Pandora Hearts 20巻

Pandora Hearts 20巻

Jun Mochizuki 望月淳 / Nov 20, 2019

Pandora Hearts Als Spross einer Adelsfamilie verbringt Oz seine Zeit im Wesentlichen damit seinem Freund und Diener Gilbert Schwierigkeiten zu machen Doch dann wird er pl tzlich von drei schwarzen Gestalten in die

  • Title: Pandora Hearts 20巻
  • Author: Jun Mochizuki 望月淳
  • ISBN: 9784757535855
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Paperback
  • Als Spross einer Adelsfamilie verbringt Oz seine Zeit im Wesentlichen damit, seinem Freund und Diener Gilbert Schwierigkeiten zu machen Doch dann wird er pl tzlich von drei schwarzen Gestalten in die Unterwelt namens Abyss gesto en, wo Verbrecher f r ihre schlimmsten S nden b en m ssen.

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        Jun Mochizuki Mochizuki Jun is a Japanese comic artist manga ka , best known for the fantasy shounen series Pandora Hearts .


    1. Pandora Hearts made me cry. Again.With all the maneuvering of the Baskervilles, the grand scope of the story thus far, it's the quiet moments that are so poignant. Who - or what - is Oz? A doll that was loved into existence by Lacie? A puppet with Jack controlling the strings? A chain that destroys? Jun Mochizuki tells us through her story what it means to be alive, what it means to be loved. This realization for Oz is a powerful moment in the story, and perhaps a pinnacle moment as well if Oz c [...]

    2. Development to the story and the escape point of the characters I just love uncle Oscar! What a wonderful guy! His love for Oz is so beautiful and helpful. (view spoiler)[ I cried when he diedoo!!! (hide spoiler)]And Oz regained consciousness over Jack and that is all because the love of his uncle and friends! I am so proud of you, Oz! And yes! Alice is finally back!I felt bad for Xerxes Break though poor him (And what the heck, Zai? I just hate you.

    3. If anything can be said about the Pandora Hearts series, it's a sure cure for any type of happiness your feeling.And i think this volume just might take the cake for most depressing moments (although 15 might have it beat)This volume keeps with the reoccurring theme of death, grief and confusion, but still having a few light-hearted scenes (thank god for Duke Barma and Lotti) however, there's really not that much comedy at all, save for the special episode at the end.(view spoiler)[ So Gil has r [...]

    4. Wonderful. It was a nice change of pace from the usual doom, gloom, and cliffhangers. I felt like getting to know Oscar was filling. It made me sad sometimes, and he lost his way at others but even if he betrayed his own thoughts with the influence of others, there would always be someone else to pull him back on the tracks. Children are a big part of his life, whether he likes it or not. He's happy now, but he was happy then, too; Love is a powerful bond, something that can't just be ripped awa [...]

    5. Poor Break! He's been captured, and when Vincent comes to see him in his cell, I was like, "WHAT IS HE GOING TO RESCUE BREAK THIS IS THE MOMENT OF WHICH I HAVE DREAMED THEY WILL LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER," but what actually happens is that Break kind of taunts him and then Vincent beats the heck out of Break while he is chained to a wall. I keep forgetting about that thing where Vincent is evil. :P My ship may be on a doomed voyage.Also, RIP poor Uncle Oscar! But I knew he was good all along.

    6. This was hilarious: Break used to be bullied awfully by his stepmother and older sisters. When he found out all his food contained*beep* he was so traumatized he could barely eat anymore. (I told him you could eat sweets since you had never been given any.)

    7. Gahhh! So many feels. Uncle Oscar coming to terms with Oz, Gil being an amazing friend, Oz getting Jack out of his head after realizing that he isn't a nobody. Such a beautiful volume. I justI can't explain how great this one was. And guess what? BREAK IS STILL ALIVE! I'm so happy. 4 more volumes to go. If he and a few other characters can stay living, I will be euphoric.

    8. This series isying to think what else to say that I haven't already said for the other volumes so far. But well, that's just it, this is a really good series. So many twists and turns that you'll just like, well what else can happen now? Really good volume.

    9. "The real me Is just a dollA chain, andAn imitation of Oz Vessalius. I'm justA fake!" -Oz I can't imagine saying those words about myself and having no choice other to believe them It's a good thing Oz had Gil!As cheesy as it sounds, having your existence "affirmed" by a friend would undoubtedly by very important at a time like that. (Broments for the win!) Now, Oz's being aside, this volume gives a lot more background to Uncle Oscar. (You a know if a supporting character is going to die it will [...]

    10. That wasautiful. And tragic. And perfect. And sad. I want to cry. I think I am going toif I can get over the shock first.

    11. NO!!!!!!!!!! UNCLE OSCAR!!!!!!! NO, ECO!!!!!! WHAT THE HECK?!!!!HOORAY!!!!!! ALICE IS BACK!!!!!!!!!~3rd Oct, 2016~Again UNCLE OSCAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Cries uncontrollably) NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! We love you! Don't die!!!!!!!! Gilbert burns(?) off his left arm with Raven's help and makes a new contract with Raven as a Baskerville. He saves Oz and Uncle Oscar shows up to help them escape through the hidden emergency door.Oscar tells Oz that Oz's father suspects that it was Jack who killed Oscar's [...]

    12. Surprisingly the most predictable of all the volumes but still one of the most touching! Oh, this has to be one my favorite volumes yet! Uncle Oscar is one of the best characters in this series! I mean, I liked him before, but now, he’s even better. (view spoiler)[He realized the truth about Oz and loved him anyway, and I just can't take it when he gets killed off! (hide spoiler)]All the same, it’s one of my least favorite volumes because some elements are so frustrating! Go figure that bit. [...]

    13. This volume is SO GOOD. It has moments that will make you laugh and some that will make out want to cry, but that's just Mochizuki's skill. I'm enjoying the development of Gilbert's character a great deal; he's still the same at his core, but he's no longer indecisive about who he is or whether or not he wants to deny his past. I would have liked to see a little more of Alice, but at this point in the story, she wasn't vital to the plot going on between Oz, Gil and Oscar. Oh, Uncle Oscarwe got s [...]

    14. This month in the world of Pandora Hearts: an escape, a series of revelations, a loss, a death, a return. At twenty volumes and onwards, Jun Mochizuki seems to have yet fully invoked the true depth of the world of the Abyss and the secrets of Pandora that color the lives of her characters. This volume is heavy on character developments from small to big, and it is the final act of this one that will have long time readers cursing out Mochizuki louder than ever.You can read my complete review of [...]

    15. Tío Oscar, es tan lindo y su amor por Oz, aún sabiendo todo me encanta. Me gusta que siguió siendo fiel a sí mismo y a los que amaba, ese reencuentro al final del capítulo 82 me hizo llorar.Lloro de felicidad porque Oz se dio cuenta de que es algo o alguien y que Alice volvió con él. Los adoro. Ese abrazo grupal fue puro amor.

    16. Well, I WANT VOLUME 21!!! This is an absolutly amazing series! I love how Oz overcomes everything and the carnivore is back! Alice is so funny. Xai is blind to the truth. What exactly is Jack up to? There are so many twists. I cant wait for the final volume so I can read the whole story uninterupted!

    17. Je ne sais quoi dire Je pense que tous les tomes publiés jusque là celui est le plus émouvant. Et je ne pense pas être la seule à le penser, right ? Bref, je n'en dis pas plus car sinon je risquerai de spoiler et ce n'est pas ce que je veux.

    18. I love this series! But is so sad, every time I read the next volume I want to cry. All I can say about 20's plot is that it is getting mighty heavy. When more truths are revealed; tragedy hits us again but some closure will be reached.I would write more but spoilers.

    19. Oh my God! THAT COVER IS SO PRETTY! I LOVE OSCAR :D (view spoiler)[So sad that he wasn't alive to be in the volume that he is featured on the cover of (hide spoiler)]

    20. GOD. ok yeah. Going to sleep now, but this was just so intenseeee cant leave it like this but ugh school tomorrow.

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