Masquerade - The Complete Series

Masquerade - The Complete Series

Emily Jane Trent / Dec 13, 2019

Masquerade The Complete Series Note The Passion Titles formerly Masquerade have been republished and are compiled in one book with the new title The Passion Series Passion UnleashedPassion TemptedPassion ShatteredPassion RevealedPa

  • Title: Masquerade - The Complete Series
  • Author: Emily Jane Trent
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 335
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Note The Passion Titles formerly Masquerade have been republished and are compiled in one book with the new title The Passion Series.Passion UnleashedPassion TemptedPassion ShatteredPassion RevealedPassion EmbracedThe series includes all 5 short stories, available separately, as a bundle An additional story, Passion Ignited not available for purchase separately, isNote The Passion Titles formerly Masquerade have been republished and are compiled in one book with the new title The Passion Series.Passion UnleashedPassion TemptedPassion ShatteredPassion RevealedPassion EmbracedThe series includes all 5 short stories, available separately, as a bundle An additional story, Passion Ignited not available for purchase separately, is included as a bonus story for your enjoyment You get all 6 stories about the love story of Heather Ann Lawson, the sexy blond artist, and Ryan Spencer Blake, the billionaire movie star The sex scenes are hot and graphic with light bdsm The romance is sweet and touching.

    Masquerade Definition of Masquerade by Merriam Webster Masquerade definition is a social gathering of persons wearing masks and often fantastic costumes How to use masquerade in a sentence. Masquerade Definition of Masquerade at Dictionary Masquerade definition, a party, dance, or other festive gathering of persons wearing masks and other disguises, and often elegant, historical, or fantastic costumes See . Masquerade Mar , Directed by Bob Swaim With Rob Lowe, Meg Tilly, Kim Cattrall, Doug Savant Olivia meets racing yacht captain Tim on Long Island He shows interest in Olivia but, being heiress to ,,, love may not be the reason. Masquerade definition of masquerade by The Free Dictionary For instance, those people had inherited the idea that all men without title and a long pedigree, whether they had great natural gifts and acquirements or hadn t, were creatures of no consideration than so many animals, bugs, insects whereas I had inherited the idea that human daws who can consent to masquerade in the peacock shams of inherited dignities and un Masquerade Aug , Directed by Basil Dearden With Cliff Robertson, Jack Hawkins, Marisa Mell, Michel Piccoli The British send an American and a war Masquerade

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        Emily Jane Trent is a true romantic at heart She writes steamy romantic stories about characters you ll get to know and love If you like a love story with sex scenes that sizzle and a story that involves you both intellectually and emotionally, you ll find her books are for you.


    1. Two strangers meet at a masquerade party and have sex in the library. They do not even now each other's name. Unrealistic story. Of course she was different aren't they all? He wants what he can't have and has to finally work hard to achieve it. What a pathetic man.You know why he can't get her off his mind because she ran away before he could possess her. He is used to women wanting him, but not a woman with an intelligent mind. He just uses women without getting to now if any would be great. H [...]

    2. It pains me that my first review on this site is this book.This book is one of the worst I've read in a while. I was rolling my eyes on every single page. It was basically sex every other page with non existent dialogue and even worst, NO STORY!!. And the brand name dropping!!OMGwhy couldn't the "hero" drop his loafers instead of his Ferragamo loafers?SMH. It made it all cheap for me. And then the painting she did which was supposed to be so "erotic" I mean come on! The author's description made [...]

    3. I couldn't finish reading this book because there didn't seem to be a plot. It starts off as a man seeing a woman he thought was attractive and them instantly having sex. If you're wanting to read straight erotica without a plot, this is for you. If you actually want a story line and interaction before the erotica, this isn't for you.

    4. Heather is a very talented artist who feels unsure of herself thanks to a previous abusive relationship. Ryan is one the hottest leading men in Hollywood and owner a very successful business but he was looking to escape the falseness of Hollywood and the women. It seemed every woman he was involved with had an agenda and he wanted more. A chance meeting sometime ago he couldn't get her out of his head and Ryan knew that there was something special about her. After their night together uncertaint [...]

    5. hmmmmThis story had potential at the beginning but was lost a few chapters in. The sex sense were very detailed but the rest of the story was very lacking. I had troubles following the point of view as the story was being told as well. Not every character needs to have their point of view told. Sadly I struggled to finish this book but I did it.

    6. Started of really good with Heather and Ryan attraction and how they both can't control themselves around each other. But i felt like the book lost its story when the ex-boyfriend got involved as their wasn't much about him and heather's passed relationship. Maybe if their was a story behind it. It might of made more sense about why he didn't like heather's art work. Also I got confused about what Ryan had found out about the ex-boyfriend that made him back down. Would of been good to know what [...]

    7. Where is the story?If you are looking for 95 percent smut you have come to the right book. But if you want a good story with some hot sex scenes to make it more interesting then keep looking. In this book the sex scene are for sure very erotic but they monopolize the book so much that there is no story. It was just annoying!!! It was very easy to put down. Thank goodness I didn't have to pay anything for this trash. Now, don't get me wrong I love good hot erotic sex scene but good grief put some [...]

    8. This was the first series I read by Emily Trent. I enjoyed the series. This was a steamy page turner. The scenes were indeed passionate and HOT! However, while reading the story it wasn't what I fully expected. It seemed whenever there would be a hint of something more to come, as far as concerning the two exes, nothing happened as I expected it to. But overall, I did enjoy the read and I liked the chemistry between Ryan and Heather. It was off the charts! I enjoyed Emily's writing and plan to r [...]

    9. Well, the bonus book in this series, which is primarily what I'm writing about here, seemed like just another chapter that continues to demonstrate how Heather doesn't trust Ryan & runs away when she misinterprets a situation and how he chases after her and rewards her ridiculous behavior with mind-blowing sex. Since this behaviour pattern has kept them together in each book of the six part series, it must make them happy I'm happy for them. Still, I won't give this book a bad review because [...]

    10. Oh how I love Emily Jane Trent!!! This Book sucks you in and the dynamic of the characters is just WOW!! I enjoyed it very much and even though i read it months ago i can still remember it. The uo and downs of the relationship you can feel and when it all somes together in the end you will have your Happily Ever after

    11. OMG this is a steamy read. I can't believe I waited this long to read theses books. I love the characters, Ryan is sexy and loves Heather and I loved going on their journey together. The sex scenes with them were hot and I wish it went on longer. I wish this story would go on 4-ever. Amazing book, could not put them down.

    12. OMGThe passion Series rocks and man is it full of passion. I have read a lot of books but this series sure did deliver. Very erotic and really kept me happy from cover to cover. Keep em coming Emily

    13. fantastic book. the story between the characters is great. There's lots of hot sex. The book keeps you gripped to the story, I was so unsure if they would stay together or not. I loved this book but then to be fair I've loved every book I've read from Emily Jane Trent so far!

    14. Reviewed by: Crystal Trent DotsonI really enjoyed this story, it was very erotic, and well played out. I reccommend this story to any that likes the erotic field, and a great story.

    15. Enjoyed this series but felt like there could of been more to the story!!! It left me with a lot of unanswered questions and truthfully the ending didn't tie it off for me!!! I would loved to have read them married and still madly in love a year later or something!!!!

    16. Not what I expected but goodIt felt more like an outline at times than a book. It was a good story but felt like parts were missing. This is good for a fast read

    17. Great read. Great story linewish it didn't stop. Ryan is hot, hot, hot! If you liked Touched by You, you'll love this series. Emily Jane Trent is a phenomenal writer!

    18. All over the placeI felt like I was all over the place to me there relationship was just sex after sex and Heather running away whenever things got hard

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