The Complete America's Test Kitchen TV Show Cookbook 2001-2014

The Complete America's Test Kitchen TV Show Cookbook 2001-2014

America's Test Kitchen / Feb 29, 2020

The Complete America s Test Kitchen TV Show Cookbook This newly revised edition captures seasons including of the hit TV show in a lively collection featuring than foolproof recipes and dozens of tips and techniques Our comprehensive page

  • Title: The Complete America's Test Kitchen TV Show Cookbook 2001-2014
  • Author: America's Test Kitchen
  • ISBN: 9781936493609
  • Page: 372
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This newly revised edition captures 14 seasons including 2014 of the hit TV show in a lively collection featuring than 900 foolproof recipes and dozens of tips and techniques Our comprehensive 50 page shopping guide includes all the tastings and testings from the show so you won t waste money on inferior products.

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    1. This is the best cookbook I have ever read through, filled with post-its, borrowed from the library and then bought, spilled olive oil on, tried a bunch of recipes from, and started evangelizing to friends. It's awesome. Because they test everything. You aren't just getting a bunch of recipes, you are getting hours and hours of painstakingly thorough research and development to create the BEST recipes. (They also review pots, pans, and kitchen gadgets.)Being a Virgo, I appreciate precision. Bein [...]

    2. I love America's Test Kitchen, and I love their thoroughness in achieving the best recipes. Why don't I like the book? It weighs a ton. It hurts to pick it up. How useful can a book be that you don't even want to lift. One of my librarians has carpal tunnel syndrome. I present "Exhibit A."

    3. Just a fantastic cookbook. I’ve yet to try a recipe that wasn’t superb, and the pictures and explanations as to *why* the recipes work are such a valuable addition to the book. A kitchen staple!

    4. The cheese is creating a web from my spoon to the bowl, the toast soaking up the broth ever so rich from the onions that were simmering in the pot for such a short time: this tasted like restaurant quality soup yet I prepared it in less than an hour. To think that this was the streamlined version and it tasted like this, I hated to think what the classic version of their French onion soup tasted like, I don’t know if I could handle the anticipation of waiting twice as long for this gooey goodn [...]

    5. Sometimes a good reference. I am not sure I like their techniques. They seem slightly biased in favour of speed and shortcuts. Still their analytical commentary on some recipes is valuable and they often introduce updates to old recipes which is interesting. For example compensating for the changes in cream over the years. That's stuff I did not think about.I am not a fan of their taste in seasoning which I find kinda bland. We really part company on the BBQ. Of course I do not know what the New [...]

    6. This is my favorite cookbook of all cookbooks. I have never been a very good cook because I hate following recipes There are two reasons I love this book. First, America's Test Kitchen has perfected each recipe. They've spent significant time with trying substituting ingredients to perfect the outcome. The second reason I love this cookbook is because before each recipe they explain why they have the ingredients that they do. This explanation appeals to my "intellectual side" and helps me be mor [...]

    7. This book is packed with hundreds of pages of recipes. Each one says how they tested the recipe and chose the best method. There's also their top equipment choices and technique tips. I can't wait to start trying some of these recipes.

    8. I had the first 5 year cookbook, but gifted that one to a friend, so I "needed" this cookbook! It's a big book, over 1000 pages! ButI know ANY recipe I try, will be amazing! I've already made the sticky buns.absolutely perfectly sticky and nutty!

    9. it goes without saying that the america's test kitchen crew is to be revered, along with anything they publish. i use their italian cookbook like a bible (my husband is italian, i lived in italy for several years, and the cuisine most heavily represented in my cookbook collection is italian, and yet ATK is my go-to for most every basic italian recipe), and i find their detailed analyses and explanations incredibly valuable and instructive. i have heard that many ATK cookbooks are frustrating rep [...]

    10. Frankly, this is the best cookbook I own. America's Test Kitchen simply can't be beat. So long as you follow the directions, using the correct equipment and ingredients, you will ALWAYS end up with the most delicious end-result you can imagine. In the two years I have had this book, I've tried dozens of recipes and I would (and have, in many cases) cook them all again. The equipment and ingredient reviews at the end of the book are EXTREMELY helpful, to boot. I have improved my home kitchen setu [...]

    11. 2011790 pagesI recently received this book when I bought the combination book and dvds of the PBS TV series, American Test Kitchen. Features from 2001 to 2011 are included, the recipes, the product tests, the science behind the cooking techniques. My daughter and I love this series and found it made us better cooks. I love reading the text and it can stand alone of the TV series. If you like the show you will like this book.The books I bought as a combo, were suppose to come with the DVDs but th [...]

    12. Who doesn't like good food?! The Complete America's Test Kitchen TV Show Cookbook has everything you need to know about testing out Home Cooking. Their recipes are chosen after trying out at least a dozen or so versions of a recipe, presenting their best one. The test cooks on the TV show are not actors but real cooks using real kitchens, as revealed in this book.This book also has many suggestions on what to look for when buying your kitchen gadgets and equipment so you don't have to waste your [...]

    13. If you are going to purchase ANY cookbook, I recommend this be it. We actually purchased this and the videos that go with it (the show really is cute and comes on PBS) and they are an absolute necessity. I have my degree in Culinary Arts and this is my go-to book when I'm looking for something. What's most neat about these people (book and videos) is that they have taken recipes and tried it every way to perfect it so that you don't have to go through all of that trouble. They explain all of thi [...]

    14. Family Bible. Outstanding (so far) in nearly every respect. I've cooked around 40 or so of the non-desert recipes and nearly all the desert and baking, and I really love this book. Classic recipes made with painstaking care, very helpful reviews of kitchen gadgets, and I love the chapter devoted exclusively to thanksgiving staples. In my opinion, the only stumble is to be found in the Tex-Mex recipes. Perhaps there is a regional difference, but I found the few I've tried to be very bland. Truly [...]

    15. The aroma of slow cooker Minestrone fills the house as I write this review. Cook's Country offers so many pointers and explanations of why their cooking methodology works. If you are a foodie and like to know the why behind the 'how-to' goes into great cooking, then this is the book for you.I have the previous edition in book form and this most recent edition in electronic format.Cook's Country is well worth the expense, and having in e-book format is such a nice feature because I don't have to [...]

    16. I first checked this book out from the library. I loved it so much I kept renewing it until the one I ordered arrived. There is so much more in here than just recipes. This book teaches you skills you can adapt and use in other recipes. There are product reviews for both food and kitchen tools that could save you a lot of time or money. When you purchase this book make sure to look for the latest up to date version. The actual copy I own is the 2001-2016 version. There are lots of great color ph [...]

    17. From the best cooking show on TV - the show that instructs you how to cook things you'll actually make & eat at home (what a concept!) - comes this excellent compendium of recipes from the first decade of the show. Organized well & with all the explanations of how these recipes work (much like their Cook's Illustrated magazine does). Granted, sometimes their recipes remind me of that old SNL bit "The Anal Retentive Chef" with their level of precise detail, but the basic rules that a cook [...]

    18. This is one of my favorite books of all time. (Thanks Mom!) I use it at least a couple of times a week and the recipes are straightforward, don't generally take too much time, and have never failed. This morning, for example, I decided to try the french toast recipe. I've made french toast for most of my life and figured things couldn't be much different - but this was great! There were really only small changes to what I've typically done, but they made a big difference. That's what you get by [...]

    19. I love America's Test Kitchen! I love how well they test their recipes, and I love reading about why each recipe works (and what could cause it to not work). Do you ever follow a recipe as precisely as you can, and still it doesn't turn out right? America's Test Kitchen prevents that. They test, test, and test their recipes. They try various brands of an ingredient to improved flavor, texture, and more. It's delicious and educational. A great book!

    20. A new one to my shelf, and already my second most used cookbook. I've found some small differences in the recipes between this book and other Test Kitchen cookbooks (one that comes to mind is the slightly different measurements in the Almost No-Knead Bread here and in the Baking book). This one also doesn't always include all of the testing detail that some of the smaller editions have. But it's a nicely edited, concise cookbook with lots of new favorites.

    21. Yes, I'm putting a cookbook on my shelf. Mainly because this book is SO FULL of awesome information. Got this one for Christmas and I have been pouring over it ever since. I just love the notes on each recipe explaining what is hard about that particular recipe and the way they went about to make sure they got it right. Very very useful. I have made several dishes and each one has turned out well.

    22. BEST Cookbook EVER!!!!! And I have rea some cook books. This one is the boss of them all. Not necessarily for beginners. You have to be willing to do some seemingly inconsequential, yet oh so important baby steps to achieve perfection, but is is oh so worth it. When you bite into the most amazing triple chocolate cookie you have ever seen or tasted, or let sauce from the most amazing beef stew drip down your chin, you will know it was worth the effort.

    23. Christopher Kimball and staff are probably the most anal retentive chefs out there. But the results of their diligent kitchen work are oh so apparent in this book.I've personally made many recipes in this book and while most of them are not the easiest, they certainly have wowed my taste buds.I definitely recommend this for any foodie who's looking for a comprehensive cookbook filled with the best of the best recipes.

    24. Excellent; like "Good Eats" meets "Bill Nye the Science Guy," every single recipe and product recommendation is prefaced by an explanation; why some tomato soups fail, why this one works, how other recipes were tried, etc. A great read for anyone investing in pieces for their kitchen; they test and rank everything from plastic wrap to stand mixers and portable grills. Worthwhile to own for a reference volume, too.

    25. I recently splurged on this cookbook and I have not been disappointed. The recipes are thorough, organized well and I particularly like the unbiased reviews in the back on products. I have not gone wrong in some serious purchases. I highly recommend this cookbook and the actual PBS series. This is cooking made fun with a bit of art, science and good old commonsense.

    26. Such a fabulous book that provides you with the best recipes that their test kitchen experimented with. I loves the "Why this recipe works" and "Notes from the Test Kitchen" details for each recipe. So much information and reasoning as to why the recipe provided is the best one including salads, meats, seafood, vegetables, baking, etc. A very well done book that is a real treasure!

    27. This book is fantastic whether you watch the PBS series or not. The book contains more than 850 foolproof recipes and dozens of tips and techniques. All the recipes include the "whys' of the ingredients and processes chosen, not just a list of directions The book also includes a wealth of supporting information and purchasing guides. Be forewarn… The book is 2 inches thick and heavy!

    28. I love cookbooks, specifically THIS cookbook! It's very informative, has a TON of recipes in it and it explains WHY recipes work! I can't say enough praise for this book. If you are not a cook, pick up this book and I guarantee that it's foolproof!!

    29. Almost anything you could want to learn to cook, this book has it. It is great for beginners as well as accomplished cooks. It breaks everything down into an almost science-like formula. The product and ingredient guides I found very helpful as well. great for wedding gifts.

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