Of Gods and Wolves

Of Gods and Wolves

Amy Sumida / Jun 05, 2020

Of Gods and Wolves The Second Book in the Godhunter Series Vervain Lavine finally has a moment to relax She s defeated Aphrodite taking back the magic that the goddess stole from humans Now Vervain holds the powers of

  • Title: Of Gods and Wolves
  • Author: Amy Sumida
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 267
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Second Book in the Godhunter Series Vervain Lavine finally has a moment to relax She s defeated Aphrodite, taking back the magic that the goddess stole from humans Now Vervain holds the powers of Love, Sex, War, and Victory inside her but she s not really sure if that makes her a goddess She is fairly certain that she s still mortal but her new immortal boyfriend, TThe Second Book in the Godhunter Series Vervain Lavine finally has a moment to relax She s defeated Aphrodite, taking back the magic that the goddess stole from humans Now Vervain holds the powers of Love, Sex, War, and Victory inside her but she s not really sure if that makes her a goddess She is fairly certain that she s still mortal but her new immortal boyfriend, Thor doesn t seem to be worried about it.What he is worried about is Vervain s bond to a werewolf Prince and the fact that said Prince is the first born son of Fenrir, the Wolf God Then there s the minor issue of a Harvest goddess whose daughter Vervain liberated and the angry Aztec god who hasn t been seen since the last time Vervain ruined his plans to launch the next world war.All valid arguments for concern but Vervain can t afford to waste her time worrying When you re a mortal witch trying to keep up with gods, every moment is precious So she tries to laugh off her anxieties instead, Let them plan and plot against me The best laid schemes of gods and wolves oft go awry.

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        Amy Sumida is the Internationally Acclaimed author of the Award Winning Godhunter Series, the fantasy paranormal Twilight Court Series, the Beyond the Godhunter Series, the music oriented paranormal Spellsinger Series, and several short stories Her books have been translated into several languages, have made it to the top sellers list on numerous times, and the first book in her Spellsinger Series won a publishing contract with Kindle Press.She was born and raised in Hawaii, and brings her unique island perspective to all of her books She doesn t believe in using pen names, saving the fiction for her stories She s know for her kick ass heroines who always have a witty comeback ready, and her strong, supporting male characters who manage to be sensitive and alpha all at once.All she s ever wanted to do, since she was a little girl, was to write novels To be able to do so for a living is a blessing which she wakes up thankful for every day Beyond her books, she enjoys collecting toys, to keep herself young, and cats, to keep herself loved.


    1. From their first encounter I was team Trevor. I just had this feeling. Once I pick a guy in these "harem" books I always stick it out. If the heroine goes in another direction it makes me HATE the book.So for the first book I was forgiving of all Vervain's shameless behavior. I didn't care because I didn't want her to be with Thor. Now that she is with Trevor, she is driving me crazy. She wants to have sex with every single man she comes in contact with. And somehow keeps finding herself in situ [...]

    2. This book was a let down after the first one. While the writing is great and Vervain's puns keep on coming, I was not thrilled with the story line.Major spoiler/Plot line Alert(view spoiler)[The conflict with Blue was resolved in the first part of the book. Trevor make some announcements about him and Vervain to the public without telling her what he is doing. She ends up killing Sif, Ulls' mother, and Thor's ex wife. and Thor turns on her and they break up. Trevor becomes her one true, she ends [...]

    3. Vervain is back and knee deep in trouble all over again. She has made plenty of enemies, has quite a few men interested in her for one reason or another, and can't seem to stay out of the hunk of it for long. I love the humorous moments, the tender scenes, and the tough decisions. The characters may be gods, but they have more than a little humanity to harm, too. I am definitely getting the next book.

    4. Still having a love/hate relationship with this series. I love who Vervain has ended up with but she is constant drooling over all the male gods and its getting over the top. Its one thing to notice people are attractive its another to fantasize and have to practically run away cause you wanna screwed every body. She practically dry humps all the male characters.

    5. The explanation of mythological people is absolutely fascinating. The only question I have is; aren't the Atlanteans humans too? I mean I know they are and were ridiculously advanced, but I still find the fact that they refer to humans as another species to be an interesting part of these books. That being said, this book and series has been 5 stars!!!

    6. 3.5 starsI desperately want to rate this higher. It's my favorite subgenre subgenre subgenre, but I just can't.I like reverse harems, I like urban fantasy, I like a fighting woman, and I don't even mind the whole Mary Sue aspect.What I do mind is the way her magic works in this book. Seriously, phrases like "butterflies of love", "my love magic" and "the love power" and variations therupon should be banned - not just from this book, from any book.There is just too much insta-presto therapy, and [...]

    7. I'm quite conflicted about this book and series. I really wanted to like it more than I did. There were definitely some scenes and characters (Trevor) that I loved; however, most scenes felt disconnected from each other, and I do not always like Vervain's personality throughout the book. This book starts directly where the last left off. While that might seem good to some, to me is made it apparent that the main action/plot of the last story did not get resolved. The problem with Blue got resolv [...]

    8. Reviewed by Whitney@Shooting Stars ReviewsOf Gods and Wolves begins with Vervain trying her best to deal with taking a goddess's powers. She and Thor are going strong except for her being bonded to a werewolf that is. But, when she's thrown to the wolves things might get a little bit harder for the two of them. This book was a great sequel to this series. I really enjoyed Vervain and how she acted. I also couldn't believe all the stuff that happened with Thor, it was crazy and I was a little sad [...]

    9. Of Gods and WolvesBook two in the Godhunter series is just as good as the first! Vervain the kick ass heroine that has you rolling in laughter with her snarky remarks is a joy. The myths, gods, legends and action will keep you on the edge of your seat. I'm in love with this series!

    10. She grows on youI am 100 o/o Verbs in now. She really grew on me in this book. And I totally get why Trevor is better for her then Thor, bot boy oh boy does she have her pick of hotties.

    11. I am thoroughly enjoying this series. I can understand why some people may find Vervain irritating but isn't that just the point? She is someone who deals with trouble by turning it into a joke (or a movie quote) and that just who she is. Looking forward to book 3.

    12. Again the plot and character development left a lot to be desired. I liked Vervain much more, Odin was an interesting new character, but Thor and Blue could have been more just more. Having said that I found this book to be much better than the first one.

    13. Story still going strongThese books are super long which I love!! And the story is going strong! I really enjoy the story and the world that has been created can't wait to see how it continues!

    14. Great follow-upI enjoyed this book just as much as the first one. I was a little sad relationships shifted around a bit but loved the addition of 87 new characters. ;) Poor Vervain always has her hands full. I am excited to continue with book 3.

    15. Phenomenal SeriesI am sucked into this series, gobbling up the second book in a day! It makes me laugh out loud, cry, and get angry, just what I love in a good book!!

    16. Love it!!I could not put this book down! Lots of surprises and lots of laughing out loud!! Great book. On to the next!!

    17. So good! This is such a good series! I can't wait to read the next one. I'm so glad this series was recommended to me.

    18. I was so hesitant to read this one, not because I didn't want to, but because I know that if I love a series, I WILL compulsively read them all. And yes, I'm at book 8 now. Curses. I just don't have the financial backing to buy a 21-book series. Or the time! But, obsessive compulsive reader right hereThat being said, I love the writing style and especially the emergence of a fascinating protagonist. The storyline is great.

    19. I love these books!!!They remind me of the Anita Blake series by Laurell K. Hamilton!!! I can't get enough!!! I am so hooked!! Thank you!!!

    20. Amazing!Love this story and cannot wait to see where it goes from here. Excited to get to the reverse harem part to see how she handles more than one guy at a time!

    21. Intrigue and sexy adventures await.This series is shaping up quite well. There is enough fact in the fiction to keep me interested. The author (and Characters subsequently) have the same pop culture quirks and interest that I identify with. In my eyes, though it can date a book, it gives me a sense of friendship with them both.The only parts about this that were a let down for me is;the forced love connectionthe bickering and the immaturity of beings that have been around for centuries.

    22. Vervain is back and in trouble once again. She's facing heartbreak and anger, but there's more than one man willing to step into her lover's role. Seems the perfect man may be part wolf this time. She has a long list of enemies still after her. For every God she kills, another steps up. She makes enemies as easily as friends. Her sense of humor shines through with both. Her smart mouth sets her apart and above so many female leads. Her sensuality, intelligence, and her pure emotions all add up t [...]

    23. Excellent Book!I truly love this series! Vervain is a brilliant heroine and her love for her men is great to read about. I have to admit I was hoping she would have more than one lover but I'm happy with the story regardless. The plot is great and I can't wait to read the next book.

    24. Really fun book with compelling characters. Some of it's a bit over the top but that's to be expected in a story about gods and werewolves. I love a kick-ass lead and Vervain is all that and more. Give it a read. I'm certain you won't be disappointed.

    25. ❤❤❤❤❤It's like she channeled my fantasies to make a book series! These are the best sexiest amazing adventures ever!!! I can't begin to express how larger than life & real the characters are. The adventures complexity original in a genre it's really tough to be fresh in

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