Tales of Questionable Taste

Tales of Questionable Taste

John Bruni / Dec 15, 2019

Tales of Questionable Taste For fans of the bizarre the weird the strange StrangeHouse Books brings you a whirlwind of eighteen tales sure to amuse confuse horrify and leave you questioning your lack of taste From the warpe

  • Title: Tales of Questionable Taste
  • Author: John Bruni
  • ISBN: 9781484025086
  • Page: 346
  • Format: Paperback
  • For fans of the bizarre, the weird, the strange, StrangeHouse Books brings you a whirlwind of eighteen tales sure to amuse, confuse, horrify and leave you questioning your lack of taste From the warped synapses of John Bruni come stories of the destruction of earth, via a humongous totally nude man in space, a portal to another dimension inside of an office worker s desk,For fans of the bizarre, the weird, the strange, StrangeHouse Books brings you a whirlwind of eighteen tales sure to amuse, confuse, horrify and leave you questioning your lack of taste From the warped synapses of John Bruni come stories of the destruction of earth, via a humongous totally nude man in space, a portal to another dimension inside of an office worker s desk, a sordid love affair between two nefarious euthanasia enthusiasts, and many other yarns that span from psychological terror, to comedy, to downright disgusting

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        John Bruni was born on July 25, 1978 in Elmhurst, Illinois He attended local schools from kindergarten all the way through college, where he spent time as a journalist for the Elmhurst College Leader, writing comic book reviews, an occasional feature article, and a series of regular columns as THE STRAIGHT with his Primitive Underbelly partner, Jesse GonZo Russell whose story, Bear s Tale, Abridged appears serialized in all three issues of TABARD INN He was also the poetry editor of the campus literary art magazine, MIDDLEWESTERN VOICE, for a whole two weeks, during which time he chose none of the poems that were published.He has worked several jobs, among them selling ad space for a local newspaper publisher He was not very good at this in fact, one might say he was fuckin dismal and was quickly shown the door, but he managed to place a few stories with a couple of their publications COLLEGE NEWS and CHICAGO COMMUTER before he left He also worked selling season tickets for the Drury Lane theater in Oakbrook, which he was much better at, and he toiled away at Sears, selling shoes for almost two miserable years He was unjustly fired from the library featured in his Tales from the Library columns in issues one and two of TABARD INN, and now works as a teleconference operator, where he is somewhat happier.He likes to think he s a professional writer, and he is getting paid for his work and often these days With two hundred publications to his name, his most recent outing is his first novel, STRIP, published by Melpomene, the mystery and crime imprint of MUSA His shorter work has also appeared in several anthologies, most recently in ZOMBIE, ZOMBIE, BRAIN BANG from StrangeHouse, A HACKED UP HOLIDAY MASSACRE from Pill Hill, and the critically acclaimed VILE THINGS from Comet Press You can also read his work in issues of SHROUD, MORPHEUS TALES, CTHULHU SEX, OVER MY DEAD BODY , THE REALM BEYOND, TALES OF THE TALISMAN, AOIFE S KISS, LIQUID IMAGINATION, and a variety of other grand publications He is also very proud of his first foray into comic books thanks to Leo Perez and Jon Lennon of CheeseLord Comics, one of his real life stories was adapted into a one page strip for the August 2011 issue of PRODUCT OF SOCIETY.Very briefly, he was the editor and publisher of TABARD INN TALES OF QUESTIONABLE TASTE He still has boxes and boxes of back issues cluttering up his house If you re interested in taking some of them off his hands, he would greatly appreciate it, as he needs the space.


    1. It is very rare to find a collection of short stories where every single one is gold! Even rarer is to have this collection from ONE author who delivers 18 tales of well written, original, and the disgusting, bizarre, comedic feel that only Strangehouse can compile. John Bruni's has an amazing ability to tell multiple different stories each with it's own tone and pace where honestly I would have thought each story was written by a different author I never hear the same voice twice in my head whe [...]

    2. Short stories are really growing on me. I liked most the stories in this book. One did confuse me a little though, Corpusplasty, the last few sentences were repeated and it took me a while to figure out that I think it was just a mistake and I wasn't missing some point of it all haha. However, pretty clear writing and some very good ideas. 5 stars.

    3. Fantastic! It is hard to find a collection of shorts that does not contain at least a few duds. I thought that each one of these had their own voice and all were well done.

    4. Strangehouse is my go to publisher for all things bizarro. I support a lot of publishers but these guys have yet to dissapoint me and as I read Tales Of Questionable Taste I was once again reminded of why this is my favorite publisher.Despite the fact that it was a freebie on I have bought just about everything Strangehouse has released and would have paid for this one as well. I loved this anthology a great deal and highly recommend it to everyone. While going into all of the stories would be [...]

    5. I won this book in a giveaway. While it is not something I would typically read it was quite good for what it was. I have some friends who I could definitely see really enjoying this book.

    6. John Bruni's TALES OF QUESTIONABLE TASTE is:Tales of Fantastic TasteTales of Disturbing TasteTales of Bizarro TasteTales of Horrible TasteTales of Engaging TasteTales of Experimental TasteTales of Gripping TasteTales of Hilarious TasteTales of Enormous TasteTales of Whimsical TasteTales of Frightening Taste This collection of seventeen short and shorter and a-little-longer-than-short tales is hard to describe as any one thing. This is a collection of stories from the mind of John Bruni. He isn't [...]

    7. These are definitely tales of questionable taste. A couple of them made me want to not finish them, but I did out of morbid curiosity. I'm glad I finished them. They were entertaining, but very dark. I wouldn't recommend this book for young readers, but it's good for adults with questionable taste in reading material.Note: I received this book for free through the First Reads program.

    8. 18 uniquely interesting stories that kept my interests throughout. Would recommend it to anyone interested in darkly twisted stories. Good read. :-)

    9. I have to say, I loved this book. It was funny, clever, and unique. I like short stories, but they can be hit and miss. These were almost all great

    10. A mixed bag of short stories but there are a few that are worth seeking out:Suicidal Tendencies - My favorite of the bunch. Reminiscent of Fight Club in the aspect of seeking out vulnerable individuals for your own devious purposes at self-help group meetings but still highly entertaining and imaginative.Monster Cock - Illustrated on the cover, this is a hilarious doomsday tale that made me giggle. I especially appreciated the detail of how the rich were able to view it through their superior te [...]

    11. [Full disclosure: John Bruni is a personal friend of mine and I've had the pleasure of running many pieces by him at my own site, Forced Viewing.]The debut short-story anthology from John Bruni. This being a Strangehouse Books release, it's not a surprise that the selection of stories mainly covers the strange, tasteless & disgusting end of John's range (the subgenre ain't called "bizarro" for nothin'), but it does show off his ability to work within diverse modes. Highlights include the Twi [...]

    12. Shocking, disturbing, and all around fun read. If you like to be shocked and appalled then you will enjoy this scurrilous little tome. Just a warning you might find bits to be jaw dropping and gag inducing depending upon your mental framework. You will enjoy the ride.

    13. This is another great collection of SS put out by SHB – all from author John Bruni. I first read Bruni during my HOLIDAY HORROR – Binge & Purge Christmas of 2012. His story FAMILY MAN is in the HACKED UP HOLIDAY MASSACRE anthology, and I really liked it – it’s pulls off a great twist that shorts usually aren’t able to accomplish. Remembering that, I knew that this book was going to be a fun read for me!See the full review & join in on the discussion at BBB! I've posted another [...]

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