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Fairest In the kingdom of Ayortha who is the fairest of them all Certainly not Aza She is thoroughly convinced that she is ugly What she may lack in looks though she makes up for with a kind heart and wit

  • Title: Fairest
  • Author: Gail Carson Levine
  • ISBN: 9780060734084
  • Page: 371
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In the kingdom of Ayortha, who is the fairest of them all Certainly not Aza She is thoroughly convinced that she is ugly What she may lack in looks, though, she makes up for with a kind heart, and with something no one else has a magical voice Her vocal talents captivate all who hear them, and in Ontio Castle they attract the attention of a handsome prince and a dangIn the kingdom of Ayortha, who is the fairest of them all Certainly not Aza She is thoroughly convinced that she is ugly What she may lack in looks, though, she makes up for with a kind heart, and with something no one else has a magical voice Her vocal talents captivate all who hear them, and in Ontio Castle they attract the attention of a handsome prince and a dangerous new queen In this masterful novel filled with humour, adventure, romance, and song, Newbery Honor author Gail Carson Levine invites you to join Aza as she discovers how exquisite she truly is.Ages 8 14

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        Just letting you all know I m only going to review books I love There s enough negative criticism without me piling on A book is too hard to write.Gail Carson Levine grew up in New York City and began writing seriously in 1987 Her first book for children, Ella Enchanted, was a 1998 Newbery Honor Book Levine s other books include Fairest Dave at Night, an ALA Notable Book and Best Book for Young Adults The Wish The Two Princesses of Bamarre and the six Princess Tales books She is also the author of the nonfiction book Writing Magic Creating Stories That Fly and the picture book Betsy Who Cried Wolf, illustrated by Scott Nash Gail, her husband, David, and their Airedale, Baxter, live in a 1790 farmhouse in the Hudson River Valley of New York State.


    1. When I read a book, especially when I read fantasy, I find myself mentally putting myself in the place of the protagonist. Which is why my very favorite books of all time are the books that have strongly developed protagonists that I can identify with well in some way or another. I had a hard time enjoying this book at all to start with because the protagonist and I could not be more different. Superficially, Aza is tall, wide, has dark hair and white skin (I'm short, small, blond, and tan easil [...]

    2. I pulled this book off of the Young Adult shelves expecting some light fiction, but I really enjoyed some of the deeper meanings behind this story! Yes, it is a retelling of Snow White, but with insights that really apply to most women today.First of all, the two most prominent female characters are alike in that they find themselves unacceptable- like two sides of a coin, even their names are like each other. One, however, becomes the villain, and the other, the heroine. But Levine paints the t [...]

    3. The title of this book suggests that the story would be a fantastic tale about a beautiful young girl in distress who is the fairest of all waiting to be scooped away by a fine handsome prince. But that is not the story of this book at all which makes it really unique especially that the title totally negates the actual description of the main character and of the main conflict of the story. I liked that the main character is not those stereotypical female heroines in fantasies. I also like that [...]

    4. This was a really pathetic book - a sad departure Levine's other fantastic novels. The idea was interesting (a take on the story of "Snow White" where her desirable trait isn't beauty, but instead is her singing voice), but the execution was horrible.The book staggered under one major inconsistency: the main character is horribly ugly, but the prince falls in love with her very quickly anyway. Hopelessly romantic? Perhaps. But I call it an inconsistency because Aza was not only unlovely, but alm [...]

    5. It was really hard for me to decide between 4 and 5 stars. I wish I could give it 4 1/2!Fairest takes place in the same world as Ella Enchanted, and has one or 2 characters from that book, which is excellent, because that book is one of my most favorites. In fact, this world seemed instantly recognizable, after reading Ella Enchanted. It was like revisiting that book, in a way.It's a take on Snow White, but only in the loosest of ways, and only after 200 pages. That's the area that I wanted to g [...]

    6. Once I started to read this I couldn’t stop it took me two days to read it and it was good! Fairest by Gail Carson Levine is a Fiction book and is told in first person. Fairy Lucinda has done it again but instead of having a gift to obey like in Ella Enchanted this time it’s a magic mirror. Ever since Aza was left on her adoptive parents' doorstep as a baby, she's been a mystery. She is plain-looking, with large bones, pale white skin, ruby red lips, "a big sphere of a face and round button [...]

    7. Snow White but so much more. When I picked up this volume I was unaware of the ties to Ella Enchanted so I giggled maniacally when I came to mentions of Sir Peter of Frell and Areida. I love Ella but I feel like with Aza there is so much more like Levine simply stepped everthing up a notch. I think people tend to see fairy tales as having to be about the pretty princess getting the handsome prince and happily ever after, but personally I love fairytales because they can call into question what i [...]

    8. Snow White is a story that doesn't necessarily appeal to me. It's about beauty and jealousy and the cliche evil stepmother. That is not what this book is about. Fairest is an incredibly subvervise retelling. The main character is not beautiful, and the queen is not jealous of her beauty. Aza's most praised quality is her beautiful singing voice. She's not a flawless, saintly character either. I like the message sent here around beauty, that everyone is beautiful to someone. Snow White has such a [...]

    9. 4 charming starsI listened to this on audio, so please forgive me if I make any egregious misspellings of character or place names. I'm actually going to skim some reviews to see if I can find how to spell these names "Fairest", a Snow White retelling, was the first book by Gail Carson Levine I've ever read. I'm familiar with her work because of the Ella Enchanted movie, but only now got around to picking up her books. (Seeing the movie did at least allow me to notice and appreciate the referenc [...]

    10. Sequel to the Newberry Honor Award-winning Ella Enchanted and a retelling of Snow White, completely its own, Gail Carson Levine's Fairest tells the story of Aza -- a young woman with hideous looks yet a voice to make up for them; abandoned at an inn when she was a child.I really enjoyed Ella Enchanted, so I had rather high expectations for Fairest. Though the beginning and end were both rather slow, Gail's tasteful writing and curious plot in between helped to make up for it. I greatly admire ho [...]

    11. This book is very good. The story is very sweet. I love how it's based on Snow White, but the author went in-depth with the story, and the plot is much more complicated; Levine took Snow White and revised it, making it a better, more interesting story. She took the flat characters from Snow White and made them round and three-dimensional. For example, instead of making the queen completely evil and power-crazy, she made her insecure, foolish, weak, slightly barmy, and easy to manipulate. Everyth [...]

    12. I don't love Fairest as much as Ella Enchanted, but I still find this is one of those classic fairy-tale retellings that deserves repeated reads. I've read this one quite a few times but apparently it never occurred to me how much of a Snow White retelling it really is. And how young Aza is

    13. This story had such an amazing theme of struggling against vanity and discovering inner beauty. Ayortha's culture of singing and all things related to it was so beautiful. Makes me want to visit it and stay awhile (especially to play the hilarious composing song). ;) I loved the world building with the songbirds, the library, and the beautiful singing hall. It was delightful to experience a similar setting to Ella Enchanted (view spoiler)[(Areida was the main character's younger sister!) (hide s [...]

    14. Yet another wonderfully intriguing and refreshing story from Gail Carson Levine. This story was set in the world of her older book "Ella Enchanted" and was about the older sister of Arreita.(I'm sure I didn't spell that right.) A spin off of the fairytale Snow white, this was a nice, new rendition of the old fable. I love how Levine intertwines the original stories of snow white and Ella Enchanted with interesting new characters, settings, and plotline. I often found myself forgetting I was even [...]

    15. Fairest is a nice and entertaining retelling of Snow White, and I would have enjoyed it a lot more had I not believed it would be as good as Ella Enchanted. Yes, I know it is not fair, but I just couldn't help myself. Aza herself is a sweet character though rather bland in comparison to spunky Ella, and Ijori, nice though he is, turns out a little too generic. He felt like a slighlty watered down version of Prince Char, with a dog. I was dissapointed we did not get to see his relationship with A [...]

    16. This book was somewhat charming in that typical YA way, except I couldn't help compare it to Ella Enchanted, and it didn't measure up. The main character (Aza) is very ugly and unlike most YA where ugly isn't ugly, she's described as actually not attractive. And then she spends the whole book obsessing about how ugly she is and wanting becoming pretty. I knew almost nothing about her character other than that she hated being ugly.One of the awesome things about Ella Enchanted was that GCL showed [...]

    17. I thought I'd just read for a hour or so before bed to make sure my bedtime snack had enough time to settle. Yeah, that didn't work. LOL Six hours after starting, and no sleep later, I finished.I couldn't put the book down! :) I cried, I laughed, I enjoyed this story. It's a fun read, but not in a 'fluffy' way. When I picked up this book at the library, the summary didn't sound too terribly interesting, but then I saw it said 'set in the land of Ella Enchanted.' (Or something like that.) I remem [...]

    18. El libro empieza mal, estamos en un reino donde lo que más se valora es la belleza y la habilidad para el canto ¬¬. Al parecer los habitantes también son generosos y no destacan por su gran inteligencia. En concreto, nuestra protagonista tiene una gran virtud para el canto, pero es fea. Su máxima aspiración en la vida es ser guapa, se siente ofendida porque hay algunos que la desdeñan por ser fea, pero ella es la que más valora la belleza, la pobre es simple como un vegetal. Conforme vam [...]

    19. While I thoroughly enjoyed Carson Levine's Ella Enchanted and The Two Princesses of Bamarre, I found Fairest less enjoyable. This story is a re-telling of Snow White but it lacks drama and suspense. Some characters are not well-developed and therefore their motivations seem less believable. Prince Ijori's interest in and almost immediate love for the main character, Aza is never fully explained and his abrupt disinterest feels even less plausible. I would also liked to have more development of t [...]

    20. This book is the second that I've read by Gail Carson Levine. Although this one has a storyline similar to Ella Enchanted (teenage girl goes through trials and tribulations, grows wiser, and things work out positively in the end), it was different enough that I was not bored. The story is set in the same enchanted universe as Ella Enchanted, and halfway through, the reader realizes that this one is loosely based on the Snow White story (or at least the one I learned thanks to Walt Disney).I real [...]

    21. I wanted to start this off with "Don't judge a book by it's cover", because that really is the underlying theme of the book. But seriously, how beautiful is this cover? This cover is wonderful, just like the wonderful story written on it's pages. I was always a fan of Ella Enchanted (the movie) when I was a kid, and I remember that day at around ten years old when I realized that Ella Enchanted was in fact a book. There is something so deeply satisfying about falling in love with a book (and the [...]

    22. Listened to this. The full Cast Audio production is AMAZING! They actually sng all the songs. I was humming them afterwards. It was like watching a musical.As for the story, fun but predictable as fairy tale retellings often are. I found this one, being in the same world as Ella Enchanted to be totally entertaining, though.Very heavy-handed with the whole beauty isn't everything etc. message. Overall, if you're going to read this book, listen to it instead!!

    23. Snow White was never a favorite fairytale for me. It still isn't. But Oh! This book was awesome!! Mrs. Levine takes every liberty you possibly can use with fantasy and brings it to a whole new level. The creativeness is pure genius. I was on the edge of my seat for the whole book and that ending Oh wow. On a note of caution though, there were a lot of things I was uncomfortable with, but I felt that since it is fantasy that gives enough liberty to the make believe.

    24. Blah. Were the editors interns? Levine's writing style is plain, but I can forgive that if the characters are fabulous, but they weren't. I suppose the plot was fine; it kept me turning pages, but in the end I was disappointed. She had the makings of a great book, but I'm thinking that deadlines kept her from flushing away the weeds that seemed to crop in all around her

    25. I think maybe this one was just a little too young for me. Or maybe I'm just too pickybut I didn't like the music parts and all the singing. I've never been so glad I didn't have the audio book. This one just isn't for me.

    26. This story has a bit of the Snow White story in it, but it had an undertone of evil that was really disturbing. And the audience includes young teenage girls. It could have been building and inspiring to the youth, whereas I'm afraid it ended up being just the opposite.

    27. This was an okay read. The singing and songs were a bit annoying, but it was a really different fairytale read. :)

    28. Cringe.I would like to state that in general, I hate negative book reviews. They always seem so unsympathetic and antagonistic, sometimes, the reviewer even strikes me as intimidating. I realize this makes me something of a hypocrite, especially since I'm using my best prose to write this. I assure you, it's merely because I want to come off as well educated and intelligent, so that my opinion might seem more credible. I hate book snobs just as much as the next person, truly.There were things I [...]

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