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Sonata At thirty six Ian feels done with the world When a night at a bar goes as poorly as expected he wants only to return home to be miserable in peace Instead he encounters Jordan Hot young and interes

  • Title: Sonata
  • Author: A.F. Henley
  • ISBN: 9781620042137
  • Page: 232
  • Format: ebook
  • At thirty six Ian feels done with the world When a night at a bar goes as poorly as expected, he wants only to return home to be miserable in peace Instead, he encounters Jordan Hot, young and interested, Jordan is everything Ian s ever wanted and nothing he believes himself capable of actually obtaining Jordan has enough going on in his life trying to scrape togetherAt thirty six Ian feels done with the world When a night at a bar goes as poorly as expected, he wants only to return home to be miserable in peace Instead, he encounters Jordan Hot, young and interested, Jordan is everything Ian s ever wanted and nothing he believes himself capable of actually obtaining Jordan has enough going on in his life trying to scrape together a living for himself and his autistic son When he meets Ian, all he wants is a brief, erotic moment and nothing else But fate throws them together again and again, and Ian finds himself determined to do whatever it takes to give their story a happy ending no matter what secrets Jordan s past has waiting for him.

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        Henley was born with a full blown passion for run on sentences, a zealous indulgence in all words descriptive, and the endearing tendency to overuse punctuation Since the early years Henley has been an enthusiastic writer, from the first few I love my dog stories to the current leap into erotica.A self professed Google genius, Henley lives for the hours spent digging through the Internet for research purposes which, often than not, lead seven thousand miles away from first intentions but bring Henley to new discoveries and ideas that, once seeded, tend to flourish.Henley has been working with Less Than Three Press since 2012.


    1. Just ok read about a lonely financial advisor falling for a needy young man and his autistic child. Implausible in places and a big time jump at the end. I don't think editing is the strong point of this publisher. But what is great about this story is the way the gay guy tells his pushy female BFF (Aubrey) to f*ck off. "You were interfering," Ian smiled coldly. "Just like you're doing now with Madison. Just like you do every time something or someone that doesn't fit into your plans comes into [...]

    2. 3.5 starsI’ve been stewing for days over this review, back and forth, forth and back.I’ll start off by saying that there is a lot to like in this book, some moments that pulled at my heart. I’ll try to explain just why I didn’t love this. I really, really wanted to… For starts, Ian is a desperate man, he’s wants a meaningful relationship with someone, anyone. He’s thirty-six, attractive, has a great career, except… he can’t seem to find that just-right someone. (why, oh why? He [...]

    3. Sonata Excerpt:"Get up," the whisper came again and Ian threw his arm over his face and turned away from the voice."Get. Up!"Ian groaned and stretched his shoulder before lifting his arm to peer at the wavering light on his wrist that, in most cases, identified the time of day. But as it read an unbelievable three-twelve a.m there had to be some kind of mistake. He turned to face the voice feeling disoriented and displaced, more so when he realized he didn't recognize the layout of the room or t [...]

    4. Mr. Henley has a knack for writing fiction akin to a cold beer after a day of long, hot work: surprisingly tasty, exactly what you need, and makes you want more when the beer's gone, as the first drink was not enough to satisfy the thirst.It took me a while to read Henley's third novel because, I confess, I was not in a mindset to read about love. And make no mistake, Henley always writes about love. Whether it's finding love in the small things, (Inflori), or making love work when it's well bey [...]

    5. With Sonata, A.F. Henley is proving again that m/m romance novels can be very thoughtful, at the same time entertaining and above all of very high quality. His characters are so believable. Ian feeling depressed after quitting a long relationship with Madison and yet can’t completely let go. He wants nothing more than a true and honest relationship. But fate makes him meet Jordan who wants nothing more than offering a fuck and otherwise makes it chrystal clear that he doesn’t want to have an [...]

    6. Music portrays the rhythms of life with its high and low notes, fast and slow ones, and everything in between. It's not surprising that most people think of music as a universal language. Our feelings can be expressed in music even when there are no appropriate words. It engages our intelligence by compelling us to use both sides of our brains causing harmony of our minds and spirits. Cole is a little boy, lost in himself, not able to communicate with others. He's frustrated and needs interventi [...]

    7. I'm torn about how I feel about this story.On the one hand the idea of a set in his ways-workaholic- feeling unloveable finding a young man to brighten his life and love him to love him back is wonderful, add to that a sweet child with a disability, a Cinderfella storyline and Ishouldlove it.But I don't, Ian is 36, left by his cheating scumbag of a boyfriend goes into a club and all of his thoughts are how wrong he is, what a loser, how no one will want him. Yes, these were put in his head by hi [...]

    8. 4.5 stars. Rounded up because echoes of this book have stuck with me for longer than most due to the powerful story and characters.Henley has a wonderful way with words, so it was no surprise that this book was beautifully written. I was grabbed by the story right away and had to force myself to read slowly and savor the dialogue, internal agonizing, delicious sex, and moments of happiness.The characters were realistic, flawed and all. I was a big fan of the little boy Cole, who worked his way i [...]

    9. Sonata was a very enjoyable romance that focused on trust and relationships, centered around an interwoven theme of music, wrapping up with a neatly-resolved but still plausible ending. There was a compelling undercurrent of tension in the mystery around Jordan, his youth, and his very devoted care of Cole, and it kept me reading and up later than I'd intended.I found Ian to be very relatable, and his concerns all those that a discerning person would experience, his rationalizations the same tha [...]

    10. To read my full review, please visit onsilverwingz/201I really enjoyed reading this story. The character development was great and the writing was strong. The pacing of the story was just right for me. The first part of the story showed Ian and Jordan developing their relationship with Cole in their midst. The second part had Ian questioning Jordan's and Cole's relationship as father and son, which eventually led to Jordan revealing his past. I really liked how the author incorporated Cole's cha [...]

    11. Sonata is a piece that begins seductively, is tempered with disharmony, and builds to a crescendo that left me more than a little shaken by its twists and revelations before it was done. A.F. Henley sets a measured pace in the telling of this story, one filled with deception and betrayal and falling in love while falling for the lies that build to a frenetic climax, then ends on a sweet note that left me wanting more.This is a book I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend if you’re looking for a sin [...]

    12. My brain is still coming down from reading it (I, literally, just put the nook down a moment ago). But I absolutely loved this story! I wanted to punch Aubrey, loved Ian and Jordan and really appreciated Cole's portrayal. I think I saw a bit of a friend in Ian. ;) I thought the sex was very well done and I appreciated the variety of it. I liked the situation surrounding the kissing - what it meant to both of them (even if J wouldn't admit it right away). Very well done, overall. :D Thank you, Mr [...]

    13. Full review with a lot of spoilers can be found at On Top Down Under Book Reviews.This book was provided by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review

    14. How many ways can I say I loved Sonata? The author gave us a touching story on so many levels that it broke my heart while also mended what it broke inside of me. The characters are so well developed you embrace them and bring them into your heart and learn from them. The power of forgiveness, love and the power to stand up for your own rights in life are abundant in this book. Ian was a middle aged gay man, who spent his time working at the office. While his associates assumed his life meant no [...]

    15. Beautiful. Sonata is an absolutely beautiful story and I loved every page of it, including the ones that broke my heart. Ian is among the lucky few that happen to find love with a one-night stand. At least, it looks like love. Or it could be the start of love, if only Jordan would stop pushing him away. But fate or the universe seems insistent that Jordan give Ian a chance because their paths cross not once, not twice, not even three times, but over and over until Jordan finally agrees to spend [...]

    16. Sonata is as much a love story as it is a life story. No, we do not follow the two from childhood up, but like most of AF Henley's books we see some serious character growth an development. It is possibly my personal taste speaking, but I like to see two people grow together as they grow up. The struggles both go through, though very different, are both painful and taxing. Temporary solace found in one another turns into life-long desire to both find and stay with one's other half. The universe [...]

    17. ***SPOILERS***Wow! Just wow! I’ve never read a story involving two of the most dysfunctional and pathetic main characters as Ian and Jordon/Justin. The most sensible and mature action Ian ever took was throwing Madison and Aubrey out of his house and life. His second most sensible and mature action should have been to walk away from Jordan/Justin fast.Ian and Jordon/Justin were simply weak men who had no control or grip of their own lies. Their inability to communicate only reflected their utt [...]

    18. 4.5 StarsIn the interest of transparency, I won my paperback copy of Sonata in a giveaway. The excerpt I read had definitely intrigued me, so when I found my copy in my mailbox I promptly tore open the package and settled in to read. Well actually, I think I devoured the book! I was drawn quickly into this story about Ian and Jordan whose initial meeting seemed not to be the harbinger of a HEA. Even the second meeting, introducing Jordan’s son Cole to Ian, developed in a less-than-stellar fash [...]

    19. Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5Don't pass up this marvelous book. Henley has created a story and characters that will resonate with every reader, those looking for romance and those with a special connection with children with special needs. I loved this and highly recommend it.For my full review, visit wp/p220KL-1xt starting 9/20/2013

    20. Wonderfully tender love story with elements that will grab your heart an not let go. Very good read.Sonata

    21. Reviewed by:Susan Genre: M/M ContemporaryRated: 4 hearts Check out the review at: Hearts On Fire Reviews

    22. Ok - I really didn't want to finish my challenge with a DNF and I will add another 20 books to it for all the other ones, but I really couldn't read on. On the one hand all these 'accidentally' meetings were rather farfetched and on the other hand Ian's behavior was really stalkerish. Jordan said all the time - go and leave me alone. Why can't Ian accept it? There was no chemistry and nothing besides shallow (sexual) encounters. For me this wasn't a fun read and there are so many books waiting t [...]

    23. 3.5 starsI REALLY wanted to like this one and I actually enjoyed the story. It was a nice story, there were just some things I think should have been caught by some good beta readers and/or editing. I had some issues, the first being that I felt Ian jumped character a few times. There needed to be more interaction with Cole, other than Ian always swooping in to save the day. Also, at the end of the book, Cole/Coles mother specifically sent Ian a letter to visit him at the recital, then we hear N [...]

    24. I didn't really get any connection or chemistry between Jordan and Ian. I would have liked to see more of the relationship building between Cole and Ian though. He was great with Cole, and it would have been nice for him to be more involved with his learning piano.

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