Taming the Bachelor

Taming the Bachelor

M.J. Carnal / Nov 20, 2019

Taming the Bachelor Ex marine and bad boy Mark Moretti made a pact with his childhood friends to live life to the fullest and never allow a woman to tie him down After years of success and the world at his feet he is

  • Title: Taming the Bachelor
  • Author: M.J. Carnal
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Ex marine and bad boy, Mark Moretti, made a pact with his childhood friends to live life to the fullest and never allow a woman to tie him down After years of success and the world at his feet, he is determined to make that pact a reality A move back to his beloved Los Angeles threatens to change the future he had written for himself when the shy and beautiful, Sophie BaEx marine and bad boy, Mark Moretti, made a pact with his childhood friends to live life to the fullest and never allow a woman to tie him down After years of success and the world at his feet, he is determined to make that pact a reality A move back to his beloved Los Angeles threatens to change the future he had written for himself when the shy and beautiful, Sophie Barringer, ends up being the Maid of Honor at his sister s wedding Sophie has been burned at love The last thing she needs is a self proclaimed bachelor to turn her head But her heart may have other plans Forced to spend a week together in paradise, can they deny their steamy chemistry and stay away from each other or will they give in to lust and take the chance Can Mark get over his player reputation to take a shot at love or will fate be cruel enough to deny them their happily ever after

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    1. So I started out the first of this book like this : OH WOW this book is HOT and AWESOME! Loved it!I ended it like this: That was f**king dumb.Why? Because these characters went from adults to adolescents in 2.5 seconds flat. I could not, COULD NOT believe how the "hero" Mark behaved in this book. Then that stupid b*tch sister came in and I wanted to strangle her and him both. Here he is "planning his future with our heroine Sophie" but doing it all behind her back, sneaking around with the siste [...]

    2. 2.5 StarsI cannot remember reading a more frustrating book. I started off well, but totally detailed. I initially liked Mark - but then he pulled his insane 5 day "I'm going to ignore and lie to my girlfriend to set up a stupid surprise and then I'm going to be irrationally pissed when it backfires" thing. I just could not get past it. That along with the very weird feeling relationship he has with Sophie's sister (despite all his "little sis" comments - all the weird flirty banter was not appro [...]

    3. Oh jeez This will probably not be pretty Just sayin.★: HOT Cover★: HOT Sex★: . (I'm not really sure what this one is for)*There may be some spoilers*I have some pretty mixed emotions where this book is concerned. First let me say, I really hate writing negative reviews. I feel like authors pour their hearts into their books and we as readers reap the rewards. I love to read and I love to find new books. I do understand that debuts are generally not always perfect, it is the first time arou [...]

    4. 2.5 weird stars. I started off really liking this book and than it was so freaking weird!!! I can't express my issues without giving away spoilers so sorry but ***********spoilers!!********** Issues: The H invites the h sister Layla to surprise the h but doesn't tell her. Sounds sweet rightwrong! So she comes and stays with the H that she never met before and he has her staying with him for 5 days without the h knowing she's there?? Well the h finds out prior because the H took off work for the [...]

    5. What?! WTFThis book had such HUGE potential, I was getting into it and was feeling really good about it I have read nothing but crap lately and I was so excited to finally find something good then, BAM!! It starts turning corny and the writing was getting extremely confusing, I had to back track a few times to realize who was saying what. I am a person who comes from a very close family, we are always hugging telling each other "I Love you" but Mark and Molly's relationship towards the beginning [...]

    6. There are a lot of POVs in this book. It's a lot to follow sometimes but it wasn't a deal breaker. Okay, so ANYONE would have thought the same thing about Mark if they had the evident she was presented. He was hard on her. I feel like her sister, Layla was too much. It was not appropriate for him to be going around with Layla behind Sophie's back, even if it was to pick a house for her. Because is not suspicious at all when you don't talk to your girlfriend for a week. No, not at all. It just se [...]

    7. I really was completely frustrated with this, it started out fairly promising and I was indeed enjoying it until I hit the 60% marker and then bam what happened next completely threw my outlook and my perception of this romance. I actually no longer felt it was viable, romantic or believable after what Mark did the week before the wedding and to top it all it was then all brushed aside and Sophie kinda took the blame for how things panned out. Well I am sorry I just did not get how Mark could be [...]

    8. Insult to your intelligence!! (and thats being kind)Holy HELLLLLLLLx on a stick my ass like shit on a stick. GAH.This book, and I say that LIGHTLY, is a total insult to your intelligence, and SERIOUS insult to women, and men for that matter. I was excited to start this. I bought all 4 books in the series I WONT BE FINISHING this one, let alone the others. Now don't get me wrong, I don't mind some angst in a story.eps you on your toes. But this was beyond ridiculous.I'm shocked. disgusted. frustr [...]

    9. The story was interesting. I liked the fact that the bad boy who will never settles meets the right girl that changes all that. BUT. (view spoiler)[the whole thing with going behind Sophie's back to surprise her by inviting her sister to LA for a whole week before asking her to marry him. Having the sister pick out the engagement ring and the house they will live in. And the sister inviting herself to live with them. Then because he never shared it with anyone he is shocked that Sophie believes [...]

    10. What the fuck! the book started off good! but seriously. spoilers ahead!! So all of a sudden he apparently called her sister during the short trip ( who he never met) telling her i love you, thank you for coming. Then back to our main characters He doenst tell her anything (about the arrangemnet with the sister) as a surprise. But takes the sister all over town, holds her hands, buys gifts for her en goes house hunting with the sis. SERIOUSLY!!! That is such a stupid move. He hasnt even taken so [...]

    11. 3 starsit took me awhile to finish this novel, why? I don't remember, I probably got bored and read some other and then remembered that I still haven't finished it so I did. The plot is pretty interesting that's why I decided to read it amongst the long list of novels that I'm supposed to read. This got my attention because of it's plot, but little by little, it kind of reach a point where the story became so, so I stopped and continued and thankfully, it got better! so 3 stars!

    12. I loved thisMark was a playboy with a rep and it took one girl his sisters best friend sophie to change that.I love these sort of story's. would of liked more on marks past and playboy ways for the bigger picture though.Looking forward to the other books.

    13. What caught my attention to this book was the cover of course. I started chatting with the author and loved her instantly so I decided last night to pick up the book and read it. I finished it in a few hours it was such an easy nice read. I really enjoyed Mark and watching him grow throughout the story. At times I wanted to punch Caleb in the face for being a prick and I am sure I am not the only one. I read some reviews where they said Soph didn't have a spin or couldn't understand why she woul [...]

    14. review to come***I promised a review. I rarely give a book 2 stars and I have to say why i did it.First of all: the beginning was nice, the author created a great atmosphere, i understood who the characters were and what their role was.After the first sex scene i was: what?! I mean, the heroine is a shy, somehow wallflower kind of girl. To put it out like that was disconcerting. Then, we have Caleb, the hero's best friend (he has a story also). The way he kept begging for scraps of love from the [...]

    15. With a cover like this how could I not read this bookie. Mark he's a good man, he cares about his sister, "I need you to answer a serious question baby. Are you sure you want to marry this putz?" Another smack. "I really think you could do better. I mean seriously, look at this dump. They haven't kept is up at all over the years." He's a jealous type man when it comes to Sophie, "the thought of someone touching Sophie had him wound so tight he could kill someone." He's also the possessive type a [...]

    16. Taming the Bachelor was a 5-star plus rating for me. I literally could not put this book down which means I pulled an all nighter and read it in 5 hours it's that good. Bachelor Mark Moretti makes a packed with his buddies to be single forever. Little does he know that when his little sister and best friend marries he meet the lovely Sophie. However Sophie has another admire and that threatens what he wants. See how it starts and ends with this funny book that made me tear up and fall in love wi [...]

    17. A freaking amazing. I loved this book. I loved it from the start of the book and I couldn't put it down, there story was so sweet and of course you have the added drama but that makes it all the more better. I did want to smack him when the big drama went down because umm duh I probably would have thought the same thing she did with her past history. Come on now, I'm glad they got there happy ending though.

    18. When I started the book I was excited. It's started great then all of a sudden she was in contact with a lady who it turns out to be the lead female characters sister. Until now I don't know if I missed it or it was really missing --- how Mark got her sister's number. The plot is simple. Nothing much to remember. I guess for me it's quite disappointing.

    19. Well I really like the cover. This story had potential, but it lacked a bit in the delivery. A kept going back thinking I missed a paragraph. A few of the major issues where never explained, and the character development fell way off the mark for me. Again just my opinion

    20. LOVED LOVED LOVED! MJ did a WONDERFUL job on this book I read it in less than a day. Could not put it down. "MMMMMMM" Mark was "Mr Sex on a Stick" alright. Being a Fan of Alex Turner made my Mark even better :0) It was a great story & I look forward to the others to come.

    21. This book was ok. It was pretty predictable and cheeseballiebut not too bad. I give the book 2 stars, but the cover gets 5!

    22. First in the Moretti Novels romance series revolving around the Dickerman gang. Based in Beverly Hills. The primary couple focus is on Marco and Sophia while a secondary focus is on the about-to-be-wed couple, Molly and Rich.Caution: Insta-love on both sides.My TakeOmigod, this was a train wreck. Carnal really needs to hire a proofreader before putting out her novels. REALLY! Between the confusion over what is properly lowercased and what should be uppercase — hullo, maid of honor is not upper [...]

    23. This book was a train wreck. I can't add much more then what's already been written in the reviews. Sadly the next 2 books are on my Kindle

    24. My Thoughts:Taming the Bachelor pulled me in with the prologue and then maybe the first part of the book. I liked Mark Moretti and was ready to see this self proclaimed bachelor be tamed. I fell in lust with Mark and was ready for a good smexing time with him. So Mark hasn't been home in awhile and now he's back for the first time for his sister Molly's wedding to one of his best friend, Rich. I adored Molly and Rich. They were one of the highlights of the book and I loved how both were supporti [...]

    25. Review Originally Posted at: Book FreakThere were so many bachelors in this novel, my heart is no longer accepting applicants. Our first bachelor is an ex-marine, man-whore, total bad boy, Mark Moretti. He chose to live his life like he wanted it and it includes sleeping with anyone who wears a skirt. But everything changed when he bumped into the shy and beautiful Sophie Barringer who's luckily the Maid of Honor at his sister's wedding. But Sophie had her heart broken before. An ex-boyfriend wh [...]

    26. Find more on the blog: hotstuffbookreviews.wordpress.Part of a series? Yes. (The next installments will focus on other characters).Cliffhanger? No.Self-Published.Pages: 174Category: Adult.Genre: Contemporary RomanceBlurb: Ex marine and bad boy, Mark Moretti, made a pact with his childhood friends to live life to the fullest and never allow a woman to tie him down. After years of success and the world at his feet, he is determined to make that pact a reality. A move back to his beloved Los Angele [...]

    27. This one was difficult to assign a star rating. While I did get enjoyment from the story, and stayed up late reading, it was just an okay book. I almost stopped reading and put it to my DNF very early in the book because of all of the errors I was seeing. Wow, where do I begin with feedback on this one?!*This book needs some serious help in editing. There were character names that were not capitalized, and sometimes words were capitalized that should not have been and various other issues.*It wa [...]

    28. I didn't even read this book and I was planning on itbut then I read some of the reviews and it pissed me off so much that I can't even read it.*spoilers*Apparently the main guy is a complete idiot and stupid and ignorant and a prickI didn't read it like I said but What i gathered with all the negative comments were what was on all of them and it was always the same and like them I couldn't look past ite main guy met up with the heroiness sister without her knowledge to surprise her.well surpris [...]

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