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Dragonsbane When the Black Dragon seized the Deep of Ylferdun young Gareth braved the far Winterlands to find John Aversin Dragonsbane the only living man ever to slay a dragon In return for the promise of the

  • Title: Dragonsbane
  • Author: Barbara Hambly
  • ISBN: 9780345349392
  • Page: 126
  • Format: Paperback
  • When the Black Dragon seized the Deep of Ylferdun, young Gareth braved the far Winterlands to find John Aversin, Dragonsbane the only living man ever to slay a dragon In return for the promise of the King to send help to the Winterlands, Aversin agreed to attempt the nearly impossible feat again.With them, to guard them on the haunted trip south, went Jenny Waynest, aWhen the Black Dragon seized the Deep of Ylferdun, young Gareth braved the far Winterlands to find John Aversin, Dragonsbane the only living man ever to slay a dragon In return for the promise of the King to send help to the Winterlands, Aversin agreed to attempt the nearly impossible feat again.With them, to guard them on the haunted trip south, went Jenny Waynest, a half taught sorceress and mother of Aversin s sons.But at the decadent Court, nothing was as expected Rebellion threatened the land Zyerne, a sorceress of seemingly unlimited power, held the King under an evil spell, and he refused to see them Meantime, the dragon fed well on the knights who had challenged him.In the end, Aversin, Jenny, and Gareth had to steal away at night to challenge Morkeleb, largest and wisest of dragonsbut that was only the beginning of the perils they must face.

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        aka Barbara HamiltonRanging from fantasy to historical fiction, Barbara Hambly has a masterful way of spinning a story Her twisty plots involve memorable characters, lavish descriptions, scads of novel words, and interesting devices Her work spans the Star Wars universe, antebellum New Orleans, and various fantasy worlds, sometimes linked with our own I always wanted to be a writer but everyone kept telling me it was impossible to break into the field or make money I ve proven them wrong on both counts Barbara Hambly


    1. Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths.Dragonsbane is a novel I read upon release back in 1985. Obviously, the world was a different place back then, I was a different person (young teenager) and fantasy was of a different flavor. Even at the time though, I knew that Barbara Hambly had gifted her readers with a refreshingly mature fantasy which would stand the test of time.In the northlands, Jenny Waynest is a not-so-young-anymore sorceress, half-trained, who splits her time between learning her cra [...]

    2. Hambly writes adults, a rarity in the fantasy genre; in particular, Dragonsbane is a depiction of middle-aged regret, of people who because of historical circumstances and personal situations will never achieve what they dream of, and somehow Hambly writes it in a way that's not depressing and that appealed to me even as an adolescent unsympathetic to the failure to achieve. Also, the dragons are cool.Under no conditions read the sequels. In fact, let us agree that the publishing records lie and [...]

    3. 3.5 stars, though not sure if I should round up for the subversive narrative and character-driven writing style because I feel like I should judge this book by the standards of the time period in which it was written--the 80s--and not judge it by what I normally like/prefer in high fantasy--books written much later in the 90s and beyond.Even though it's called Dragonsbane and the Dragonsbane is a knight named John Aversin, the whole story is told from the perspective of his mageborn partner, Jen [...]

    4. I had never heard of Hambly but I am impressed. In the world of sword and sorcery, most authors find it convenient to go the "hack and slash" route with the beautiful maiden thrown in to make the hero "extra-heroic". Few are willing to invest what Tolkien did in creating a whole world that has humans and other intelligent creatures.Hambly is more than able in this regard, giving us both a deep study of relationships and a threat to the order of the world. Her view of magic is complex and nuanced [...]

    5. When a huge black dragon descends upon the Deep of Ylferdun, young Gareth sets out to find the Dragonsbane, the only man alive who has ever defeated a dragon. But Sir John Aversin is not what Gareth had hoped for—he’s a scruffy academic who is less concerned about honor than he is the health of his villagers’ pigs. And Aversin’s lady love is not what Gareth had expected either: a plain, middle-aged witch, who has borne Aversin two sons out of wedlock and is utterly unapologetic. Swallowi [...]

    6. A very nice traditional fantasy story that deliberately throws over a handful of clichés - for instance, our heroes are middle-aged lovers, prosaically named John and Jenny, and the dragon slayer is wry and academic rather than imposing and martial.More typical is Gareth, the indignant court messenger who comes seeking a hero out of a ballad and finds a man as much involved with pig farming as lording. Also, the beautiful yet evil witch who has enthralled the king is a predictable villain. But [...]

    7. Occasionally, in discussions of SFF, you'll see readers bemoaning the lack of books that feature (1) older women (2) non-pretty women (3) mothers who get to do things. Dragonsbane has all of these things, in interesting ways and, while it begins by seeming to be a deconstruction of romantic stories of noble knights slaying evil dragons, it is primarily a story of (the limits of) female ambition.(view spoiler)[We start the book with Jenny, a northern mage, rescuing a would-be noble sprat of a res [...]

    8. Probably cheesy to some but an escapist gem. Maybe I love it because I first read it when I needed escape. Very easy to lose myself in Hambly's beautiful writing. Also, you know that musical phrase, that sunset on an empty beach, that gesture that can bring tears to your eyes? This book had many of those for me. Poignancy? Beauty? Romance in the sense of the movement, not the checkout counter paperbacks?Plenty of action, psychological metaphors, humor. Still love this tale.

    9. Hey, this is really good! It doesn’t beat out The Ladies of Mandrigyn as my favorite Hambly, but that’s because Mandrigyn is awesome; this is a strong second. Please ignore the cover and blurb, though, as they appear designed to fool you into thinking this is a different sort of book from what it actually is. You’d never guess that Jenny is the main character, for instance. I’m not sure why the deception, as this will be immediately obvious to anyone who opens the book.Jenny and John are [...]

    10. Dudaba entre ponerle 5 estrellas o cuatro, pero se va a quedar con un 4’50. ¿Qué me ha fallado? El final tal vez, aunque en general la novela me ha parecido una pasada. Muy recomendable, y además esta edición es fantástica.

    11. Vencer al dragón, como ocurría con Las señoras de Mandrigyn, de la misma autora, es un libro de fantasía épica que merece mucha más atención de la que cosecharon el 90% de libros de la Dragonlance y Reinos Olvidados juntos. La reedición de este año es una excusa perfecta para leer dragones y mazmorras más allá de Tolkien y, sobre todo, plagiadores de Tolkien.Jenny es una mujer muy cerca de los cuarenta, con un par de churumbeles, pareja del Vencedor de Dragones, instruida en las artes [...]

    12. My first Barbara Hambly book, and it is an entertaining discovery. An epic fantasy without huge armies clashing , without an end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it threat , without bloated descriptions of dresses or foodstuff. It has instead a couple of mature and reluctant heroes, with a convincing loving relationship, it has a focus of personal introspection and painful life choices, it has a well done dragon - alien in body and mentalitye book works well as a standalone, and deserves to be considered [...]

    13. Te vas a leer este libro fácil y aunque leas sobre lo de siempre (dragones, magos, caballeros con espada, gnomos, ambiente medieval) la sorpresa es que los personajes te van a sorprender.Alejados de los clichés de la Fantasía, nos encontramos con personajes “sólidos”, con motivaciones humanas (o no humanas pero factibles en el contexto).Le pongo 5 estrellas porque supera las cuatro. Por poco, pero las supera. (Si le hubiese dejado en 4 tampoco pasaba nada, pero tras los últimos fracasos [...]

    14. If you only read the back cover of Dragonsbane, or even the teaser excerpt before the title page in the paperback version of the novel, you might think it was all about John Aversin, the Dragonsbane, and his quest to kill the dragon, Morkeleb. Man vs. monster, a tale as old as tales are. But it won't be long before you realize that Jenny Waynest, a witch frustrated in her search for magic power (and also lovers with John, and the mother of their two children), is the sole point of view.Jenny dea [...]

    15. Lord John Aversin is known as "Dragonsbane", for the dragon he killed long ago; when another dragon threatens the kingdom, Lord Gareth goes north to the Winterlands to find John and ask him for help. When Gareth and John go south, they are accompanied by the witch Jenny Waynest, John's lover and mother of his two sons, who has long been torn between her desire for more magical power and her love for John. Their encounter with the dragon, Morkeleb the Black, is only the start of the challenges th [...]

    16. -Valiente y distintiva en su tiempo, pero válida todavía hoy.-Género. Narrativa fantástica.Lo que nos cuenta. En el libro Vencer al dragón (publicación original: Dragonsbane, 1985), un joven llamado Gareth busca a lord Aversin, el legendario Vencedor de dragones, y encuentra primero a una amiga suya muy cercana, Jenny, una maga que lleva a Gareth hasta John Aversin, un hombre algo diferente a lo que muestran las canciones en honor a su proeza y que recuerda la lucha con el dragón de una f [...]

    17. Really terrific. This is my first Hambly book, and I was so impressed. I had to put the book down for a moment at page 172, and I was amazed to find that so much had been conveyed in so few pages, and yet the pacing never felt rushed, and the characters and the world they lived in seemed so fully fleshed out. The focus on "mature" lovers/adventurers was also a refreshing change from so much of fantasy, and the exploration of the internal war between the idealized self and the mundane self was th [...]

    18. Le doy 4 estrellas porque me ha gustado bastante, sobre todo valorando en la época en la que fue escrita. Esta claro que a día de hoy los personajes protagonistas serían buenos o de notable sin más, pero en su momento fueron rompedores e innovadores.Resumo rápido que tengo prisa. Me han gustado los personajes, muy alejados de los clichés de su época, muy humanos y realistas y bien trabajados. También me ha gustado el tono adulto que desprende la novela. Y el final, sin ser el más origin [...]

    19. No fue casualidad que decidiera leer una de las mejores novelas de Brandon Sanderson (El Camino de los Reyes), junto a Vencer al Dragón, pues el fan del autor de Nebraska ya debe saber que este es su libro favorito.Siempre me preocupo por reflexionar y recomendar una obra de la fantasía en función de la época en que fue escrita. Cierto que hay historias que no sobreviven muy bien con el paso del tiempo, ya sea porque las ideas presentadas en su momento han sido mejoradas o reelaboradas con m [...]

    20. Mentioned by Brandon Sanderson as the book that got him interested in reading and set him on his ultimate career path, he noted it's not a traditional fantasy. For a non-traditional fantasy, it sure has some standard elements: an enchantress, a witch, a warrior, courtiers, gnomes, and, of course, a dragon. These elements are all done well, though, so they are enjoyable. I've read Barbara Hambly before (Children of the Jedi), but this was better. The descriptions are enough to give you a really g [...]

    21. In this, one of her more recognizable works, Barbara Hambly demonstrates her great potential as an author and that she perhaps deserves more respect and recognition than she gets. 'Dragonsbane' is a well written, imaginative, and mature (in all the best and truest senses of the word) fantasy story with well drawn and complex characters. Additionally, Hambly spends a good deal of time demythologizing her mythology and the mythology of the faerie story and heroic epic in general, but manages to av [...]

    22. Fifteen years ago, Jenny Waynest and John Aversin slew a dragon. Now they're middle-aged, with kids and called upon to save the world when another dragon appears. One of my very favorite fantasies. Wonderful characterization, witty dialogue, poignant personal and moral dilemmas, and a fantastic dragon.It was written as a stand-alone, and has a perfect ending. Some terrible, depressing sequels were written 15 years later. Ignore them.

    23. So freaking good. Love Jenny. Reminds me a little of Nora with the hard choices she had to make in life. Really appreciated the respect the author has for her characters. Thoroughly enjoyable wizard book. First class.

    24. 3.5 stars for this fantasy, which I listened to (good narration). The "Dragonsbane" is the hero of song and story, about whom bards sing ballads. He's the great warrior who slew a dragon ten years ago. Gareth, a young nobleman from the king's court, is fond of dragon ballads. Idealistic -- and desperate — Gareth comes north to seek aid in killing a new dragon ravaging the king's southern territories. However, he is surprised at what he finds, for the legendary warrior — bane of the dragons [...]

    25. Vencer al dragón es uno de esos títulos con los que uno se topa una y otra vez hasta que las ganas de leerlo son tan grandes que se aparta todo lo (¡muchísimo!) que hay pendiente porque la curiosidad alcanza cotas insostenibles. Cuando las referencias incluyen la destrucción despiadada de clichés, la inspiración que ha supuesto para grandes autores o que a menudo se le otorgue un lugar destacado y trascendental en esa segunda línea de los títulos de fantasía épica, la tentación resul [...]

    26. If you like dragons, magic, awesome female protagonists and antagonists and male characters outside the hegemonic masculinity, you'll enjoy this book. On a side note, I could definitely feel the final conflict of the protagonist.

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