An Inquiry Into Love and Death

An Inquiry Into Love and Death

Simone St. James / Feb 18, 2020

An Inquiry Into Love and Death From the acclaimed author of The Haunting of Maddy Clare and a talent to watch Anne Stuart New York Times bestselling author of Shameless a spellbinding ghost story set in s England After her unc

  • Title: An Inquiry Into Love and Death
  • Author: Simone St. James
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 113
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • From the acclaimed author of The Haunting of Maddy Clare and a talent to watch Anne Stuart, New York Times bestselling author of Shameless a spellbinding ghost story set in 1920s England.After her uncle Toby, a renowned ghost hunter, is killed in a fall off a cliff, Oxford student Jillian Leigh must rive to the seaside village of Rothewell to pack up his belongings AFrom the acclaimed author of The Haunting of Maddy Clare and a talent to watch Anne Stuart, New York Times bestselling author of Shameless a spellbinding ghost story set in 1920s England.After her uncle Toby, a renowned ghost hunter, is killed in a fall off a cliff, Oxford student Jillian Leigh must rive to the seaside village of Rothewell to pack up his belongings Almost immediately, unsettling incidents a book left in a cold stove, a gate swinging open on its own escalate into terrifying events that convince Jillian an angry spirit is trying to enter the house and is haunting the woods around Blood Moon Bay If Toby discovered something sinister during his investigations, was his death no accident The arrival of handsome Scotland Yard inspector Drew Merriken leaves Jillian with questions than answers and with the added complication of a powerful mutual attraction She suspects someone will do anything to hide the truth and begins to discover secrets that lie deep within Rothewell and at the very heart of who she is.

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        Simone St James is the award winning author of The Haunting of Maddy Clare, which won two RITA awards from Romance Writers of America and an Arthur Ellis Award from Crime Writers of Canada She wrote her first ghost story, about a haunted library, when she was in high school, and spent twenty years behind the scenes in the television business before leaving to write full time She lives in Toronto, Canada with her husband and a spoiled cat.


    1. "My uncle Toby died of a broken neck in the autumn of 1924, just as I was starting the Michaelmas term at Oxford."Uncle Toby's pocketwatch was left on the very center of the kitchen table. A book was found in the stove. There was a misplaced key. And the air: at times, it was frigidly cold. This was Jillian Leigh's welcome to Barrow House and the small village of Rothewell on the English coast. Admittedly, this story pinched my flesh. It gave me the heebie-jeebies. I found that when I was alone [...]

    2. THIS BOOK GAVE ME TOO MANY EMOTIONS.Probably because it was practically tailor-made for me.A narrator/protagonist who feels human and relateable AND happens to be one of the first ladies to attend OxfordOST-HUNTING.A mysterious murder at a seaside town.England in the 1920s and a plethora of WWI feelsEEPY GHOST CREEPINESS.A hunky Scotland Yard inspector who immediately sizzles with the protagonist and is VERY physicalMMMMMMH.Okay, but seriously: This book was phenomenal. It rang true throughout, [...]

    3. I enjoyed Simone St. James’ debut novel, The Haunting of Maddy Clare, thoroughly enough to run to my local bookstore the night before Inquiry was released and accost the poor sales clerk, begging her to see if St. James’ newest book was in. Blessedly, she was kind enough to oblige, and I walked away eager to devour what I hoped would be another gripping, atmospheric tale.Maddy Clare is a chilling, haunting story peppered with just enough romance to balance out the darkness of the main plot. [...]

    4. This is the first book I've tried by this author and I enjoyed it a lot. It had the creepy ghost story element to it that I loved. I do wish there had been a bit more of it though. I felt like it was overshadowed a little by the murder plot which I thought was too easy to figure out. The best thing about this book and the thing that kept me reading was the whole atmosphere of it. I enjoyed the setting, the characters, and the creepy ghosts enough to give this 4 stars.There is a fair amount of ro [...]

    5. I'd really enjoyed The Haunting of Maddy Clare (thanks to my GR friend Holly for her recommendation), this one was a great read too! A bit less intense than the previous book, although I must say that the scene in Barrow House at night was pretty scary. The characters were well drawn, I really liked our protagonist, Jillian. The setting was very atmospheric, I could really picture it my head as I read. Especially the Blood Moon Bay in moonlight :) quite creepy. I'll definitely get my hands on th [...]

    6. Mystery-Historical: After WW1Jillian Leigh is one of the few women attending Oxford after WW1. When her uncle falls off a cliff in the seaside village of Rothewell,she comes to identify his body and collect his things. Uncle Toby was a ghost hunter whom Jillian had not seen in years. A series of very frightening events that happen while she is there convinces Jillian there more to than just an angry spirit in the area. When handsome Scotland Yard inspector Drew Merriken arrives to investigate To [...]

    7. A spectacularly atmospheric mystery and ghost story, set in post-WWI England. The story and characters are worthy of being compared with the Bess Crawford/Ian Rutledge books by Charles Todd, which is pretty much the highest recommendation I can give to a book in this genre.It is 1924, and 22-year old Jillian Leigh is of the odd new breed of academic-minded young ladies in England (a terrifying sort, for sure). She comes from an academic line, her father is a worldreknowned chemist, her mother hi [...]

    8. I've been waiting to get my hands on this one since I read St. James' The Haunting of Maddy Clare, yet when I got my hands on An Inquiry Into Love and Death I was strangely reluctant to start it. It was one of those times when you're so excited to read a book, you don't just want to save it. I wasn't disappointed with this one, it had all the elements that I loved from St. James' first book - highly atmospheric, touch of the supernatural, dash of mystery, and a good helping of romance. In An Inq [...]

    9. 3.5 starsPart mystery, part romance, part supernatural, this highly atmospheric story is set in 1924 in the remote seaside village of Rothewell.After Oxford student, Jillian Leigh, was notified of her uncle Toby’s death in a tragic accident she must travel to Rothewell to pack up his belongings. But it turns out to be much more than she bargained for. The place is hunted and the eccentric uncle’s death might not have been an accident. It seems the latter brought Scotland Yard inspector, Drew [...]

    10. Edit: Skimmed the book and I am in LOVE with these characters and this story. Also, the UST is off the charts. 07/23/2016Rating: 4.5/5I feel like giving myself a pat on the back for accidentally picking up this book. So, SO good! The book was an absolutely amazing paranormal murder mystery that remained consistently solid with its progress and twists without a moment of boredom. Jillian was a wonderful character who was neither too sheltered nor too 'worldly.' It was a pure pleasure to read abou [...]

    11. I've always wanted a book that I can go back to repeatedly without it losing its charm. This is that book for me. I can never tire of this story and its characters.

    12. Deberías leer esta historia si te gustan los misterios, el suspense con un toque de paranormal y los romances sutiles, realistas y que te dejan con un buen sabor de boca.Hacía tiempo que no disfrutaba tanto de una lectura, ha sido casi perfecta. La prosa impecable, el misterio me ha tenido en vilo, me ha costado la misma vida no leer el final de la página para ver en qué quedaba todo porque a veces el suspense era bestial… y el romance, aunque para ser sincera no ha sido el eje principal d [...]

    13. I enjoy a good Gothic novel, and I was intrigued by An Inquiry Into Love and Death as soon as I first heard about it. After reading it, I can report that it is indeed a good Gothic novel, and fans of the genre should definitely check it out.Jillian Leigh’s life as an Oxford student is interrupted when her uncle Toby dies in a fall from a cliff in the remote village of Rothewell. With Jillian’s parents out of the country, settling Toby’s affairs falls to Jillian.Toby was a ghost hunter and [...]

    14. A copy of An Inquiry Into Love and Death was provided to me by NAL/Edelweiss for review purposes.When Jillian is informed that her Uncle Toby passed away after committing suicide she's the only family that is willing and able to come and collect his belongings. Upon visiting the quaint seaside village of Rothewell that he was staying at, she finds quickly that there is something strange about this town. Realizing that her Uncle Toby had been staying there working as a ghost hunter she realizes t [...]

    15. Excellent ghost/mystery/light romance/historical read! I was totally into the story from page one and cant wait to buy more of Simone St. James books.Creepy, lightly atmospheric, great character developmentI felt sorry for the bad guy in this book and I loved the ghost story.Fantastic!

    16. Джиллиан - весьма необычная девушка. Мало того, что дочь ученых родителей, так еще и сама учится в университете (в двадцатые-то годы), не замужем (в почтенном двадцатидвухлетнем возрасте), водит автомобиль (ну, по крайней мере, водить отец научил, а то, что ездить некуда, - дело [...]

    17. I'm a visual person so I prefer to hold the book in my hands and experience the story that way, but I couldn't stop listening to this book. I found myself lingering over the laundry and the empty dishwasher and sitting in the car in the driveway so I could hear just a little bit more. Sometimes even, I made the mistake of listening to it at night, and parts gave me chills. Drew sounded as if he'd just run a sprint. He stood tensed, looking at the ceiling, as if expecting to see something there. [...]

    18. I enjoyed this book quite a bit. It didn't have the pervasive spookiness of The Haunting of Maddy Clare, but it's still a good creepy mystery with a healthy dose of the paranormal. The middle dragged a tad for me, but overall, not bad at all. And I loved the ending - a romance with an ending that's truly romantic always leaves me happy.

    19. I'm apparently reading ghost stories again. Maybe 3.5 stars?I liked this, but not as much as The Haunting of Maddie Clare. Parts of it were very predictable. (view spoiler)[I called Toby as Jillian's father, not uncle very early on. (hide spoiler)] I liked elements of the relationship, but not others. (view spoiler)[That letter, where Drew asks her if hiding out in her garden and wanting to see her sounds like courting, because it is, was a delight. (hide spoiler)]There was a lot of "hiding thin [...]

    20. ”I did not believe in ghosts. Of course I didn’t- no sane person believed in ghosts.I believed in Oxford, and cobblestoned squares, and old bricks thick with ivy, and rainy days curled up reading books. I believed in my mother’s strong coffee and in the lonely, aching scent of early dawn before anyone else in my boardinghouse was awake. I believed in my favorite men’s cardigan and the wat the wind felt on the back of my neck. I believed in life as it lay before me, spinning out slowly, d [...]

    21. This book has a slightly different feel to it from the previous Simone St. James book I've read, Silence for the Dead. It's not as much Gothic creepy (though that sequence with Drew and Jillian in Barrow House overnight? Scary as heck!) and more detective murder/mystery. Not to say that that's a bad thing, but I actually enjoyed the Gothic creepy of Silence to the hilt. So I was a bit disappointed at the lesser amount in this novel. However, I enjoyed Jillian as a character profoundly. She's a n [...]

    22. Jillian the intrepid and Inspector Drew Merriken the MAN.The story takes place between world wars and all that entails. Jillian is a 20 year old woman and one of the few women attending Oxford University and all that entails in a time when women were still expected to marry well before they turned 20. Her uncle Toby dies unexpectedly and she is the only one who can go to the small village he was staying in and collect his effects and identify his body. His death was ruled accidental until 'hot a [...]

    23. What a creepy story. Don't read this one at night! Or, better still, go ahead and add to the scary factor, though this book takes care of that all by itself.I enjoyed the story, which had everything - woo-woo, a love story, espionage, pets, a cottage by the sea and local atmosphere. Not only that, but the heroine of our story finds out a big secret about herself, which I did not see coming.I would recommend this book only if you have a large chunk of free time as it is very hard to put down!

    24. I very much enjoyed this book!!! Characterizations were wonderful. The mix of paranormal and pre-WWII hinting were fabulous. I loved the subtle nods to various spirits throughout the book and while I hardly believe in ghosts myself, the idea of them is simply delicious.

    25. An ahead-of-her-time independent young woman, who studies at Oxford's Somerville College just after WWI, is involved in her uncle's murder-mystery, with a village full of characters and a troubled ex-RAF-turned-Scotland-Yard detective. The ghost in this book wasn't as outright creepy as the last book's, nor was Walking John's story as super sad/enraging as Maddy Clare's. However, I think the character development of the protagonist, Jillian, was a lot more advanced in this book. Finished in a si [...]

    26. Review also posted at my blog, TBR Mountain Range. Come for a visit :)If you love a good mystery filled with eerie scratches at the window, unusual characters, an unsolved murder, an innocent heroine assisted by intriguing Scotland Yard inspectors, a seaside 1920s English setting reminiscent of beloved Gothic Romance novels of the past, then AN INQUIRY INTO LOVE AND DEATH will enthrall you. LOVE THIS COVER!In 1924, Jillian Leigh is a student at Oxford when she learns of her uncle's sudden death. [...]

    27. This is the second novel I've read by this author and I've officially decided I like her. Her descriptions are great without being too wordy, she has believable characters, and she can really ramp up the suspense! The first time the heroine has a ghostly encounter I got so freaked out I had to huddle in a corner with the lights on! I was very jumpy that whole evening. I love authors who get me so absorbed in their tale I have to remind myself I'm not in the 1920's, and Miss Fisher isn't availabl [...]

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