Universal Forces

Universal Forces

Monica Shaughnessy / Jan 23, 2020

Universal Forces The universe has four forces but the heart has one love If things didn t work out with Jake either because he wasn t good enough for me or I wasn t good enough for him I d have to give up on the ide

  • Title: Universal Forces
  • Author: Monica Shaughnessy
  • ISBN: 9780988562912
  • Page: 332
  • Format: ebook
  • The universe has four forces, but the heart has one love If things didn t work out with Jake either because he wasn t good enough for me, or I wasn t good enough for him I d have to give up on the idea of finding someone Ever Okay, maybe not ever, but at least through the end of high school, which felt like ever Cassie Vogler is convinced she ll spend her junior yeaThe universe has four forces, but the heart has one love If things didn t work out with Jake either because he wasn t good enough for me, or I wasn t good enough for him I d have to give up on the idea of finding someone Ever Okay, maybe not ever, but at least through the end of high school, which felt like ever Cassie Vogler is convinced she ll spend her junior year dateless until fellow bookworm, Jake Gunderson, moves to her windswept West Texas town He s super hot, super smartd super religious, something Cassie doesn t understand From an early age, she was taught to reject the fairytales of faith, and Jake s extreme views are way over the top But she s drawn in by the irresistible pull of his gravity and agrees to secretly tutor him in astronomy.During these sessions, Cassie and Jake find a commonality both have felt the sting of abuse and this bonds the pair beyond initial breathless attraction Yet the their romance heats up, the their parents drive a wedge between them Their relationship takes a dangerous turn, however, when Cassie discovers the Gundersons alarming plan for their son, Jake Can she put a stop to it without dooming both families to a violent fate A modern twist on Romeo and Juliet for mature readers, ages 15 and up.

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        Monica Shaughnessy has a flair for creating characters and plots larger than her home state of Texas Most notably, she s the author of the Cattarina Mysteries, a cozy mystery series starring Edgar Allan Poe s real life cat companion Ms Shaughnessy has nine books in print, including two young adult suspense novels, a middle grade superhero novel, an Easter picture book, two cozy mystery novellas, and numerous short stories Customers have praised her work time and again, calling it unique and creative, fresh and original, and very well written If you re looking for something outside the mainstream, you ll find it in her prose When she s not slaying adverbs and tightening plots, she s walking her rescue dogs, goofing around with her family, or going back to the grocery store for the hundredth time because she forgot milk.The best way to learn about her books is to join her mailing list, which can be found on her website monicashaughnessy You ll receive advance release notices, special discounts, and the occasional ARC.


    1. Sixteen-year-old Cassie Vogler, who describes herself as an uber-nerd, is convinced she’ll spend junior year dateless until Jake Gunderson moves to her tiny West Texas town. Cassie is the daughter of Dr. Theodore Vogler, an esteemed astronomer that works at the McDougal Observatory in the Davis Mountains high above their town, Fort Nesbitt. Cassie has been raised to evaluate using science and logic. Jake Gunderson has been raised in an extremely strict religious cult and is being groomed for a [...]

    2. It took a few chapters but once the book got its hooks into me, I didn't want to stop reading until I finished. The plot surrounds a teen girl who believes in science and logic and a boy who believes in faith and miracles and how their lives collide. Cassie and Jake feel pulled towards one another while their families and environments try to tear them apart. As the title implies, the book highlights the forces that can bring people together and the ones designed to rip them apart. The question f [...]

    3. I received this book from a LibraryThing giveaway in exchange for an honest review.This book was amazing a fresh take on a star crossed love. Cassie and Jake come for completely different family backgrounds their parents don't want them to be together. They have a lot of things to overcome to be together and this story deals with some heavy stuff. I love the relationships between the characters. This book is well written and has a nice flow to it.

    4. Wow, double WoW, triple WOW This book is magnificently strange, tells the love story of Two very unique persons, Cassie is a young precocious and intelligent girl, but very naive about the real world and Jake, I thought he was an alien! lol, seriously, is a love story with a heavy undertone, with unreal situations and in others painfully real. I really loved this book.

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