Dirty Pirate

Dirty Pirate

Kyle Adams / Jun 02, 2020

Dirty Pirate This cute and quirky story requires suspension of all belief It s a silly little story written based off these prompts Story elements Haunted shower curtain a pink stuffed parrot a magic wand bucke

  • Title: Dirty Pirate
  • Author: Kyle Adams
  • ISBN: 9781301151974
  • Page: 112
  • Format: ebook
  • This cute and quirky story requires suspension of all belief It s a silly little story written based off these prompts Story elements Haunted shower curtain, a pink stuffed parrot, a magic wand, bucket of chicken, a burnt Pop Tart, and Batman Main characters One loves chicken, it is all he talks about Other character wears an eyepatch because he thinks he s a pirate.

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        Kyle Adams started out dabbling with writing gay romance stories for fun He writes what makes him laugh and hopes anyone who reads his work laughs with him Kyle had three books nominated in the 2013 M M Romance Group readers choice awards and two books nominated in 2012 for the same event His free story, Dirty Cop won Best Short Story in 2013.Kyle has a hard time picking a favorite anything color, book, music, quote, etc , so trying to write a decent bio was quite the challenge He is a very quiet person and is used to keeping things to himself If there is anything you want to know, just ask.Kyle loves hearing from readers Always feel free to contact him or add on any of the following E mail 2kyleadams gmailWebsite Blog Twitter Facebook Profile


    1. annoying as fuck.what a grand thing it must be to live your life as an american, cozily ensconced in the judeo-christian morality construct while simultaneously doing exactly as you please like everyone else.what poisonous hypocrisy do you go from casually slut-shaming gay dudes—a particularly common sport in mm, where it would be reviled in mf, naturally—to then idly wondering if your new friend has big muscles and fantasizing about licking him from head to toe while you grind what you have [...]

    2. Crispy Salsa, Lol! It's no secret that I loved it, Kyle's stories always brighten up my day. The Ad for a roommate was gold, potential renters should run, for miles because the conditions outlined were hilarious and only a crack-pot would be tempted to apply.:)) Kevin, the nephew dishes out some beauties, obviously he's been hanging around his uncle far too long. Eric and Quin are lovely and sexy, I would kill for a little sequel to see how they get on. The Dirty Short Series is a fast favourite [...]

    3. Well temporarily, mateys! Hold onto ye britches, loves!Arg!Anyone who knows me crazy pirate loving ass, knows I quake for pirates. Ya savvy? Yawr har har! 'Tis a funny story, this short be! "Dirty Pirate", aye, I laughed a lot!"I also figured you were lying about being young and hot, but I can see you were serious."What to expect ye questionin'? There be the finest of fake parrots, "Crispy Salsa". There be "erect plank" usage, 'tis true, there be erect planks, mateys! Cannons being threatened to [...]

    4. 4 1/2 Stars for a jolly witty shortie about a pirate and a new sexy roommateA "pirate" with a free room, a dangerous shower curtain, a nagging sister, a superhero nephew, an angry deaf cat and an roommate ad.‘Single white male pirate, young and extremely good looking, seeks roommate. I'm midly gay’A guy shows up, moving in and the (hard) pirate is now drooling for a finely tuned body (usually in only short sweatpants) - tempting, alluringWow, a super cute story with a great beginning with a [...]

    5. Fun and quirky!A "mildly gay" pirate is looking for a roommate who smells nice and can deal with a haunted shower curtain.There is no real character development, but this is a funny, lightly sexy read. And it's free on Smashwords! “Sometimes, I almost think you’re hitting on me,” I said as I sat back down on the sofa next to him . . . He turned to look at me with a serious expression. “Maybe that’s because I am hitting on you.”“But that makes no sense because you’re straight.” [...]

    6. 5 "Shiver Me Timbers" Stars!! ARRRThat was good! I am in awe yet again. Kyle Adams is one of a handful of authors that can write short storiesd he does it so well! You never feel like you're missing out. He manages to make me laugh, endear me to the characters, curl my toes, leave me with a sense of satisfaction and the feeling that this is the beginning of their forever. Amazingd he offers most of his reads up for FREE, this one included!! Thanks Kyle for making me smile!Edward gets in on the a [...]

    7. I absolutely love Kyles Dirty stories and In my opinion this is his best yet . Hilarious, uber sexy and I just want to go back and read it all over again, and yep there were some stiff masts me hearties! Bloody brilliant. Quinton and Eric are hot, I love Cats and chicken, Crispy Salsa is far better than Pretty Polly and the kid Kevin is a blast too. Thanks Kyle you did your Dirty Pirate justice. And its free again! Awesome.

    8. Well, what can I say?? You've done it again Kyle. Loved it, but not as much as Dirty Cop or Dirty Boys 4 stars andHeave ho me hearties!!I loved Quinton and Eric, the ad in Craigslist was unbelievably funny, and Kyle, thank you so much for weaving lots of my fave comic book characters into the storyeven if they only had a brief mentionke my 'kiwi fruit'!!

    9. Thursday, September 19 is International Talk Like a Pirate Day 2013 and its my goal to have this released before then. (ETA goal completed early on 08/30/13)Free at Smashwords and All Romance EbooksThis story started based on a discussion of Kim Alan's review of Dirty Cop

    10. 4.75The Craigslist ad was hilarious. Quinton and Eric were smoking hot together and the epilogue that featured the haunted shower curtainepic. The random prompts here were very successfully made into a fun, sexy read. Can't go wrong with a freebie! Pick this one up.

    11. What a cute, funny, sexy little read! I loved the Craigslist ad! Must look into more of Kyle Adams' stories. Thanks, Rachel, for telling me about this. It was just what I needed! *mwah*

    12. Withthatblurb, how could I resist? Oh and it's a Kyle Adams story. I'm on this one right away. :)4.25*Kyle is spoiling me, he writes all these funny, entertaining, don't-read-in-public, snort-my-drink-out-my-nose, creative and free stories. I'm going to be impossible to live with andall the blamegoes to Kyle.I'm not going to really review this short, because, really, it's one of those ' you have to read it to believe it'kind of stories. Quentin is like silly string in person form, you just don't [...]

    13. OMG this was the funniest craziest wildest most amazing novella I have read for AGES!!!!I absolutely adored it! It made my heart gush with happiness, my cheeks ache from smiling sooooo much and my stomach clench from laughing so hard! hahahahahahahaha! Do you get the point I am making??? This short free read was just AMAZING I LOVED it! Even without the ending! WOW!! I will definitely read it over and over if ever I feel fed up as that will lift my spirits without a doubt hahahahaha! So thank yo [...]

    14. Yet another Kyle classic and wonderful addition to the Dirty family. I wasn't real sure about this when it started. The ad kind of threw me but it quickly gets explained and the fun ensues. Seems these guys have the makings of something long-lasting. Maybe we will get to see them again. I loved the ending and the way it showed how things were going for these guys. This was just a fun, enjoyable quick and easy read. I look forward to each one that comes out.

    15. I loved this funny, sexy short story. Quinton is a wonderfully oblivious character who missed every come on dropped by his new, hot, sexy roommate Eric. The characters were well developed for a short story but the fun is all in the one liners and the crazy ad for a roommate. Quinton's nephew, Kevin was perfect for screwing with Quinton's brain. Great sex at the HEA end sealed the deal.

    16. Hell yes! A drop-dead-holy-shit-that-mother-fucker-is-hot kind of dirty short-story. Just what I needed!Straight chicken lover meets mildly gay pirate impersonator.That was pirate-fucking-tastic! :D

    17. Yet another brilliantly funny short by Kyle Adams.Not what I expected at alld that is a good thing. I dare you to try and read this without laughing out loud at least once. Epilogue was great, the price is phenominal, but now I want a LONGER story by this authorease?Aargh!!!!!!

    18. Maybe my mood was off, but I didn't find this as amusing as the other Kyle Adams I've read.Still a fun little short, just not as funny as some of his others for me.

    19. Single white male pirate, young and extremely good looking, seeks roommate. I'm mildly gay-if that bothers you, you need not applyW that's how you advertise for a roommate!Then things took a hard left into the fuck's wrong with you dude?Quinton, Bro, work on your gaydar because it suuuuuuuuuuuuucccccckkkkkksssssss. EVERYONE KNOWS. EVERYONE! EVEN THESE HAMSTER DUDES KNOW!!! And, p.s they could give you some pointers.People in space know.Zombies know.Meerkats know.Things with tentacles know, as th [...]

    20. Fun, short, sexy read about two boys, Quinton and Eric, who meet apropos of a hilarious roommate-seeking ad.He turned to look at me with a serious expression. “Maybe that’s because I am hitting on you.”“But that makes no sense because you’re straight.”“I am?” He acted surprised. “According to my journal you arrr. You’re the straight chicken lover, and I’m the mildly gay pirate impersonator. I think I might turn it into a script for a sitcom.”Highly recommended if you enjo [...]

    21. I have been reading M/M for a year now, how am I just now discovering Kyle Adams?? I love his quirky style of writing, i.e Crispy Salsa the parrot, pirate-tarts, the Craigslist ad. It's like he totally gets my juvenile sense of humor. I love his short stories!!

    22. Another great story from the incredible Kyle Adams. This was really funny, kinda sweet, and just another amazing short.

    23. Laugh-out-loud funny and squirm-in-my-seat sexy, what more could I ask for?? A fabulous, free, short gem. I will definitely have to read more from this talented author.

    24. This is a hilarious story that made me laugh out loud several times. It's like a spoof of a "typical" gay romance and a really well done one at that. If you want to know what awaits you, all you need to do is read the book information and you'll know what you're in for. I mean, with prompts like a haunted shower curtain, a pink stuffed parrot, not to mention Batman – it's got to be good, right?Quinton has been pressured to get a roommate by his sister, who is worried he doesn’t socialize eno [...]

    25. Crisply written, for the most part. Definitely some good one-liners.There are a few things that Quinton said that made me go huuhhnnnnhhh??But I think the word that best describes him is oblivious. He needs his sister to help find a roommate, he needs Eric the cop to tell him outright that he's been hitting on him, he basically needs extra help in living life.The interactions between Quinton and his nephew Kevin are sweet and honest, if not a little too perfect. Then again, those nine year olds [...]

    26. This author is a fave and I really appreciate his free shorts. I really liked this short. It is up there with my favorites by this author, Dirty Play and Dirty Cop. Couple nerdy guys who are funny and sweet becoming roommates and something a little bit more. Kevin was also adorable.Would love to have more adventures between these MCs. Great free short.

    27. Do not eat, drink or brush your teeth while reading this story. Don't question this, just know you have been warned! This story is short, fun, sexy,has pirates and it's free (I mean really, who could ask for more). The advertisement for a roommate is hysterical. I will definitely be looking for more of books from this author.

    28. 3.5 staaaarrrzAnother winner by Kyle Adams. These "Dirty" little books of his are perfect for the book angst hangover. Hummm, which one to read next?

    29. Kyle, I just love you. Why oh why are you offering these gems for free? This is yet another one of your wonderful "dirty" stories, just as funny and charming as ever. This one was even funnier than usual with the whole craigslist add and the haunted shower curtain. I adore your protagonists and their offbeat sense of humor. I want to be friends with them and hang out sometime. The only thing I didn't love was that I think the kid acted more like a five or six year old than a nine year old, but t [...]

    30. So I absolutely love the rest of the Dirty Shorts series. I didn't absolutely love this, but I think I am incapable of giving this author anything lower than 3 stars. It was cute and silly and funny, which is his trademark. I did not know what to expect at all, so I found the Craigslist roommate ad a great place to start and it totally caught me off guard. (In a good way)I wish I'd felt more chemistry between the guys. Our pirate started waxing poetic about Eric's hotness right away, which was a [...]

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