The Unreal and the Real: Selected Stories Volume One: Where on Earth

The Unreal and the Real: Selected Stories Volume One: Where on Earth

Ursula K. Le Guin / Jun 02, 2020

The Unreal and the Real Selected Stories Volume One Where on Earth For fifty years National Book Award winner Ursula K Le Guin s stories have shaped the way her readers see the world Her work gives voice to the voiceless hope to the outsider and speaks truth to po

  • Title: The Unreal and the Real: Selected Stories Volume One: Where on Earth
  • Author: Ursula K. Le Guin
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  • Page: 415
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • For fifty years, National Book Award winner Ursula K Le Guin s stories have shaped the way her readers see the world Her work gives voice to the voiceless, hope to the outsider, and speaks truth to power Le Guin s writing is witty, wise, both sly and forthright she is a master craftswoman.This two volume selection of almost forty stories taken from her eleven collectioFor fifty years, National Book Award winner Ursula K Le Guin s stories have shaped the way her readers see the world Her work gives voice to the voiceless, hope to the outsider, and speaks truth to power Le Guin s writing is witty, wise, both sly and forthright she is a master craftswoman.This two volume selection of almost forty stories taken from her eleven collections was made by Le Guin herself, as was the organizing principle of splitting the stories into the nominally realistic and fantastic.Where on Earth focuses on Le Guin s interest in realism and magic realism and includes many of Le Guin s satirical, political, and experimental earthbound stories.Highlights include World Fantasy and Hugo Award winner Buffalo Gals, Won t You Come Out Tonight, the rarely reprinted satirical short, The Lost Children, and the title story of her Pulitzer Prize finalist collection Unlocking the Air.Stories in this volume were originally published in venues as varied as Playboy, TriQuarterly, Orbit, Redbook, and The New Yorker.Companion volume Outer Space Inner Lands includes Le Guin s best known nonrealistic stories Both volumes include new introductions by the author The Unreal and the Real is a much anticipated event which will delight, amuse, and provoke.

    The Unreal and the Real Where on Earth Selected Stories May , Ursula K LeGuin s collection of short stories, The Real and the Unreal, was published in The individual stories were also published separately in the years from to The Real section contains stories The Unreal category includes stories. The Unreal and the Real The Selected Short Stories of May , The Unreal and the Real is a collection of some of Ursula K Le Guin s best short stories She has won multiple prizes and accolades from the Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters to the Newbery Honor, the Nebula, Hugo, World Fantasy, and PEN Malamud Awards. The Unreal and the Real Selected Stories Volume Two Feb , The Unreal and the Real guns from the grim to the ecstatic, from the State to the Garden of Eden, with just one dragon between Every collection needs one dragon In every good career spanning collection, you can observe an author growing into her authority. Unreal Engine What is Unreal Engine Unreal Engine is a complete suite of creation tools designed to meet ambitious artistic visions while being flexible enough to ensure success for teams of all sizes As an established, industry leading engine, Unreal delivers powerful, proven performance that you can trust Injustice UnREAL TV Series Jun , It s trashy, nasty, camp and the show is littered with despicable narcissistic individuals UnREAL is one of my guilty pleasures, you could stop at season one but chances are you ll want to binge all Four seasons Season is arguably the weakest season, i would have been happy with three. Unreal TV series Unreal stylized as UnREAL is an American drama television series that premiered on Lifetime on June , It stars Shiri Appleby as a young reality television producer pushed by her unscrupulous boss Constance Zimmer to swallow her integrity and do anything it takes to drum up salacious show content.

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        Ursula K Le Guin published twenty two novels, eleven volumes of short stories, four collections of essays, twelve books for children, six volumes of poetry and four of translation, and has received many awards Hugo, Nebula, National Book Award, PEN Malamud, etc Her recent publications include the novel Lavinia, an essay collection, Cheek by Jowl, and The Wild Girls She lived in Portland, Oregon.She was known for her treatment of gender The Left Hand of Darkness, The Matter of Seggri , political systems The Telling, The Dispossessed and difference otherness in any other form Her interest in non Western philosophies was reflected in works such as Solitude and The Telling but even interesting are her imagined societies, often mixing traits extracted from her profound knowledge of anthropology acquired from growing up with her father, the famous anthropologist, Alfred Kroeber The Hainish Cycle reflects the anthropologist s experience of immersing themselves in new strange cultures since most of their main characters and narrators Le Guin favoured the first person narration are envoys from a humanitarian organization, the Ekumen, sent to investigate or ally themselves with the people of a different world and learn their ways.


    1. The Unreal and the Real, Volume One: Where on Earth: A selection of her non-SFF workOriginally posted at Fantasy Literaturefantasyliterature/reviHaving just read two long, dense space opera epics, I was in the mood for shorter work, and who better than Ursula K. Le Guin, one of the giants of the SF/fantasy field, and a respected American novelist who has transcended genre and literary categories. I discovered two volumes of her stories available on Audible, with Volume One: Where on Earth set on [...]

    2. This volume of Le Guin's stories contains the work that is perhaps furthest from what you expect of her, which would usually be science fiction and fantasy. These are her realist works, which doesn't mean straight forward or more serious or anything like that. It just means that they do, or could, take place in the world we're used to.While Le Guin's writing is always beautiful, and I love the atmosphere of her stories -- there's something cool and clear about them, something steady and patient [...]

    3. I have read nearly all these stories before, in all the places they were previously published. Most I remembered, but I was struck with how powerful, and how elegantly written, they were and are. There were a couple (e.g. "The Diary of the Rose") whose remembered pain was so intense I could not finish them, all these decades later. "Buffalo Gals, Won't you come out tonight" is one of the great short stories of the 20th century, and it still is in the 21st. Treat yourself and read it. Read them a [...]

    4. Stuff I Read – The Unreal and the Real Vol 1 Where on Earth by Ursula K Le GuinTo be completely honest, this was not the volume of Ursula K Le Guin’s stories that I was most excited about. That would be Volume Two of this two volume set, which explores the more speculative, otherworldly stories that she has written. But being a bit of a book nerd who wants to have things “in the proper order,” I got this one first. And I must say I was surprised with the quality and fantasy that exist ev [...]

    5. These short stories were a revelation to me. Ursula K. Le Guin is one of my favorite authors, and books like The Left Hand of Darkness changed my understanding of what's possible in life and the largeness of the human spirit. I think of her, naturally enough, as a sci fi writer -- one of the best. These short stories are written with all the artistry and nuance one expects of Le Guin, and yet they are not really sci fi -- at least not in atmosphere. They read more like John Steinbeck or (even, a [...]

    6. Reading this first "Unreal" volume of stories from Ursula K. Le Guin is like floating down a complex river on a spring day. Eddies, calms, and steady currents punctuated by brief, thrilling rapids. She selected the included stories herself, and they are mostly--not all--set in non-fantastical homes and places, among non-fantastical people. But holy cow, are Le Guin's characters and ideas ever fantastic. No author has ever better succeeded in riveting me with family dynamics. If you're looking fo [...]

    7. Tuve que dejar de leerlo. Iba por el tercer cuarto, y llegué a la historia de unos militares que llegan a un pueblo y asesinan a todo el mundo y a los niños también y llevan a un bebé que apenas si sobrevive y lo arrojan a los matorrales cuando aún estaba agonizando y me hizo mierda, mierda. Amo a la autora, pero me destruyó una vez más. No tengo huesos para tanta dureza. El mundo es así de cruel y peor, pero yo no puedo consumir la crueldad ficcionada como entretención, ni como ejercic [...]

    8. I loved The Left Hand Of Darkness, and bought this collection of short stories assuming that I’d have more of Ursula’s creativity. These stories are not in the sci-fi genre, though, and are really slow paced. I read three, fell asleep twice, and gave up. I’ll keep trying Le Guin’s sci-fi books.

    9. This lovely (autographed) two-volume set was a very thoughtful gift from my partner's parents. Volume 1 was a good mix of stories I had read before and stories I hadn't. One reason why I admire Ursula Le Guin is that she can do it all--poetry and essays as well as SF/F and realistic fiction. Several of the stories that I hadn't read before were realism, and they made me consider the link between this genre and tragedy. I have to mention that "May's Lion" destroyed me. There were only one or two [...]

    10. Nice collection of short stories by Le Guin that are set on this earth, i.e. neither fantasy nor sci-fi. I don't like her political short stories so much (oddly), but there are some brilliant classics in here, like "Buffalo Gals". The selection is by herself. Vol. 2 is the fantasy/sci-fi I think.

    11. LeGuin may be better known for her fantasy fiction, but these are a mix of dystopian and odd. Not at all what I expected - it was a great deal more. Amazed by both her imagination and imagery.

    12. I'm going to come straight out and say that I think this book was too cerebral, abstract, and "out there" for me. Ursula K. Le Guin is a well-known name in writing circles and she is touted for her sci-fi/fantasy prowess. Surprisingly, I had never read anything by her and so I set out to remedy that by picking up a short story collection entitled The Unreal and the Real: Selected Stories, Volume One: Where on Earth. I should have been wary after that convoluted title but I went in ready to be ab [...]

    13. I've only listened to 1 story and half of the next. The first was beautiful. It's amazing how LeGuin makes you care about the characters in such a short time. The 2nd story features one of the same characters, but instead of in some made-up place it's in Ohio. ??? Maybe I misunderstood something. The character may not be the same person even if he has the same unusual name. I'm looking forward to the rest.

    14. Along with Kij Johnson's At the Mouth of the River of Bees: Stories, The Unreal and the Real: Selected Stories Volume One: Where on Earth is the second really good collection of short stories I've read in recent months. Both were up for the World Fantasy Award, neither won. I give Johnson's collection the edge, but UKLG has nothing to be ashamed of.Where on Earth is the first of two volumes in this short story collection. Outer Space, Inner Lands includes stories of speculative fiction, while Wh [...]

    15. This was an interesting read. I was unaware that Le Guin had written realistic, non-SF stories and I'm sure the decision to put them all together in the first volume was an intentional one. Although I am certainly not an SF purist and read in a lot of genres including literary I didn't always enjoy these modern literary-style tales but I do believe the book proves that Le Guin can hold her own among the New Yorker crowd. I was very grateful for the introduction which explained a bit of the backg [...]

    16. According to the The Internet Speculative Fiction Database, Ursula Le Guin has written over 150 pieces of short prose fiction. This 2-volume anthology has 38 pieces that she herself chose as her best, the first volume more realistic ones, and the second volume more in line with the conventions of science fiction and fantasy. I read her collection The Compass Rose a week ago, and A Fisherman of the Inland Sea some 20 years ago, so many of the stories were already familiar to me. One story in the [...]

    17. I'd read most of the stories in this collection before, but it was still worth picking up - many I hadn't read in years, and I've found that most Le Guin tales stand up beautifully on multiple rereads. It took me a while to get going in this collection because it starts off with four stories from Orsinian Tales, which quite honestly is among my least favorite of her books, but she definitely chose the right stories to include here, because "Brothers and Sisters" and "A Week in the Country" build [...]

    18. The Unreal and the Real is a newer collection of Le Guin short stories, it wasn't published yet when I read all the other Le Guin I read, though the stories in it are from her whole career. This volume is stories set on Earth, though not necessarily Earth as we know it. The ones I like best are the Orsinian stories, three from Orsinian Tales plus "Unlocking the Air." Then there is "The Diary of the Rose," from a futuristic dictatorship which is probably not in Orsinia, according to the author, t [...]

    19. The first few stories in this collection are slower going, but from 'Imaginary Countries' they get very engaging. If you read one short story this year, make it 'Buffalo Gals, Won't You Come Out Tonight'. This is like the folk tale/myth for this century that needs to be read and memorised and told in the evenings.Other standouts are 'Direction of the Road' 'The Diary of the Rose', and 'May's Lion', but most of these stories are beautiful and affecting, plenty of them made me cry on the train. Th [...]

    20. So I fiiiiiinally got a hold of volume 1 from the library. And while Where on Earth has stories all set on earth, they are just as full of fantasy as the stories in volume two. Le Guin's prose is clear as water, even when she is experimenting with different narrative styles ("The Water is Wide") or exploring familial relationships from all angles ("Half Past Four"). My favorite story by far is "Buffalo Gals," which is the closest to actual fantasy this collection comes. So many great moments in [...]

    21. These stories have such an intimate voice. I have the sense that LeGuin holds her characters in her hands like small, wounded creatures. Tenderness for vulnerable things, sorrow over their flaws. My favorite is Buffalo Gals, Won't You Come Out Tonight. It's like a better version of Neil Gaiman's American Gods. Grittier, more profound. LeGuin doesn't inflict a morality. She allows for the oscillations of mood and occurrence. "—you can't trust a good story-teller not to make the story suit herse [...]

    22. Confession time: I've never much liked Le Guin's literary-flavored stories. I adore her fantasies and her science fiction, but the literary stuff has never grabbed me as a reader. So your mileage may vary on this one. I admired the craftswomanship of the stories but it took me awhile to get through. And now I'm excited about Vol. 2, so there it is. If you liked her "Orsinian Tales" period, you will like this better than I did.

    23. Some stories are absolutely stunners, others are a more meandering. The third person omniscient isn't that common these days, and you can see why. It does work brilliantly for some of these stories, whereas in others I did get a bit lost. Will be reading vol 2 (if the library has it).

    24. I'd already read many of these, but there were some amazing ones I'd somehow missed. Recommended to all fans of UKL.

    25. I'm a huge fan of LeGuin's speculative books and stories, but never got into her more realistic work. As it turns out, I liked the stories in this collection in direct proportion to how fantastical they were. Though not because of the fantastical elements per se: "Buffalo Gals" stuck with me because of the relationship between the little girl and her complex and memorable Coyote-mother. Somehow, her more realistic stories don't have characters or relationships like that. In her (revealing) intro [...]

    26. Ursula LeGuin has always been a hero of mine, both because of her fascinating stories and moral stance on genre and literature. As happens with many short story collections, there are some which didn't hit me as they should, but overall I found this to be fascinating read, rich and varied. Le Guin is one of the few who, like China Mieville and JG Ballard, seem to occupy a space that is both steeped in the speculative genre and yet is written with the poise and depth that so many wrongly attribut [...]

    27. I wanted to read some sci-fi short stories so I took this out of the library, and then I realised that this is the more realist of the two volumes. D'oh! Still, thanks to this book I’ve now discovered a writer whose work I really enjoy, and I’m sure that when I get around to reading her more ‘pure’ sci-fi stuff, it will blow me away.Le Guin can be wildly experimental and brutally down to earth, and it’s this diversity which comes across most strongly in The Unreal and the Real.Read my [...]

    28. Ursula K. Le Guin is a master. Her short fiction sings.This was fun to read because it was a trail following her development as a writer of short stories. From the early stuff on.Sometimes she's a little heady for me, seemingly paying more attention to the ideas in her stories than her characters. But never the mind. They're a delight to read.I love spending time with her.

    29. 3.5 stars, which pains me for a Le Guin book. Her writing is great, but I'm just not a huge fan of literary fiction in general. I enjoyed these stories more than most literary fiction I've read, but even still not many stood out to me or gave me that emotional punch I get from most of Le Guin's work.

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