A Dash of Death

A Dash of Death

Claudia Bishop / Jun 03, 2020

A Dash of Death The Quilliam sisters of Hemlock Falls Inn are in a slump until Helena Houndswood who has her own TV show about stylish living checks in But when one of the winners of a design contest sponsored by

  • Title: A Dash of Death
  • Author: Claudia Bishop
  • ISBN: 9780425146385
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The Quilliam sisters of Hemlock Falls Inn are in a slump, until Helena Houndswood, who has her own TV show about stylish living, checks in But when one of the winners of a design contest sponsored by Helena s show winds up dead, the Quilliam sisters wonder how far she will go to make a statement on style.

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    1. Your everyday run of the mill cozyStorylines are cutsey and similiar to every other cozy out there. If I didn't need to read this for a challenge, it probably never would have hit my TBR list!

    2. Not as good as the series opener because there were just too many things going on to come together in a satisfying end. Main characters remain likeable, and death by giant paint-making machine is original.

    3. A Dash of Death by Claudia Bishop is the second book of the Hemlock Falls mystery series set in contemporary upstate New York. Sarah Quilliam "Quill" co-owns the Hemlock Falls Inn with her gourmet chef sister Meg. Sarah left behind a career as an artist and the NYC lifestyle to lead a completely different life in picturesque and historic Hemlock Falls. The beautiful descriptions of scenery and the Inn's luxurious lodgings make it sound very appealing for a getaway vacation.As in the series debut [...]

    4. A nice mystery I almost said a nice murder, but that wouldn't speak well of my character I don't suppose. Quirky people who I should like, but I really dislike the chef sister so very, very much though maybe she's mellowing so I will be able to continue with the series without her jarring annoyance.

    5. Sorry to say I wasn't impressed. I picked up this book after reading another series the author wrote under a different name. Since I enjoyed that series, I thought I'd like this one.Unfortunately I was wrong, the sisters are annoying and immature, the storyline jumped between scenes with no warning or break.The mystery was decent, but it was difficult to get past the characters and inconsistencies.Since I don't normally write reviews unless I have something specific to say, here's the break down [...]

    6. Sarah and Meg Quilliam own an Inn in Hemlock Falls and are having a cash flow problem. When Helena Houndswood, a celebrity lifestyle maven, arrives incognito and then indicates that she will be filming a show there in 3 weeks to award a million dollar prize to a local contest winner, things begin to look up. That is before 4 of the 5 contest winners begin disappearing or are found dead. The sisters do some sleuthing into the paint company where they all work and into the celebrity's questionable [...]

    7. Both of these books had great story lines that were fun to read. I loved trying to figure out who the killer was and I guessed it for both of them!! (Go me!) I really like the Quill Sisters because they each have their own personalities and they play off of each other very well. One runs the Inn and the other is the Gourmet Chef. There are a lot of characters (in my opinion too many to try to keep track of at times) that are very quirky and most of them add to the story, but there are some that [...]

    8. 2nd book in a series. What I have found so far in this series, is that there is an awful lot of bickering back and forth between the sisters. I would prefer less of that and more of the sleuthing. Anyway, a famous writer/actress is staying at the Inn and murders start happening. Is the actress the murderer? Or is it someone else? I must say, the body disposal was brilliant. The very end of the novel left me laughing out loud. All I can say is that it has to do with nudity.

    9. When one of the working class "Bosses Club" gets murdered after winning a million dollar contest, Innkeeper Sarah Quilliam starts asking questions. I really enjoy "A Hemlock Falls" cozy mystery series. There is great character development and as your read more of the series you really get to know them. The relationship between Sarah "Quill" and her sister, fellow innkeeper owner and chef Meg is very humorous as well.

    10. I listened to this one on audio. It was a fun listen for my work day. This is the second in the Hemlock Falls series. The two man characters are sisters who own a hotel in Hemlock Falls, NY. Quill, the hotel's manager gets involved in yet another murder conspiracy. Only this time it involves a Quaker environmentalist group, a million dollar contest and a paint company.

    11. I loved this book.I won't give it away but did the person who did it really think they didn't commit an crimes. I think murder counts! If I ever meet someone like Helena Houndswood I will slap her silly. Helena was so rude, foul mouthed & annoying.

    12. So many of my foodie friends rave about this series that I decided to try it. Couldn't find the first, so I started with the second. Decent plot. A bit bothered by the attitude of the protagonistnvinced she is a better detective than the police. Off-putting at times. Good recipes included.

    13. Not very good at all. This book was bound with its prequel, "A Taste for Murder" and while that one was alright, this one was just not entertaining or engaging at all. And the editing issues present in the first book were also in here and they were very distracting.

    14. I've enjoyed the couple of Claudia Bishop's Hemlock Falls mysteries enough to request some through ILL. I like to begin at the beginning with series since most of the time the characters and their situations change along the way.

    15. Second in the Hemlock Falls culinary mystery cozy series, this is another goof read. Good characters and interesting plot.

    16. Another good Claudia Bishop mystery. This book kept my attention and had a bit of a twist--always good in a mystery.

    17. Quite an enjoyable read, although I feel like Quinn gets pushed around a little bit which is sometimes frustrating to read. The mystery was pretty good!

    18. So enjoyed Sarah and Meg and all of their hijinks in solving crimes from their inn in Hemlock Falls. The characters are colorful and hilarious.

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