Pierced Love

Pierced Love

T.H. Snyder / May 29, 2020

Pierced Love Zar Evans is not your typical high school senior in fact she is anything by normal Dressing to the trendiest Goth fashion Zar wears nothing but black from head to toe Not that this warrants unwanted

  • Title: Pierced Love
  • Author: T.H. Snyder
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 467
  • Format: ebook
  • Zar Evans is not your typical high school senior in fact she is anything by normal Dressing to the trendiest Goth fashion, Zar wears nothing but black from head to toe Not that this warrants unwanted attention, but she is also top in her class and is looking at a full academic scholarship to Iowa State in the fall Loudon Clarke is an all star athlete He plays three vaZar Evans is not your typical high school senior in fact she is anything by normal Dressing to the trendiest Goth fashion, Zar wears nothing but black from head to toe Not that this warrants unwanted attention, but she is also top in her class and is looking at a full academic scholarship to Iowa State in the fall Loudon Clarke is an all star athlete He plays three varsity sports and has the world in his hands Except for one thing Loudon is failing majority of his subjects He is about to be suspended from the basketball team risking his athletic scholarship Zar and Loudon would normally never cross paths, until these two are brought together when Zar s brother proposes to Loudon s sister With an upcoming wedding and a lot of planning Zar and Loudon are stuck with one another regardless of their differences Zar has hidden behind the pain she deals with on a daily basis for years Loudon has never had to feel pain nor the ignorance of his peers Can opposites really bring these two together or will they be pulled even further apart Only one thing is for sure, it is impossible to fight the connection of pierced love when one is willing to change for happiness.

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    1. I think the fact that this is YA is what led to my rating. It was all veryh.d I kept waiting for the shoe to drop, but it was more like a flip flop, not a steel toed boot. Does that make any sense? Lol It just wasn't for me and the grammatical errors drove me nuts. sigh

    2. This book is definitely suited for a younger crowd, I am 41 and while I can appreciate a good YA story, they are not at the top of my list. After reading the blurb and as bad as this sounds, I wanted Zar's darkness to be different or more than what it was.The story of Loudon and Zar is what kept me interested after learning of her past, he was very mature acting for an eighteen year old. The blurb also mentions that Loudon is this big star athlete who is failing his classes, close to losing his [...]

    3. I received an ARC of Pierced Love from the author in exchange for an honest review.This story by T.H. Snyder is a lot different from her other works, as this is a Young Adult book. It was a really great story, dealing with some real issues that happen in life today. We meet Zar right before her senior year of high school. Something has happened in her past, that makes her hate school, and the people there, and they treat her horribly.After the first day of school she head out of town for a while [...]

    4. Have you ever felt out of place? Alone? Well meet Zar, she feels this way. Living day to day, just getting by. She is not your typical teenager, with loads of friends that she hangs out with every weekend, no but she does have a secret. A secret that even her family doesn't know about, a secret she deals with alone. She hides it, or at least tries to from everyone due to fear of the unknown.Enter Loudon, not your boy next door, but a boy from a whole different school. A boy who has taken interes [...]

    5. Pierced Love by: T.H. SnyderZar Evans is not your typical high school senior; in fact she is anything by normal. Dressing to the trendiest Goth fashion, Zar wears nothing but black from head to toe. Not that this warrants unwanted attention, but she is also top in her class and is looking at a full academic scholarship to Iowa State in the fall. Loudon Clarke is an all star athlete. He plays three varsity sports and has the world in his hands. Except for one thing; Loudon is failing majority of [...]

    6. How do you pull yourself out of the darkness when that’s the only place you feel safe? For 5 years, Zar Evans has been living through hell. She is notoriously known by all of her classmates as the freak, but she tries hard to keep that from her family, despite the panic attacks that are getting worse. She can’t let them know the pain that she goes through on a daily basis, it will crush them. She’s different from from her jock older brother and popular younger sister…that used to be her [...]

    7. "Pierced Love" is a very heart warming story of a young girl Zar who is a middle child of 3 children Zeke being her oldest brother of 6 yrs and her younger sister Zoe of 6 yrs. She has wonderful parents who are both physicians. Zar has a secret and she feels like if her family ever finds out what that secret is, they will never look at her the same way and treat her just like the others do. The story keeps reminding you one certain night that happened years back that changed her life but you won [...]

    8. ***I received this book in exchange for an honest review***This book definitely started out with a punch to get your attention and suck you in. It brought back some of my own issues from high school that I could really go without reliving. Although the story deals with several different issues, it felt like it was lacking in really telling us what Zar was going through. We saw a couple of scenes, how she felt about it, but we don't really know the extreme of what happened to her which left me fe [...]

    9. I absolutely love reading a sweet and romantic book. This was one of those books. A book where you just know that love is the key to everything, that it will save the couple and makes all things possible. I was completely lost in this story, wanting to learn more about Zar’s dark secret and what was holding her in her darkness. I was completely lost within the pages and didn’t want to stop reading until I had finished the story.Zar was such an amazing girl. I couldn’t help but respect her [...]

    10. I've read TH Synder's other novels that are in the romance genre and when I found out she was doing a YA novel, it piqued my interest. This novel touches on a sensitive subject of bullying and I give a huge BRAVO to the author for addressing and bringing it out in the open. I'm sure many teens or adults have been on the receiving end of this horrible subject and it refreshing to have an author address it and show you can work past it. There is light at the end of the tunnel where you feel like y [...]

    11. Pierced Love is one of those books that you can’t help but feel for the main character. High School teenagers facing the everyday challenge of bullying. As we all know, this subject has hit the news more and more everyday and it has gotten out of control. TH Snyder does a fantastic job portraying those struggles through the eyes of Zar. Zar suffers from extreme anxiety attacks. Only, being a teenager and naive, her and her classmates don’t understand what is happening when her first attack h [...]

    12. I was given a free copy in exchange for an honest reviewWow! What a heart breaking and heart warming story. I don't think I have ever wanted to reach out and hug a fictional character as much as I did Zar. Poor thing was in a silent hell for so long and couldn't tell anyone. Suffering from bullies at her school and afraid to tell anyone. Having countless panic attacks and keeping them to herself so that the bullying wouldn't get worse. Trying to stay invisible until it is time to graduate and mo [...]

    13. ******I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review*******A solid four stars for this sweet YA novel! Please note, this is young adult and not NA. The characters are in high school and while there are a few sexy moments, this is a clean read. No sex and minimal, if any cussing. Zar is a broken young woman who is counting down the days until she can leave for college and start over. She is super smart but is shunned by her peers and suffers from depression.Loudon is a good looking athlete, [...]

    14. This was a heartbreaking yet triumphant story, all rolled up into one. Dealing with some heavy issues that unfortunately happen in today’s society with teens, you get a glimpse into the life of one particular girl, and the struggles she goes through on a daily basis. Zar is a senior in high school, who’s been keeping some major secrets from her family, because she’s felt somewhat like the black sheep for years now. She feels if she talks to them about what’s been going on with her, they [...]

    15. ***ARC provided be author in exchange for an honest review***3.5 StarsIf you're looking for a book to read along with your teenager to bond of if you know anyone who has suffered from bullying this book is definitely a good read.We are taken in to the life of Zar and get to see how much pain she is in, how she suffers every day due to the hurtful words and actions of others. All the while keeping her pain a secret from her loved ones Zar travels to a nearby town she has always felt safe in she c [...]

    16. TH Snyder is a newer author and has already put out a two different types of books, she will be one to watch for with her interchangeable styles she is able to show. I personally don't love the YA book genre but being a fan of Snyder I decided to read it.It was hard reading a story that illustrated a young girls harsh reality of bullying. The daily torture she put herself through in order to prepare for the mean words, hands on her and internal hate she had about why she was.In an attempt to get [...]

    17. Well I have to say im not alwasy a fan of YA novels but I am a huge fan of T.H. Snyder! This book was really well written and had a very good plot. So it definetly deserves a 4 star!This book is about Zar and Loudon. Zar has been bullied for years and gets panic attacks because of this and she dresses in dark colors to stay un noticed so that no one in her family will every learn of this embarassment that she faces everyday at school. Her parents are both doctors and she has 2 siblings. She feel [...]

    18. I was lucky enough to win a ARC copy of this yesterday.I couldnt put it down i finished it the same day i got it!This book Touches a subject that teens all over the world deal with. Zar has alot of pain in her life for years trapt in her own pain living day in day out keeping to herself and hiding how much she hurts from her family. Her only goal was to finish her senior year and go to collage to get away for a fresh start.Then comes Loudon the younger brother of Allie who is engaged to Zars old [...]

    19. This is an YA Book, But to me its and all ages book. Pierced Love was an Amazing story. Zar is a High School Senior, 5 years ago a sudden Loss of a Love One devastates Zar that she suffered her first Panics Attach in front of her so call friends and Peers. She was then labeled a Freak and through the years she is Bullied and teased so bad she withdrawals from everyone and keeps the pain inside not even her family know what she deals with outside her Home. Her first day of her Sr. year it starts [...]

    20. I was given an ARC of this book and here's my review :)This was a cute YA read. We meet Zar and she is 18 about to start her senior year in HS. She has issues and has panic attacks. I know i kept on wondering what the hell happened to her? Zar had a brief encounter with LC at the pizza shop and for the first time she felt calm around him. I was interested in learning more about him too. Come to find out his sister is marrying Zar's brother Zeke and they cross paths again at his house and from th [...]

    21. YA books aren't usually my read but considering the author I figured I'd give it a shotPierced Love is a great story about a young girl, bullied for years and nobody in her family has a clue.The story is well paced, keeps you interested and has it's happy ending!I can say Zar's underlying issues causing her panic attacks weren't as bad as I expected, not to take away from what she went through and how it affected her, honestly I'm glad it wasn't any worse.Loudon is her rock. The one person she l [...]

    22. This book really hit home with me for a lot of reasons. This book left me with a lot of emotions, sadness, heartbreak, sympathy, and happiness.Zar had a secret for years and dealt with panic attacks. It amazed me how well she kept everything hidden away from everyone in her life. She was alone and had no one to turn to, until Loudon.One meeting is all it took for them to fall in love. Little did they know, they would be together more than they realized when her brother is marrying his sister. I [...]

    23. An emotionally charged novel of a young woman who develops PTSD because of the death of her gran and five years of Bullying in high school. Just this week I looked at the percentage of teenagers that are bullied and commit suicide in the USA. The statistics are horrifying and I wonder whether it will ever be eradicated?It's concerning that not only are their copious amounts of young suicides but also far too many cases of PTSD. Again the onlookers either ignore or get involved in the bullying. P [...]

    24. Beautifully written and emotionally encompassing journey of a teen dealing with pressures she tries to hide alone. This story had me completely engrossed and not wanting to put it down until the last page, and even then I wanted more of their story. Zar's story is written almost as a journal and you can't help feeling the emotions pouring out. Raw pain and glimmers of hope as she struggles to deal with the darkness that surrounds her. She wants to live in the light. Loudon is so totally sweet an [...]

    25. This book was a very well thought out and well written story. I was sucked in to this book and could not put it down. Zar's story was heartbreaking and at times had my eyes welling with tears. Her stress dealing with her emotions and her struggle with her peers was current and relatable. The subject of bullying was dealt with in a responsible and conscientious way . I would ask my daughter to read this book. Louden, the boy who saw through Zar's pain to see the person she wanted to be and not th [...]

    26. This was a very well written story about a very real and difficult subject that unfortunately occurs much too often now in our society. This is a story about Zar and how she struggles with her last year in high school. She has been through a lot and can not wait for high school to be over so she can go and try to be "herself" again. She meets someone who makes her think that maybe things can change, but has to ask herself if that is something she wants and if she is ready.This is a very emotiona [...]

    27. I'd give this book 3.5 stars :) I found this book a quick easy read. I felt for the main character, Zar, and what she was going through I think this book brings to light a pretty heavy issue that a lot of teens go through at school and that's dealing with bullying. Zar suffers from panic attacks and is trapped in this dark place which she wants to get out of but doesn't know how or where to start I like the lead male, Loudon, the person that brings about change for Zar. It takes a while to get t [...]

    28. One of the most beautiful blossoming love story, emotional read and just truly heart warming. I love that Zar was a real girl dealing with real issues and emotions, She didn't come across as whiny, which is something that annoys me in some of the reads that come up. T.H. did a fantastic job writing Loudon he wasn't your typical jock that comes to mind. He was mature and what everyone wishes they could find in a mate. A rock, your lifeline, that person that truly loves and supports you through an [...]

    29. This was a fantastic book. It shows how horrible the effects of bullying can be on anybody, not just a teenage girl, even years after it starts. When it continues, it only gets worse, and trying to dig yourself out of that depressed hole can seem like an impossible feat, especially when nobody else knows what's going on. I plan on letting my daughter read this, after skimming through and making sure she doesn't read any of the parts that aren't appropriate for an 11 year old, as I think it has a [...]

    30. Let me just say I love T.H she is amazing!!. Zar is just like any teen girl she is dealing with issues that high school brings. Though Zar has a hard time dealing with these problems and goes through a lot of emotional trama. When Loudon and Zar are brought together by fate but is his love enough to save her from herself. Loudon is the sweet, charming and sexy knight in shinning armour and definitely one of my favorite leading men!! Loved this book hope to read more about Zar and Loudon.~RAQUEL~ [...]

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