Barbarossa's Bitch

Barbarossa's Bitch

Angelia Sparrow Naomi Brooks / Dec 10, 2019

Barbarossa s Bitch Dylan Taggert was one of the few people lucky enough to wake up the morning after the world ended But as humanity picks up the pieces he quickly learns that there is no place for a gay computer progr

  • Title: Barbarossa's Bitch
  • Author: Angelia Sparrow Naomi Brooks
  • ISBN: 9781937058500
  • Page: 299
  • Format: ebook
  • Dylan Taggert was one of the few people lucky enough to wake up the morning after the world ended But as humanity picks up the pieces, he quickly learns that there is no place for a gay computer programmer in a subsistence farming community Hounded out of one settlement and harried out of another, Dylan keeps his wagon packed and his walking boots ready.All that changesDylan Taggert was one of the few people lucky enough to wake up the morning after the world ended But as humanity picks up the pieces, he quickly learns that there is no place for a gay computer programmer in a subsistence farming community Hounded out of one settlement and harried out of another, Dylan keeps his wagon packed and his walking boots ready.All that changes when he is captured on the road by a wildpack The ferociously masked leader, Lord Barbarossa, sees something in Dylan that he wants and he keeps the programmer as the pack makes its round of the settlements The wildpack serves as defenders, trade caravan, circuit riding judge and priest, and mail carrier for the settlements And Dylan, now called Kane, serves Lord Barbarossa.But Kane wants to be than just a warlord s toy and sets about making himself a useful part of the pack Over the years, he earns himself a place, clothing and his membership marks But the wheel keeps turning and once again things are changing for the wildpack The settlements are stronger The trade routes are secure again And they are growing older with every winter They have lived through the end of the old world Now, they face living through the end of their new world as well.

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    1. When the first line of a book isWhen the settlement delegation entered the encampment, Kane was being fucked. Lord Barbarossa hammered away at his ass, growling obscenities. And with the title Barbarossa’s Bitch, I was pretty much expecting a dark slave novel, raw, gritty and full of sex in a post-apocalyptic setting… but what I got was completely unexpected, very different and I have to say quite surreal in parts! It is also very difficult to review this story as the narrative is not set ou [...]

    2. 3.75 stars. Unique post-apocalyptic tale with a D/s bent. One morning most of the people in the world just didn't wake up. The survivors are left to recreate society in the vacuum and things get quite vicious. Dylan, a skinny gay computer programmer wanders from settlement to settlement looking for a place to feel safe. But the need to repopulate and the rise of fundamentalism means gay men are being kicked out of these communities on a regular basis. Finally he sets off for the wild places in t [...]

    3. I read this book almost as soon as it was released and since then have been scratching my head over how I could possibly write a coherent review. The story is set in a post apocalyptic USA and covers a period of about 15 years, from the day before 'The Accident' to the point where society is beginning to become settled and civilised once again. Dylan was one of the lucky ones who woke up when millions of people died within the blink of an eye. He escapes a city full of corpses to find that peopl [...]

    4. Surviving the best he can in a post-apocalytic world is one man who serves as a pet to his lord, Barbarossa.Well that's one deceptive blurb; the story was significanty different than I expected. So, my depraved non-con friends this story isn't the terror you're hoping for and everyone else who read that blurb thinking, "Holy cow--No!" you may be pleasantly surprised. Now that isn't to say that there aren't exotic elements to the story: knife play and M/s, but the telling is more action/adventure [...]

    5. An enoyable, light read. I expected more of a dark-fic, but, yet again, the cruel toppy Master teaches his cum-sucking slave humility and personal abasement by loving him a whole heap and making him 2IC.My favourite part was the narrative structure: the story is chopped up into little segments, and the reader has to work out where in the narrative the bits fit. This might drive some readers bananas but I love it. I found the post-apocalyptic society was structured interestingly, and this showed [...]

    6. Tell me why I just glanced the title and author's last name and I thought "Barbossa? Sparrow? Jack Sparrow finally gets his? Cool MM Pirate Romance!"*sigh* A girl can dream.

    7. This story didn't speak to me. I couldn't really enjoy this post-apocalyptic world settings. Somehow this violence, raping and killing didn't ring of a true chosen love. Anyway, every story tells a story and this one is unique. Mostly I didn't like the writing style.

    8. A tale told in three ways : diary entry by Kane, narrative by Kane and narrative by Dylan. It's not as confusing as it sounds as its clear when each piece starts, which one it is and they each tell a different part of the tale. Dylan's narrative is about the early days of After, Kane's narrative is the story of the wild pack and the diary is a history of what has happened really.Post apocalyptic stories are not normally a choice genre for me, but I won this from the author on Jessewave's last BA [...]

    9. At first, after reading a couple of scenes, I wasn't sure if I wanted to continue because the main characters came across as mean and lacking backbone. Then, as I read on, I realized this was a deliberate contrast to the life we live now and meant to shock, a harsh situation for a bad time. The cruelty of people in power is softened by the signs of people who are not only trying to survive, but keep their humanity too.Even though the scenes jump all over the timeline, I actually think that in th [...]

    10. A great read. The story is told from Dylan's POV and he narrates via his diary entries (which aren't dated and are random) and events he has endured. There isn't any chronological order to them but if you're like me and you have a tendency of wanting the story told in certain order than your out of luck. The best solution I found was try not to think to hard and just read the story to the end since it all makes sense (although it seems like there are some contradictions here and there). The worl [...]

    11. Definitely an interesting book, different from what we're used to in the m/m genre. I have to admit I'm still not entirely convinced about the 'Hopscotch'-like structure, but on the other hand, after I got used to the the "randomness" of the fragments and got into the story, it didn't bother me all that much. It was refreshing to read something this raw, something that wasn't following the typical romantic story line. I liked how the authors described the world After, the variety of the settleme [...]

    12. When I first started reading, I cut my teeth on post-apocalyptic/dystopian fiction this book was beautifully written from this perspective the hellish existence was very believable in a Mad Max kinda way I did find the sexual degradation of Dylan hard to read about but it pushed the story along well & wasn't gratuitous this is a dark book with an ending that showed hope for mankind rather than a Utopian HEA well worth reading but perhaps not for those who prefer their M/M to be strictly [...]

    13. 3.5 starsIt wasnt sort of an original story plot but I enjoy the story buildup and I shudder the thought if this aftermath Apocalypse becomes a reality. *_*The mess up of this Barbarossa is the time frame of the story goes forth between the past and present that at times I get dizzy.Fortunately, the end gives it the extra 1/2 star.

    14. I think I would have given this 4 stars if the story had followed a linear timeline my squirrel like nibbles of reading time just didn't mesh with the nonlinear timeline. Overall good plot and interesting MCs.

    15. It was good world-building in this post-apocalyptic novel.The main problem I had with it was I didn't feel that connected to the MCs. They were okay, but there was something about them that didn't really grab me.So I'd give it 3.75 stars, not quite 4. But we can't do that, so up it goes.

    16. Reviewed by:Vivian A. Genre: M/M Rated: 3.5 hearts Check out the review at: Hearts On Fire Reviews

    17. WOW! What a world! I really enjoyed the idea that the "outcasts" are the evil motorcycle gang. Interesting and makes you think

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