Elemental Shining

Elemental Shining

Maddy Edwards / May 28, 2020

Elemental Shining Sopho year at Paranormal Public is anything but relaxing for Charlotte and her friends as they return from the summer break to face new challenges Battles come from every direction and as the demons

  • Title: Elemental Shining
  • Author: Maddy Edwards
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 267
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Sopho year at Paranormal Public is anything but relaxing for Charlotte and her friends as they return from the summer break to face new challenges.Battles come from every direction, and as the demons swarm Public it becomes clear that they want than just the last elemental dead they want to wipe out every paranormal, and they are within reach of a way of doing itSopho year at Paranormal Public is anything but relaxing for Charlotte and her friends as they return from the summer break to face new challenges.Battles come from every direction, and as the demons swarm Public it becomes clear that they want than just the last elemental dead they want to wipe out every paranormal, and they are within reach of a way of doing it.Charlotte is the only thing that stands between the paranormals and destruction.

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    1. Just to let you know in advance, I read all of the books in the series.It's true that the English is not the best and that there are parts where she skips ahead and you get mixed with the time line, but overall, the idea behind the writing is good, and although sometimes I felt the characters where kind of plastic and psychologically boxed, the background story leads you to find out the rest.Yes, I spent most of the time correcting the English used and yes, even I though I could write it better. [...]

    2. I can't decide between 3 stars and 4. The book is still spilling out plots and twists that keep me attached, but I've also noticed some inconsistencies. For one, in the 2nd book her dark-mage friend Lis had fed her power to C so that she could deal with the flames and save their little dream-giver at the top of the Tower. HOWEVER, in this book, it is stated, "ied to remember what I had done with Lisabelle last semester. She had needed power and I had taken her hand and given it to her." It might [...]

    3. Maddy Edwards has a gift. She has the ability to tell a story that will immerse the reader into the creative world she weaves. "Elemental Shining" is the latest addition to the Paranormal Public series.Charlotte has been working all summer to clear the debris and chaos after the damage to the library at Paranormal Public. She is anxious to see her friends after the summer separation. However, their reunion is cut short when she is called into the office of the deans where she is belittled and to [...]

    4. Sophomore year should be better for Charlotte. She knows who she is, she's getting better with her elemental magic, Dacer is helping her use the masks. She's spent the summer helping him restore the museum after someone destroyed the Tower in trying to get to Charlotte. She can't wait until her friends return for the school year. Her and Cale have even been talking and semi-friendly even though his pixie-girlfriend Camilla hates her. Sophomore year is going to be very similar if not worse than h [...]

    5. Whilst Charlotte is the only elemental left and she is constantly in danger of losing her life to demons or irate pixie classmates, Lisabelle has to be my favourite character. Not only does she get the best lines, her constant snarky attitude is engaging and she reveals her undying loyalty to her friends in this book even Sip whose neon decor drives her crazy most of the time. Charlotte is exploring her magic more and trying to find a way to protect herself rather than letting her friends risk t [...]

    6. In the third book, Charlotte is starting sophomore year. She was hoping for no fighting and a pieceful semester. But no such luck. Charlotte is thrown to the wolves this semester and must learn that she has to fend for herself and stop relying on her friends to back her up. Professor Zervos continues to be Charlotte’s hated professor and proves just how much he really wants to push her. He throws her onto a team of her and Lough along with a bunch of starters and makes her fend for herself and [...]

    7. Thank God this book is finally out!! The wait just about killed me!!Update!! I just finished this and I absolutely loved it!! There wasn't a cliff hanger ending but there were plenty of things unresolved so I'm hoping there will be another one.What I liked the most is the "Elemental" supernatural. I read tons of YA fantasy (actually it's all I read)but for whatever reason this is the first time I have read about a character with elemental magic. Well Done Maddy!!I also have to mention my favorit [...]

    8. Elemental Shining is book three of the Paranormal Public series by Maddy Edwards.Back at Paranormal Public for sophomore year, Charlotte, Sip, Lisabelle, and Lough have some adjustments to make. The coming of two vampire hybrid twins throws even Lisabelle for a loop. The paranormal community is starting to call for Charlotte's death, and lay the demon attacks at her feet. Oh, and then there's Keller, everyone's favorite fallen angel who just might have a thing for the last elemental left. If he [...]

    9. I am still enjoying this series a good deal. While Charlotte now has a boyfriend I do not see this becoming one of those sappy series where the two boys are fighting over the girl. First of all because no one else seems to want her, but because they are a very good couple. The book starts out with a sense of foreboding and does not really let up until the end. The more I read about the public's reaction to Charlotte the more I think I would just let them all hang. But that is just me and now I r [...]

    10. Growth, adults messing things up and The Ghost. This book turns the narrative from a burgeoning love story to a coming of age story. It is kind of difficult to be in love when someone's aunt and a bad guy are doing everything they can to keep you apart. The overwhelmingly inappropriate guidance from the adults in the story is a little over the top. Think the worst school administrators on the planet, throw in a cup of over protective syndrome, and a dash of hate and fear and you have the atmosph [...]

    11. Difficult to read; inconsistencies everywhere. At the end of book 2, Charlotte tells Ricky she has a boyfriend, but by the beginning of book 3, Ricky doesn't know again. Zervos hates Charlotte sometimes, and is sometimes on their side. Charlotte acts like she's never experienced the power of 5, but she'd already used it last year. These are the plot holes I can recall off the top of my head, but it was silly how many times I rolled my eyes at the text. I hate paying for books and then not finish [...]

    12. I really want to like this series. Some of the characters are interesting and I want to find out how everything turns out, but the spelling errors and lack of attention to detail are very frustrating. I wish I could just rent the rest from the library as I don't want to keep spending money on so -so writing.

    13. I'm continuing the series because I like the story. However, the typos and grammar issues are really getting to me and usually they aren't a huge issue for me. There have been constant mistakes in all three books and it's beginning to get old. If I didn't enjoy the underlying story and need a distraction badly right now I probably would end here. Stars would be higher without the typos.

    14. I read many mixed reviews of this book before I read it. I was not sure what to expect. The grammar and spelling leaves a lot to be desired, but the story line of the books, the growth of the characters is really good. It is keeping me addicted. I find I cannot put the books down when I start a new one.

    15. There are a lot of continuity errors in this series, but this book especially. The author writes one thing, but then changes and says something different later on. It got confusing to read. I am sadly disappointed in this one. Overall, though, I enjoy reading the series.

    16. Elemental ShiningExcellent 2nd book! Seeing the characters grow just like they would in the real world is awesome. I couldn't put it down. Great job Maddy Edwards keep up the great work.

    17. 2.5 StarsI was so excited to get into this that I skipped all the other books in my to-read queue. I could have waited. I feel as though nothing much has progressed since the last entry into the series. I am not a happy camper!

    18. This would have been better as a novella. There was no real progress made in the overall story ark. However, the series has a lot of promise and is worth reading.

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