story. The characters are well drawn and story rolls along nicely. The plot is also well drawn and the battle scenes are tot [...]

    19. This is book is a historical fiction book with a bit of romance about a girl who disguises herself as a soldier. I enjoyed it thoroughly!As a Brit reading it there were a lot of details to understand, especially concerning geography and points of U.S. history, but having said that the details we quite well strung together as a coherent story.A pet quibble of mine is characters that are "perfect". I found Johanna's character too perfect which detracted from the overall story a little.

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