The Shepherd

The Shepherd

T.M. Luedke Travis Luedke / Jan 27, 2020

The Shepherd Skate punks kleptomaniacs clairvoyant visions and reincarnation THE SHEPHERD is unlike any other Young Adult novel you have ever read Mike Evans here Sixteen year old skate punk squatting in a white

  • Title: The Shepherd
  • Author: T.M. Luedke Travis Luedke
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  • Skate punks, kleptomaniacs, clairvoyant visions and reincarnation THE SHEPHERD is unlike any other Young Adult novel you have ever read.Mike Evans here Sixteen year old skate punk squatting in a white trash trailer park with my loser drunk Dad Seems I lost most of my friends when Dad lost our home in foreclosure Only Anita stuck by me Worse, I keep having strange claiSkate punks, kleptomaniacs, clairvoyant visions and reincarnation THE SHEPHERD is unlike any other Young Adult novel you have ever read.Mike Evans here Sixteen year old skate punk squatting in a white trash trailer park with my loser drunk Dad Seems I lost most of my friends when Dad lost our home in foreclosure Only Anita stuck by me Worse, I keep having strange clairvoyant visions of things that always come true.Then I almost ran over Nadia in my Geo A passing truck finished the job left a crumpled heap of skin and bone on the road I fixed her Me.Now this fourteen year old girl won t leave me alone I sorta let her sneak in my window when she needs a place to crash.I have a double life daytime at school, Anita, skating, and then my nights with Nadia She s my secret friend, gives me money and listens to my problems when nobody else will.My world is spinning out of control Old friends have turned enemy, my grisly visions of death won t quit, and Anita s intentions make my head spin Even with all that, I ve got bigger stuff to worry about.Nadia s hiding something.

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    1. I received The Shepherd by Travis Luedke as an ARC for an honest review and I have to say I can't be more honest than say it's BRILLIANT! Travis has stuck his neck out and delved into new territory with YA Fantasy and come out smelling of blood, well roses actually. He has nailed teenage angst firmly on the head and created a wonderful fantasy to lighten the mood.Mike is dirt poor, lives in a trailer with his alcoholic Dad and has only skateboarding and a few close friends for an outlet for his [...]

    2. Can you believe that I did not read the plot until I finished the book? The only thing I knew it was that Travis Luedke has a new book and that I had to read it!It did not disappoint, not at all :) . Travis Luedke has become one of my UF favorite authors. I loved his writing from the moment I read his first book in his adult Nightlife series and I knew I would like this book even if I usually stay away from YA books. The Shepherd isdifferent , isunique , feels real and fresh anddoes not follow t [...]

    3. I received a free copy of this book for review purposes from the Lovers of Paranormal group and their RTR program. I must admit this book held my attention until I was three-quarters of the way through itd that was where it lost me.The author did a wonderful job of introducing the characters and giving them life. I quickly learned to like Mike and his best friend, Anita. The mystery surrounding Nadia, who or 'what' she was, and her obsession with Mike made for thrilling reading. I kept trying to [...]

    4. LOVED IT!!!In the teenage drama and vernacular, Travis Luedke’s “The Shepherd” was a treat to read. From the first, I was sucked into this lingo and world of Mike and Nadia. More and more, I found myself fist-pumping as they find their situation become more revealing. Evans was not a character that I thought was haughty, he seemed a little broken and I loved it. Enter his friend, who needs more than an attitude adjustment, a crush on an old girlfriend, Anita, and you have yourself some mes [...]

    5. The beginning was quite a nice way to open the books as it was so real. I could literally go on the internet and find something similar to what was described It also have quite a pessimistic feel to it, you really got into the characters mind set, which was a feeling that I rather enjoyed. I was intrigued with the story direction and it already have me wanting to read and discover more.'Hoodie Girl', who we later learn is called Natasha/Nadia, had one of my favorite character introductions. The [...]

    6. Let’s start at the end, because in one word I can sum up the entire book, especially the ending, BRILLIANT! The Shepherd by Travis Luedke was like nanny-camming its characters! From the dialogue that was completely uncensored male teen, to the cliques, to the games girls will play, I felt like I was reliving high school drama! Okay, I didn’t know a Nadia, who, I will say was a uniquely fresh character, but my inner teen was picking up on that “high school” smell, the emotions, the Who’ [...]

    7. Travis Luedke's The Shepherd offers hope to horror fans weary of the pale, recycled horror populating the current market.One of the coolest things as a reader is finding a new author and watching him grow. In the 80's, I was was lucky enough to discover Dean Koontz before he hit it big. I watched as he improved with each novel until he became the household name he is today.I get the sense that Travis Luedke is on the same path.The Shepherd is his newest novel and it is definitely his strongest. [...]

    8. The Shepherd is a teen Goth masterpiece. It centers around Mike, a skatepunk with a bad attitude and worse luck. His friendships are a mess, his love life runs the gamut between abject disaster and near-sexual experience induced euphoria. His ex-girlfriend is a back-stabbing psycho cheerleader, his dad – an unemployed drunk, and don’t even get Mike started on the foreclosure of his home and his subsequent move to a trailer park. To top it all off, a bunch of pill-popping jocks are after his [...]

    9. I got this book from the author, free of cost, in exchange of an honest review from my side.Firstly I would like to thank Travis Luedke, author of The Shepherd, for giving me this wonderful opportunity of reading and reviewing this fabulous book.OH.GOD! What a great book! It just took my breath away, literally. The total concept of this book is unique like the author's other books and the plot is well thought and planned out and I liked the way the characters fit perfectly within the plot.The wr [...]

    10. I'm a little embarrassed to say I have shied away from reading Paranormal Thriller's, maybe it's because I'm afraid of things that go bump in the night, maybe it was my own bias, so when I was offered an Arc of "The Shepherd" by the author, I told myself to put my big girl panties on and dive in, I'm glad I did. This book is not like any other book I have read, I really enjoyed it !!!The Shepherd is original, intelligent, dark, gritty, entertaining, a definite page turner. I was quickly drawn in [...]

    11. "The Shepherd" by Travis Luedke is a paranormal thriller slash romance for young adults, the emphasis on adult. It is the kind of book that will probably not be in the high school library but one that most high school kids would like to find there and will find someplace else.Luedke freshens up the genre by writing a book about how kids really are, not how they are written in young adult books to please the parents. The kids are hormone driven, obnoxious at times and are still finding their bear [...]

    12. This book had me embedded to the chair and fastened to every word that jumped off the page!Before I knew what was happening, I was asking questions as the pages add more to my list. This action, packed book that shows in first person, a life of a teenager and how it can go from bad to worse. There was humor, tragedy, mixed communcation, and anything else that could go wrong for a normal teenager.The twist, turns, and unpredictability of this book would keep any age reader glued to this YA Parano [...]

    13. Mike Evans is a 16 year old skate-punk but pretty much a good boy. He has some family issues and a secret. He has visions that come true. Other than that he is the typical teen with typical problems, girls, friends, lives in a poor community, Dad drinks a lot and don’t work, oh and did I forget to mention a 14 year-old girl that starts sneaking in his room and staying at night that has an even bigger secret than Mike??Oh boy is this one good book. I could definitely see this as a movie or a sh [...]

    14. I loved everything about this book and thus, I recommend it to everyone:- the tone is awesome, it makes you feel like the characters are absolutely real, flesh and bone, standing right in front of you ;-)- the plot is stunning - it's impossible to put this book down until the very last word, and it makes you feel sorry and sort of empty that it has ended;- the nice, quick pace and the unexpected twists of the story will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat;- it's easy and pleasant to rea [...]

    15. I received this book thru Lovers of Paranormal on GR. For an honest review. I loved this book as every book Travis has written. This book has lots of action, mystery and will make you not want to put the book down. I was hooked from the first chapter. Mike lives with his dad in a trailer and his mother died in child birth he goes to high school and has a semi normal life. He is like every other teenager except he sees visions. Want to know what kind? Travis does amazing work and has characters y [...]

    16. The Shepherd is Travis Luedke’s first foray into Young Adult fiction. In case you don’t already know this author, his works are usually far more “adult” than “young,” if you know what I mean… If I was tech savvy, this is where I would insert an emoticon waggling its eyebrows suggestively but I’ll be damned if I can figure out how to do that. If you were really lucky I would Google up a GIF for you but since it would take me a minimum of 12 years to figure out how the hell to inse [...]

    17. I am pretty sure by now that I know Travis Luedke's writing will never disappoint. This book is a young adult, paranormal, romantic, bizarre and addicting story and I could not put it down. Travis Luedke has a way of capturing my interest and keeping it! From start to finish, I did not know what was going to happen next with this book. It was a crazy adventure and I just wanted more and more. Every twist, every turn and every single thing about this book just kept me intrigued.Mike Evans has led [...]

    18. THIS is why I love kids’ books. Young Adult. Whatever. The synopsis for this one caught my attention right away… High school boy, somewhat disenchanted, and altogether normal — except for that whole having visions bit. I half expected a nosedive into the paranormal in a way that wouldn’t do justice to the high school backdrop. Instead, I was completely hooked in just the first chapter.Mike Evans seems like a perfectly normal teenager living in an entirely realistic world. His mother pass [...]

    19. The book starts off with you learning about a young man named Mike. You find out his life has been through up and downs. He use to have a lot of friends in school, a nice houseen everything changed. His dad becomes a drunk, they lose their home, he has no mother, and along with that Mike loses his friends at school. Mike seems to be a normal high school kid who happens to be a skater. However, he has visions every now and then which tells him what is going to happen in the future. And his vision [...]

    20. This is an ARC by the author for a review. The book cover is incredible; it definitely grabs your attention. I highly recommend this book to those who enjoy a thrilling-paranormal-ya-fantasy novel. You won’t be let down by this page turner. Mark Evans is just a regular high school teenager, skate boarder, drives a temperamental Geo, has normal teenage friend issues, works for a farmer after school, lives with his drunken father, his mother is not in the picture, and he has visions of the futur [...]

    21. Read: Sept 26-28This was an ARC by the author for an honest review. Well right off the synopsis grabbed my attention. Then there was something about the cover that was compelling. Mike is a regular normal high-school kid who is a skater. He has a job, crappy car and a dad who is a drunk. They live in a trailer park, but it wasn't always that way. Right off, you can relate to him and his best friends Anita (a fiesty latina) and not so best friend Justin (An incident happens and strains the friend [...]

    22. This book is nothing like any other YA book I've ever read. It's hard to even describe it without giving away half of what happens. While I did like the book a lot I have to admit I did have a hard time finishing it after some surprises that I hadn't expected. I guessed the biggest secret fairly early on in the book most likely because I'm so familiar with "that type". If anything if you're looking for a little freaky read it's worth the time, hehe.So by looking at the cover you may think the bo [...]

    23. I received an ARC copy to give an honest review.Okay I am giving this book a 4.5 rating. Only because I didn't feel satisfied with some of the answers.Now there may be spoilers so reader beware.Story line was different and something I did not see coming. Meaning Nadia was not who I thought she was.This is more of a teenage story I want to say Young Adult read, because it deals with high-schoolers drama and well that is it.I enjoyed how Mike ended up standing up for him self after taking so much [...]

    24. I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.I'm not really into YA but I enjoyed this book. It was fun and full of suspense.First of all, I love the cover. It gives an aura of young, feminine strength. Although the protagonist is male, Nadia is the stronger character in the novel. And the story kind of revolves around her too. 2nd, I love the writing style. It was in first person and in a journal format. It's so young and trendy I didn't have a hard time with the dialogues. It's also fa [...]

    25. The Shepherd by T.W. Luedke Mark Evans describes himself as a typical skate boarder except for his visions that show him things that are going to happen in the future or the past. He has his best friend Anita and she is suddenly acting different and he is realizing that she’s kind of pretty. Then along comes the kid on the road, Nadia. She looks like 14 but sure seems a lot older and why does she only show up at night. Mark’s life is certainly normal for him but all of a sudden enter Nadia a [...]

    26. This book was definitely different from any other book I've read. That said it was a really great book that I enjoyed getting to read. Michael was like any other sixteen year old boy. A really stand out guy who loved roller skating and hanging out with his friends. He was really sweet and had an amazingly big heart. That is until you discover his secret, it makes him not so ordinary. He has an amazing best friend, Anita. She is just wonderful. I love that she is always looking out for him and st [...]

    27. I vetted this book before offering it to my teenage daughter to read. It’s definitely for the older teenager, but The Shepherd has a young voice and portrays a real understanding of life for a teen in the modern world. It’s also a gripping paranormal story in a popular genre for Young Adults.But beware, the author doesn’t hold back, this book walks a fine line of young love, and there is plenty of graphic horror, but (in my opinion) no worse than can be found in many a 15+ film. The gem in [...]

    28. This was an exciting story featuring a believable male teen protagonist, and a freaky, scary vampire. I started one evening, and the first time I looked up, it was way past my bedtime, and I only had 1/4 of the book left. I couldn’t guess how the story would be wrapped up before the book ended, but I really wanted to see what happened.Never fear, the ending was both complete and satisfying. I did want a bit more story, but that’s mainly because I wasn’t ready to let the characters go. I wa [...]

    29. I have to start off by saying I can't remember the last time I enjoyed reading a YA novel so much. In fact, this is probably the first one I've read in a long time that I didn't give up on halfway through reading it. This book threw me back into the emotions of being a teenager and growing up.One of the best things about this story is that it's written in a teenage boy's first person POV. Mike Evans is a brilliant teenager, someone you'd love to have as a nephew or even a son. He is very likeabl [...]

    30. I received a free copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review. Mike Evans is almost a typical teenager, I say typical because not only does he live with the guilt of his mother dying giving birth to him, but he has also inherited her visions. He's a skateboarder with very few friends. Then one day after posting his friend's McDonald's escapade on Facebook, his world is turned upside down. He then meets Nadia, a beautiful, homeless younger teenage girl, who seems to be drawn Mike. As he t [...]

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