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Taboo Who is he He s the eighteen year old lifeguard at the pool I m a twenty eight year old woman babysitting for the summer before going to grad school He s one step away from jailbait his birthday was e

  • Title: Taboo
  • Author: Roxy Queen
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Who is he He s the eighteen year old lifeguard at the pool.I m a twenty eight year old woman babysitting for the summer, before going to grad school.He s one step away from jailbait his birthday was eight days ago Yes, I checked.I m not necessarily a cougar yet, but closer to cougar than high school girl.He s hot, and by hot, I mean holy crap And by holy crap, I mean,Who is he He s the eighteen year old lifeguard at the pool.I m a twenty eight year old woman babysitting for the summer, before going to grad school.He s one step away from jailbait his birthday was eight days ago Yes, I checked.I m not necessarily a cougar yet, but closer to cougar than high school girl.He s hot, and by hot, I mean holy crap And by holy crap, I mean, when I first saw him, I thought he was twenty one Minimum But he s not twenty one He s eighteen and off limits But he has this back and these shoulders and everything about him is yummy and I just want to touch him Once.

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    1. Let’s face it. All of us grown-assed women (and men) have looked at a fine specimen and appreciated the view. Sometimes they are attainable, other times not. Yet, we love to live in the fantasyland of our brains where we can totally do that actor we saw in the movies, that model we saw with the nice rack, that UPS man with the fantastic guns, that NBA player whose body is a sculpture, that football player whose pecs are perfection. During the Olympics, men and women alike got the chance to pos [...]

    2. Once I got over being a little ticked off that the so-called "taboo" was that of a woman dating a man 10 years younger (What century are we in?!), the very light plot did resolve into a sweet love story. If you are looking for real taboo and dark romance, this is not it. I don't consider it erotica, either. There are some explicit scenes, but they are written as more of a telling of what they did rather than in a sensory style that carries the reader along. If you are looking for very light summ [...]

    3. I really liked this book about an 18-year old lifeguard and a 26-year old nanny who takes her charges to the pool every day in the summer. The nanny falls in lust with the 18-year old hard body but has big problems with the age difference. The lifeguard returns the lustful feelings and decides he wants something more. I love these books where the supposed "youngster" is really the mature, adult in the room and the older heroine comes unglued about what other people might think.A delightful read. [...]

    4. This was a very funny romantic book. Ruthie is the older woman who, like all the other women around the local pool, lust after 18 year old Carter who is a lifeguard. Ruthie takes on the Mrs. Robinson role and teaches him how to treat a woman sexually. What she doesn't plan on is falling for him.A very romantic fun read with some pretty hot sex thrown in for good measure.

    5. Because this is (supposed to be) our summer fling. We were never supposed to be a real thing.But what can I do ?He’s the most genetically superior eighteen-year-old I’ve ever seen.And I fell miserably for him.I always hv a thing with Older-younger couple storyWell, actually I prefer older man rather than older woman, but I still can enjoy the story very wellThis Carter guy reallyh.HOT !!!Tall, broad, hot-shmexy, charming and smart ?And he's only eighteen ?Can you imagine ??Hell, I always hv [...]

    6. Light read. I wish it had more sidestory- anything besides Aqua man- but again, light read Heroine did creeped me out with her comments and shallow views of him. At the beginning I couldn't recognize an adult, and it wasn't that it got better later, but H&h grew on me.

    7. I really didn't know what to expect, but I really enjoyed this story. What guy doesn't want a hot mature yound women to teach him the ropes sexually. And what women wouldn't want a very well endowed man with tons of stamina.Throw in some romance and a great friendship and you have yourself a very well rounded short story.

    8. Loved this book didn't read the blurb so I didn't know what to expect and I am glad I did. It was an enjoyable read loved every second of it

    9. 3.5 starsI was given this ebook to read under the category of "Younger Male/Older Female Romance", and that's what I got, I guess.Other than a nine-year age difference between the male and female lead, I felt as though there wasn't much of a gap between their mentalities. In terms of a literary point of view, that's bad, because it just made Ruthie seem childish and horny 24/7. But seeing as the book revolved around a whirlwind fling involving just reckless sex, it didn't impact the overall impr [...]

    10. synopsis:ruthie has taken a job as a nanny for the summer before she starts her fall semester at duke university. she's recovering from a failed engagement, and is on the lookout for a summer fling. when she takes the kids to swimming lessons, her attention is caught by a gorgeous specimen. when ruthie finds out that he has just turned 18, (she is 28) ruthie decides that she can still look, but not touch. when carter shows her that he is interested in her, ruthie decides that she can teach carte [...]

    11. Since I've written a similarly-themed taboo book, I enjoy reading other books like it to see how different authors treat this subject matter. I was glad I did with this one. I started reading it around midnight tonight and just finished at 4 AM. I had every intention of reading until I fell asleep, but never did. It was just that engaging. There are hot scenes, funny dialogue, and a satisfying love story. There were times when I felt our story lines were very similar--too similar, in fact (my bo [...]

    12. Truthfully, I didn't expect to enjoy this book as much as I did. I happened to stumble upon it and figured it was worth a try. I'm glad I gave it a shot because Taboo hooked me instantly. I loved its fun and flirty vibe and it was overall very entertaining. Carter was really sweet and I loved him with Ruthie. They had great chemistry and Carter allowed Ruthie to be young and live again. As someone the same age as Ruthie, I could understand her concerns completely with having a relationship with [...]

    13. Ruthie and Carter (AKA Aquaman): He's the hottest 18 y/o lifeguard, possibly ever, and she's the grad student/ babysitter who stalks him by the pool. "Does he even know I gave him a mental blow job? Because I did." It's 'Taboo' because of the 10 year age difference. At first, he is her secret boy toy. She teaches him how to pleasure a woman, and he's an eager learner. But if he gets his way, Carter wants to show her that their summer fling can be so much more. Carter is definitely book boyfriend [...]

    14. This book kept coming up in my Recommendations, and I thought about reading it, but just wasn't sure. One day last week, one of the authors that I follow on Twitter tweeted that it was free, so I thought, 'why not?'. I must admit that the age difference weirded me out, but Carter was rather mature for his age, so it wasn't as much of an issue. I could totally understand where Ruthie was coming from in terms of her misgivings, but I also agreed with Betsey and Finley when they told her to just go [...]

    15. I honestly didn't know what to expect once I started reading this, except that it was going to be sexy, and it was between an older woman and a younger guy. So I definitely wasn't expecting to like this as much as I did, and the amount of feelings, and fine, depth. Ruthie actually tried resisting Carter, for all the reasons we all think it wouldn't work out, and they were both miserable during that period.I loved it. Just the right amount of drama, but the sexy times all but made up for it. Ruth [...]

    16. Isn't it great to start a book with no expectations, just with the hope of a read, that is worth your time?So I decided to read this little book and then the following happened:After the first few pages, I found myself either giggling, laughing out loud or with a bride smile etched into my face.This is how good this was!Funny, flirty with spectacular sympathetic characters.I wanted to jump right into my kindle, to hug them and never let them go

    17. Oh yea, this book ended up being so much better than I thought it would be. It's always nice when you stumble upon a free book and it ends up being so much better than the description implies. The taboo portion is marginal (he's 18 and she's 28), but something I myself would worry about. This ended so well. Definitely took me by surprise, making Roxy Queen an author worth watching.

    18. More like 3.5 stars. Way better than I thought it would be! Unfortunately, between the female leads constant fangirling over his body and Carter being the epitome of a one dimensional hot guy (the most compelling conversations NEVER involved him) I couldn't really buy that they were in love. They just seemed a tad obsessed fun, but not deep.

    19. I loved this.loved it. I admire Ruthie for going after what she wants even though she feels it's wrong. I so wanted more, I was so sad when it was over. I look forward to more books from Ms. Queen.

    20. I was a little nervous reading this book, since involves a very younger man. I'm glad my curiosity got the better of me!! This book rocks!! There were so many times I literally was laughing out loud. The author did the subject matter very tastefully!

    21. Hilarious! Not so much in a laugh out loud kind of way, but hilarious in the -you know you've been there- kind of way!Quick, glaze over any type of plot etc. kind of read. Would recommend for any chick in their late 20's-early 30's looking for a fun read.

    22. So good!! OMG! I loved it. It was hot, sweet and yummy. Carter is just so hot. it made drool while reading it. Thumbs up!

    23. this was a nice read. the story was cute and light reading. The age difference was quite the problem for Ruthie. Nice ending would like to know more about them

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