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Dissolution Dissolution is a short story detailing the last three chapters of Breach from Nathan s point of view It gets you into his messed up head as well as seeing all that was missed in Lila s perspective

  • Title: Dissolution
  • Author: K.I. Lynn
  • ISBN: 2940016738628
  • Page: 207
  • Format: Nook
  • Dissolution is a short story detailing the last three chapters of Breach from Nathan s point of view It gets you into his messed up head as well as seeing all that was missed in Lila s perspective

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        K.I Lynn is the USA Today Bestselling Author from The Bend Anthology and the Bestselling Series, Breach She spent her life in the arts, everything from music to painting and ceramics, then to writing Characters have always run around in her head, acting out their stories, but it wasn t until later in life she would put them to pen It would turn out to be the one thing she was really passionate about Since she began posting stories online, she s garnered acclaim for her diverse stories and hard hitting writing style Two stories and characters are never the same, her brain moving through different ideas faster than she can write them down as it also plots its quest for world dominationor cheese Whichever is easier to obtain Usually it s cheese.


    1. *Contains spoilers if you are unfamiliar with the series*5 BROKEN STARS.Breach is a heartbreaking, soul searching story of two broken hearts that face trials and pain when their lives collide. The story is a cocktail of passion, angst and two tortured souls attempting to fit together.Dissolution, is a novella told from the point of view of Nathan, our hero from 'Breach'. These twenty plus pages are a window into his mind and heart and show his thoughts and feelings as we see their rocky relation [...]

    2. 5 Heartbreaking and Gut-wrenching StarsLila,I can’t do this any longer. I refuse to hurt you again. Please keep your distance, and I promise I won’t come to you anymore. We’ll act like we never happened.NathanA life crashed in 4 short sentences. A love extinguished, a soul died. Lila's own worst nightmare became reality. But what the hell happened to Nathan? What demons fought and lost and what fears did he try to hide behind submission games and dirty talk? Why did he let love and his las [...]

    3. ♥ 4.5 STARS ♥*sigh*This short novella was just so sadAnd heartbreakingAnd emotionalDissolution basically consists of the last few chapters of the first part of this series, Breach; but this time, they were told from Nathan's POV.Reading those gut-wrenching scenes from his point of view messed with my emotionsg time.But for those who have read and loved Breach as much as I did, this novella is an absolute must read. It provided me with a much better understanding of why Nathan handled things [...]

    4. I fell in love with Nathan in Breach so I was ecstatic to read this novella and see things from his point of view. And I was most definitely not disappointed!This beautiful but sad and broken man has my heart. His emotions are raw and intense, his pain and self-loathing is so strong that it makes me want to hug him all the time. But every person has his breaking point and events in this novella talks about Nathan's.This may be just extra short story but it means so much for Nathan's character de [...]

    5. 5 Touching Stars!Its amazing how this short novella cut you so deep- Its intense, sad, heartbreaking.Lila,I can’t do this any longer. I refuse to hurt you again. Please keep your distance, and I promise I won’t come to you anymore. We’ll act like we never happened.NathanNathan's POV from the night he ended things with LilaThe Night old memories resurfaced and pulled him back- Lila should be happy, that's what he keeps telling himself, he did the right thing, didn't he? "It was difficult to [...]

    6. 3.5 ★'s I was really excited to get this book and to read some pivotal scenes from Nathan's POV. ButWhat in the HECK did I just read?? I totally feel gypped!!Don't get me wrongI loved all the emotional drama and the angst and it was definitely expected. But where was the SEX SCENE??? I wanted in dirty talker Nathan's head especially during that!! I do have to say that for what we got was interesting and I liked the new information we got from Nathan. And nowe I have to wait until September for [...]

    7. 5 Emotional and Broken StarsA broken and damaged man they are my favorite. When I read ‘Breach’, I loved Nathan and Lyla so much. If you haven’t read it yet, well, not only was it the sexiest/hottest story I’ve read this year, it was also beautiful, intense, and an all around favorite of mine. In this little gem of a novella, we get the last three heartbreaking chapters of ‘Breach’ from Nathan’s pov.She deserved more, so much more than me; an angry, depressed, broken man. I couldn [...]

    8. In this book, we got to be in Nathan's head for the last part of book one to find out what he was feeling for Lila and the reasons he did what he did. Life altering events occurred and Nathan finally pulled his head out of ass.I wasn't too late. I could fix this, fix us.

    9. Get the restraining order ready! Shit is about to get crazy, (okay a little more crazier than it's already gotten). K.I. Lynn.Was that seriously just three chapters? That was magnificent.A. Work. Of. Fucking. Art.If you thought you figured our Nathan Thorne out in Breach, you have not even begun to dig beneath the surface of this man. I fell in lust with that filthy mouth of his but I think I just fell in love with this shattered and broken down man. Inner dialogue at it's best.Say 'ello to my l [...]

    10. If you have read Breach you will love this book! This book is very short only 40min. (Or that is what my Kindle said)This book is the last 2/3 chapters of Nathan's POV from Breach and how he ended up THERE (haha ok you will know what I'm talking about if you've read the first book) I don't want to give it away for the others that haven't read the first book ;) I am looking forward to the second book that is coming out in September to find out what will happened between Lila and Nathan. But I'm h [...]

    11. This book wrecked me.om line.Gut wrenchingHeartbreakingSoul shatteringAll in a few short chaptersSeptember's never getting hereI need another shot of tequila.

    12. This is a novella that takes place after the break up. It is from Nathan's POV & gives us more insight into what Nathan is thinking and feeling. We also learn a little more about Nathan's past & why he is so damaged.-"Oh, God, what have I done?"-My feelings for her had become so strong.-As I laid there, I realized it was the first night in months that Lila wasn't next to me in bed.-No good morning kisses. No morning sex with my goddess. No sweet smiles from my honeybear.-She deserved mor [...]

    13. Well this was a fast read. I am going to give it four stars; but certainly not because the writing wasn't good. I am just disappointed with the length of the novella rather than the content.It was a treat to find out that I would get to have a taste of Nathan's POV. I was most definitely happy to get some insight on why Nathan left Delilah, and what he went through after he did the deed. Not that I am sadistic or anything; but I was somewhat relieved to find out that he was having just as much d [...]

    14. 5 In Nate's Fucked-up Mind Stars!!Loved being in Nathan's head in this short little addition. On to the next one.

    15. Yup, I got my shock factor! WOW!Spoiler alert. If you have read Breach, stop reading NOW. This is the mother of all spoiler reviews.Well, that story went from 0 to 60 in 2.5 milliseconds! Why oh why did we not get dual POVs in Breach? This book was awesome! This book is entirely in Nathan's POV. It starts at the point in Breach when they break up. I needed this, needed to be in his head to understand why he did what he did. I totally "get him" now. But Lordy beTo listen to his inner monologue wa [...]

    16. "I wondered if I was like a drug addict going through withdrawal. I had all the symptoms, my physical dependence on Lila showing its ugly self.My depression and anxiety spiked, and I craved her more than I ever had before. I needed her."OhMyGod!5 Heart Rending Stars!If you haven't read book 1 which is Breach you better get reading!I think I just died a little inside!This short novella caused an uproar of emotion in meOh Nathan!Reading this made me fall for Nathan even more than before he is such [...]

    17. 5 almost speechless stars from me[image error]Words almost fail me at how good this book was. It really was heartbreaking, gut wrenching, just That's how you write a 3 chapter novella! I could hardly breathe, it was so intense. As a lead up to book 2, (as if I needed one!!) this was all it took to confirm for me that I have found a little piece of heaven. The trouble is, it left me feeling like this [image error]as September feels like forever away.K. I. Lynn can write a phone directory and I'm [...]

    18. This is what you need to know, Breach is book #1, Dissolution is Nathans pov of the last few chapters of Breach and K.I is a fucking geniusYou go into this book knowing its Nathans pov but when you are done with it you are left shaking your head because this book does not feel like a POV book.K.I gives you this look into Nathan that rips your fucking heart out,makes you hold your breath knowing there is not enough oxygen left to revive you from this read. This book that takes under an hour to re [...]

    19. "You just undid six years of therapy in four sentences. Four 'effin' senteneces!"This novella is Nathan's POV from the last 10% of Breach. We learn why he has so much turmoil over his relationship with Lila. Dissolution filled in a lot of holes that readers were left with at the the end of Breach. SERIES: CliffhangersNovella: (#1.5)

    20. OMG!!!!!! Even though it is short, Nathan's POV is so emotional!!!! "She deserved more, so much than more than me; an angry depressed, broken man. I couldn't give her what she needed - love. So, I did what I had asked her to do. I left." "Get your fucking off me. That's my girlfriend, Lila!" Those words still makes an impact for me! <3

    21. 5 HEART ACHING STARSThis novella is told from Nathan's POV through the last few chapters of Breach. I really enjoyed being inside Nathan's head and understanding his pain, his fears and his actions. This was short, sad, sweet and made me love Nathan and Lila all the more.

    22. This is a short story under Nathan’s POV (did I ever told you how I like so much more male pov’s??) This happens between the time Nathan left Lila, thinking it was the best for her and the end of the book. (That damn end!)We get to know more about Nathan’s past and understanding why is he so broken and also understanding some of his actions. And God, he is a broken man! A extremely hot broken man. A short, fantastic and heartbreaking story :)

    23. He sighed. “Why are you sitting out here? If you came this far, why don’t you go in and see her? She knows you’re here, after all.” My head snapped up. “She’s awake?” I watched Darren turn to look at me, a sad smile on his lips. “No, not yet.” “Then how do you know she knows?” “Her heart rate’s been steady all day. It picked up about fifteen minutes ago,” he said, then quirked his brow. “How long have you been sitting out here?” I stared up at him in wide-eyed sho [...]

    24. Jointly reviewed for totallybookedblogJenny: I was chomping at the bit to read this and garner some sort of insight into what was going through Nathan’s head in Breach. Well, in Dissolution so much clicked into place. Albeit, in a very painful way. For a short story this sure did pack a punch.I felt inexplicably drawn to Nathan and his internal conflict and boy was he ever conflicted! From Breach we knew Nathan was a troubled individual. He was intense, prone to mood swings and though you expe [...]

    25. **If you haven't read Breach,this review may contain slight spoilers.**"She deserved so much more, so much more than me; an angry, depressed, broken man. I couldn't give her what she needed- love."K.I. Lynn What have you done to me? Never have I experienced such feelings from reading a novella. This book (mini-book?) was sad, intense, heartbreaking, and emotional. Nathan is completely broken after he leaves Lila. I had no idea when I read Breach that Nathan took the break up that hard. "Everyday [...]

    26. ****4 Heartbreaking Stars****This is a short story about some of the tragic events that happened after Nathan decided to leave Lila, thinking she would be better off without him. How wrong he wasMy heart was bumping out of my chest while reading this tragic story from Nathan's POV. I really hope they get a beautiful HEA. On to the next book

    27. Made the mistake of reading DISSOLUTION immediately following BREACH.I should have give myself time to get over my crying jag. You feel Nathan's pain. Your heart bleeds for him. Oh Nathan, you better set things right, SOON!

    28. **** NEW COVER ALERT ****Oh thank GOD I read this!! I needed answers!! This short but essential novella (30 pages) retells the story from the last 3 chapters of Breach from Nathan's POV and trust me, at the end of Breach, you will be dyyyyying for this!!I was desperate for any tidbits I could get that would shine more light on this enigmatic, tortured character and while everything isn't revealed in full, there are certainly some revelations in here that confirmed many of my suspicions about wha [...]

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