Tea with Grandpa

Tea with Grandpa

Barney Saltzberg / Jan 26, 2020

Tea with Grandpa Spending time with Grandpa is always fun Singling laughing eating and playing And when it s time to say goodbye It won t be for long because He s never too far away to have tea In this sweetly simp

  • Title: Tea with Grandpa
  • Author: Barney Saltzberg
  • ISBN: 9781596438941
  • Page: 363
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Spending time with Grandpa is always fun.Singling, laughing, eating, and playing.And when it s time to say goodbye,It won t be for long because He s never too far away to have tea In this sweetly simple, rhyming picture book by acclaimed author artist Barney Saltzberg, a little girl tells us about her daily tea ritual with her grandfather where they sing and laugh and cliSpending time with Grandpa is always fun.Singling, laughing, eating, and playing.And when it s time to say goodbye,It won t be for long because He s never too far away to have tea In this sweetly simple, rhyming picture book by acclaimed author artist Barney Saltzberg, a little girl tells us about her daily tea ritual with her grandfather where they sing and laugh and clink their teacups with the help of their computers and a video chat A Neal Porter Book

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        Barney Saltzberg is the author and illustrator of close to 50 books for children, including Beautiful Oops , Arlo Needs Glasses, Good Egg, Cornelius P Mud , Crazy Hair Day and the bestselling Touch and Feel Kisses series with over 800,000 copies in print He has two new releases, Tea With Grandpa and Chengdu Could Not Would Not Fall Asleep coming this spring Additionally, he s recorded four CDs of music for children He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two dogs.


    1. The little girl and her grandpa share tea time every day at 3:00. The last spread of the book reveals they are not actually together; they are using the computer to Skype or Facetime. It’s nice to see the portrayal of an older person using technology.

    2. Delightful story of the joy of sharing a daily cup of tea with a beloved grandfather, with an unexpected twist ending.

    3. Loved this! A little girl meets everyday with her Grandpa for tea, in a way that lots of today's kids will relate to.

    4. This book is so sweet, and the ending got me good--adorable. This would be great for a storytime, and it's short enough to read with younger kids.

    5. A simple story, good for story times. A nice balance to books which always show grandparents physically present. Especially good story in a military community, where nobody lives near family.

    6. This book's ending will wreck you if you are home sick. This book has short dialogue and animations that look similar to those of the 1990's cartoon "Doug", however it is a sweet story.

    7. First sentence: Every day at half past threeMe and Grandpa. Time for Tea. I can pour so carefully. Grandpa holds his cup for me.Premise/plot: What you see is what you getor is it?! Every day a little girl and her grandpa have tea together. The book shares what they do every day at tea time: tell stories, laugh and joke, sing and dance. What the book waits a while to revealat the grandpa and the little girl are not "together" for tea time. They are communicating via computer. My thoughts: I enjoy [...]

    8. "This seems pretty much a surface story. Then the last page comes. I, for one, never saw it coming. Very neat and contemporary ending."Excerpt from Original Content.

    9. "‘Tea with Grandpa"’ written and illustrated by Barney Saltzberg is simple though touching book that speaks about young girl and her daily practice of drinking tea with her grandfather.When young reader will go through its rhymes you can almost hear the clattering of their teacups and hear their singing and laughing, enjoying one another'’s company. Though at the end of the book a surprise will be revealed -– this daily ritual is taking place using their computers, a video chat.With this boo [...]

    10. Originally published on my blog, Nine Pages.This is one of the most moving books that I’ve read in a long while. A little girl enjoys a daily teatime with her grandpa. They laugh and enjoy one another’s company. It’s not till the end of the book that it is revealed that all of this has taken place via a video chat. I think this is an important book. It’s a tradition I’d have loved to grow up with (the technology wasn’t available), and I think it’s important to instill in all people [...]

    11. This isn't my favorite of Barney Saltzberg's books, but it is pretty cute. There is a cute rhyme, a cat and dog, and every day the main character and her grandpa have tea together--with a twist. They are having tea in separate places, but connected to each other online (whether it's Facetime, Google Hangout, Skype, or whatever). I think that's really sweet and modern. If I ever have kids that's totally how they would get to know my parents, who live in another country but are very tech savvy :) [...]

    12. I first saw the trailer for “Tea with Grandpa” on twitter. After I saw it, I thought it looked cute so I put it on my “To Be Read” list. I thought it was cute. When I got the book and (here comes a spoiler!) and saw that the whole “tea party” was virtual – meaning the little girl and her grandpa were Skyping or doing a Google hangout or something similar, I thought the idea for the book was brilliant! You don’t know until the end that it’s all over the computer -very cool. Ther [...]

    13. In this cute, family bonding book, a grandpa and his granddaughter enjoy their daily tea time together. They laugh and sing together as they sip their tea and enjoy each other's company. Tea with Grandpa is a sweet book that will make readers want to go have tea with their own grandparents. With a surprising twist at the end, you won't want to miss this adorable book! Join grandpa and his granddaughter as they laugh and clink their tea cups each day!** A fun activity for this book would be to se [...]

    14. Title: Tea With Grandpa by Barney SaltzbergFormat: Picture BookAge: 2-5Genre: Tea party, grandparentsEvery day at half past three, a little girl shares a tea-party with her Grandpa in this delightful little book.This book is a wonderful treat for grandfathers and young girls. Every day at half past three, Grandpa comes over for a tea party. The sing, they laugh, they eat and drink tea before Grandpa goes home. But he always returns the next day. The text is very minimal, about 6 words per page. [...]

    15. On first read, I wasn't that impressed with this book -- very simple, no real twist -- until I looked more closely at the overall composition and how the story was told. Without giving away the ending (text wouldn't do it, the crux and twist are actually told entirely by the pictures) I was quite taken with how this simple story of a grandchild and grandpa conversing each afternoon at 3:30 over tea unfolds. You have to read it for the final page, as it really says a lot about our society in the [...]

    16. Short. Sweet. Simple. A story of a girl and her grandfather who make time for tea time everyday. This is a book with few words (no more than 7 words on a page, if any), large text, lots of white space, and a simple plot. Personally, I think this is better off as a board book only because I expect more for a picture book. The most wonderful thing about the story is the ending, which took me by surprise. Because of it, I liked it even more. My favorite line: "Every day at half past three." The mes [...]

    17. This was a simple precious book about a granddaughter and a grandpa. Each page has a simple illustration of the little girl or the grandpa and they take about 'having tea' together and not until the end of the story do you realize that the Grandpa is on a computer screen. Showing that time and distance shouldn't put a limit on quality time spent with one anther. So for children that has to spend time with their parents and or grandparents this book is for them. Also a beginning reader wouldn't h [...]

    18. The premise of this book is unique and also very fitting for the children in the world today. A little girl has tea with her grandpa every day at 3:30, and we are led to believe that they are sitting in the room together, when it is ultimately revealed that they are chatting via webcam and aren't actually in the same room at all. So many children have this reality with their relatives that I feel this book is tremendously useful. Great for ECE readers and for building phonologic awareness, as we [...]

    19. A wonderfully charming story of a grandchild and grandpa having tea each and every day together. Few words in the clean and simple text provide clues, "too far away" to share a muffin and not seeing the characters in the same scene lead the reader to a fun and thought-filled ending. In the last pages the visit is explained showing grandpa on a computer screen, "Every day at half past three". Great story for the youngest and oldest alike to remember that in todays world we are never far apart.Rev [...]

    20. Read this book tonight with my daughter and it really hit home at the end. We are a military family who moves around (our daughter is two and this is her first move having been at least with my parents since literally the day she was born) and we FaceTime with my parents twice a week, possibly more so yes this story made me tear up. If we could FT with her other grandparents, I would in a heart beat but they don't have the Internet (his mom) of doesn't have FT installed or something (his dad and [...]

    21. This adorable realistic fiction book depicts a young girl's daily afternoon tea with her grandfather. The young girl goes through the details of pouring the tea, dancing and singing with grandpa, and trying to share a muffin. In the surprise ending, the girl and grandpa meet each day via Skype. The simple language and large print would make this book a good read aloud or beginners book. I think one could also use this book with upper elementary students to use as an introduction to the way moder [...]

    22. What a great book. Shows the special relationship between a grandfather and his granddaughter. I love how they get together every afternoon for tea, forging a special bond through talking and sharing events with each other. I loved the surprise at the end that they were talking through the computer. It is a great reminder to parents how easy it is to stay in touch with loved ones that may be far away.

    23. Age: Infant-Preschool (also good for early readers)Family: Grandpa and granddaughterGrandpa and his little girl bond together over a cup of tea, making each other laugh and sharing stories. This book also provides something new to the grandparents books--video chat for family that lives far away.Brief, rhyming sentences paired with simple pictures will make this an excellent share for storytime.

    24. Attention - spoiler alert in next sentence! Incorporating the powers of talking remotely via computer are brought into this title but only at the end of the book. Until then you enjoy tea time; I liked the playful nature of the animals who were very food-focused (check out the end papers!). Thanks, CLEL, for putting this on your winner's list!

    25. Distance can make it hard to maintain strong relationships with others. But this picture book written in rhyming text shows one granddaughter and her grandfather keep those family ties strong through the use of technology and a daily ritual. Young readers will probably realize from the very first page how the two are managing to share a cup of tea across the miles. This is a sweet reminder of how innovations can make it easier to communicate and keep the distance from growing.

    26. Very cute picture book for very young children. There are only a few large words on each page. The little girl who tells the story has a pet cat and Grandpa has a pet dog. They are pictured on every page, even though the text of the story never mentions them. The two pets look alike so you have to look closely to tell them apart. There is a clever surprise ending which will make the adults smile!

    27. I felt this book on a personal level. Our granddaughter and my husband, "Gwampa" had a special ritual when she stayed at our house--breakfast in bed prepared by "Gwamma", me. It was a regular event, but now she lives on a different continent, so we facetime. I think this idea would make it special!!! Rhyming text, easy to understand. Perfect for today's family!

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