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Mara For years Mara Tucker has used her power of manipulating flames to punish those who have done her wrong But things are changing in the town of Jericho Rampant disappearances have forced Mara to seek

  • Title: Mara
  • Author: Veronica Bane
  • ISBN: 9780615846132
  • Page: 258
  • Format: Paperback
  • For years, Mara Tucker has used her power of manipulating flames to punish those who have done her wrong But things are changing in the town of Jericho Rampant disappearances have forced Mara to seek out others with special powers In a story that confronts the violence and turmoil of adolescence, Mara and a group of other unusuals like her grapple with new alliances aFor years, Mara Tucker has used her power of manipulating flames to punish those who have done her wrong But things are changing in the town of Jericho Rampant disappearances have forced Mara to seek out others with special powers In a story that confronts the violence and turmoil of adolescence, Mara and a group of other unusuals like her grapple with new alliances and the villains pressing in all around them.

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        I grew up in San Diego, California and spent my days writing in local coffee shops and at the beach My writing was and has always been fed a healthy diet of chai tea lattes and film scores.I studied Creative Writing at Chapman University and now live in Los Angeles My book Mara was released August 2013 and is now available The sequel, Miyuki, debuted April 2014.Photograph property of Clint Fotografie.


    1. I was given a copy by the author in exchange for an honest review. Characters: Mara, a surly 17 year old girl with a dark past is the main character. The novel is in her point of view. Other important characters include a group of teenagers in her town - Miles, Alex, Terry, Miyuki, and Chris - Mara's sadistic older brother, and the equally sadistic, pathetic town leader working with a man known as The Stranger to carry out a sick, angry agenda. Due to multiple instances of abuse in her past, Mar [...]

    2. For years, Mara Tucker has used her power of manipulating flames to punish those who have done her wrong. But things are changing in the town of Jericho. Rampant disappearances have forced Mara to seek out others with special powers. In a story that confronts the violence and turmoil of adolescence, Mara and a group of other "unusuals" like her grapple with new alliances and the villains pressing in all around them.Mara is fast-paced and dangerous, a thrilling tale of unusual teens and their unu [...]

    3. originally posted at: thebookplank/2014I have been finishing some superhero books recently and when I went through them on I was recommended to read the novella Mara. When I read the synopsis of the book I was more than eager to dig into it. It somehow reminded me a bit to Firestarter from Stephen King. The promise that the synopsis holds for Mara is more than proven true, more than once Veronica Bane managed to surprise by the power of her story, it's far from ordinary. Mara is Veronica Bane's [...]

    4. I think I started this book for the first time 3 years ago and finally I got all the way through it. If I were to describe this book it would be Avatar the Last Airbender but rated R for sex, language, and violence. This was a super easy book to fly through considering how short it is plus every page is filled with action and suspense. I wasn't a huge fan of the actual writing style I don't know exactly why but it just wasn't doing it for me, which is why I'm only giving this 4 stars and not any [...]

    5. Originally posted here: alwayslostinbooks.wordpressI was pretty much intrigued by this book the first time I saw it, and I’m so glad that I had the opportunity to read it. It surely did not disappoint.“Friends and fire don’t go well together.”Mara Tucker has always felt like she didn’t belong anywhere. She had the ability to control fire, which she stumbled upon during one unfortunate situation. Because of this abnormal ability, Mara has never felt safe. Mara thinks of herself as a wee [...]

    6. Mara is more gritty, badass, and intense than many other YA novels in this genre, and I’m surprised by how much energy and violence is in this story despite its short length. This is a fast-paced and exciting story, but I wish that it was longer so that parts of the story can be fleshed out even more. On a side note, if Mara was a movie it’d be like Kick-Ass (but probably not like Kick-Ass 2, since I heard that that one was pretty bad)IntroductionMara Tucker faked her own death and moved in [...]

    7. Also published in "A Cup of Coffee and a Book"Disclaimer: I received a copy of this from the author, Veronica Bane, herself in exchange for an honest review.Let me begin by saying that unfortunately I couldn’t read and review this book when I was invited to be part of Mara Book Tour planned by Francine @Always Lost in Books. I posted an excerpt and giveaway (go here to see it) but I couldn’t express my thoughts about it. And it’s really a shame because I enjoyed this book very much.Mara te [...]

    8. I am so very glad that I had the opportunity to read Mara. This novella was intriguing, and captured my interest from the moment I started reading. I devoured it in one sitting, and could have easily kept on reading more of this story. Mara is a unique novella that truly captured the essence of a group of unusual teenagers.Most of the novellas that I have read have been part of a series of books. Mara stands on its own two feet, and presents an amazing story in such a small number of pages. The [...]

    9. 4.5 stars.This book got me hooked from page one! Let’s just say it has a killer opening act. I didn’t want to stop reading, and I hated anything and anyone who interrupted me. The premise of this book is so cool, teenagers with unusual powers coming together to fight whatever evil is chasing them. I know, it sounds like a teenage version of heroes! But I liked that it isn’t. They were just regular kids, with issues. Big ones! And they acted out on them, especially Mara. So the plot is enti [...]

    10. Thanks to the author for giving me this ARC to read in exchange for an honest review.--------You give me a chance to read a book about special powers and I’ll be hard-pressed to say no. Such was the case when Mara by Veronica Bane rolled my direction. All the time I run into books where people can randomly time travel with no tools to assist them or they are literally strong enough to take Atlas’s place holding the planet. (P.S. Go search “earth's mass”. I mean, come on… that’s a lot [...]

    11. Book Review originally published here: iheartreading/reviews/Mara tells the story of a group of teenagers, Unusuals, who’ve just begun to learn about their powers and abilities. Mara is the main character, and other notable characters are Miyuki, Chris, Alex and Miles. Mara’s past is riddled with dark mysteries, from how she escaped her home to how she fled away from her brother. She’s a little on the dark side as far as teenagers go – she’s tough, not afraid to fight anyone who stands [...]

    12. Mara is a thrill ride of emotion that will appeal to those who enjoy Avatar: The Last Airbender or Legend of Korra.I really enjoyed the plot and pacing of Mara. I’ve fallen in love with the idea of being able to control the elements thanks to the two shows I mentioned above. It’s so cool so see someone take something as wild and dangerous as fire and learn to control it, so it’s no surprise that I really loved that portion of this book. The characters really personify the element that they [...]

    13. Mara takes place in a small town where a group of strange kids/teenagers have special powers. We (the readers) are introduced to a whole cast of awesome characters. These characters can control the elements, but there are people after the kids, actionuff happens. I don't want to spoil you! :)So Mara is one of the main characters and she's awesome. She's such a bad-a and she kicks butt! But she does have her bad days. She's violent, often lashes out and she's somewhat selfish. She's a well rounde [...]

    14. Veronica Bane’s MARA is an intriguing tale about a group of misfits finding common ground and friendship amid social tensions in the town of Jericho.As for characterization, it’s a bit weak, but again, it’s a novella and you can’t go into in-depth character development otherwise you sacrifice other aspects such as narrative. Our main character is Mara who has the ability to control fire and comes from a troubled past. We get to meet her brother briefly and it’s pretty apparent they hav [...]

    15. *I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*High schooler Mara Tucker can create and manipulate fire, for years using it to harm those who have hurt her in some way. She thinks that she is the only person out there who can do what she does, but she is about to be proven wrong. There are numerous "unusuals" living in the town of Jericho where she has lived for years with her Uncle. At the same time she discovers that she is not alone in having special powers, [...]

    16. Book Title : Mara (Unusuals #1)Author: Veronica BanePublisher: Black Hill PressRelease date: August 3rd 2013Format: Paperback ;176 pages Review: Mara is a novella which revolves around a group of teenagers who seem to have special powers, but focuses more on Mara rather than the entire Group ! At first, we clearly see that Mara has a troubled past, but exactly how? This is what you find out as read the book.The story keeps on giving you these small clues about her past, then leaves you starving [...]

    17. Mara can create and manipulate fire. She's used this in the past to harm people that have hurt her. However, Mara thinks that she's the only one like it.After an incident when she was younger, she now lives with her uncle in a town called Jericho. Where she learns that there are others like her.Mara seems to have a really tough time making friends. She can be rude and doesn't always care about other peoples feelings.I must admit that this book took me a few attempts to read, and the only reason [...]

    18. Full review at thebookshelfgargoyle.wordpressI received a digital copy of this book for review as part of the "Miyuki" blog tour.Ten Second Synopsis:Cranky teen with fire-wielding power seeks out others in Jericho with similar talents. Unfortunately, others are also seeking Mara's ilk, for nefarious purposes.Mara was a quick, edgy read. I felt that this was a lot different from a lot of the YA that I have read recently, as the atmosphere was quite dark and menacing for the most part. Also, Bane [...]

    19. Mara is a really unique novella about a group of misfits who are hunted down due to their powers. This fantasy novella has some really great themes that are intertwined within the story like being proud of you are and finding your inner strength. The tale is a bit quirky but I found it refreshing. One reason I love novella's is that they are not wordy or weighted down by pointless dialogue. I am also able to easily admire the elements of good writing because of it's length. I think Mara could be [...]

    20. Mara by Veronica Bane is a project of Black Hills Press–an independent publishing company dedicated to the novella. So Mara was short, but there’s more coming. The sequel, Miyuki, will be out in 2014.Mara is the first book I’ve read that could be classified as “suburban” fantasy–the titular heroine and her fellow Unusuals live in the small desert town of Jericho, which segregates the “Natives” from the normal folks. The first book in the Unusuals series, Mara is about a group of [...]

    21. I loved this novella for many reasons. I love books that have a young protagonist, and the protagonists in this book are layered and interesting. Also, the world in Mara is really well built, and I'm always a fan of angst among teenagers. This book doesn't pull its punches in regards to violence and other issues. The dialogue is well written and snappy because the teenagers sound like real teenagers. Excellent read and looking forward to more.

    22. I really liked this novella. It included a very great story which includes my favourite thing, supernatural powers! This book screamed out to me from the synopsis. The characters were good an the writing was very smooth and enjoyable. Can't wait to read more form this author. Would recommend to anyone interested in a supernatural book. Great short read!I won this book in a first reads Giveaway.

    23. Awkward teenage angst, mysterious small town, and superpowers!Well executed story. I could not put the book down. Am I a sucker for mysterious villains? Yes. Teens with elemental powers are fighting for their lives while having to deal with their pasts and personal pain. The town of Jericho will never be the same.

    24. Graded By: Mandy C.Cover Story: Graphic Novel WallpaperBFF Charm: EventuallySwoonworthy Scale: 2Talky Talk: And Now The WeatherBonus Factors: Superpowers, DiversityAnti-bonus Factor: CliffhangerRelationship Status: Looking GlassRead the full book report here.

    25. little baby superheroes (okay, young adult superheroes, but still), figuring out their powers. dark and depressing though; wish there'd been something besides some awkwardly funny dialogue to brighten it up a bit. good, quick read; interested to see how the story continues!

    26. I loved this book! I started it and could not put it down. I read it almost straight through, finishing in just under 24 hours. The story has plenty of action and enough mystery to keep the reader turning pages without becoming wordy or tedious; an all around good story and a great read.

    27. The descriptions are just the right balance - enough for me to get a vivid image in my head, but not so much that I forget what was happening in the actual story. The book is easy to read and keeps you wanting to know what's coming next. Nice!

    28. I really enjoyed this book!! It was well written with plenty of colorful, descriptive words, making it easy to read & visualize. I had a hard time putting it down!

    29. I met Veronica during a journalism class, and since we have become friends, I definitely wanted to give her book a try. It was a fast and very enjoyable novella. I look forward to the sequel!

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